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I just read this from a blogger/writer I admired and looked up to: “writing fanfic won’t prepare you creatively to write original content and it’s not real writing.” 

And I just have to say: FUCK THAT. 

Writing fanfic has done nothing BUT prepare me to write original content. If it weren’t for writing fic, I’d have never attempted nanowrimo, I would have never outlined that novel, or even thought about it. If it weren’t for fanfic, I would never believe that I could do it. I would never have believed I could be a writer. 


Fanfic is so much more than just twisting stories to fit the world these characters live in. It is us creating original work that is sometimes better than what the show gives us. It is us stretching creative muscles that maybe we’ve never stretched before. It is us cultivating a talent that we love and enjoy. I’m proud of all of you. I’m proud that you’ve put pen to paper and fingers to keyboards. I’m proud that you’ve done it when it seems there was no decent feedback. I’m proud that you’ve posted what you’ve written, because that shit is scary. I’m proud of you. 

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So keep writing. Keep showing your favorite characters love. Keep bringing those stories to life. 

Because Fanfic Writers ARE real writers. 

And don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. 

xoxo, me

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STICKERS LIST JANUARY 27, 2017 / heart / sunglasses / the eyes of dr. coppy / fancy advertisement / terrible scream / tumblr brand / speech bubble / slime bubble / thought bubble / “cringe” / “feeling this” / “feels” / “no” / “omg” / “?” / “same” / “the real me” / “us” / “what is reality” / “yes” / alien friend  / corgi dog / cat / jellyfish / tall fish / long fish / alien eyes / pretty hair / pretty eyes / cat ears / golden ring / satan cones / fancy bow / powdered wig / tall-hat / sobby eyes / drug glasses / vr helmet / friendly drone / secret file  / falling graph / rising graph / accusation / snow home  / chakra man / money stack / assorted moons / palm frond / eye of providence / rainbow / scented candle / spacetime continuum / garbage holder / webring / yin-yang / tombstone / banana / coffee cup / pizza slice / sushi roll / ramen bowl / food box / long bread / cupcake / egg / sparkling water / teapot / zodiacs of the sun / sky flare / geode flare / swimming pool flare / dreamer flare / rainbow flare / southwestern flare / red objects / blue objects / violet objects / yellow objects / aqua glow / indigo glow / ruby red glow / salmon glow / lemon glow / slime glow / charcoal glow / confetti (diagonal thrust) / confetti (vertical thrust) / web of ectoplasm / victory pennant / defeat pennant / math tunnel / wobble grid / impossible box / bubbles / FOR PHOTOS, FOR GIFS, FOR EVERYONE

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Imagine Sam confronting you and Dean about your feelings for each other.

“Whaaat?” You scoffed, “No. That’s just - that’s ridiculous.”

“I called you five times. No answer. Dean calls you once and you’re already here.”

“I didn’t see your calls. I was in the shower,” you lied, pretty smoothly. Or so you thought.

“In the shower for 2 hours?”

“Is that my phone ringing? Yep. Sorry, gotta get this one.”

“Why? Is it Dean again?” Sam asked with sarcasm.

You pretended to answer the call and rushed out of the room before you could dig yourself into an even bigger hole. God, you’d have to be more careful in the future or your little crush was going to get busted.

Just as you were leaving the motel room, Dean was walking inside, raising his eyebrows in salute to you with a smile, then popping a candy into his mouth.

He barely had the time to shut the door before his brother started.

“She’s into you, you know?”

“What?” Dean looked back at the door you had used just two seconds ago. “No, she - I’m not her type.”


“Yeah, she’s into herbal teas and fluffy animals. She probably wants a guy who writes her love poetry.”

“Trust me, she’s into you. When I call her she doesn’t pick up. When you do, she doesn’t even let it ring once. Does that tell you anything?” Sam asked, giving him a pointed look.

“Yeah, that you bore her to death before even opening your mouth. It’s barely her fault, really.”

“Yeah, right,” Sam said, unamused. “I know you like her, Dean.”

“What? No. That’s - that’s stupid. I don’t.”  

“I saw the way you look at her when she’s not looking. You like her,” he repeated, his voice only accentuating the conviction he held.

“Look, if by like you mean I’d sleep with her… sure. You got me. But that’s it. I don’t have some stupid crush on her.”

“Really? You don’t? Then why are you here?”


“You heard me. Didn’t you have to meet that waitress tonight? The moment you knew Y/N would be here, you canceled all your plans. Why’s that?”

