the impala is pretty much so awesome that she will always have a place in my heart

Episode recap/review 12.22: "Who We Are"

THEN: Once again, we enter the Wayback Machine, and watch Roy and Walt murder our boys (does that mean one or both Winchesters are going to be murdered in this episode?) And some other things, culminating in the bunker being an excellent fortress and/or tomb. Come along, Mary.

NOW: Mary’s killing hunters and I don’t particularly care, except that she gets a text listing her next victims, which includes Jody Mills and suddenly I do care; I care quite a lot.

Title card!

The guys where we left them last week, locked in the bunker. Dean’s throwing switches, Sam’s talking about the garage and air vents, and Toni’s pointing out why every option he suggests won’t work. But she doesn’t know who she’s dealing with, does she? Dean says what we’re all thinking - let’s kill her to save on oxygen. But she says since she’s the one who programmed Mary, so she’s the only one who can deprogram her. Neither brother really believes it, but Sam seems to think they have nothing left to lose by keeping her alive. (Oxygen, Sam. That’s what you have to lose.)

Actually, she’s fairly useful, because knows an awful lot about the bunker. Like the fact that there’s a manual override that would undo everything Ketch did. And it’s outside the bunker. You know, if these guys happened to know anyone who wasn’t actually in the bunker with them, maybe that person could activate the manual override. Huh. Too bad they don’t have phones, and even if they did, they don’t know a single person on the outside. (Seriously. Did Ketch say something about blocking cell phone signals? Is praying to Cas really no longer an option?)

Sam suddenly realizes they have access to all sorts of spells and stuff, and maybe they should try that. And, being Sam, he finds a spell that might work - except it requires the blood of virgins. You’d think the MoL might have some of that in a vault somewhere, but instead, Sam suggests they “fake it” with a purification spell. Won’t be the first time they’ve re-virginized themselves, right? Toni refers to purfiying the blood and then using it in the spell as “two-step magic,” which I guess it is, and she seems maybe a tiny bit impressed. Maybe you’re finally realizing how awesome the Winchesters are, huh? Unfortunately, Ketch installed some kind of magic blocking, so the spell starts to work but then fails.

Day two. Dean says it’s time for brawn, not brains. He points out the one wall in the bunker that’s made of nothing but concrete, and behind it is an old sewer pipe (ew, how old, and does that mean unused?) that leads to the surface. They’re going to “straight up Shawshank this bitch.” In one of my favorite scenes in this entire episode, Dean heaves a sledgehammer at the wall and gets a faceful of concrete chips in return. “Goggles?” says Sam. “Goggles,” agrees Dean. It’s my second favorite scene ever that features Dean and a hammer.

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Closer - The Chainsmokers

You and Dean haven’t seen each other in four years. Things escalate rather quickly in that hotel bar.

  • Dean Winchester x Reader
  • 1322 Words
  • No real warnings, just cursing (though I’m thinking I’ll do a smutty version soon)

Dean downed that fifth glass of whiskey like it was nothing and pushed the empty bottle further away from him. He knew damn well that he didn’t need any more, he was already losing it, growing a little wobbly as he sat on the stool. Yet somehow, Dean always kept his cool as he sat there, staring at any woman that came through those doors.

“More?” The bartender walks over, her long hair pulled back out of her face. Dean is watching her, but he’s aware that she’d never say yes. She wasn’t his type, and he wasn’t hers. She was too cutesy with her little bun on top of her head, her baby pink lips to match her baby pink top. He didn’t think she would be satisfying enough.

He placed two fingers on his empty glass and gave her a slight nod with a wink.

“Uh, excuse me? Stop flirting with your damn customers and give me my whiskey I ordered two minutes ago.” A familiar voice drifted around Dean like a song, like his favorite song in the middle of the night, during a long ass drive around the country, his partner at his side.

He looked over as the bartender quickly scurried off and filled the woman’s drink up, sliding it over with an apologetic smile appearing on her lips, though Dean knew she didn’t mean it. She didn’t seem to care for the girls in here, only the men.

Dean’s heart leaped out of his chest and he blinked several times just to make sure this wasn’t the whiskey messing with him—it wasn’t. It was really you, the one who got away. The one that stole his heart every time he saw you, that made his life complete. The day you left, that was the day part of Dean Winchester died. He was never the same again, not really.

Without much though behind his actions, Dean rose to his feet, steadying himself with the bar before he took off, weaving through the people before he finally caught sight of you again. You in that pretty, tight dress, it reminded him of the night you left. The night you two had a huge disagreement.

“Y/N…” Dean breathed.

You turn around, knowing exactly who that voice belonged to, though  not believing it at first. What were the chances that you would run into him in a hotel bar? A hotel that you couldn’t picture a Winchester in—let alone Dean Winchester.

He looks just as good, if not better, than that last day you say him. His scruff was a little bit scruffier and his hair was longer, like he forgot to cut it last month. Dean always insisted on cutting his own hair, shaving most of it off so he never had to worry about it. Sometimes you would help—sometimes.

“Dean?” Was all you managed to spill as Dean looked you over, almost inspecting you, making sure you were still….you. “What…”

“Case.” Dean replied before you could get the words out. “There’s a case and I followed it here.”

