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Rise Up

Chapter One

Summary: Part two after Sledgehammer. Stuck in a world of darkness where your only solid ground is Steve, can you overcome the disabling effects of what the Hounds of Hydra have done to learn to control your returned Valkyrie nature, the memories of your past lives filling you with a glorious but nearly impossible destiny, or will what has been taken, the loss of your sight, in turn have farther reaching consequences then you could have ever guessed?  

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader  |  Word Count: 3945
Warnings: Smexy, fluff, a little angst
Song: Rise Up by Andra Day

It all started with a song, figured I may as well continue the tradition

There was a moment of silence on the other end of the phone as Matt pulled it from his ear, looking at it in disbelief though he couldn’t technically see it. It was simply how his mind chose to compute this incredible moment. He’d heard enough interviews to know just which Steve Rogers was on the other end of the line, but he was still having a hard time believing it.

“I’m sorry. I think you have the wrong person,” Matt tried to brush it off, returning the phone to his ear.

He and Elektra were finally together, away from all of the crazy which had happened in New York. They were happy and alone, though, truthfully, he had a twinge of guilt for not telling Foggy he’d made it through the destruction of Midland Circle alive, allowing his best friend to think he’d died.

“Matt Murdock, former lawyer and defender of Hell’s Kitchen known as Daredevil. We know who you are, Mr. Murdock. We’ve always known.”

Stiffening, Matt clenched his teeth together. “If you’ve always known, why did you never do anything to help us?”

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Gross 2D headcanons part 2
  • If he wakes up early he’ll just walk around making loads of noise
  • He puts his cigarettes out on the bed
  • Man spreading to the max. He sleeps like a fucking windmill. He’s also a sleep kicker
  • S N O R E S
    • He whistles in his sleep too because of his teeth
    • Screams quietly in his sleep too
  • Dances while he makes tea/cereal
  • Never turns the fucking radio off
  • Doesn’t wash the sink out after shaving
  • It’s impossible to keep up with him when he’s walking because he takes massive fucking steps
  • He’s that arsehole who taps the glass on fish tanks
  • Lights up a fag the second he wakes up and just starts chatting to his s/o even if they’re asleep
  • Blasts music at random times
  • He’ll scream whenever he sees Gorillaz on TV or hears them on the radio
  • Or he’ll be like “oh! I know this song! Where do I know this song from?” and he’s not even joking 
  • Like he’ll genuinely forget his own fucking songs
  • Steals other people’s clothes. Like EVERYONE’S. He’ll just trot around London in one of Noodle’s crop tops that’s way too small and way too short
  • He leaves the fucking windows open, both in the house and in the car
  • He still has all the gaming consoles from when he was a kid
  • He has a picture of Noodle when she was 11 and had a really bad hair day in his wallet and he’ll pull it out and show it to her and be like “look how ugly you were, Noods”
  • He has the worst pet names (“you’re my angel…dust”)
  • He steals make-up from Noodle
  • Lowkey kleptomaniac but unintentionally
    • He’ll pick up a pair of sunglasses and try them on in a shop and then he’ll forget he’s wearing them and you’ll get halfway down the street with him and you’ll go “did you pay for those” and he’ll go “dunno”

Part 1

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Hi ! After knowing harry's meaning of SOTT what do you think of it? Honestly that's not what i was thinking... like i never thought it would be a perspective of a mother dying. all the interpretations everyone's made idk harry is so difficult to read what are your thoughts?


The Rolling Stone/ Cameron Crowe interview was quite a nice bit of theater this morning, wasn’t it?

On the one hand, we have Harry state in radio promo interview that SOTT was his most literal and personal song on the album. On the other hand, he offers an interpretation of a mother dying in childbirth and urging her child forward. He paints quite a dramatic tableau– but if it’s personal/ literal, which one was Harry? The mom? Or the child?

Was the dying mother the one shouting, “We’ve got to–away”? Because she, this dramatic character, wasn’t going to make it. Or was it the baby talking to– the neonatal intensive care unit staff?

Then we have contradicting versions of how the song was written. A prior interview had said Harry sat down at a piano, thrummed out some chords in the rented Jamaica house that ended up being the opening of the song.

The Rolling Stones interview says, “The song began as a seven-minute voice note on Styles’ phone, and ended up as a sweeping piano ballade.”

So which one was it? A spontaneous improvisation on a Jamaican piano, or a voice note?

