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Bucky x reader

Notes: mentions of past trauma, violence, past torture/brainwashing, fluff, smut, discovery of past self.  

Summary: when Bucky’s in hiding in Romania, he finds a girl he’s sure needs his protection. He doesn’t remember who gave him the mission; but he’s so sure some one gave it to him. After setting it all up, he notices that there’s more to this girl than meets the eye. She might need him watching over her more than he initially thought. 

(This takes place after TWS and before CW)

A/N: Hi guys! It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything; I just had to get something out there. Part two will be here soon, there might be more parts after that, because I have an open ending atm. (I do love me some open endings now and then)

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He doesn’t know who she is. He doesn’t know why she’s important, but she is. He knows the only thing that matters is that she’s safe. It’s his mission to protect her from all harm, to make sure she lives her life however she wants, without any disturbance. Often he tries to remember who it was that gave him this mission; maybe it was Pierce, maybe Rumlow, which would indirectly mean it’d have been Pierce. Or maybe it was the Captain. The last time he saw the Captain was about a year ago, before he ran to try and get all of these things floating around in his mind in order. He’d listen to the Captain. He used to, he thinks. Before his commander was Pierce; even before it was Karpov. He sometimes imagines that the Captain was good to him, and the others.. Were there others? He thinks so.

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The Help

Fandom: Marvel

Summary: Based on “Imagine the cape knowing how Stephen Strange feels about you so it’s trying hard to get you to notice him or to get Stephen to ask you out” by @harleysarchive


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Working in the library has been a calming experience to you, especially after a particularly rough day. Being a sorcerer wasn’t an easy life, even with all the marvelous possibilities that magic allowed you to create.

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I love how as children, Azula and Zuko were always together. Even though Azula teased and taunted him, it didn’t affect their bond. Yes, their relationship is messed up and confusing later on as adults but in Zuko’s flashbacks, we are shown something different. They played together when they weren’t fighting for their father’s love. 

-In one scene when Ursa receives a letter from the battlefront, Azula and Zuko run past, laughing and smiling, enjoying each other’s company.

-They fed the Turtleducks together at the pond, Azula showing him a less than friendly way of feeding them but he mimicked her regardless.

-Azula dragged him into her games with Mai and Ty lee quite a bit. 

-Azula watched him play with his knife and I am assuming he watched her train.

-Azula tried and succeeded at times to drag him with her to spy on certain people or in other cases, she wanted him to explore the hidden tunnels with her in the palace.

-They played together at Ember Island and reenacted the play “Love Amongst Dragons”, Azula always playing as the Dragon Emperor and Zuko as the Evil Water Spirit. 

The important thing to remember here is that they were closer than they are now. Once Ursa disappeared, Ozai was their only influence and it drove them to have this love/hate relationship we see in the show. As we know though, from “Earth Kingdom Chronicles: The Tale of Azula” –and comics–she doesn’t hate him as much as the fandom thought she did and it’s proven in there from her own words/actions, that she loves him rather than hates. Zuko is also shown in the comics and show that he loves her. Since Ozai is gone now from both their lives, they can start to mend what was once broken.

Their relationship is very complex and complicated and I think this quote from Zuko seems fitting for their relationship:

“Keep in mind, these are dual swords. Two halves of a single weapon. Don’t think of them as separate because they’re not. They’re just two different parts of the same whole.”

Title: Who Could It Be at This Hour?
Character: Danny Rand
Prompt: 28

You were sitting on the floor in your living room, small stacks of papers for new book orders surrounding you as you tried to figure out which ones to sign for first. The television was showing flash flood warnings on the bottom of the screen, the rain wasn’t coming down too hard yet but you had an idea it was going to get worse later tonight.

You looked up from your work when you heard a couple knocks on the door, reaching across the paper piles to reach for your phone. There weren’t any messages from anyone, so who was at your door so late?

Getting up from your spot, you walked over to peer through a window at the top of the door and saw someone wearing dark clothes and a hood covering their face.

Now any sensible person seeing that waiting for them at the front door of their house would be terrified.

But it was storming outside, and you couldn’t help but feel bad just letting them out there.

So slowly, you cracked opened the door to look outside.

The person looked up upon you opening the door and you saw a very upset looking Danny standing there.

“Oh, hello!” You said, grabbing his arm and ushering him inside. “What are you doing here? You’ll get sick out in the rain!”

Danny yanked down his hood, his curls were damp and lightly clung to his forehead. His cheeks looked a little flushed, and he had small bruises and cuts scattered around his face.

“I know, but I had to see you.”

“Is everything alright? You look dreadful.” You helped him to the couch. “Here, I’ll get you a towel.”

“No, I have to talk to you.” Danny said, clutching onto your arm.

You smiled softly, placing your hand onto his and gently releasing yourself from his grasp. “It will take me ten seconds, and we need to warm you up before you get sick.”

Dannu reluctantly agreed, he seemed antsy though, even when you returned with a towel and a warm sweatshirt for him to wear, Danny jumped at the slightest of sounds.

You took the towel and laid it across his head, fluffing up his hair to help with the dampness. “Hey, you look pretty shaken up. Did something happen?”

Danny stared up at you as you dried off his hair, in his trance he almost didn’t hear what you asked him. “Oh, nothing you need to worry out.”

You tossed aside the towel and handed him the sweatshirt. “Put this on, I can put the other one in the dryer.”

He did as told, shedding the wet jacket and shoving on the dry one. “What were you doing? Did I interrupt something important?”

You shook your head, hearing the alarmed tone of his voice you gently ran your hands through his hair to calm him down. “Just some paper work, nothing groundbreaking.”

Danny nodded, remembering all the cuts he had and he tried to move from the ground. “I-I’m getting blood all over your things, I’m sorry.”

You lightly pushed him down. “You’re fine, there just little cuts I can take care of. Just stay here, can you do that for me?”

He didn’t try to get up so you took that as a yes, jogging to the bathroom to locate the small kit of medical supplies you had and then back to him.


“Yes?” You kneeled in front of him and started to clean all the cuts so they didn’t get infected.

“Do you feel safe with me?”

You looked up at him with knitted brows. “What do you mean?”

He shook his head. “Just answer me, please?”

“Of course I do, you’ve never given me a reason to not feel safe around you.” You met his gaze and saw the same scared expression he’d have after Ward did something particularly cruel to him when he was younger.

“Can I show you something?”