“What’s it been, Dean?” You shook your head, letting your hair flow behind you. “Four years…?” It was shocking to the both of you. The years flew by super quick and here you were, back in each other’s lives. Back then, you were both so young, so naive.

Dean pursed his lips and tilted his head back and forth, getting a little lost in the memory. “Exactly four years, Y/N.”

“Wow. You haven’t aged.” You teased and took a sip of that whiskey you had been craving all day. Life without the Winchester’s was hard and you slowly started to appreciate those years with Sam and Dean, cruising in the Impala, singing along to Queen and Led Zeppelin.

Chuckling, Dean lazily shrugged his shoulder and scanned your body once more with those gorgeous green eyes. You cursed yourself silently for leaving him. As a matter of fact, you could hardly remember the reason. “I’m too awesome to age.”

Your smile grew. He was still Dean. There was something off, that was for sure, but it wasn’t anything you couldn’t fix right up. All he needed was a little attention. “You are one of a kind, Dean.”

“As are you.” He extended his hand for yours, though you hesitate to take it, he noticed and let his hand fall back at his side, limp and embarrassed. “Sorry…”

“No, I’m sorry. Risky business taking a guy’s hand, especially when he looks like… well.” You give Dean a cheeky smile before turning and taking a long drink of your whiskey.

A whistle escapes Dean’s lips. “Is that a tattoo?” He asked.

Your face flushed crimson and you tried to hide the little tattoo peeking out of your shirt. “I was high off adrenaline….”

“I wanna see.” He argued. “C’mon. All tattoos are sexy as hell. Lemme see.”

With a sigh, you turn your shoulder and let him see the design you had marked on you forever as a reminder of bad choices in your life. Although you found you actually enjoyed having it on your skin.

A light touch, that’s all Dean allowed himself. He drew the outline as gently as he could with the tip of his finger, feeling your soft skin against his. It was pure bliss.

“Why don’t we get out of here?” You encouraged and left a little bit of cash on the counter for the drink, hoping that was enough for a tip. You grabbed his hand and pulled him to the door with you, looking forward to seeing that old baby girl of Dean’s.

“Where’s yours?” Dean asked suddenly as he wrapped his long, muscle-clad arm around you.

You blushed, unable to tell the man you didn’t have a car of your own. It was a loan from a friend and you promised to give it back just the way it was taken. You just had to pay off your apartment and hint an actual job first. “Doesn’t matter. Yours is better.”

Baby sat in the middle of the parking lot, shinning brighter than any of the new Mustangs and Jaguars. The Impala was kept clean, always had been, always will be. Dean cherished that car more than anything else in the world and if anything happened to her, he fixed her right up. You always loved his relationship with his car, you felt slightly jealous.

It was a silent agreement between you and Dean. Before anything else was said, he had opened the back seat door for you and helped you lay down inside. He skilfully slipped inside, shutting the door behind him. Neither of you seemed to care that you were in the middle of a motel parking lot. It was close to three in the morning and it was almost doubtful that anyone would come out to their cars this early.

His hands felt amazing as they travelled down your arm, becoming familiar with your feel again after so many years. It was clear you missed each other.

Dean crashed his lips into yours and touched the back of your shoulder once again, rubbing exactly where it was placed with his thumb and pressing his body against yours, sending you into another time with a bed and a motel room.

“Is this….” Dean breathed when he pulled back and looked at you, a little worry flashing across his face as he slowly slid his tongue across his lips, leaving them nice and wet and plump.

“It is.” You answered and pulled his shirt off with a talent, all in one pull. Dean loved that about you, loved that you were able to swiftly undress him as he struggled against your dress zipper—in most cases it was the bra. He fumbled with the hooks for the longest, ever one looking completely different than the last. “Keep me close, Dean.” You purred.

Imagine – Babysitting JJ with Jensen

Word Count – 2016

Pairing – Divorced! Jensen x Reader

Triggers – None that I can think of?

A/N – Please take note this is just an imagine. I love Jensen and Danneel very, very much and ship them so much !! I would never expect them to ever get a divorce so please don’t take this in the wrong way, it’s just fanfiction! Thank you. Also, I’m thinking of making this into a series. So if I should post a part 2 please let me know.


You pulled into Jensen’s driveway and parked in your normal spot, taking a deep breath and looking in the mirror, fixing your hair and makeup before getting out of the car. “Act casual, y/n. It’s just a crush, It’s just a crush, it’s just a crush.” You whispered to yourself, but you knew it was more.

You got out of the car and walked up to the door, knocking on it loudly. Not even 10 seconds and the door comes flying open along with a smiling Jensen with his smiling baby girl in his arms. “y/n! it’s so great to see you!” He brought you in for a side hug, hugging JJ after.

You walked into the living room and noticed all the toys on the floor, smiling and shaking your head when you noticed the tiny impala toy on the floor. “Seriously, Jensen? That is so Dean of you.” He picked up the toy car and looked at it, passing it over to JJ who was now in your arms. “Dean’s a good role model, sometimes.” “Daddy’s – car!” JJ said happily, holding the car up in the air and looking at the toy with amazement.

“She knows” You and Jensen both laughed, sighing and smiling at each other after. God he was beautiful with his green apple eyes, curling lip whenever he smiled. His laugh made your heart warm, and his voice gave you shivers.

