the important thing to remember here is that i tried

I wanted to take a closer look at what the writers have been doing with Carol’s arc lately, as some things are pretty damn clear to me. 

1. Tobin

We all remember that infamous ‘Tobol” incident. But it is very important here. It shows that Carol tried to open up and be with someone, but it failed
No offense but the so called ‘chemistry’ she had with Tobin was a mere 1% of the chemistry she shares with Daryl. 

The way it ended between them sent a message; Carol does not want to feel anything for him- or for ‘anyone’, for that matter. And she ends up running away.

2. Morgan

Yes, Carol and Morgan have bad history together. But still- he went after her. He showed her he cared- and he genuinely did. Now, I am not saying that it was a romantic attempt from him because it definitely wasn’t. But it’s still important. 

He ran after her, and kept looking for her, never giving up although she made it very clear (multiple times) that she did not want him to help her, and that she wanted to be left alone

Even now that she is at the Kingdom, alone in a house which is far away from everything else, she does not want to see Morgan- or anyone else. 

3. Ezekiel

Ezekiel gave Carol hospitality, food, etc. She trusts him. But she does not want him anywhere near her house. She is exhausted and deeply annoyed every time someone comes close to her. She does not want all the food he is giving her, she does not want him to visit, she simply just wants to be left alone. 
She made it pretty clear that she didn’t want anybody’s company/presence there (even members of Team Family)……

My point is that TPTB have put a lot of effort into Carol’s arc regarding her current state of mind. They have insisted, and they have even made Carol state this herself, out loud, several times. They have showed us multiple examples, and they all lead to the same conclusion; Carol wants to be left alone. 


4. The exception to the rule: Daryl

After everything that has been leading to it, and all the new spoilers that come in everyday and confirm it even more, we know for a fact that Daryl will be the disruptive element of this arc.

He will come into play, and the repetitive chain of events that previously occurred with Tobin, Morgan and Ezekiel will not happen. 

When Carol sees Daryl, her facial expression will not read “go away”. Her emotions will show. She will be happy - genuinely happy - to see Daryl. So happy that she will even engage a hug with him. She will invite him into her house, cook him dinner, and emotionally open up to him. Her telling him that she can’t lose him = showing him she cares = admitting she has those feeling towards him.

It is exactly the opposite of what she has been doing with everyone else. Why is that? Oh well…. If you can’t see it, nothing could make it more obvious.  

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