the importance of vows

The Unbreakable Vow

“And will you, by the best of your ability, protect her from harm?”

“I will,” said Sherlock.

A sencond tongue of flame shot from the wand and interlinked with the first, making a fine, glowing chain.

Do you recall this happening in S3? No? Well neither do I, so why does everyone act as if Sherlock had made an Unbreakable Vow to protect Mary? I can’t be the only one being reminded of this?

When Melinda Grube was in grade school, a male teacher told her that “women are not in the historical record, because they never did anything important.’’

She vowed then that she “would never allow anybody to say that to me again.” Grube, now armed with a PhD in women’s history,  is a historical interpreter at Women’s Rights National Historical Park in Seneca Falls, working to make sure girls now hear a different message.

What it’s like to relive women’s history, told at the Seneca Falls national park

Okay, but....

what if in the middle of the wedding, the cops come and the ceremony gets broken up due to the Dingle drama, so Aaron goes for a walk or to escape the madness and winds up sitting in the garage with Rob having followed him and THEN….then they decide to exchange private vows there just the two of them. So viewers get the Dingle wedding experience and Robert/Aaron also get their private moment, in the place they first slept together no less. Is it sad that I’m actually wanting this to happen? With knowing it won’t be “legal”, at least not yet, the idea of them privately exchanging their vows in a place that’s important to their relationship’s history would almost be like they’re coming full circle. That’s the place they started their affair and now it’s the place where they make the ultimate commitment to each other. That’s some grade A story arc. It’d be like phase 1 of their relationship is finally finished and now they’re entering phase 2. Sign. Me. Up.

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"i'm out of ways to say that i love tz" may i propose: french, the language of love j'aime terezi pyrope (i love terezi pyrope) terezi est ma seule source de joie (terezi is my only source of happiness) terezi est la meilleure (terezi is the best) je promet de défendre terezi dans n'importe quel situation (i vow to protect terezi no matter the situation) AAAAAAA TEREZI (AAAAAAA TEREZI) thank you i hope this has been informative

oh gods thank you this is a good idea

i was learning a bit of spanish now that i think about it

and i could still say it all in italian i guess??

thats definitely a good suggestion and also i agree with all of it,,,,

Dresden wedding

A post about Dresden’s best day (the day he learned that Thomas is his brother) got me thinking: what would Dresden getting married be like?

The ‘best’ (for him) would be NOT in a book or short story, that way it wont have ~too~ much weirdness and magical problems on top of the normal ones. But, really, where’s the fun in that?

So the question then become, in what type of book would you rather have it? A Sidhe book, because the vows would take a whole other importance? A Denarian book, because of course Michael needs to be involved? A council/black magic emergency book? A crime/mystery book?

If he’s have the wedding with Murphy, how involved are her family? How much shenanigans are necessary to hide the magic and blood and violence from them? (Makes me think… How did the Murphy family react to our Murphy no longer being a police officer?)
Would Murphy invite Kincaid? Or would he just be Ivy’s +1 (of course she’s invited).

Having the Alphas there would be so fun.

Would you rather Harry no longer be the Winter Knight? What would being the WK change about the wedding? Would Mab attend?! Or worse, officiate? Or would that be father Forthill? Or Ebenezer? Or Michael? Or, omg cuteness, Ivy?

Man, so many questions!


Day 4:  Favorite scene

The Bow™

This one was very hard to choose. I love every interaction between them, even The Spit™… XD

But I guess that this scene changed everything for them. Clarke could start trusting Lexa again and Lexa could believe she was eventually going to be forgiven. Clarke offering help so Lexa could rise is as important as what Lexa vowed.

Bonus: A close second to this scene is The Love Scene™ because they were free of their burdens for just a moment and just stayed there staring at each other with so much love and longing and desire (and then acting on those desires).

“-Maybe someday you and I will owe nothing more to our people.

-I hope so. May we meet again.”

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( Meta: What is Satine's alignment and why? Example: chaotic evil, lawful good, true neutral, ect )

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I’d slot Satine in as a neutral good, and mostly for pointing at the TCW Coruscant episode for reasons. Obviously, morality is incredibly important to Satine. She “vows peace more than her own life” and believes in democracy, freedom of life, etc. However, as we see in the Coruscant episode–”The Duchess of Mandalore” for those of you playing alone at home–she’s not above breaking the law or going against authorities if she believes them to be going against her ethical and moral beliefs. She’s still got a staunch commitment against violence and evil, but doesn’t accept those in authority a face value, either.

I would give anything for a gifset paralleling Stan losing his bro and spending 30 years trying to save his sibling and Dipper losing his sis and spending 3 days fighting hell on earth to save his sibling

and the caption is the realization that made Dipper instantly forgive Stan for everything in NWHS:

“All this time you were just trying to save your brother. Grunkle Stan, I’m so sorry I didn’t believe you.”

“That’s alright, kid. I probably wouldn’t have believed me either.”

Personally, I don’t see a reason to pit Malec (or Clace) against Jalec because for Alec and Jace, there will always be two important things in their lives: their significant other and their parabatai

Basically, when Clary and Magnus will marry Jace and Alec, respectively, they will also marry their parabatai and they will have to accept that there are things that their significant other will be able to share only with his parabatai (the same goes for Clary and Simon and Jace, of course).