“I’m going to go look through the script for episode 9, if ya need anything just yell. Thank you so much for watching her.” He kissed your cheek without thinking, heart sinking after while yours stopped but he didn’t say anything and just walked away with a frown, wishing he could’ve kissed your lips instead.

You placed your fingertips over the spot he kissed, smiling to yourself. The sound of JJ fusing got you out of your thoughts. “toys!” “yes, yes we can go play with your toys.” You chuckled while she yelled “yayy!” and waddled over to the spot in the middle of the living room filled with stuffed animals. God she was adorable, just like her father.


It was 4 in the afternoon now. You were sitting in JJ’s room, helping her put on her princess dress she wanted to wear and show daddy. “You look beautiful!” You yelled happily while she smiled and stood In front of her little mirror. “Let’s go show daddy, yeah?”

You picked her up and carried her to Jensen’s work office. You knocked slightly, hopping he wasn’t to busy. “It’s open!” His jaw dropped when he saw his daughter. “look at my princess!” He picked her up and kissed her cheek, making her giggle. “She loves Cinderella, I bought the dress for her last Christmas and she still wears it.” You nodded with a smile. “How’s work?” “Same old, same old. I miss ya being on the show, you made it a lot cooler.” You blushed, hopping he didn’t notice. “Jared called earlier, said he’s coming over around 8 if ya want to stick around and hangout with us” “Sure! Sound’s great!” ‘Awesome! I’ll let Jared know.” Jensen fist bumped the air and screamed yes quietly to himself once you left, excited for tonight especially now that you’d be there.


It was 7:30 and it was time for JJ to go to sleep. You carried her up the stairs while Jensen followed from behind, staring up and down your body while you weren’t looking, feeling all the nervousness and sadness hit in his stomach.

“Don’t…want…sleep!” she fussed, pouting her arms. “Think about this, when you wake up I’ll make you pancakes just like how you like them.” Jensen said. “With y/n?” “With y/n.” She smiled while Jensen gave her a small high five.

“Goodnight sweetheart, I love you.” “I love you too, daddy.” She heled onto his finger, making your and Jensen’s hearts warm up from cuteness. “Forever?” ‘Forver” She said funny, not being able to say that word properly yet.  “Night, mommy!” She yelled from the crib. You and Jensen froze, not knowing what to say. “Sweetie, I’m y/n not mommy.” You frowned, brushing her hair out of her eyes.

“But – mommy?” “Mommy will be here in two days honey.” He said, holding up two fingers and looking at you with worry. “Okay, night y/n.” “Night J”

Jensen closed the door behind you, while you tried not to look him in the eyes. “I’m sorry about that, she’s just confused is all. I hope you’ll still visit us but if it’s to awkward no I’ll understand.” You looked up at him with confusion and sadness in your eyes, while he looked just as sad too. “Of course I’ll still be here Jensen, I’ll always be here for you both always have been right? Just like you’ve always been here for me.” He nodded and smirked. “Thank you for everything you do for us y/n, honestly.” “My pleasure, now let’s go hangout I feel like I haven’t seen you all day”

“A beer?” he yelled from the kitchen. “Yes!” He passed you the bottle while taking a sip of his own. “We still got like 20 – 30 minutes, what do ya wanna do?” “We can just sit and talk, doesn’t matter to me.” He sat down on the couch and patted the spot closest to him. You plopped down and laughed, laying your head against his chest while he had his arm laying against yours.

“Did you really mean what you said earlier, how you missed me being on the show?” ‘Of course! It was so great having you there. Not to mention I got to see you a lot more.” He stopped, realizing how flirty that sounded. A wave of panic hit him, wondering if he apologize. “Aw is Mr. Ackles getting all sappy on me?” “Pshh, Mr. Ackles is never sappy.” You both chuckled and sipped on your beers, smiling and looking into each other’s eyes a little longer than normal.

“How are your eyes so green and pretty?!” You said, tracking Jensen out of his thoughts. “Um, magic.” “If you really had magic what would you do?” The first thought that came to his head was make you two be together forever, but he couldn’t say it. “Tons of pizza forever.” “Oh, me too! Great minds think alike” “Haha, yeah..” He sighed, looking away.

“You okay, Jense?”

“Huh? Yeah, of course. Just – thinking.”


“Work, I guess.”

“Why don’t I believe you?” You frowned, placing your hand on top of his.

“Just don’t want ya to leave.” You looked at him with confusion. “Why would I?” “I don’t know, things happen sometimes that you can’t control and it’s just scary.” “I know, it’s life but Jensen you know I love you and J very much. You guys are my family, along with Jared and Misha. I’ll never leave you boys or J okay? Family sticks together through thick and thin.” He gave you a tight hug while you hugged back, sighing against his neck as he did the same. “I’m so glad you’re here.” “I’m glad I’m here too.”


“Hey!” Jared said happily, giving you and Jensen a tight hug. “Hey Jar, still as tall as can be.” You both chuckled. “Of course, and you’re still short!” He picked you up, making you laugh while Jensen stood in the corner and smirked, trying to hide his jealousy. He knew Jared loved Gen very much and would never do a thing to hurt her, but he always got a sick feeling in his stomach when he saw you with another guy wishing he could protect you and love you as his own.