You smiled at him. “You don’t have to tell me anything if you don’t want to. It’s okay.”

“No, no. I want you to know.”

“Go on then.”

Danny made a fist and held it close to you, there was an intent look on his face for a minute, then his hand started to light up in a faint yellow glow.

It took you a moment to realize what you were looking at was in fact happening and wasn’t some tired trick your brain was pulling on you.

“Woah,” You slowly reached out your hand and placed a few fingers on his fist, it had almost turned translucent and you could see the inner workings of his veins. “How are you doing that?”

Danny unclenched his hand and the glow went away. “Remember how I told you I’d tell you the story about my tattoo?” He asked, waiting for your nod. “Well it’s not really a tattoo, it’s the mark of the Iron Fist.”

“Iron Fist? Sounds like a super hero name.”

Danny chuckled. “Sort of, I earned the title through my years of training with the monks. Iron Fist is a title given to those who complete the trial of Shou-Lao,” He saw the confused look on your face and laughed again. “You don’t really need to know all the details, it just means I’m the protector of K'un-Lun and sworn enemy to the Hand.”

“I’ve heard you mention them before, what do they do?”

Danny shook his head. “No, the less you know about them the safer you’ll be. Trust me.”

You found yourself smiling. “Can you punch through walls?”


Your eyes went wide. “Shut up, that’s so cool!”

Danny watched you go off on a little tangent about how fun it must be to have a real super power, there were a few questions in there about what else he could do, but you scarcely gave him the time to answer them.

Out of all the reactions to his being the Iron Fist, yours was his favorite. You didn’t look weirded out or scared, you were just your usual self.

You were about to ask him something else when Danny leaned down and kissed you, his hands on either side of your face as they dug into your hair and brought you closer to him.

After the initial surprise you started to respond, your hand lightly reached up to hold his cheek, but you must have grazed one of his wounds and he reluctantly pulled away to hiss.

“I forgot about those! Maybe we should call Claire instead, she’s better at this.”

Danny tucked your hair behind your ear and leaned close to you again. “I’ve had worse.”

I wanted to take a closer look at what the writers have been doing with Carol’s arc lately, as some things are pretty damn clear to me. 

1. Tobin

We all remember that infamous ‘Tobol” incident. But it is very important here. It shows that Carol tried to open up and be with someone, but it failed
No offense but the so called ‘chemistry’ she had with Tobin was a mere 1% of the chemistry she shares with Daryl. 

The way it ended between them sent a message; Carol does not want to feel anything for him- or for ‘anyone’, for that matter. And she ends up running away.

2. Morgan

Yes, Carol and Morgan have bad history together. But still- he went after her. He showed her he cared- and he genuinely did. Now, I am not saying that it was a romantic attempt from him because it definitely wasn’t. But it’s still important. 

He ran after her, and kept looking for her, never giving up although she made it very clear (multiple times) that she did not want him to help her, and that she wanted to be left alone

Even now that she is at the Kingdom, alone in a house which is far away from everything else, she does not want to see Morgan- or anyone else. 

3. Ezekiel

Ezekiel gave Carol hospitality, food, etc. She trusts him. But she does not want him anywhere near her house. She is exhausted and deeply annoyed every time someone comes close to her. She does not want all the food he is giving her, she does not want him to visit, she simply just wants to be left alone. 
She made it pretty clear that she didn’t want anybody’s company/presence there (even members of Team Family)……

My point is that TPTB have put a lot of effort into Carol’s arc regarding her current state of mind. They have insisted, and they have even made Carol state this herself, out loud, several times. They have showed us multiple examples, and they all lead to the same conclusion; Carol wants to be left alone. 


4. The exception to the rule: Daryl

After everything that has been leading to it, and all the new spoilers that come in everyday and confirm it even more, we know for a fact that Daryl will be the disruptive element of this arc.

He will come into play, and the repetitive chain of events that previously occurred with Tobin, Morgan and Ezekiel will not happen. 

When Carol sees Daryl, her facial expression will not read “go away”. Her emotions will show. She will be happy - genuinely happy - to see Daryl. So happy that she will even engage a hug with him. She will invite him into her house, cook him dinner, and emotionally open up to him. Her telling him that she can’t lose him = showing him she cares = admitting she has those feeling towards him.

It is exactly the opposite of what she has been doing with everyone else. Why is that? Oh well…. If you can’t see it, nothing could make it more obvious.  
Fisherman’s Knot Chapter 17


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[Chapter 1] [Chapter 2] [Chapter 3] [Chapter 4] [Chapter 5][Chapter 6] [Chapter 7] [Chapter 8] [Chapter 9] [Chapter 10] [Chapter 11] [Chapter 12] [Chapter 13][Chapter 14] [Chapter 15] [Chapter 16]

Warnings for abuse and also a lot of internalized victim-blaming.

Thanks as always to @thesnadger for beta-ing, thanks to @marypsue for helping me work out some plot snarls, and thanks to all of you for your readership, comments, and patience.

The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea

Ford’s breath caught in his throat. His mind reeled, searching for an excuse, a bluff, anything to get them back on track. Stan could have managed it. Perhaps under different circumstances Ford could have too. If that smile wasn’t so familiar. If the grip on his wrists wasn’t so tight. But try as he might, his mind remained blank.

“I … don’t know what you mean,” he said.  His tone hovered somewhere between confusion and bravado. It wouldn’t fool anyone.

He should have brought a weapon. Something to remember for next time, if there was one. Note to self: don’t listen to children who complain about how a high-caliber plasma blaster would ruin the outline of his suit.

“Tell me, Stanford,” said Doctor Smith. “Do I look like an idiot?”

“No?” Ford replied. You look like a triangle, he thought, and almost giggled at how absurd that would sound if he said it.

“Really?” Doctor Smith straightened up and stood back, crossing his arms. “Then how did you expect me to fall for your transparent little scheme? Did you think I wouldn’t suspect?”

“I … suspect what?” said Ford. He could feel his heart picking up, a drumbeat of terror slicing straight through him. Did he know? Did he suspect? If he knew where Nuala’s skin was truly hidden … if Stan was in danger—

“I knew what you were here for from the beginning. You wanted to steal Sarah away from me!”

“That’s preposterous!” Ford blustered, hoping that he could pass the quaver in his voice off as anger. “Now unhand me or I—”

Doctor Smith laughed, and it was cultured and germane and terrible as his situation was Ford felt himself breathing easier. It wasn’t a cackle. It wasn’t like—he almost thought “his Bill” and felt the bile rise at the back of his throat. It wasn’t like Bill Cipher. This was just a man. No more powerful than him.