Dean’s eyes slightly widened. He opened his mouth to reply, but no excuse came out. So he improvised. “Is that my phone? Yeah. Gotta take this one. Nice talk, Sammy.” In an instant, he was out the door.

Sam smiled to himself. They had to come back eventually, and he had nothing but time. An uncomfortable dinner was ready to happen.

Next time Dean would think twice before changing his laptop wallpaper to the one of a killer clown. Oh, he would.

The rules are simple. You don’t take a joint from a guy named Don. There are no dogs in the car. You don’t mess with Sam’s computer. And you never, ever, involve clowns.

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Feed the Belly

Dean x Reader

Summary: You’re pregnant and Dean’s being super caring. Sadly, this also means he’s cooking healthy, nutritious food for you and the baby. All the healthy food, for months. Until you’ve had enough. 

Word Count: 1100+

Munch. Munch. Munch.

You were stuffing your face with cookies, and ice cream, and pizza. Yes, all three of those. Yes, at the same time.

Sure, a few months ago you would have judged something like this as disgusting, super unhealthy, a great recipe for a heart disease… But, after countless weeks of kale, cabbage, spinach, carrots, lean meat, and lentils… you just didn’t care anymore. You wanted all the junk food, now.

The pregnancy book was staring at you from the table, and you stared back, glared even as your lips wrapped around a spoon of chocolate ice-cream. Take this, you stupid book.

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anti-chase  asked:

Okay, I'm /pretty/ sure you're the right blog to ask. Looking at a scifi fic, alien character, assuming a human brain. I have a character being punished in a way reserved for a lower class. I can handwave some things, but I'm interested in the effects of being conscious but immobile for an extreme period of time, solitary with brief, impersonal interaction, blindfolded, with the mental equivalent of a shock collar going off every time he struggles. (1/2)

(2/2) Assuming that his captors are invested in keeping him alive (feeding tube, bare minimum medical care) What sort of state am I looking at on a rescue after two years of this? Would prefer to avoid first-hand sources, if possible, and I’m mostly interested in the psycological effects.

Honestly? I would expect him to have died in the first week from kidney failure.

If that somehow didn’t happen I’d expect him to get bedsores in the first month which would become horribly infected and kill him.

If somehow neither of these things happened then the combination of solitary confinement and sensory deprivation would have caused mental breakdown within the first two weeks. If he was released after two years I think he’d be completely incapable of human interaction and possibly speech.

I think he would be (I do not use these words lightly) incurably and untreatably insane.

Your time frame isn’t just extreme it is completely outside physical possibility for anything remotely mammalian.

After long periods (hours to days) stuck in a cramped position such as you describe muscles begin to break down. The destruction of muscle cells leads to a build up of large proteins in the blood. The kidneys can not handle the build up of undigested protein and fail.

This is how stress positions can kill a person without leaving a mark on their body.

And that’s not something that can be easily hand waved away with advances in medical technology. If he has some kind of functioning kidney replacement this does not get away from the fact that his major muscles are breaking down.

I want to help. I really really do. But this is not survivable. At all.

The longest I am aware of anyone being left in a sensory deprived, solitary environment is 35 days. The subjects in these experiments commonly did not remember long periods of their lives before the treatment, the amount of time lost varied between six months and ten years.

And in these experiments people could move, they could sleep easily, they had meals and bathroom breaks. They were not in constant physical pain.

The experimental conditions were much milder than your scenario and they resulted in permanent brain damage. The researchers involved had no doubt that these sensory deprivation rooms could be lethal.

The longest voluntary confinement in one was six days.

I’m going to quote one of the relevant passages from Rejali’s book; this is on the sensory deprivation research of Maitland Baldwin.

Baldwin put an army volunteer in the box and refused to let him out. This persisted for forty hours. Finally “after an hour of crying loudly and sobbing in a heartrending fashion” to use Baldwin’s words the soldier kicked his way out of the box.’

I like to hope he punched Baldwin.

If you want to read about the devastating psychological effects of these devices then the researchers you want to look up are Donald Hebb (who conducted consensual experiments), Maitland Baldwin (who did not) and Ewen Cameron (who tried to give people new personalities and succeeded only in making their mental health much worse and ruining their lives).

The relevant papers are all from the 50s and 60s. They are mostly behind pay walls. Hebb wrote A Textbook of Psychology, Cameron’s accounts can be found in Comprehensive Psychiatry (1960, 26, 27) or Journal of Mental Science (1960, 742-54).