“Did you read the script for episode 9? Crazy right?!” Jared said while grabbing a beer from the fridge. “Yeah, can’t believe Lucifer’s back.” “Mark’s back on set?! What the hell why didn’t you tell me I would’ve came and said hi!” You yelled from the table. “You can come Wednesday since Dan will have JJ” “Woo!!” You yelled throwing your arms in the air with joy while the boys laughed.

You all three sat in the living room and watched The Walking Dead together, talking about everything and anything. You and Jensen were back in your position that you were in before and Jared was in the recliner. “How’s Gen doing. Jared?” “She’s pretty good. The boys are well too.” “Do they still have pizza parties?” “All the time” Jared chuckled, smiling at the thought of his sons.

Jared noticed how Jensen barley took his eyes off you the whole night. Other than when Jared talked, his eyes were always on you with a soft smile. He knew his best friend was crazy in love, but he didn’t understand why he wouldn’t open up and tell her. So many amazing things could happen, he should take the chance.

Eventually you fell asleep in Jensen’s lap while he played with your hair softly, leaving Jared and him to their selves. Jensen got up to get a beer when Jared came and followed him behind after, wanting to talk in private.

“Do ya need a beer too?” “No thanks, I wanted to talk to you about stuff.” Jensen sat down in the chair and chugged his 4th beer of the night while Jared sat across from him.

“Why don’t you tell her?”


“You heard me, you’re obviously head over heals for her, why not tell her?”

“You’re funny man.” Jensen laughed, starting to stand up till Jared pushed him back down. “You’re torturing yourself, dude!” He gave him an angry look then chugged more of his beer, hopping he’d be drunk and forget all about this soon.

“You love her and you know it, why not tell her?! I noticed you staring at her all night, Jensen. You look at her the way I look at Gen, with love and care. Amazing things could come out of this man, take the chance.”

Jensen tossed his empty bottle on the floor and looked away from Jared, wiping the stray tear falling from his cheek angrily. “That’s what I thought about Dan. I thought nothing could ever go wrong, now look at us. The only reason we still talk is cause of JJ. I thought we loved each other, but I guess not. I’m just so scared to get attached, for my daughter to get attached and have her ripped out of our lives.”

“JJ called y/n mom today, did I forget to mention that?” Jared’s eyes went wide. “What’d y/n say? What did you say?” “She just told her how she’s y/n, not mommy. I told her she’ll see her mommy in two days and left with goodnight. Me and y/n talked when we left and I apologized, saying how if she didn’t want to come over anymore I’d understand.” “And she’s still here.” Jensen nodded.

Jared gave him a tight hug and rubbed his back as he cried into his shoulder. “I know you had strong feelings for Danneel. I know you both loved each other at some point and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, but amazing things could happen Jensen. It’s better to take the chance than not have it at all, and to be honest? I know she loves you too man.”

Jensen shook his head and wiped his face with his big hands. “Okay, okay yeah you’re right. I’m going to try to tell her tomorrow when JJ takes her nap. I’m going to tell her, I’m actually going to tell her.”


One Special Halloween...




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Originally posted by b-witched


It had been a long hunt. The vampires we tracked had led us on an extremely long trail. Finally though, we managed to catch up with him and exterminate them all. Now, we were back home and trying to prepare for a little fun for a change. Tomorrow was Halloween. We were going to throw a small Halloween party to try to catch up with those closest to us, the ones we hardly ever get to see. But first things first, costumes!

“How about this one?” Dean asks you.

“I don’t know. Dracula? That’s kind of boring.”

“Well, maybe.”

“Ok, how about Ghostbusters?”

“That’s just little too close to reality, don’t you think?” I replied laughing.

We moved over to the next aisle. I spotted the one I knew I wanted to wear. Sam may hate me for a while but hopefully he would get over it.

“I’ve found it” I heard Dean say. I wandered down two more aisles before I found him.

“Deadpool?” I asked him.

“Yep. I think it suits me.”

“Well, you would be kind of sexy in that tight fitting outfit.”

“Sexy, huh?”

“Uh huh.”

“Yep, this is the one then.”

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Just a Friend

Summary: The reader harbours deep feelings for Dean she knows he probably won’t reciprocate, although his mixed signals keep on telling her otherwise.

Character: Dean x Reader
Reader Gender: female
Word Count: 1966-ish
Warnings: Language, a LOT of angst.

A/N: Loosely based on the 10x07 episode “Girls, Girls, Girls ”. I got so annoyed writing this, I almost legit threw my laptop out of the window. I’d absolutely LOVE some feedback and if any of you are up for it, I’ll plan on writing a part 2 :) x

Part 2 / Part 3

(gif credit goes to the owner)

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Genre: Smut

NamJoon x Reader x Taehyung

Word count: 6767

Originally posted by hoesoks

The white walls around you were traced with students, standing in front of green lockers as they chatted about stuff that wasn’t of importance. Your eyes watched your converse, having two different colored shoes on. Your left foot was covered in a blue converse, while your right was covered in a red one. Your mind was blank, not realizing that the bell had rang and that the halls were now empty, except for you and your dragging feet. Your mind roamed, as per usual.