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Chains (Part 1)//Theo Raeken

this was the only gif close to what i wanted ok bare with me here 

Request: @redstringlovers: can you do an imagine with theo and reader where like maybe they have been dating for a while and he wants to propose to her so he plans out this really sweet evening and stuff? Thanks😘Sammie I love you so very much but I took your request and fucked it up. I’m coming back from my hiatus and hitting y’all with a two-parter. This is not what you asked for but it’s halloween month bitches, so it’s time to get spooky. If you wanna get even spookier with it, you can go listen to these songs on youtube: here and here

*this is also very loosely inspired from a scene in Penny Dreadful

*also I have no idea what kind of “creature” my villain is ok he’s just kind of a jumbled mess


Darkness. Darkness was all I saw when my eyes fluttered open. My head tipped upwards from where it was hanging in front of me to try to observe my surroundings but proved unsuccessful. The muscles in my shoulders ached as the chains around my wrists did nothing but tighten each time I tried to maneuver out of them. The cold chain swiping my back along with the shadowy surrounding gave me chills. Moonlight began to shine from the cracked skylight above, illuminating the otherwise dark and dank room. The stone of the walls beginning to chip and the grimy floor covered in what I could only imagine to be dirt and dried blood.

The stink of mold clouded my head as I tried to think of what had happened before I was brought here. The last thing I remember was being at home. I don’t think I was doing anything particularly important, but I don’t remember much after.. Wait- as I put myself back in that moment, I began to see flashes. My brows furrowed as I tried to concentrate. I saw myself back at home, putting my textbooks back in my bag as he grabbed me. The chains on my wrists pulled but didn’t budge as I tried to call out to her, but they were gone. His dark cloak wrapped around her body and the vision disappeared just as fast as it had come. Tears fell from my eyes as I tried to settle my heavy breathing. I couldn’t see him in the moment but he was there. He took me from my home.

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I’m actually writing a longer meta post on this for later, but since I see some people assuming the opposite around here and in fan fictions, I want to set a point straight. 

Kenny betrayed and left Kota, not the other way around, no matter how many times Kenny tries to spin it like that. It’s important to remember that Kenny is playing a somewhat insecure heel character, and so ofc he would deflect blame for the thing he is most sensitive (and probably regretful) about. Kenny decided to break up Golden Lovers to join Bullet Club. Kenny is the one who cost Kota an important title match. Kota left NJPW and DDT due to being burned out and overworked from two full time contracts, a factor in a major shoulder injury he had in late 2015, not because he was ditching Kenny. He couldn’t have ditched Kenny, bc Kenny had already ditched him.

anyways, this has been an important Golden Lovers PSA!! :)

Celebration Time!

I’m officially at 1.5k followers! 

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And my birthday’s coming up! 

So I thought it would be fun to host a prompt challenge for you guys!  So there are two parts to the prompts: 26 Quotes, from The Office and Parks and Recreation (my two favorite shows) and 26 generic sentence prompts.  This challenge is designed to be double prompted…I understand that could be difficult for some (but it is a challenge ;), so if you want to pick either a quote or a prompt, that’s also fine!

*Since I am a multi-fandom blog, please feel free to write for characters from the Marvel Universe, Supernatural, or Star Trek.  Get creative!


1.      Send me an ask (no messages or reblogs) with the letter of the quote, the number of the prompt and the character you’re writing for. First come first served! (I can’t imagine I’ll have more than 26 people participating, but if by some miracle I do, I’ll either add more or double up prompts)

2.      Fics should be Reader Insert for the most part, because I am a ship free blog.  But! If you don’t write reader insert and still want to participate, just ask! I’ll probably approve, I just would like majority reader inserts.

3.      There’s no word limit for fics, but please, for the love of God, use a Read More.  I won’t reblog it if you don’t.  Sorry, it’s just my pet peeve.

4.      Tag me in your A/N and include Atari’s Birthday Challenge in the first five tags.  (If you tag me and I don’t like it within 24 hours, please shoot me a message.  Tumblr doesn’t always give me my notifications).  I’ll make a Masterlist after all the fics have been submitted!

5.      Fics are due August 31, my birthday! Feel free to post any time before then, and if you need an extension, please just ask!

*You don’t technically have to be following me, but since this is half a follower celebration, it would be nice :)

Prompts under the cut!

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Haven’t written a rescue in a while…


Yes, Gordon understood, all that hurt, that agonising pain the man felt, yes he understood.

For over an hour Thunderbird Two had been hovering over the tormented and tortured trawler.  Standing off just far enough not to be hit by her antenna as she pitched, bow first, deeply into the 40 foot troughs and rose up to their peaks. Virgil hadn’t seen a storm like this of over a year.  But his attention wasn’t on the height of the towering waves or the speed of the wind.  No, it was on the two tiny heat signatures still clinging to the wheel house, his fear honing in on one of them.  His kid brother Gordon.

“Tell me you’ve got your helmet back on, Gordon!”  Scott interrupted his thoughts.  “Gordon!  Reply to me now!  Have you got your damned helmet back on!”

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Hi :-) 

I’m going to post a little about disordered thinking today and hopefully provide some methods for you to recognise the different types of anxious thinking you may have, and also a little exercise at the end which can hopefully help you combat the anxious thoughts and change them! 

Remember, it may not happen straight away but I fully believe that by knowing the thought patterns you can gradually learn to change them if you wish too :) I realise it’s will be hard; being stuck in a negative thought cycle can sometimes become a crutch that for some, changing them represents a change in their whole sense of self. This can be hard to overcome. Go at your own pace friends, and if it feels uncomfortable - stop. Get yourself something nice and try and again another time. Always remember to reward yourself for any positive changes!! 

Here goes!

Some of the most common examples of distorted, biased or unhelpful thinking are as follows: 

“All or nothing” type of thinking

When we see things as either black or white. If something is not perfect then it must be disastrous. One mistake means complete failure. 

This is completely unrealistic. Life is not that clear cut. There are many shades of grey.

Over Generalisation

Where after one unfortunate event we assume it will happen again, every time. For example, once turned down at an interview we may feel convinced that we have no chance of ever finding a job. 

This will certainly make us feel bad, but there is no justification for seeing one instance as proving a rule.