I think the clue to these contradiction lies in the one true thing Harry said:

“Like, fuck, I don’t know what Prince eats for breakfast. That mystery … it’s just what I like.”

I was talking to @lawyerlarrie about the French deconstructionists, Foucault and Derrida. Deconstructionism is a movement of literary criticism which focuses on literary texts to the exclusion of authorial intent. “Pride and Prejudice” means something because of the words (the text) themselves, not because of what Jane Austen wanted them to mean. In this school, it doesn’t really matter what Austen wanted. What we have is the text.

Similarly, when songs are written, they acquire an existence of their own, regardless of what the songwriter wants them to mean.

You can carry this to an absurd end, of course. Other ways of interpreting are valid, including a psychosocial reading connecting the song to a songwriter’s biography. For example, we now know that Stevie Nicks wrote “Sara” about her abortion of the baby she conceived with Don Henley. That fact is relevant to the song, no matter what the literary interpretation is.

SOTT’s lyrics describe separation and oppression; a promised end that never comes; a relationship in which one person has been given reprieve/ freedom while the other person is left behind. It is about false reassurances, about someone giving comfort despite knowing that a situation is hopeless. It’s a song about an impossible escape. And about the guilt of the person (the singer) who has been given the freedom. The cost of his freedom was pain to the person he loves. That meaning is unarguable.

These words have meaning, no matter what the writers want them to mean. A mother dying is one way to express this situation. But a mother dying is a metaphoric representation of the situation. In other words, it can’t be literal– not for Harry. The literal meaning is hidden. Harry didn’t say it; he didn’t want to say it.

So much is left unsaid or obfuscated in this interview. I (with some discomfort) admire Harry the Escape Artist. He has left just a smoky outline of himself on the page. There’s an irony in his honesty. “I’m honest because I’ve told no lies”; this isn’t the same as “I’m honest because I’m telling the truth.”

We say he’s “swerving,” but I don’t think that’s a great description either.

I think the whole solo promo has been about creating another theatrical persona for Harry– one who is a hip, down-to-earth, creative, sweet, genuine, charming, HONEST musician who doesn’t get many dates, and whose heart is broken over and over by intense (heterosexual) love affairs, which are then converted to art. And who, finally, gets to do exactly what he wants– so it’s all above ground and transparent, right?

Wrong. It’s all illusory.

Harry has created an iron curtain between his public and private lives, which no one but family are privy to. I’m not just talking about his sexuality, but the whole question of his privacy. The iron curtain deflects peskier personal questions and allows him to work. It separates his celebrity status from his artistic achievements. Not that he’s above using celebrity to promote his art– why else would he do the interview? Of course he’s going to use his celebrity when the occasion arises. But he’s treading a thin line.

The iron curtain lets him swim in the private cove of his Jamaican imagination without being under public scrutiny.

The ocean doesn’t care who he is. It doesn’t care whether he was in love with Taylor Swift. It is big enough for him to disappear in.

So if his whole album is filled with love songs dedicated to female pronouns, so be it. He has raised the wall.

“The mystery … it’s just what I like.”

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What happened between you and Jason Manns?


this is jason manns, for those of you a little behind:

dude is like 20 feet tall, built like a linebacker, and a professional musician

for a few weeks last year, he was my boss, as i worked on all art for the Covers With Friends album, on which he gave all art credit to my mother’s name–he was under the impression “Scout Villegas” was a stage name and failed to consult me on the matter

i’ve been paying for that since it happened, but i’ve since let it go. HOWEVER, during a stageit of his i attended a few months ago, i noticed someone say “he can make any cover sound good”

so i had………….an idea

i was going to relentlessly request the Space Jam Theme

space jam was my FAVORITE MOVIE growing up. i could argue it still is. so when i requested it for essentially no reason, others followed suit. he laughed and said “he was unfamiliar” with the song and couldn’t perform it. it was overlooked. BUT THAT WAS NOT THE END

i decided it would be the only song i ever requested. be it stageits, live shows, you name it. it was an innocent and strange enough request that others agreed yes, he should play it, reason or not. until he decided to declare war.

at his most recent stageit, so many people were requesting it in the chat, it was literally impossible not to notice it during an hour-long show. he literally had to work to find song in between all of the requests, but never acknowledged it. UNTIL


in seattle, he was flanked from all sides by a stream of foot soldiers. his meet and greet, at his table:

and, my personal favorite, at his panel. there was an organized line. i was so happy, and incredibly impressed with the efforts.