Left foot, right foot, left foot, crash.

Your body rammed into two figures, making your eyes jump up to theirs with surprise. What met your eyes made you almost fear for your life.

Kim Taehyung and Kim NamJoon.

So very different in many ways, but the two step brothers almost never left each other’s side. When they did, they were terrifying in their own way.

Kim NamJoon, the elder of the two, had an arm wrapped around your waist, his eyes widened slightly, his cheek bulged out with the lollipop he always had in his mouth. “Woah there! Don’t go tripping!” He chuckled. His smile was one that every girl fell for, and if you hadn’t been in the same school as them since your 7th grade year, you would’ve fallen for it too. His platinum blonde hair was slicked back, teased slightly to where little strands fell in front of his tan skin. Like everyone, he wore his school uniform, but in his own way. His shirt was never tucked in, the ghostly white landing over the belt of his matching jeans, the blue and white blazer fit tight around his perfect form.

“You know, you shouldn’t be up in the clouds.” said his brother, Kim Taehyung. Your eyes flicked to his, your eyes still slightly widened. “Nor gawking.” He finished his sentence, making your face turn red as your eyes quickly flipped to the floor.

Kim Taehyung was the younger of the two, his auburn colored hair messy on top of his smooth skin. Just like NamJoon, he had the stick of a lollipop sticking between his teeth when he spoke. His uniform was tucked in and neat, yet messy in its own way. The two of them scared you to death, but not in a bad way. You never felt worthy of their presence, like you were too much of a loser compared to them. They were always invited to parties, asked on dates, pretty much everything you’d never had.

“Awe, Tae. Don’t shame the poor girl like that. You do the same all the time.” Said NamJoon, his arm still around your waist. Your mouth never opened, not muttering a word in case you would show them your fear. That’s the last thing you wanted.

NamJoon and Taehyung would constantly skip school, almost never showing up to the classes they needed. It was rare that they did, and when they had, it was because they were bored as all hell. You would know - you were in a few of their classes. If you didn’t have Taehyung, you had NamJoon, and vise versa.

Taehyung rolled his eyes at his brother’s statement, now looking away from the two of you. NamJoon looked down at you, a smirk on his face. “Hey, you’re Y/N, aren’t you?” He smiles, making you look up at him. He was much taller than you. You nodded in response, and he just chuckled. “Well, Y/N. Why don’t you tag along with us? We’re already super late, so why don’t you just come hang out with us?” NamJoon asked, and Taehyung gasped. “NamJoon, no. She’s a nerd. Nerds aren’t allowed with us.” His words shook your heart, your eyes narrowing to him.

“I’m not a nerd, you dick.” You snapped, making NamJoon laugh. “So she speaks, and she’s feisty! Come on, bro. This could be fun.” NamJoon said, Taehyung’s mouth slightly agape from your retort. “Fine. But if she snitches, I’m blaming you.” He said, and NamJoon grinned, looking down at you. “Sure. Why not?” You said, sending a glare to Taehyung.

You were going to show them just how feisty you could be.

You were really anything but a nerd. You had skipped quite a few times, creating somewhat of a record for yourself that spread through school. Yet, you didn’t have near as much popularity as these boys.

NamJoon grinned and clapped excitedly, wrapping his arm around your shoulder as the three of you walked out of the large school.

Before you knew it, you three were at a large house. It wasn’t a mansion, but close to it. “Don’t worry, we live alone. We just came to get some stuff and we’ll be off.” NamJoon said, the three of you getting out of the convertible 1967 Chevy Impala. You nodded and followed them in, on request of NamJoon. When you stepped in, it was exactly what you’d expect. The place was pure masculine. Every inch of the house had a mural of something freaky yet extremely awesome. Immediately, Taehyung sped off up the stairs, leaving you and NamJoon on your own.

He smiled at you, leading you to the living room. “He’ll probably take a little while to find that thing. He has the messiest room in the world.” NamJoon laughed, making you giggle softly. He plopped down on the couch, and you followed suit, noticing how small the couch was, as he was right next to you. “So, was it me or Taehyung that convinced you to come with us?” Your eyes flicked to his, his body leaning close to you. The lollipop stick stuck from his lips, like they always did.

“Well, I was flattered that you asked, but it was Taehyung’s remark that stirred me.” You explained, your fear completely dissipating as you looked at his dorky smile. You leaned foreword, smirking softly. “Although, I would’ve said yes anyway.” You mumbled, taking the lollipop from his mouth, revealing the soft peach color, then disappearing into your mouth, tasting mango, mixed with tastes of NamJoon.

His eyebrows raised, his smile never leaving his face. You leaned back until your back hit the arm of the couch, letting your tongue trail over the lollipop that now laid between your teeth. “You know, I always hear things about you. Never would’ve guessed you were like this, though.” He chuckled, leaning back as he stared at you. “Really? What’d you hear?” You asked, tilting your head slightly as your eyebrows furrowed together. He shrugged in response. “I always heard that you were this goody-two-shoes who never did anything besides stay home and study. I didn’t pay much attention, though, considering you’re in the same class as my brother, two years below.” He chuckles, his bottom lip pulling in between his teeth.