Mental Filter

This is where people tend to pick out a negative or worrying detail and dwell on it exclusively, thus seeing the whole situation as bad. 

This will certainly make us feel upset, but we will without a doubt be missing out on some positive aspects. 

Discounting The Positive

Anxious people have a strong tendency to say that positive experiences don’t count for some reason. We may say a successful event was a “fluke”!

This makes things seem worse than they are and means that we don’t let ourselves take pleasure from positive events or our successes. 

Jumping to Conclusions

This involves assuming the worst when there is really no real reason to: For instance, expecting failure before having tried. 

Clearly this kind of anxious thinking will only increase anxious feelings. 


When we exaggerate the importance of our own imperfections or errors or fears e.g. “I made a mistake - that’s terrible - I can never show my face here again.” When we turn commonplace misfortunes into disasters, in our minds. 

Remember, we do not think about other people’s mistakes in the same way. 

Emotional Reasoning

Where we believe that, because we feel so afraid, there really must be some danger, or because things feel so dreadful, we believe they really are in a mess. 

It is most often the case that anxious feelings are not realistic.

“Should” Statements 

For instance, thinking we “should” be able to stay calm all of the time or we “must” never get angry. 

Such rigid statements are over-demanding and unreasonable. They cause unnecessary pressure and, very often, guilt. 

Labelling and Mislabelling

This happens when we label ourselves as a “useless person” on the basis of a mistake we have made. When our total idea of ourselves is determined by something we have done or a mistake we have made. 

That makes about as much sense as defining ourselves as “joiners” because we have put a shelf up!! 


Where we tend to assume that where something goes badly, it is entirely our fault. For instance, if our child has a poor report card then we blame ourselves. 

Personalisation usually causes guilt. It leads people to assume complete responsibility for happenings that are almost certainly due to many factors. 


Make a column with three rows. Name these 3 rows as follows:

Anxious thoughts          Thinking Errors           Reasonable thoughts

  1. The next time you feel unmistakably anxious or upset, note what you are thinking. alternatively, imagine you are in a difficult situation or about to do something you dread, bring to mind those thoughts you usually have at these times, i.e the first thoughts you would have. Write your thoughts in the first column under the heading “Automatic Anxious Thoughts”. These are the thoughts or ideas which cause your emotional upset. 
  2. Next, look at these “automatic thoughts” you have writen down and decide what kind of errors you have made. Refer to the previous list of thinking errors. Write in the type of errors in the second column
  3. Now, for the third column. The task is to substitute more reasonable, objective thoughts. It may help to imagine what someone else might say or think, reassuring and sensible. Imagine if you were giving this advice to a friend or somebody else you are close too. The point of the exercise is to train yourself to be objective and reasonable. So you need to believe what you put in column three is accurate. If you are unsure of this, then maybe you could ask a close friend or family their opinion. 

So there we go. I hope this will help you recognise negative thought pattens and help you begin to change them into more ordered and positive thinking. Please feel free to message me if you have any questions. 

One of the most interesting things to me that has come out of Darren’s mouth of late is - in discussing which Harry Potter house he’s in (an aspiring ravenclaw, but probably a gryffindor) -  that he says he’s a slytherin in his work life.

For all the posts over the years of darren being naive/not doing the right thing/not having the right agents/not doing some “important’ thing enough, not being x,y,z enough and I have always been sitting here wondering if I’m watching the same guy…

For me - He’s always been calculated, confident, and in control. I see the gryffindor fearlessness, tries everything, works so hard- but I’ve always seen the dude knows exactly what he’s doing.

So gotta say - slytherin work!Darren- headcanon accepted.

(PS - I can’t remember which interview it was - a computer games one I think? Who has it for me to link?)

Andi Mack Handles Realistic Friendship Bumps


So there was an episode where the kids Andi, Buffy and Cyrus protest the school’s dress code… yeah… if you knew that already you probably thought the same thing I did; “This is obviously just a filler episode to not make the real plot of Andi’s dad feel more rushed than it already is…” and we’ve all seen it before… (That’s So Raven)  That and the “Next On”s seem to give too much away on the next episode to the point of spoiling. However this episode had a hidden gem in it.

This protest is really important to Andi and asks her friend Jonah to join. He declines, and she accepts it gracefully though he asks the same thing of her in regards to switching out of her protest clothes (intentionally outdated prison garb) for their frisbee club group picture.  She then holds her ground when she says NO. 

The show takes it one step further by her calling Jonah out on him not remembering– or caring– about exactly why she’s wearing what she is. In the ending scene he tries to apologize, and it is the exactly perfect opportunity for Andi to constructively and gracefully tell Jonah her feelings on his behavior lately. (Admittedly this is a very idealistic situation and most just-turned-teenager-children would not be able to do what Andi did here maturely, but this is a very important thing to teach young viewers.) Also important to note she already told Jonah off once before when she was really upset, so I can’t blame her for walking away this time. 

Any other show would have had Andi be unnecessarily mean telling her “stupid immature guy friend”, a character trope trending with Disney and Nickelodeon, things he’s oblivious to. In fact it went something like; 

Jonah: “I’m sorry.”

Andi: “Don’t be, you did nothing wrong, I just needed to stand up for myself…” (Maybe just a little too much Disney-fied sweetness…) And I repeat she did express ALL the times he asked too much of her before this was said and basically told him they weren’t friends after.

The reason why this is important to me is because I’ve had experiences where I lost friends in a situation like this. I was most like Jonah in the sense that I expected a little too much of this friend and I was more into what I was doing rather than thinking about them. One day I contacted this person in text message and they lashed out at me. I didn’t understand what the outburst was for since all I said was “hi”,  and they said “that’s exactly what I mean” among other things. So I asked to talk about the situation and they wanted to meet up. When we did they told me everything that was going on and they were less harsh about it in person than over the phone. I felt really bad and guilty because they told me that they were feeling sad around me. I acknowledged everything they told me about myself without defense, as that’s what I was taught to do, and then they left. The friendship was over.

Thing is, this person was trying to “ween me off”, so to speak. And while I like the intention of using social cuing to get a person to “take a hint” in order to avoid awkward situations for anyone involved, but not only do I still find this kind of immature, it’s NOT A TACTIC THAT’S ALWAYS GOING TO WORK. Especially for neuro-atypicals like myself who can’t read body-language and facial expressions that well. In fact if I am truly honest, I hate it when people expect me to read their minds and then get mad when I don’t and that’s what I felt this person did. Because if I am not aware of what I did wrong, how can I fix it for the future?