he walked right by the table on…either saturday, or sunday, and as we made eye contact, i saw a haunted man. you’d all done so well. we spoke for a minute, and as he left i called out, “i’ll break you, manns.”

and he stopped and said,

you already have.

so by the end of this year, i think it’s safe to say we can all expect a Space Jam cover c: ♥

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It's just a song though I don't think it's that serious apparently they just sang the song no comments or anything about T*ylor herself

sorry but……why does it matter whether they do anything other than sing? the singing is enough. they’re still giving her and that entire terrible fake relationship the attention and power that she and 1dhq wanted it to have all along. she’s the one who wrote these songs and made it extremely clear to the general public that they were about harry (even when it was impossible). with the media saying two ghosts is about taylor and now him singing a song that people think she wrote about him….it’s like they’re endorsing the shit that she implied about him FOR YEARS. the shit about it being an oh so angsty breakup (even though they were together for roughly a minute and even though harry jumped in a fucking hot tub with a bunch of random men immediately after leaving her on a boat and then flew back to london and was papped grinning ear to ear) and the shit about him being ‘trouble’ and the shit about him breaking her heart…..they have been endorsing ALL OF THAT through this type of thing. so yeah, it may not be “that serious,” but it’s still an ugly and a cheap as hell tactic and it’s continuing to tie his name to taylor’s after all these years when he should be free of that mess. it’s just so incredibly unnecessary. once again, @ ben @ jeff @ james @ everyone involved in this stuff, do better. i know you can do better.

This is a BIG Deal

Okay so Pentatonix covered Bohemian Rhapsody. They just did that. And WOW! I first heard it yesterday and honestly I still can’t process that insanity. I know that for the longest time, everyone has wanted them to do the song since they did bits of the song in Evolution of Music back in 2013.

Now to be clear, Bohemian Rhapsody is a LONG as hell song. Where most songs are from 2 and half minutes to four minutes…..this is about SIX. That is a lot of music and lyrics in two extra minutes than the norm. So it is HARD to do all the way through. Besides that it is basically three different songs in one. So that is three different kinds of music styles that have to flow seamlessly together. Yeah it is complicated and technical as HELL.

In fact it is SO technical that Queen themselves, the creators of this classic song, could not do it live. Not completely anyway. The way in which Freddie had composed it, there was NO way for them to do all the parts live. They had to have certain parts played out through a recording and other parts were able to be done live. Like the intro was impossible to achieve live and so they had a recording. Another part was the opera I believe that was layered in such a way there was no way to reproduce the sound. The band in fact had to separate the song because of all the difficulty that went into performing it. 

Due to its length and technical difficulty NO artist has really done a TRUE cover of it. Not the way it should be. There have been many that have tried to emulate the original work, but here’s the kicker. It’s impossible to do without some editing or machine. And that’s due to how Freddie created the piece. So where does Pentatonix fit into this?

Well they made Bohemian Rhapsody, a song which relies heavily on multi layering and effects, into a near perfect acapella version. It is safe to say that PTX, like all the singers/bands before them, had to do SOMETHING to achieve the iconic parts of the song. Be it light layering or a choir, there’s almost NO way they could achieve it with their voices alone. They aren’t super human (well scratch that, they ARE but they don’t want us mere mortals to know that). Remember when I said that Queen couldn’t even perform Bohemian Rhapsody live? Yeah, if this song is a part of the 2017 tour set list…..and they can pull it off….then Pentatonix are truly geniuses, no lie. And they made Gold, a song all about auto tune and effects possible…..Cause Mitchy is out of this world. 

Anyway, I know that Pentatonix will have no problem with the length and the transitions in the song. Their Evolution of….songs have trained them for something like this. Each of the three Evolution of…. songs has taught them how to quickly move from one song, style, and tempo to the next. Each one is also long and very complex. They’ve also mentioned it took months to put together EofM. Scott and Mitch revealed EofB was put together in one night (cause they are just stans like that, I’m looking at you Scotty Boy). I’m not sure about how long it took to put together EofMJ. Regardless they were able to handle it all. 

One last thing to bring up is that Pentatonix said years ago (on The Sing Off in fact) that they were not meant to do rock music. There was just too much involved for them to pull off a rock song convincingly. Even so they were able to make it through Born to be Wild by Steppenwolf without tripping up live. This will their return to trying to pull off the genre. Being one of the most famous songs in the classic rock genre….yeah they definitely went for it. This has been requested by fans for years. So be proud and grateful of what they’ve done to sing this song.