You rolled your eyes at his words. “Yeah, well I’m sure none of those people have actually talked to me. At home, I’m usually bored out of my mind and playing video games.” You said, making him laugh softly. “Well, I could give you something to do.” He smirked, leaning foreword again. Seduction laced his words like a corset, making your chest groan in anticipation. “Oh yeah? And what would that be?” You whispered, leaning in to be inches from his face. He chuckled and bit his lip again, staring at you. “Me.” He growled out, trailing a finger under your chin.

“Okay, that’s just gross.” You heard Taehyung laugh behind the two of you. You looked at him and smirked, quirking an eyebrow at him. “Gross?” You asked, standing up and walking to him. “Thinking about your brother getting laid is gross to you?” You asked, crossing your arms over your chest, cocking your hip slightly. This action made his eyes trail to your hip for a quick moment before coming back up to your eyes, smirking. “No, it’s just gross that he’d be getting laid by you.” He chuckled.

Within a second later, you felt NamJoon’s hands on your hips, gripping them slightly. You were at a loss for words for a moment.

“Hey, I’ve always wanted to try something.” You said, making Taehyung’s head tilt slightly. “And what would that be?” Taehyung replied, a smirk in his eyes. You knew he was just teasing you to be an ass. You weren’t going to lie; you’d seen them staring at your ass once or twice in the hallways. Honestly, you loved it. It was the whole reason you wore skinny jeans after the first time you caught them. It was also the reason you hated the change in dress code, where all girls had to wear plaid skirts.

You turned towards NamJoon, then grabbed his jaw for a moment, making his lips part slightly. You slowly took the lollipop from your lips, licked it once more, then trailed it across his lips, before sliding it back into his mouth. He smirked and took it happily. “Hold that for a second.”

You knew that if you did this, there was no going back. This would turn them on to no despair.

But honestly…

You wanted it.

You were excited to see their eyebrows laced together under your touch, whining for your body. You were excited for the two most popular boys begging for you, then your name coming out as a moan from each of their plump lips. You’d never seen this side of yourself, but you were glad it was coming out in the time you needed it the most.

You turned towards Taehyung, whom no longer had a smile. He just had one eyebrow quirked, head tilted slightly as he watched you. NamJoon’s hands stayed on your hips, trailing up your body slightly as you walked away from him the two feet towards Taehyung.

“If you think I’m so… Gross, was it? Then I bet you I can make your eyes widen in one action. But you have to stay still throughout it.” You smirked, and he reciprocated with the same devious smirk. “Deal. Good luck; I’m hard to surprise.” You laughed softly, throwing your hair over your shoulder before leaning your body the extra inch, laying your finger on the end of the lollipop stick before laying your lips on his. The placement of your body made him gasp slightly, and you took that chance to move your hands behind your back innocently, trailing your tongue inside his mouth and grabbing the punch flavored lollipop, sliding it from his mouth to yours.

When you pulled away, the lollipop was laying between your teeth, the taste of strawberry filling your mouth. His eyes widened, his mouth dropping at the sight. “Told you.” You said, looking up at NamJoon, who’s eyes were widened as well.

“Holy shit.” was all you heard after that from the two boys. “That was hot as fuck, Y/N.” NamJoon growled, Taehyung’s eyes still widened. You smirk, taking the lollipop from NamJoon’s mouth and laying it beside Taehyung’s on your tongue. Taehyung laughed nervously, at a loss for words.

The two boys just stared at you, their jaws on the ground. “Boys, close your mouths. You’ll catch flies.” You said, laying your hand on the bottom of their chins. They quickly closed their mouths, NamJoon’s lips pursing and Taehyung’s bottom lip pulling into his teeth. For a moment, the boys looked at each other, before they each smirked and nodded. Innocently, you looked between them.

The thought of them writhing under your touch almost started to fade, before NamJoon and Taehyung stepped closer to you, squeezing you between the two attractive men. NamJoon’s rock hard chest was pressed against your back, his hands clutching your sides gently. Taehyung was now a few inches from your face, a large smirk on his face. Gently, he took one of the lollipops from in between your teeth, glad it was his own.

Feeling NamJoon’s chin on your shoulder, you moved your hair to the other side so it wasn’t completely in his face. Taehyung looked from the lollipop to your eyes, hooded slightly. “Guess I was wrong about you. But you sure do know how to turn on a guy quickly; one thing I would’ve never pinned you on.” He chuckles, making you wink at him. Feeling most of NamJoon’s body on your back, NamJoon stood straight, his chin now close to your ear. You tilted your head teasingly.

As if to tease the two of them more, you leaned your lips to Taehyung’s ear, effectively pushing your ass farther and farther into NamJoon’s crotch, rubbing his - very hard, as you could feel - erection through his pants. In the quietest, most seductive whisper, “Is that right?” You purred in his ear, the heat of your breath hitting the side of his face.

“Wait, we can’t both fuck her at the same time.” NamJoon said to his brother, making Taehyung and you look back at him. With this, you lips pulled into a seductive smile.

The two words that left your mouth immediately snapped something in the boys:

“Why not?”

