the important thing to remember here is that i tried


I don’t care If this bothers you or not, but this is important, so please read it and help me do something.
So, snow-queens-sister is one of the most marvelous people I’ve ever knew here, she’s my friend. She has been fighting anxiety and depression since I remember and she was so strong during all this time and went through many things. But now she is thinking of commiting suicide. I’ve tried everything to help her, but nothing seems to work! I’m desperate and I need your help. If you know her you know how amazing she is and you certainly don’t want this to happen, so please send her a positive message. It can make the difference. If you don’t, do it as well. It only costs a few minutes of your time, but we can save a life. I know it might seem nothing, but believe me, it’s important and it can change everything!
If you have any other idea of what we can do to help, please message me. We can’t lose her.
Thank you for your attention!