This will be their greatest challenge to perform yet. Forget the digital sounds of Daft Punk or the emotional intensity of Hallelujah. THIS, Bohemian Rhapsody, is forever immortalized in the minds of music lovers worldwide. Pulling it off on stage in front of thousands of people…..there is no way that it won’t catch the attention of the media and people at large. Here’s to those crazy choir nerds who started off with a dream.

Self-Care Saturday

Summary: Reader spends a regular Saturday in with Peter Parker.

Word Count:1,321

Warnings: its a bit wordier than my usual writing, i wanted to focus more on the details, just a lil something new. :) also fluff, good times

AN: i am a huuuge fan of taking days off for self-care, so here’s what its like spending it with peter haha. i hope you like this, please let me know what you think :) ennnnjoy

Originally posted by sexy-stan

The time on your phone read as 5 am and the sun was barely up. You’ve been trying to be a morning person all your life because you were tired of staying up till 4 am and waking up at noon with crust forming at the corner of your eyes. So instead, you decided that waking up at an earlier time and sorting your life out would keep you from being a grumpy night troll.

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Suga x Reader

Genre: Fluff, ANGST Like I actually hate myself

Word Count: 1.7k+

Warnings: Mature/Sensitive themes 

Originally posted by taesscripts

Summary: What happens when Yoongi and Y/N, people who have dedicated their entire lives to music, have a child who’s a little different?

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Fate? - Bucky Barnes x Reader (soulmate au)

Word Count: 2546

Request: Can we get some Bucky meets his soulmate fluff? Thanks

Warnings: F L U F F (with a dash of swearing… just a little bit tho)

Author’s Note: happy valentines day! i hope yours is better than mine. enjoy some soulmate fluff ;)

Song Featured: I’ll Take Care of You 


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Pairing: Matt Cohen x Reader


Warnings: none

A/N: Whoooo! First Matt Cohen x Reader request EVER, I feel awesome! The R2M questions you guys asked but were not included in the fic will be answered soon! ALSO, those fanfic writers I referenced (From Con to Con is by @nerdyforyourbooks, Aria being one of the most PHENOMENAL smut writer EVER, you can find her on ao3) are AMAZING so do me a favour and go check out their stuff!

(the guy who deserves more fanfiction written about him)

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Musical Witchcraft: Basic Terms and Associations -Western Music

I haven’t yet seen any musical witchcraft posts for those who are very music-oriented, such as those who play instruments or were in a chorus, so here it is! This is based on actual symbolic associations I have learned in music theory, and my experience of being in a school band for 7 years. This post uses the western music theories and scales; I will likely make an eastern one in the future. 

How Music Energy Works:

As music energy is very specific, often written for a specific purpose or theme, it is very difficult to change the inherent properties of a song. If you have a composition specifically about fighting, then it will be very hard to redirect the purpose to things other than fighting; if you’ve got a romantic love song, it can’t be re-purposed for things other than romantic love. Even directing it to related things, such as trying to re-purpose a romantic love song to a friendship song, is difficult, nearly impossible, even for experienced energy workers. Additionally, trying to redirect energy from musical instruments that someone is actively playing is also very difficult: unless that person is part of whatever spell you are attempting, that musical energy cannot be controlled by you at all. I found this out when I tried to redirect the energies from my friend’s clarinet while she was playing.

However, when a song or composition is dedicated to that purpose, the energies it produces are very very strong and focused. Thus you can pick songs for your purpose and expect them to work with a high success rate. And you can also compose your own songs with very high precision on what kinds of energy you would like to produce. 

Overall Associations: 

Major Keys: happiness, wholeness, stability

  • Bb Major is the most stable key, as it is the easiest to tune and stay in tune, even in bands comprising of 100+ people.
  • Of the Major scales, Db/C# Major,  F# Major, and Gb Major are the least stable as they are beasts to tune and stay in tune, even with small bands. 