You could hear a loud gasp emit from both the boys. “Fuuucccck…” Taehyung hissed, his knees giving out for a second before he stood back up straight. “Bedroom?” NamJoon begged. “Bedroom, now.” Taehyung ordered. Taehyung’s long digits curled around your wrist, effectively dragging you up the stairs, NamJoon following close behind.

Everything was a blur until you were pulled into the largest bedroom, fit with a king sized mattress. “I guess it’s my turn to feel those pretty lips of yours, right? You can’t just kiss my little brother and leave me hanging, can you?” NamJoon growled out, walking towards you. Taehyung was standing beside the door, a large smirk casted on his face. You tutted softly, wringing your hands behind your back with the fakest innocent look in the world. “I could, but then I would have to be punished, wouldn’t I?” You giggled softly.

“Boy, you know just what to say to get a guy hot and bothered.” He chuckles, his chest now pressed to yours as he laid his large hand on your cheek. “You stop us if this gets to be too much for you, okay?” He whispered. You nodded in response. Slowly, you took the lollipop that was still stuck between your teeth and held it innocently, holding it up to his lips. He chuckled for a second before taking a long, slow lick up the side, his tongue flat. Your eyes widened slightly, your knees almost turning into complete jello under his gaze.

NamJoon slid his fingers around the stick, looking back at Taehyung. “Keep it warm. I have plans for that thing.” He chuckles, looking back at his brother. Taehyung just nodded, staring at you with a smirk on his face as he slid the lollipop in between his teeth.

When NamJoon looked back at you, your face was centimeters from his, your fingers keeping him from lunging foreword. You wanted to milk the teasing as long as you could, wanting to hear him cry for you. With a small smile, you slowly leaned your face near his, letting your lips just barely brush against his. You felt Taehyung’s hands wrap around your waist. Innocently, Taehyung’s plump lips trailed up the side of your neck, just barely reaching your soft spot. This had you sucking in a sharp breath.

Taehyung’s mouth curled, and so did NamJoon’s. Slowly, your tongue slid from your teeth.

Your tongue trailed along NamJoon’s bottom lip, soon being met with NamJoon’s, flicking the tip of yours. A low growl emit from NamJoon’s chest, trailing your arms around his neck for you. “It’s so easy to tease the both of you.” You giggled softly, your lips still ghosting over NamJoon’s. “This is going much too slow for my liking, Y/N.” NamJoon whined softly.

Quickly, you abide to his whine, reaching one hand behind you and one hand below you, gently gripping both of their cocks through their pants. This had both of them moaning simultaneously, making you giggle. “Better?” You asked. NamJoon crushed his lips to yours, captivating your senses as Taehyung grinded himself in your clutch.

Never in your life had you thought you’d be here, NamJoon crushed against your lips, and his brother grinding himself against your touch. You were honestly happy it had gotten to this point. You palmed NamJoon through his jeans as your face was pulled away, your lips trailing up to Taehyung’s. The position was awkward, but since they were both fairly taller than you, his lips fell just above yours.

NamJoon quickly discarded his uniform blazer, throwing it to the side as you palmed him, making his lip pull between his teeth, low growls emitting from his diaphragm. Quickly, you pulled your face away from Tae to slide your shirt over your head, throwing it in the same direction that NamJoon had thrown his. This left you in a black lace bra and your school skirt.

Your attention quickly turned to Tae, pulling him to your body as your lips crushed against his, his tongue sliding in and traveling through every inch of your mouth. Your hands trailed under his jacket, sliding it off of him and throwing it, his shirt following. Just then, you paused, pushing him slightly. “Woah, woah, stop.” You said, and both the boys paused. Taehyung slowly backed off of you, afraid he had done something you weren’t okay with.

Instead, your eyes trailed along his body. “God, I’m lucky.” You laughed, and the boys just chuckled, going back to what they were doing. NamJoon’s teeth gently grazed your earlobe, pulling it slightly as his hand slid down your back, along your ass, then under you, sliding his fingers along your clothed core. Surprised from the sudden touch, you moaned against Taehyung’s lips, pushing yourself against his hand.

“Holy fuck… Your moans are hot, Y/N…” Taehyung mumbled against your lips. NamJoon’s arms wrapped around you, pushing Taehyung away. Tae looked at his brother confused. “I think it’s time we pay her a little attention, yeah? She’s fucking soaking through her panties.” NamJoon growled into your ear. Taehyung chuckled and nodded, moving out the way so NamJoon could quickly spin you, then push you onto the bed, the bed dipping slightly underneath your weight.

Quickly, you sat up, undoing their belts for them. Instinctively, they both undid their pants and dropped them, throwing them to the side. “NamJoon, why do you still have your shirt on?” You laughed, and he quickly took it off.

“Ohhhh my goddd…” You groaned out, looking at the two attractive men that were basically naked in front of you. Both the boys laughed at your reaction. Their skin was tight around every inch of them, and they smirked at you as your eyes trailed over every inch of them. Finally, your eyes trailed over the bulges in their pants, making you grin. “Told you it was easy.” You said to the both of them. “Well, since you like bets so much, I bet you can’t make NamJoon moan loudly in less than 30 seconds.” Taehyung said, your eyes flicking to him. “I can get him to moan in less than 20.” You rebuttled, making Taehyung’s lips pull into a large grin.