If you want this to be realistic you need to give the victim room to move and you need to cut the time down drastically or pick another torture entirely. 

Otherwise they are so far from human you may as well be asking me about the mental and emotional state of an octopus.

All of these components separately, stress positions, solitary confinement, sensory deprivation, they all have much more extreme effects than are generally acknowledged. And torture is cumulative. 

Note that I did not even touch the electricity torture which can by itself be lethal. 

Please do not hand wave this. You’re talking about tortures that are regularly excused and legalised. Even though they kill people. And that background cultural torture apologia has persuaded you that a completely unsurvivable scenario is only a little bit extreme. 

I personally believe that you should not perpetrate further immoral and unrealistic misinformation, especially of this magnitude, in your writing

I’m sorry I couldn’t be more help. 


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The loud sounds of city traffic pulled you into consciousness, your head was pounding with presumably a hangover headache as you rolled over on the cotton white sheets to check the time on your phone.

09.51 AM

Good job Jungkook had given you the day off.

Looking over to the chipped wood dresser your heart fluttered in your chest, before shattering into a thousand pieces again, causing you to gasp for air as you walked towards it. How could a single tiny black box have you feeling so horrible? Opening it up your eyes welled up with heartbroken tears, last night you’d told him that you’d think about it, and since then thinking was all you could do.
A few months ago Taehyung’s grandmothers ring was all you could ever want, it was the most beautiful piece of jewellery you’d ever seen. But now it was nothing but a reminder of what he’d done, did he think a ring would make you forget about the betrayal you felt?

Suddenly three loud knocks on the front door startled you, thinking quickly you shoved the ring box into a drawer before answering the door. Belle was always forgetting something on her way out to work.

“What did you leave this time?” You snorted as you opened the door, shock enveloping your entire body when you caught a glimpse of the man in front of you.

“Which rooms yours?” Jungkook asked, his naked biceps tightening and hardening as he picked up an impossible number of boxes from the floor.

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The 12 Character Archetypes: Blindspot

Everyone is A Hero

a rescuer, a crusader for a cause, the Hero is quick to fight for what he believes is right.

The Orphan
sincere, empathic, down to earth, with solid virtues and a lack of pretense, who values the dignity of others.

The Innocent
optimistic, good, faithful, pure and virtuous, who is driven by strong positive personal values that stem from love, hope, faith and loyalty.

The Explorer
on a quest, in search of something, a way home, important knowledge, a key to happiness or a “better way.” doesn’t follow rules or conventions. acts intuitively, strikes boldly, self-sacrificial and lonely.

The Caregiver
compassionate, generous and protective.
looks after those who can’t protect themselves. takes in strays, lends a helping hand, and seeks out those in need.

The Outlaw
outrageous and radical in their thinking and approaches to attacking and solving problems in life. holds counter-cultural ideas, and is all about creating a better world.

The Jester
relies on his wits and is willing to cross boundaries, break taboos, insult anyone in his way to achieve success. their real goal is to ignore all the boring people in the world and to enjoy life to the fullest, to laugh about life, or at life.

The Lover
aims at finding satisfaction, pleasure, bliss, or fulfillment through intimacy or passionate commitment. driven to bond with someone, a lover, friend, or with a group that holds a connection for them.

The Creator
visionary, imaginative, skillful, and talented. is motivated to use their abilities to create art, music, poetry, literature. a non-conformist, leaving conventional social life behind to find themselves and their art.

The Leader
strives to be in control, assumes responsibilities and shows leadership. their objective is to insure that order, harmony and control are imposed on the world. displays strong personal values, is systematic, organized, fair, yet powerful. leads his people to battle to protect them and risks the dangers of battle himself. is a peacemaker

The Sage
the expert, knowledgeable and understanding, the source of wisdom or the guardian of truth.
gathers wisdom from far away sources. wants to be sure their knowledge is based in clarity and truth.

The Magician
supremely skilled at manipulating objects and forces of nature to create supernatural transformation. charismatic, visionary, who is well-educated and inspires others. aims to control and change circumstances for their own or someone else’s benefit.

Thanks to @gypsyscarfwoman for geeking out with me and helping me figure it all out.
I’ve Decided Something

I’ve been thinking about this for a while and decided that I actually wanna do it…so, without further ado…. 

Weekly Spotlights.