Minor Keys: Sadness, parts/fragments, somber

Types of Harmonies:

  • Seconds: Dissonant/chaotic/disharmonious; hearing seconds cause a wish for separation (stop playing that!) because it is irritating to western ears
  • Thirds: Balance, harmony
  • Perfect Fourths: Purity, harmony, calm, perfection
  • Perfect Fifths: Completion, purity, harmony

Types of Special Articulation:

  • Legato: Soft, gentle, kind; negatively: weak, pathetic
  • Tenuto: Extending, elongate
  • Staccato: Sudden, fast, rapid; forceful or abrasive in certain contexts 
  • Marcato: Attention-grabbing; grand 

This is just a very basic post meant to be accessible to even beginners in music, so I shall detail more complex parts later! I hope my band geekiness was able to help out some of you!

Things in the Panic! Fandom we don't talk enough about

•The cellos in AFYCSO,,THOSE CELLOS!!!
•like most of pretty.odd🐸☕️
•Kaleidoscope Eyes on V&V
•Bittersweet on V&V
•Other reasons maybe why Ryan&Jon left (besides the ryden truth)
•The maneater cover
•The song mercenary
•The song C'mon (With Fun.)
•The song Oh Glory
•The song Far Too Young To Die
•When Brendon sang The End Of All Thing live in Cleveland,OH
•She Had The World [Alternate Version]
•Who Casual Affair,House of Memories, IMPOSSIBLE YEAR, Collar Full, Girls/Girls/Boys, etc is about????
•How Ryan and Brendons friendship(maybe love?) crumbled

Add more if you want.

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"That was a fucking B♭4 (read: a borderline note for even amateur opera tenors), just so you know." ... would you mind elaborating what you mean about this tomthis who don't understand in voice ranges/keys and stuff?!

Sure! But I got long-winded, sorry :P

So there are many, many, many types of voice categorizations, but we’ll start with the basics; the first one is male/female voice. I think that makes it obvious; male voices are “lower” while female are “higher”. Colin’s voice is, unsurprisingly, male (and yeah there are exceptions, we have a man in our university choir who can’t even reach the male voices’ notes, so he sings with the women, and a woman whose voice is so low that she sings with the men).

The second characterization is whether the voice is high or low, regardless of the gender. Low male voices are called basses, while high male voices are called tenors. Low female is alto, high female is soprano. Again, when it comes to pitch itself altos sing higher than tenors, so if we put them in order from lowest to highest absolute pitch it would be bass, tenor, alto, soprano. Colin’s voice, as I’d guessed from listening to him sing other songs and from how high his actual voice (not the one he uses for Hook) is, is a tenor. 

In contrast, here is a show of Johnny Cash’s lowest notes:

There are more subcategories after that but these are the basic ones.

The basic difference is that male voices usually sing an octave lower than the females. You can sing the exact same melodies, only males will sing it “low” and females will sing it “high”.

Now about that B♭4… it’s called “B flat” and let’s say it’s a very high note for a tenor to reach, and almost impossible for a bass. Of course, if they’re professional opera/choir singers, this note is required by tenors, basses get a pass on the highs because they have to work on their lows ;)

This shows pretty much the required vocal range for male voices:

If you’ve never seen a piano keyboard before, that “Middle C” is almost right in the middle of it, and it’s a note almost all voices, male and female, can reach (in this video, the first note heard is a Middle C, while the rest are “C”s in either higher or lower octaves). For males, its high-ish, for females, it’s low-ish, but still in range. That red arrow shows the note Colin hit. As you can see, it’s in the faded area of the range, which means that some tenors are indeed tenors but can’t reach that high. And if you can, you have to know how to do it, use the right technique so to not tire or even ruin your voice.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of singers who can reach it but aren’t tought how to reach it so to not hurt their voices, so they end up losing them and having to retire from the stage.

Now, how high is that for a male? Let’s listen to the Queen of the Night.

No, he didn’t reach that high. But let’s just listen to the third long note Diana Damrau sings right in this moment: (2:38 if the copy/paste doesn’t work right)

Don’t try to sing that note (unless you are a professional singer and have had specified training, of course), but yes, that’s the respective high Colin reached with his voice, one octave lower but still high for a male.

Now I’m not comparing Colin’s singing to Damrau’s singing, because, duh. I’m sure Colin’s voice went into editing when mixing the song while Damrau sings live without any microphone, just her voice like that. I just wanted a good example to show how high that note actually is for a female, and respectively for a male. It’s not impossible, per say, for a soprano or a tenor to do that, but it’s hard and tricky and even risky sometimes. And it’s not that it happens once - Colin sings three high notes in his song. Every chorus raises a little in pitch, so the first time he sings G#, then A and then B♭ (every third “Revenge”). Those notes are very close to each other, so think that they are some high notes ;)

As I said, it’s not that he’s the only one who does it. Most rock/pop male singers are tenors, you rarely find a popular song of a man singing low. When women sing along to their voices, they usually don’t reach that high - they just sing an octave lower and said B♭ is a piece of cake for us. But still I’m impressed that he managed it and that he made it sound good, not too strained and not too squeaky.

