the important thing is the character and pairing and author

just something I need to get off my chest for a long time now

It’s laughable how some people(most probably antis and haters) kept invalidating relationship between Touka and Kaneki as unimportant, unnecessary, fanservice-y, underdeveloped, OOC, when I am sure deep down they’d do anything to get half of development and scenes Kaneki and Touka got for their OTP despite their separation for more than half of the manga.

Manga: Sasaki cried out of his overwhelming nostalgic feeling of seeing Touka
Them: Nope, he was crying because the coffee reminded him of Yoshimura, Anteiku and his ghoul life. And oh, bc the coffee is damnn too delicious. Anyone can cry over a cup of coffee apparently.

Manga: Sasaki found Touka beautiful, getting distracted the thought of her, wondered if she got a boyfriend. If this doesnt mean he’s somewhat attracted to her so Idk what it is.
Them: Nope, Sasaki was a different person from Kaneki, no memories yada yada, so the feelings dont count.

Manga: Touka might have feeling for Kaneki
Them: wtf abusive, OOC, Touka = Sakura/Hinata/weak shojo heroine

Ishida: love song for Touken, suggestive drawing, covers,  in both manga and illustrations book, put Touken illustrations as twitter header
Them: Fanservices, lucky Touken most popular characters ( lol since when Ishida does things for fanservices)

Them: I dont understand people ship Touken, why Touken is such a hella popular pairing, cliche boring main boyxgirl, sure Ishida will make the ship canon bc fans demand.
Them also: Touka is useless maiden in love, weak damsel in distress, no longer the important characters

Me: Llisten, there got to be something in the ship to be one of the most popular ships in the series, idk maybe a fcking development by the author that you prefer to ignore? Or because the author himself give hints and teasings all over the series, inside or outside the manga? Because the fans basically care to read the manga and feel the their chemistry and the potential in their relationship? Whether they are canon, the endgame or not, it’s none of our business, people are free to love them together without getting people being butthurt over other things.

Me also: gtfo Touken if you dont ship them and dont have anything nice to say about them without degrading both of Kaneki and Touka. People are free to love anything as long as no harm done, without them feeling bad about the things they love just because people cannot feel the way they feel. And also gtfo Touka, stop trying to undermine her importance in the story( and also to Kaneki) because clearly Ishida doesnt think so. Stop harassing, bashing her character just because she’s the biggest threat to your ships or because she’s the potential love interest for Kaneki, picking on every little thing she did in the manga, spouting nonsense about her character when the manga steadily shows her development throughout the story other than being Kaneki’s love interest.

Idk just stop ruining people’s enjoyment for their fav characters or ships just because you cant appreciate them as much as their fans do.