We all need a little more positivity and kindness, and there are so many people on this site that I love and cherish and want others to know about. So I want to spotlight a single blog/blogger each weekend, which will include me getting to know them a little and what their blog is all about, kinda like an interview, and then I’ll do up a post all about them and their blog! 

But I need your help. I have a list started of blogs/bloggers I want to do this with, but I also would like recommendations from you guys, my wonderful followers! So send me an ask (asks only, it’s easier to keep track. Can be a writer, creator, or ANYONE. LITERALLY. Not going to leave anyone out.) with a blog/blogger you think needs and deserves a spotlight and I will get the ball rolling on these! I ask that you minimize it to five blog/bloggers just so that I’m not inundated with too many right at first. I’ll keep calling for blogs when I need them. 

So do the thing! Send in your recommendations! Spread some love!

EDIT: Any fandoms are welcome, this is not limited to the Supernatural fandom. 

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Mark Appreciation Information

So this is a follow-up to my original post concerning the scrapbook for Mark Sheppard to be given to him at SPN San Francisco since that will be his last Creation con for at least a year (he says he will be doing other cons, just not creation in 2018). If you have items you’d like to send my email (letters, art, photo ops, videos), you can now email them to:

If you have an item that needs to be mailed, message me and I’ll send you an address.

I’d like to have everything in hand by November 17th (that’s 2 weeks before the con) so I have time to make sure everything is put together. So that gives you 5 ½ months to put together awesome things :)

Feel free to message me if you have any questions. One question I did get: The scrapbook itself will be around 9 x 12 as I’m doing a custom binder.

Again, feel free to share this with anyone you know who also loves Mark or Crowley.

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As originally designed in Metal Gear Online, the cardboard box isn’t supposed to be a weapon. It’s a disguise to fool NPC guards hot on your trail. In online play, it shouldn’t be of much use: other humans are perfectly capable of filling your cardboard box full of lead. Even worse, the box doesn’t let you attack anyone, except for a mostly harmless tackle. But as YouTuber TheRob5896 found, tackling with the box on is far easier than tackling without it, and in the right circumstances – say, when someone is on top of a high tower that can only be accessed by ladder – that makes the box an impossibly frustrating weapon.

Once in position, all he has to do is wait: As soon as enemies reach the top of the ladder, the box’s enhanced tackle sends them screaming to a horrible death before they have the chance to attack. This would be incredibly annoying if it didn’t look so damn ridiculous.

Wrecking players armed with devastating firepower by running into them with your recycling is possibly the most satisfying thing this side of popping bubble wrap.

The 5 Most Hilariously Creative Video Game Trolls

I Don’t Know

Title: I Don’t Know

Pairing: You Choose (male) x gender neutral!reader

Word Count: 630

Warnings: body insecurities, fluff

Summary: You don’t like your body and he gives you some love.

A/N: Hi again! I wanted to write something for as many people as I could about a problem everybody has. I’m aware of plus size!reader inserts, which are awesome (bc werk them curves aight) but as a small, short, non athletic, flabby, non curved gal, I wanted to represent all body types. Of course, that means pretty vague descriptions, but I really feel that it’s important to show some love for others as well as myself. I hope you enjoy :)


You stood in front of the full length mirror in your room, examining your body just like one of those self conscious teens on TV. You ran your hand over your stomach and squeezed your arms.

You sighed, trying to obtain some decency from the image of your body before you. It was hard not to have insecurities. Some days you’ll be distracted by how good your hair looks in the mirror one day. And the next day, the same thing happens except you can’t get over how that pimple looks on your face or how your butt doesn’t seem to fit you anymore.

“Y/N? Can I come in?”

The knock at the door startled you, but you blinked it away. “Come in,” you said turning around facing the door.

The door creaked open and your boyfriend poked his head in.

“You’ve been in here a while. Are you okay?” he said, brows furrowed with concern.

“Yeah, yeah I’m fine,” you sniffed and drew up a bright, fake grin.

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Hello everyone. There is a group of us on the SPN San Fran page who are putting together things for Mark Sheppard since the San Fran con in December will be his last Creation con for at least a year (he’s said he won’t be doing any in 2018). We want to show all our love and appreciation for Mark and Crowley. To do that, we are soliciting stories, fan art, videos, whatever you’d like to share for Mark.

I’m going to be putting together a book to give Mark and we have another fan putting together a video and playlist whose link will be listed in the book for him to watch. I’d like to invite anyone to contribute to this. You can message me if you need more info or feel free to ask me questions.