At the end of the day, I know I am much of the blame of that situation but I did feel jilted that I was not even given a chance to do the right thing. Me and this other person are ADULTS. Not that I think many middle schoolers would have solved an uncomfortable social problem like Andi did, but I am very thankful of it’s hidden message that communication is important, but at the end of the day, if it’s too much for you, you should walk away.


Request: Maybe an imagine where you had been on Neverland for quite a while and you and Peter Pan had become kind of a couple, but then you lost your memory somehow and Peter is devastated because you don’t even remember him and he tries to help you regain your memories of Neverland and of him and the lost boys?

Part 2

You woke up with a start. A steady ache in your head made you frown and reached for the area, only for another wave of pain to shoot through your head as you touched it.

The place was nice. It was made of wood and had a comfortable bed. The fact that you have never seen it before irked you the most.

“Hey, you’re up.” A boy with short brown hair and green eyes appeared in the door. He wore clothes that looked like they were made of leaves. He continued to talk with his British accent, “You gave us a heart attack, Y/N. I’ve told you before that swimming near the mermaids is dangerous. You’re lucky that you just got a small bump.” The boy sat down on the bed next to you and waited for you to say something. “Alright, don’t thank me or anything.”

You still didn’t say anything. Your head was trying to process what it just heard. “Mermaids?”

“Yeah, I told you that they’re vicious.” The boy rose an eyebrow. “Are you ok? You seem quiet.” Before you could answer, he said, “Of course. Traumatic experience and all that. I’m just glad you’re ok.” A smug smile crept onto his face. “Although a kiss would be greatly appreciated.”

Your mouth fell open. “I don’t even know you!”

“Wait, what?” The boy asked, “Y/N, it’s me. Peter?” You gave him a blank look. “Pan? Lost Boys? Neverland? Any of these ringing a bell?” You shook your head. None of the words meant anything to you. “Oh, I get it,” ‘Peter’ smirked, “You’re getting me back for scaring you earlier. I expected better than this.”

“I’m sorry, but I really don’t know who you are.”

He started to get angry. “Ok, Y/N, drop it. I know what you’re doing. Just quit the act.”

“It’s not an act!” You exclaimed, “I just woke up in a cabin with a random boy talking about mermaids.”

“Were you cursed?” Peter asked intensively.

“How would I remember?”

He cut you off by leaning in and kissing you. You quickly pushed him away. “What are you doing?” You demanded.

“Checking if you were cursed,” Peter answered, “You weren’t.” His tone turned considerably sadder, but you weren’t having any of it.

“Why did you have to kiss me to find out?” Before he answered, another boy came in. He had longish blond hair and a deep scar on his cheek. “You alright, Y/N?”

“She’s fine, Felix,” Peter stated, “Just a small problem.”


“Y/N doesn’t remember us,” he dismissed, “But that’s not important. What’s the last thing that you remember, Y/N?”

You tried to remember, but only vague things came to mind. “I don’t know. I don’t even remember my parents!”

“I can see why.” You looked at him weirdly. Felix continued, “You don’t really have parents here.”

“What?” You exclaimed, “Where am I?”


“That means nothing to me!”

Peter tried to calm me down. “Ok, ok, it’s ok. Neverland is an island. We’re the Lost Boys. I’m Peter Pan. I take boys who feel like they don’t belong here.“

“Did I not belong?” You asked.

“No, no,” he corrected, “You belong with us. With me.” After saying that, Peter stormed out of the room with Felix, leaving you by yourself and more confused than ever.

anonymous asked:

...If you still want to write stuff: 18. for KaiShin, pretty please?

This is obviously crazy late, but to make up for it, it’s also incredibly long.  I hope you enjoy it.  8)  Thank you again for sending the prompt request.  I had fun writing this!

“Well, how are you feeling?” Haibara asked, voice flat, but eyes betraying her concern.  Shinichi took stock:  body at its correct proportions, no fever, no pain…

“I feel… okay,” Shinichi said, smile slowly stretching across his face.  “Haibara, I think we did it.”  He laughed helplessly, pressing his hands to his face.  He felt like he could cry with the sheer relief.

“I’d like to run some checks, just in case,” Haibara said, sighing quietly.  “You remember the questions we prepared yesterday?”

“The ones to check my memory?”

“Yes.  I’ll start from the beginning.  Please state your name and occupation.”

“My name is Kudou Shinichi, and I’m a student detective.  I most often work for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Force.”

“I’d like you to name your closest friends for me.”

“Mouri Ran and Suzuki Sonoko are my childhood friends; Ran, my childhood crush.  Hattori Heiji is a hot-blooded detective from Osaka and one of my best friends and something of a rival.  The Detective Boys are Ayumi, Mitsuhiko, Genta, and Haibara.  They’re supervised—kind of—by Professor Agasa.  I work the most often with Inspector Megure and Detectives Satou and Takagi, along with Mouri Kogoro, Ran’s father.”

“Impressive.  As expected of Kudou,” Haibara said smiling.  Turning back to her notes, she continued, asking him to detail their operation from start to finish, explain the deductions he’d made at the end…

It was weird, though, for all he could answer every question, he felt like he was forgetting something.  But if it wasn’t in Haibara’s note cards, it must not have been all that important.

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Let’s Get Out of Here.

Originally posted by mustachedcheetosman

Requested by Anonymous: Hi there! I would like to request one in which Bucky has to hunt down the reader who is from the avengers, and when he trapped her, he has to spent a few days with her and he thinks shes really hot, and end up having smut sex with her and they escape together! Love ya

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: SMUT

Words: 2211

“You were quite the lady’s man,” you chuckled, tucking your legs underneath you as you sat on the prison bed.

The corners of Bucky’s lips quirked up for a split second for you were informing him of his past.

“Steve told me you were an overachiever and excelled at everything you did both in school and sports, making all the girls fond of you” you continued. Most of your conversations with Bucky was one-sided as he mostly listened to you talk. “But I don’t blame them,” you joked. “You were all handsome and muscly.”

“That’s why you got into the army so easily,” you explained, tucking your hair behind your ear. “You were the type of guy that the government was looking for to send off to the war. You were in the 107th and were an expert marksmen, earning the title sergeant.”

“How do you know so much about me?” Bucky asked in a small voice. You sat upright and smiled at his question for he rarely asked questions or spoke to you.

