the impecible timing

- - - 

“Hey! Hey–wait!” His voice is getting louder and closer, I skid to a halt when he’s…right in front of me. 

“Did I say something bad? I know that kinda talk can really bum people out–but you asked and–ah man, I shoulda asked if it woulda made you uncomfortable–I’m really, really sorry! It’s just I never get to talk about this with anyone…ever, I didn’t mean to dump all that heavy stuff on ya, I don’t even know you! But…”

“’re easy to talk to. No one’s ever asked me about this stuff before, I guess I got a little too excited. You’re a good listener…” He eyes me for a moment and I notice him swaying to and fro ever so slightly, hesitating greatly on what he’s about to say next.

“I hope it’s not weird to say after what I told you but…I look at you and, in a way I’m reminded of my friend, Arthur. I mean–”

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anonymous asked:

Skimmons prompt: Jemma discovers during her time in the HUB that the serum given to Skye to save her is slowly (almost imperceptibly slowly, which is why it seemed like nothing was out of the ordinary) breaking down her genetic structure and rebuilding it into something else. There is a relation between Skye being an 084 and this, but Jemma doesn't know that.

This probably turned out fluffier than expected. I think Skimmons might just be my fluffy cute ship and everything will turn out that way always.

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