That question got the music nerd out of me and I used my university knowledge for the first time in this blog, heh. If that wasn’t clear enough, don’t hesitate to ask me to elaborate! Maybe I’ll make a video where I’ll show some of Colin’s high notes in the song ;)

Violins And Fries [Peter Parker]

Requested: Yes

‘an idea that’s been in my head for a while: peter parker x violinist!reader (or just any string instrument in general) I feel like that would be really cute?? Maybe it’s just my classical music obsessed self lol’

Words: 606

Tags: @e-x-o-b-t-s @khai-day-the-13th @pillow223 @courtneychicken @loza-m

Peter would admit that before dating you he wasn’t exactly the biggest fan of classical music, but hearing you play it was like heaven, maybe even beyond that. He was in love with the way your fingers would hit each note perfectly, and how it would all come together to create something so beautiful.

Peter sat in front of you, watching as you tried to play what was the most difficult song yet. A lot of work went into playing an instrument, but some songs needed more work than others. The process was a frustrating one.

You sighed as you messed up another note, removing your fingers from the strings and squinting your eyes to re read the notes.

“It has to be perfect” You say, putting down the violin and stretching your neck for a moment. It was aching. “The show’s tomorrow night and if it’s anything less than perfect…”

“Darling, perfect is just a word. Perfection is impossible and chasing after it will lead you nowhere. Just do your best and accept that the result is good, beyond good.” (@happylilprompts) Peter moves your violin from your lap and onto the stand, taking your hands in his

“Where’d that come from Mr. Poet?” You smile, feeling some of the frustration wash away.

The music room is quiet for a moment, it’s a rather large and secluded room for just two people which just makes the scene more romantic.

It was rather cliche really, the chemistry nerd and the music nerd but you two were perfect for each other and no one, not even Flash could deny that.

“I hate watching you get so stressed about performing, you always do amazing” Peter gives you a cheesy smile and plays with your fingers, the gesture is small but makes you feel better almost immediately.

“You have to say that, you’re my boyfriend” You giggle.

“Hey! Why would i lie to you? Do you see me running out of here covering my ears?” You shake your head no “Exactly”

Peter places his lips on yours in a quick, but meaningful kiss. Breaking the kiss to say something romantic but realistically, you can’t help but think about how his breath smelt like the french fries he’d eaten for lunch.

“If i didn’t love you as much as i do i’d tell you to pop a breath mint before kissing me again” You joke, scrunching up your face

“You’re lucky, i wanted chili but they only had fries” Peter jokingly scrunches up his face. “Now, you’re going to take this and practise a few more times and I’m positive you’ve got this cat in the bag” He seemed so proud of himself, a large smile was set on his face and you could practically see the joy radiating from his eyes.

You break out into a fit of laughter “That’s not the saying you goofball”

You pick up the violin again, placing the instrument in it’s designated spot and taking a deep breath in.

“You’ve got this babe, it’s just you and me”

You smile at how adorable your boyfriend was, sitting on the stool just like yours with his chin in his hands. He was staring at you intently with his eyes full of belief and love.

That was all it took for you to get through the whole song perfectly, not missing a note or messing up a single line.

You did the same thing the next night at the concert and of course, your boyfriend was in the front row showing his adoration and support with a bouquet of flowers and a kiss or two for after.

Sing fanfiction #1

Johnny walked into the prison, just like he did every morning. The prison guards there gave him a small wave as he walked in, which Johnny returned with a smile.

He sat in the chair, next to the phone  waiting for his father to come out. He was proud of his dad for willingly agreeing to serve out his proper sentence, but that didn’t stop him from greatly missing him. He was staying with Rosita, who had insisted he stayed with her despite the fact she already had to care for over 20 children. She had refused to take no for an answer, and now he lived in the guest bedroom in her house- which, these days, he barely came out of. Even through it was only fair for his father to serve out his sentence, and as grateful as he was for Rosita’s hospitality, he was constantly lonely. It had been hard being with his father in the gang before, but it was harder being outside the gang without him.