“I’ve gotten pretty close to Steve,” you responded. “He often talked about you, and I got curious. Did my own kind of research. You were an interesting man.”

“Is Steve your boyfriend?” he asked hesitantly.

You laughed at his question, which made his heart skip a beat. He hasn’t heard a genuine laugh in a long time, so yours was music to his ears. You were so enthralling, captivating. The way you spoke about him, it made him feel almost human, no longer a killing machine.

“No,” you sputtered out through your laughter. “He and I are like brother and sister. In this case, he’s my annoying, protective brother, treating me like his younger sister, even though I’m technically only a month younger than him. He never lets a guy closer than three feet away from me, so I’m single. But that gives me leeway to do oldman jokes on him. I miss him.”

You noticed Bucky’s body relax a bit at your answer and smirked at his reaction. You couldn’t help but gain a small crush on the soldier with your time being there, but you missed your teammates. You bit your lip as you tried to gain the courage to ask the question you’ve been holding for the past few days. “Bucky, let me out. Please.”

“No,” he stated simply. Your heart sunk at his blunt answer, and tears started filling your eyes.

Your voice broke as you asked, “Why?”

“Because you’ll leave,” Bucky answered.

Three days earlier

The sound of a faucet dripping echoed throughout the room, making the atmosphere eerie and discomforting. Your eyelids stuck together, refusing to open. You shifted your body, feeling how stiff and sore you were. You finally pried your eyes open and realized you were lying on the floor. Sitting up, you groaned at the splitting headache you had. The taste of blood in you mouth and the metallic smell in the air made you nauseous.

Looking around, you noticed you were in a cell. It was a pretty basic cell, holding a sink, toilet, and a metallic cot. You scoffed seeing that your captors didn’t even have the decency to put you on the bed- such class.

An unsettling feeling settled in your gut, as you felt as if eyes were on you. You observed the room to see there were no cameras in your cell. Your eyebrows furrowed together in confusion, as you tried to figure out who captured you.

You remembered exiting the quinjet with your team and breaking into the HYDRA base. You were taking down any soldiers that got in your way and did pretty good on your own, seeing that you were an Avenger. You were almost at the control room, when the next thing you were met with was black. Someone snuck up from behind and hit you in the head just hard enough for you to fall unconscious, which explains the headache as well.

Shock drew on your face as you realized you were in the hands of HYDRA. You frantically looked around the room to see any signs of getting out. It was then you saw someone sitting in the corner of the room. You didn’t see his eyes, more of his metallic arm that glistened in what little light that was shed in the room.

In all honesty, you were scared, knowing full well of the torture methods HYDRA used, but you held a poker face. You asked boldly, “What do you want from me?”

The soldier didn’t speak nor move. You were wondering if he was even awake. You were about to ask the question again but stopped short when he walked more into the light.

“Bucky,” you said breathlessly. Your eyes widened in shock seeing Steve’s lost best friend. Steve confided in you with his haunted past and fears. You knew how important Bucky was to Steve and actually tried to help Steve find him. And yet, here he was standing right in front of you. The only thing separating yourself from him were the metal bars on your cell.

Bucky tensed up at his name but said nothing.

“I know this is hard,” you started. “But do you remember me? Can you remember the man that fought along side with me?”

Your question was met with silence. You sighed, knowing that more likely, HYDRA wiped his memories again. You jolted upright when you heard him speak. It was in a voice no louder than a whisper, but you heard him. You knew Bucky was at war with himself. There were no constants in his life anymore, but he must of recognized something about you.

“Who are you?” he asked simply, looking lost and confused. 

“My name is Y/N,” you answered. “I’m an Avenger. I work with Captain America, Steve Rogers.”

“He’s the enemy,” he stated blankly, seeing that that was embedded in his brain.

“To HYDRA, yes,” you explained hesitantly. “But you’re not HYDRA, Bucky.” You paused, not wanting to push anything on him. Bucky’s face was still emotionless, but you noticed that his gaze was unfocused as if he was trying to put all the puzzle pieces together.

You continued, “Before HYDRA, you were his best friend, almost like his brother. Best friends since childhood, you and Steve were inseparable in both the schoolyard and the battlefield.” You knew that line by heart by now, as you and Steve often visited the Smithsonian together, you not wanting him to be alone. “I can help you,” you offered carefully. “I can help you remember.”

There was a moment of silence as you let Bucky contemplate your question. You were greeted by a curt nod and smiled at his agreement to your offer.

“Then come with me,” you suggested. “Let’s leave together. Let’s get out of this hellhole.”

“Do you really want that?” he asked, knowing that everyone always leaves him, leaving him alone.

You got up from the bed you sat on and walked to the cell bars, trying to get as close to him as possible. You made sure he was looking at you in the eyes to ensure him that you were serious. “Yes,” you answered, your hands tightened around the bars. “Come with me. You know that you don’t belong here. And I know that you don’t want to be here.”

Bucky slowly got up from his seat and strode over to you. Hesitantly, he cupped your cheek with his right hand. You leaned into his touch, before looking up at him. “Okay,” he said breathlessly.

He broke open the door with his metallic arm, still not taking his eyes off of you or removing his hand from you cheek. You slowly backed away from his touch before exiting the cell. Bucky stood still, waiting to see what you would do now that you’re free. Would you really take him with you or would you leave like everyone does?

You slowly walked up to him and intertwined your hand with his left hand. You noticed that he was holding his breath as he watched your actions. You wanted to ensure him that you didn’t think he wasn’t a monster, you weren’t scared of him, and you were serious about you taking him with you.

After a minute of you rubbing your thumb against his metal surface with your hands still intertwined with his, you stood up on your tiptoes and placed your other hand on his cheek. You slowly leaned in, giving him all the opportunity to stop you. When he didn’t, your lips met with his in a slow, passionate kiss.

You released his hand and pulled him in closer to deepen the kiss. His right hand cupped the back of your neck while the other landed on your waist. You pulled back, out of breath and flustered. Looking back up at him, you realized that this was probably his first loving encounter he’s had in years. You saw that he was scared and lost, and all you wanted to do was protect this man from all the dangers in the world. He’s seen and been through so much. You wanted to show him that everything was going to be okay, so you did what any rational girl would have done.

You pulled him back in and kissed the living daylights out of him. Arms were entangled around each other, and your bodies were pressed together, leaving negative space in between you two. You didn’t want to push Bucky into anything, seeing that he was struggling with demons of his own. So you internally squealed in delight when he lifted you from the ground. You wrapped your legs around his waist before kissing down to his face. His long hair tickled your face as you kissed neck. You pushed off his hair as you laid open-mouthed kisses on any skin you had access to.