In the concept of the Shadow World, there’s no better or worse when it comes to marriage vs. the parabatai bond. In the books, Nephilim have been known to kill themselves over losing one or the other, without any difference in the depth of the emotional fall-out. The death of a lover breaks their heart, the death of a parabatai breaks their soul. 

The parabatai vow is equal in importance to a marriage vow, and I’m glad that Shadowhunters is treating it that way, that Jalec is getting as much attention as Malec and Clace.


I am writing my vows, I want it to be perfect and memorable. The bad thing is, I can’t write to save my life. I want to surprise him with something perfect but I have no idea how to write the perfect wedding vows.

Psycho’s have feelings too.

Request: Kai x reader where Kai comforts the reader when she’s crying because she always believed he could be good and she always helped him but he never knew she was always sad and cried herself to sleep. Like she always helped others but no one helped her and Kai explains how important she is and he vows to always be there for her. Idk if it’s too much😁  
Word count: 1139
Warning(s): self doubt/depression

I looked over at Kai sleeping on the couch across from me. He snored and shuffled around in his blankets without a care in the world. It was cute. He looks young here, not like the homicidal psycho that he usually was. There had been a change in him these past few weeks. It was subtle and I knew he was trying to hide it but since the merge with his brother, Kai had been…different.

Every time I got hurt, he’d grab me and examine me, checking to see if I was okay and I even caught him crying once or twice. It seemed to me that Kai finally had emotions. The first time I had noticed the change, I sat in my room crying for hours, crying because I was so happy to see him like this. Kai didn’t know, but I had feelings for him and he was never able to reciprocate them because of his lack of feeling anything for anyone but himself, but now there was hope. Kai and I were opposites. He always preferred violence while I stuck to peace and helping anyone I could; which is what made our friendship so peculiar.

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Blurb theories

So far we have three blurbs released for ACOMAF. Before the excerpt, we didn’t have too much context for them, but now we do. Soooooo:

Quote One: “To the stars who listen– and the dreams that are answered.”

This one could honestly be anyone. I feel like it’s Rhysand– stars are indicative of night, and it feels like a toast. Maybe it’s a toast for the first time Feyre comes to the Night Court? And he has a feast to introduce her to all of his important people. Or it could be the end of Tamlin’s vows during their interrupted wedding. Feyre did seem vaguely panicked on the back cover– now that we know that she feels like she’s less than dirt, it would explain her having a panic attack over marrying a guy she supposedly loves. Or it could be a greeting from a new character– a member of the Night Court, perhaps?

Quote Two: “Don’t let the hard days win.”

I feel strongly that this is Rhysand. From the excerpt, we know that Feyre is having some very hard days. And because her and Tamlin decided that experiencing those hard days was letting Amarantha win, she’s not going to allow herself to show weakness like that in front of him. It could also be Lucien’s farewell to her before one of her trips to the Night Court, but I just feel like it’s Rhysand seeing through Feyre’s mask and trying to help her in his way.

Quote Three: “I would have torn apart the world to get you back.”

Holy hell. No matter who said this, it’s going to be a huge line in the book. While the fangirl in me wants it to be Rhysand (and I will talk about the possibility), the more serious realist part of me knows that it’s probably Tamlin to Feyre or Feyre to Tamlin. If Feyre is saying it to Tamlin, it’s probably about their time together Under the Mountain, when she saw Tamlin at Amarantha’s side. He’s so expressionless when she sees him that she thinks he’s under some sort of spell, so she would need to somehow “get him back” if that was the case. If this is Tamlin talking, it could be about when he sent Feyre back to the human world to protect her even though it meant damning himself and the rest of the faeries, or it could be him talking about how he feels after she goes to the Night Court for a week. The quote (and this goes for Rhysand too) could also be talking about when Feyre is dead but the High Lords turn her into a high fae instead. “Getting her back” would obviously be from death. This quote does seem more like something that would happen between Feyre and Tamlin because Rhys doesn’t share his feelings much and because it makes more sense in the context of their relationship. The other reasons Rhys would be saying this is because the theory that Rhysand and Feyre used to know each other when they were kids is true, or Rhysand telling Feyre how he felt about her either during the trials or at the moment he first met her. Rhysand is an edgier, tear-the-world-apart kind of guy, so that adds weight to the argument that it’s him, but to me, this honestly just feels like more of a Tamlin or Feyre line.

Anyway, thanks for listening to me ramble. Feels got me crazy excited for ACOMAF, OMG.

Watching the SDCC panel video again and reading tags on the whole KC question I didn’t notice something at first that’s really important. The girl asking the question and says Klaus vowed to be Caroline’s last love, but when Candice answers the question she says “I don’t think Caroline would want Klaus back in Mystic Falls” and it just makes me love Candice Accola even more.

She knows the writers and even the fans tend to silence Caroline and base things on Klaus’ words but Candice always makes sure to use Caroline’s voice. Like she doesn’t care what anyone else wants the Caroline she’s known and loved over the years doesn’t want Klaus.

I just love the fact that she knows and respects her character enough that she always tries to stay true to the Caroline she’s been playing. Bravo.