He was shaken from his thoughts as he heard his dad sit in the chair in front of him, behind the glass. He immediately grabbed the orange phone next to him as his father did the same.

“Johnny!” Big Daddy said happily.

“Hey dad.”

“How have you been?”

Johnny gave a small laugh. “Since yesterday? …Good.”

“Glad to hear it.” Big daddy smiled. He always had some guilt in his eyes whenever he saw his son, which Johnny tried to ignore.

They launched into conversation, mostly about Johnny and his new friends, his singing, ect. Johnny was happy to provide his father the details of his day, especially about his singing. His father always seemed so proud of him whenever he told him something particularly exciting.

After finishing up, there was a short silence before big daddy asked something of Johnny he’d never asked before.

“Johnny? Could you…sing something for me? Maybe?”

Johnny was surprised for a second. “W-What? Really?”

“Yeah. I mean, only if you want…the only time I heard you sing was on the TV at your show. ….but I’d like to hear it again. If you’d be willing.”

Johnny was surprised, but soon got over it. “Um, okay….what song?”

Big Daddy shrugged. “Anything.”

So Johnny thought for a moment, then started to sing the first song that popped into his head: “the way I feel inside”.

When he started to sing, it was like time had frozen. Everyone in the room stopped talking and all turned towards Johnny. The only sound was Johnny’s voice echoing off the walls.

When he finished, there was a brief silence before nearly everyone in the room started clapping. Big daddy was the loudest clapper- and his face was full of an impossible amount of pride. Johnny smiled bashfully and waved at some of the other clappers before turning back to his father.

“Your voice is amazing.” Big daddy told his son. Johnny beamed.

There was a short silence. Then big daddy looked at Johnny with a look that looked like a mixture of happiness and sadness.

“She loved that song.” He said softly. “….you know, sometimes, you sound just like her. Especially when you sing. She used to sing you lullabies all the time when you were little…” He laughed. “I looked forward to it as much as you did….I wish she could see you now. She’d be so proud.”

Johnny listened to this, confused.


“….your mother.”

A long silence.

Recording Studio x Park Chanyeol

There is a buzz that rings throughout the studio, following the strumming of his guitar. There is a  trace of old takeout food that lingers in the room combined with the surrounding smell of burnt coffee. He sits in the center of a circle made of tousled, wrinkled music sheets and instruments.

The long sighs of frustrations are heard all the way from your seat. Days have past and there has been no development on the composition for the new soundtrack you both have been working hard on.

You glance from the corner of your eye as a result of his sounds of irritation. It was then that you see him wholeheartedly.  His hair is disheveled, the exhaustion is seen from the bags under this eyes, and his body is hunched over. But like clockwork, the moment he feels your eyes linger on his body, he looks up to search where you are.

His eyes soften, and it was in that moment that the stress rolled off both your shoulders — because as long as you had each other, nothing seemed impossible or difficult. The song will come together eventually, and in the end it will probably be lovely. However, it will be incomparable to the best song you have written before. For the most finest and important song you have written together is yours.

Your beating hearts for each other are the notes to the soundtrack of your lives…

anonymous asked:

I've seen some say that YD needs to be taken away from homeworld and put on earth to appreciate organic life a la peridot, but i feel like that method wouldn't be the best. thoughts?

I think that’s attempting to prescribe a very shallow solution for a problem YD does not actually have.

Problems YD has, in no particular order, which I had to put a readmore on, because it got too long:

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Like the Heart Goes Chapter 6: If I put it in song, will my heart still heal?

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader

Summary:Breaking up is hard. Especially when you are going through it publicly. Rob and Reader are doing just that; trying to navigate the difficulties of an emotional breakup while still trying to remain civil enough to work together, and adding inquisitive fans and over involved friends to the equation certainly isn’t helping.

Reader finally reaches her breaking point.

Word Count: 2469

Warnings: angst

Catch Up:  Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3 Chapter 4  Chapter 5

The last thing you wanted to do was be a part of the Saturday night concert. The entire convention up to this point had been terrible for you. You had managed to avoid Rob for most of it, and you were sure he had intended to do the same anyway. Now, you had to take part in this concert that was actually a big deal on the circuit. You had considered backing out of singing tonight, but it was something that you, as well as many of the other actors, just did. It was expected. If you chose not to sing with Rob tonight, you would be ending a 2-year long streak of performing with the band at every convention. Just this once, you decided to go with it. After tonight, you weren’t so sure if being a part of this night would be a good idea anymore.

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