You heard a groan erupt from the back of his throat, urging you to continue your actions. You clenched your thighs together, trying to press against him even more than you were. A moan escaped your lips as he rolled his hips into yours.

The grip of your arms around his neck tightened as you felt him walk across the room. The air in your lungs escaped you as you were plopped onto the cot. Bucky settled himself between your legs before returning the favor and kissing your neck. It was taking everything you got not to release moans, knowing full well that there were two armed guards right outside your cell door. I guess HYDRA wasn’t expecting you to take down their Winter Soldier.

You squirmed as you felt one of his hands travel down your sides, under your pants and underwear. You moaned his name as you felt him tease your folds, using your own arousal to lubricate his fingers. The coil in your stomach tightened when he plunged his finger into your dripping cunt. His actions were almost too much with his lips on your neck and his fingers thrusting into your cunt. You were afraid you’d come from his touch alone. Bucky removed his fingers from out from underneath your pants, making you whimper at lost of contact. Your hands ran through his hair, as you felt him shift on top of you.

A silent scream ripped from your throat as you felt his metallic arm take its place. The cold surface in contrast to your heat sent chills throughout your body.

You were so close that your vision was fading in and out. You warned, “I’m close Bucky.”

Bucky immediately stopped his actions and pulled back from your body. Frustrated, your hands gripped onto the bed sheets. When your vision focused, you noticed Bucky pushing down his pants, just low enough to free his throbbing cock. His hands landed on your sides, slowly traveling down your body. You lifted your hips as he began to pull your pants down to your knees.

He positioned himself where he was hovering over you before teasing your folds with his tip. Bucky looked up at you to make sure he had your consent. When you nodded, he thrusted himself into you, filling you to the brink. He stilled his movements to let you adjust to his size. You rolled your hips to let him know he could continue.

Bucky set a steady but impressive pace, you orgasm building up again. Your hands flew to his back clawing the back of his t-shirt, exposing the abs hidden underneath his clothes. You were captivated as you watched his muscles flex every time he thrusted into you. Your head flew back as his groin continuously rubbed against your clit. His thrusts became to falter as you were pushed over the edge. Your walls clenched around his cock, sending him into his own orgasm. He collapsed on you, burying his head into your neck. You weakly petted his hair, trying to comfort him down from his high.

You felt his heartbeat slow down to normal as his chest was pressed against your skin. He lifted himself off of you and leaned on his elbows, your hand still running through his hair.

“Let’s get out of here,” you stated with a smile.

Bucky returned the smile, the first smile he had in a long time. You knew come hell or high water, you guys were getting out of the hands of HYDRA once and for all.

sarini  asked:

can you do an imagine where Seven comforts sad/crying s/o if possible? Having a rough night tonight.. ;w;

Note: Sorry for late answer! I wasnt at home for days and at first, I had internet but then when we went to a different place didnt have chance to write.

“MEOOOWWW????? Wont you stop crying? God… I do not know how to stop these tears. I’ve been doing weird things for hours but you’re still crying…”
“Seven, she was my best friend! She was like my sister, like my twin! And now she’s going away… Oh, she’s already gone! She told me she’d go when she was about to leave! How could she do this to me?”
Your best friend for years moved to another country for her education. But she said she was going while she was getting in car and leaving. You were so shocked that you’ve been crying for hours. You think she had to tell you because you deserve it.
Seven’s been cooking for you, trying to make funny things for you but he always fails.
“I can’t understand why she did this to me…” you say with a calm voice.
Seven hugs you. “Maybe she didnt want to say goodbye. If I were her, I wouldnt want to say goodbye to the most beautiful creature of god in world too.”
“Saeyong… It’s not it. You know.”
“Wov. You said Saeyong. I can understand how serious the situation is now.”
You look at his face. His eyes are all red and full of tears. You realize that you ve not looked at his face for hours.
“Hey why are you crying?” you say, hugging him.
He tries to smile. “I hate it when you cry. I hate everyone who makes you cry. It sucks that I cant make you smile when you always cheer me up on sad days. I have to be a better boyfriend.”
You kiss him. “You already are.”
He becomes serious. “There’s gonna be sad times and good times. Sometimes life’s gonna give you cabbage, sometimes Honey Buddha Chips. But never forget that whenever life turns into cabbage, I’m here. Whenever life turns into Honey Buddha Chips, I’m here again. The ones who leave are gone and if they do not come back, it s not important. sometimes you just have to let go. If she tries to talk to you, then it means she wants to talk to you. Sometimes you just have to think easy. I always say "you you you” but remember that we’ll always do things together.“
You are so shocked that you cant talk for a minute. Then you talk. "Seven how did you say those words…? I mean wov, thank you so much.”
He kisses you and when he is about to say something, you hear beep from oven.
“Honey Buddha Chicks!”
“I’m making Honey Buddha Chips with chickens. Justt for you!”
“What? How did you make it?”
“I put chips and chickens…”
“What?! Run!”
When you take the meal, you see burned chips and chicken in oil pool. But you eat it anyway. Because he cooked for you and he made your day. You see that you have the best boyfriend in the world again.

Note2: Hope you like it!~

“Excuse me, but who are you? Ladies are not accepted in the Wall.” Jon said, an eyebrow raised. Arya smiled softly. She knew women were not to be there, of course. Even less herself, the Stark girl who had ran away. But she was wearing a new face now. A face that had not seen all the things Arya had seen. But a face that remembered nonetheless. 

The girl also knew that no one would recognize her as Ned’s daughter with that face, not even Jon, her one true best friend. What she did not know was that it would hurt so badly.

“For the gods…” Jon whispered suddenly, inhaling sharply. His eyes grew wide as he quickly closed the distance between him and the silent girl in front of him. “Arya? Arya is that you?” He was a breath away from her face now.

The smile fell from her lips as she looked at Snow surprised. No one should have realized. No one. 

“How did-” She wasn’t able to finish, once Jon embraced her, lifting the girl from the ground with the force of it. She could do nothing but laugh and hug back. It had been so long, after all…

“Do you really think you could just smile at my face and I would not recognize that smile? Please Arya!” He answered her unspoken question, once again putting her on the ground, but keeping their proximity. “What happened? Where have you been? How did you change… So much?” At this, Jon touched her face lightly. Arya closed her eyes for a brief second, leaning on the contact a moment before allowing herself to respond.