I’m tagging the people on the spreadsheet from @mrswhozeewhatsis who said they were interested in Crowley or Mark. Feel free to share this with someone who loves Mark/Crowley.

@theficlibrarium @sinceriouslyamellpadalecki @meganwinchester1999 @samanddeanwinchester67 @roxy-davenport @chrisatplay @skybinx-blog @winchesters-princess @sunriserose1023 @jotink78 @lucifer-in-leather @i-dont-know-how-to-write @wayward-mirage @alangel1895 @vintagevalentinexx @itsemmyb @crzcorgi  @ellen-reincarnated1967 @deerlululucy @manawhaat @growleytria @thegleegeneration @samtomydeanwinchester @i-never-said-a-pilot @supermoonpanda @sis-tafics @prettyxwickedxthings @lilyoflothlorien @iridianuniverse @shortandlongstories @faith-in-dean @kreborn17 @for-the-love-of-dean @gadreelsforbiddenfruit @trenchcoats-and-bees @curliesallovertheplace @jencharlan @thebunkerismyhome @feelmyroarrrr @beachy2014 @katnharper @impossible-box @tia58 @jelly-beans-and-gstrings @notnaturalanahi @howmanytuesdaysdidyouhave @babypieandwhiskey @mysaintsasinner @klaineaholic @supernaturalismalife @hexparker  



After the last week-ish of thinking, and the few days I’ve taken off of writing altogether and had some space to think, I’ve come up with some ideas for changes that will be happening around these parts. 

-First, my anxiety has been out of control lately and I’m taking the steps necessary to get that fixed. I’ve made an appointment with my doctor and will be talking to her about medications. I’ve never gone down this road before, so it makes me anxious (hmmm…interesting reaction…) but I know it needs to happen. If I were physically sick, I would never hesitate to fix the ailment, it’s time I take my mental health just as seriously. 

-Second, until I can manage that, there will be no fic posting. I will be around, like I have been this week, but until that part of my life is okay, I can’t put so much time and energy into writing. I realize this is upsetting to some, and I know there are things I told y’all I was working on you were excited for, but it wouldn’t be my best work because I am not my best me right now. 

-Third, there will be a lot of…cleaning up, so to speak, on who I follow. There are certain things I see that are triggering for my anxiety and I don’t expect y’all to be able to cater to this. So, it falls on my to clean up what I see on my dash. If you’re offended by my unfollow, I apologize. But I have to do this for me. 

-Lastly, I have removed my Masterlist link from my blog. Fics can still be found by using the search option on my blog and searching for ‘masterlist,’ but eventually I will create an archive of those fics and be creating a new masterlist for new writing. Writing Always was a bit of a turning point for me in terms of my writing, and while I am still proud of all the fics I have written, I will be taking a step in a different direction and that includes exploring different styles of writing, as well as writing for me. Most of my current to-do list is getting scrapped and I will be moving on from that. I’ve already had several ideas I’m excited for, but they will have to wait until life settles a little more. That being said, I am also looking at going back to school and doing a program that is high intensive and full time, on top of my full time job, that will only take me a year and a couple months. If that does happen, tumblr will become my last priority. I hope you can all understand as these changes happen around here and support me in these endeavors. I am, and always will be, very grateful for what I have learned, the growth I have made here as a writer, and the friends I have made. I thank you all for continuing to be here for me and for being great. 

xoxo, me

PS Happy Valentines Day! 

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Two Birds, One Convention

Characters: Jared x Reader

Word Count: 1470

Warnings: fluff

Summary: You and Jared tell the fans about your marriage at his convention. You surprise them more than Jared expected.

Author’s Note: I hope you enjoy this story! No offense to Gen, I love her to death, but they never dated or got married in this. The wedding scene was inspired by Perfect by Ed Sheeran. This was very interesting to write! Feedback is always appreciated! enjoy xx

Originally posted by stayclassysupernatural

Today was the day. You were marrying the love of your life, Jared Padalecki. The only people that knew about it was close friends and family. You and Jared wanted to keep it that way. You both wanted to enjoy each other without the fans and paparazzi. The more you thought about the aisle that awaits you, the more nervous you got.

This is a dream for you. You’re marrying your soulmate. Your parents are alive to witness it, and everyone you love also there to witness this magical moment.

As you walk down the aisle, you couldn’t help the smile that came across your face as you saw Jared. He looked as handsome as ever. Just looking at him made you fall in love all over again.

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Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.
—  Muhammed Ali