“It is a long story. Very long. All you need to know is that I am fine. Don’t worry,” She continued when Jon opened his mouth intending to talk. “This is not my… Real face. My true form is, you could say, hidden and safe.”

Jon looked at her astonished for a long moment, his mouth hanging opened as he tried to say something but nothing came to his lips. His eyes never left Arya’s. Finally, it was her voice that broke the silence.

“I came here for a reason, dear brother,” Arya started, turning her back on Jon and hugging herself. “Do you remember how father always said ‘winter is coming’ like it was the most important thing he could ever tell us?! When I was young, I did not understand the reason. I thought: yes father, we all know winter is coming, and we know it can be bad, but why keep reminding us of this every day?” The girl laughed at her naivety. She missed her father greatly. Arya turned again to face Jon. He was a few steps away, still watching. Still waiting. “I understand now. It is not only about the winter. It is about remembering. Never forget. Because once you forget what is coming, you also forget to be strong. You are weak. And then winter comes and ends you, because you forgot.” Jon seemed to suddenly understand too. Arya took her sword out, showing Needle to him. This made Jon smile even if for a second. He approached the girl slowly, his arms reaching out for her. Arya accepted him. “Winter has come back home, Jon. Valar Morghulis.”

Baby Steps

Pairing: Solas x Lavellan (previous)
Rating: R (for Sera’s language)

Two years.

Two sodding years.

Alya sighed, staring blankly at the unfinished mural. She rarely set foot in this room anymore. It just felt so empty, so wrong now that it seemed well worth the small hassle of taking the alternate route up to the library just to avoid it. But tonight…

She picked up one of the paint jars on the desk and turned it over in her hands. They were useless now, crusted shut, the pigment inside long since dried up, and yet she couldn’t bring herself to let the cleaning staff dispose of them. She’d screamed at them the last time they’d tried. They’d looked at her like she was mad.

Maybe she was.

Tears blurred her vision as she regarded the jar in her hands, remembering vividly the lovely spring day they’d bought it in Val Royeaux. It had been the first time he’d held her hand in public—a small thing, maybe, but as private as he’d been about their relationship, it had seemed so very important; a milestone.

She felt a bit foolish thinking about it now.

“Thought I might find you here.”

“Sera,” Alya said, wiping her eyes fiercely. Sera, for her part, gave no indication of having caught her at it as she strolled into the room and took a seat next to Alya on the table.

“So,” she said casually, plucking the jar from Alya’s hands and studying the paint crusted to the lid as if it were the most interesting thing she’d seen all day, “judging by the gloomy look on Loranil’s face and the fact that you’re holed up in here, I figure it’s safe to assume that Date Number Five did not end in joyful bits-mashing?”

Alya gave a weak laugh. “No. No, it did not. I mean, he’s lovely,” she added quickly, “he really is, and I’m sure he’ll make someone very happy. But… I don’t know, whenever I’m with him, I just—”

“Wish he was old, bald, and never shut up about the Fade?”

Alya groaned, burying her face in her hands. “Creators, what’s wrong with me? It’s been two years, I know I’m supposed to be over him by now.”

“You’re supposed to be? Who the fuck’s been telling you that?”

Alya blinked, taken aback by the vitriol in Sera’s voice. “Well… I mean, no one’s said it outright, not to my face. It’s always a bit more subtle than that. But the way people talk to me sometimes, the way they look at me, I can tell it’s what they’re thinking.”

“Yeah, well those people can all go and get shat out of a dragon.”

“I’m sorry?”

Sera was on her feet now, pacing angrily in front of the table. “Cassandra still goes all moony-eyed about that man of hers who died and the Conclave. Varric’s been pining over the same woman for, like, sixty years—”

“Sera, he’s forty-three.”

“—And you wanna know how long it took me to get over my first lover? Trick question, yeah? ‘Cause I still don’t know whether I want to marry her or punch her in her stupid face! Would you tell us that we should just get over it on the off chance that it’ll make other people feel better?”

“Well, no—”

“No, of course you wouldn’t, because you’re not an arsehole,” Sera said, brandishing the paint jar like a weapon against an invisible foe as she spoke. “And all of us have it easier than you do! Cassandra’s man? Boom! Dead: can’t be together. Varric’s woman? Boom! Married: can’t be together. My girl? Right fucking twat: can’t be together. You didn’t get any of that. Your lover told you he loved you but couldn’t be with you, promised to tell you why, and then fucked off into the night without so much as a 'nice knowing you'—you know, in the naked sense.”

“I assumed.”

Sera seemed to deflate a bit. She sank back down beside Alya and looped an arm around her waist. “My point is, don’t pay any mind to them who want to give you shit for feeling the way you feel. It’s your fucking life and your fucking heart, and you don’t owe it to anyone to move on when they think you should.”

Alya sighed heavily, laying her head on Sera’s shoulder as hot tears sprang to her eyes. “I loved him. So. Much.”

Sera squeezed her tight. “I know you did. You might always do. We’ve all got lovers who took a big chunk of our heart with them when they left. Anyone says they don’t is either lying or stupid lucky.”

Alya buried her face in Sera’s neck. “Sometimes I’m afraid he took it all,” she said through sobs. “Sometimes I’m afraid I’ll never be able to love again.”

“Yeah, well. You don’t owe that to anyone, either,” Sera said softly, kissing the top of Alya’s head.

They sat that way for some time. Sera rocked Alya back and forth as her sobs turned to sniffles, then faded finally into hiccups. Then,

“Andraste’s tits, I’m hungry.” Sera hopped up from the table. “Come on, let’s go eat some of those elfy meat purses.”

Alya cocked her head, confused. Elfy meat purses? Dumplings! Sera wanted dumplings. She sighed. “Sera, they’re such a hassle, and I’m really not in any mood to cook.”

“Who said you had to? I’ll make 'em.”

You will?”

“Yeah, your mum taught me last time she was here.”

Alya raised her eyebrows. “You let my Dalish mother teach you aDalish recipe? Sera. That’s about the elfiest thing I’ve ever heard.”

“You shut your whore mouth,” Sera said mock-threateningly, grabbing Alya’s hand and leading her toward the kitchen. “Plus, we can nick a little something from the wine cellar on the way. You know, in case my meat purses end up tasting like shite.”

Alya smiled. “Now that is exactly what I’m in the mood for.”