“Time starts now.” He said, and your eyes landed up to NamJoon’s, who didn’t really have any words on him. His eyes were hooded heavily, intrigued by your little bet with the younger. You quickly pulled his briefs from around his length, exposing him as his erection sprung out. “How many seconds left?” You asked Taehyung. With a smirk, he replied with an easy “15.”

You immediately wrapped your hand around his erection, then quickly wrapped your mouth around his length. Before either of them could react, you swallowed the rest of his cock, reaching the hilt within seconds. Tears pricked the corners of your eyes, but you ignored them as NamJoon let out a loud groan, followed by a string of profanities. Simply, Taehyung just clapped, his eyebrows raised. You lifted your head, letting it bob on him as your other hand reached to Taehyung’s boxers, flinging him free as well. Within one swift movement, you were rubbing him quickly, using the spit that fell from your mouth to make things smoother.

Both boys were moaning under your touch, strings of profanities and your name emitting from their mouths.

NamJoon quickly removed himself from your mouth, making you look up at him. “I don’t know about you, Taehyung, but I’m dying to hear our princess scream.” NamJoon said to Taehyung. Both the boys just chuckled and nodded, looking down to you.

Suddenly, everything blurred as the boys quickly removed your clothing, leaving you completely bare to their eyes. It wasn’t until you felt one long, flat lick of a tongue against your core that you jolted back to reality. You gasped, followed by a moan. You eyes trailed down, the only thing that came into your view was NamJoon’s eyes, hooded and staring at your reactions as his tongue suddenly sped to work. You body squirmed against him, gripping the first thing you could grab, which just so happened to be Taehyung’s cock. Taehyung let out a loud moan, throwing his head back in ecstasy.

Quickly, you started to rub Taehyung, profanities stringing from his mouth as your hand went to work.

The coil inside you started to twist and strain, and NamJoon knew by the way your thighs started to shake. A cool burst of air trailed over your core, the emptiness making you whine. “Flip.” NamJoon ordered, smirking as you complied. No words were exchanged as Taehyung and NamJoon switched places, Taehyung quickly slipping a condom over his length. He gently teased you entrance before slamming into you, making you cry out in both pain and pleasure as he rubbed against every inch of your walls. He paused for a second, letting you adjust to the newfound feeling.

Taehyung groaned in pleasure. “Holy fuck… You’re so tight…” When you nodded so he could move, he slowly picked up his pace, lifting you up so your back laid against his chest. The moans that left your mouth only encouraged him to go faster. Slowly, NamJoon reached up and took the lollipop from Taehyung’s mouth, trailing it across your lips for you to trail your tongue on. NamJoon was completely infatuated with the look of ecstasy on your face as Taehyung pounded into you, his hand wrapped around your neck to keep you up against him, your head laying slightly on his shoulder.

The moans that emit from your mouth were pure bliss to NamJoon, his eyes trailing your restrained body. “I swear to god, Y/N… I was so wrong about you.” Taehyung growled in your ear. You giggled softly, followed by a loud groan of pleasure that came straight from your diaphragm. “Taehyung, go slower. She likes to tease so much, we’ll show her what teasing is.” NamJoon chuckled, staring deep into your eyes. Following directions, Taehyung slowed his pace, moving so slowly inside you that it made you cry out. “That’s right, baby girl… Cry for your daddies.” Taehyung grumbled behind you, making NamJoon’s eyebrows lace together.

“Ah, I like the sound of that. I wanna hear her say it.” NamJoon chuckled, trailing the mango flavored lollipop along your chest, circling your nipples, just barely tracing over the bundles of nerves. Taehyung suddenly started slamming into you, following the slowest pace. He hit the certain place that made you scream, your eyes squeezing together. “Fuck!” You yelled out, reaching behind you to grip at the nape of Taehyung’s neck. NamJoon just smiled a devious grin. “Come on, Y/N. I know you want to cum soon. But, you’ve still got to take care of me. And I’m not as giving as Taehyung is. So how about you follow directions that we give you? Then maybe I’ll give you what you need.” NamJoon grumbled, leaning in closer to your face.

Being the little shit you were, you just smirked in response. “L-Lay down, NamJoon.” You whimpered out, watching him as he did as told. You quickly loosened yourself from Taehyung’s grip, landing on your elbows in front of him, your body hovering over NamJoon. “Taehyung, abeoji… Please go faster for your kitten.” You whined out, arching your back so your chest was just barely ghosting over NamJoon, his face contorting to somewhat of an angst-filled lust at the sight of you. With a loud growl from Taehyung, he started slamming into you, quickening his pace with the simple pet names.

You started to moan loudly, your back arching as you met his thrusts, making him go deeper. Taehyung was quickly reaching his high, stilling for a moment, followed by sloppy thrusts to ride out his high. “Fuck!” You yelled out, watching NamJoon’s fit body slip from underneath you, leaving the room. Taehyung pulled out of you, quickly leaving for a moment to discard the condom. Taehyung then just stared at you, going to lay beside you in your fucked out state, a box smile on his face.

He pulled his boxers, then laying where NamJoon was, underneath you.

With a soft giggle, you laid on his chest, kissing his chin. “Hello baby girl.” He growled, biting his bottom lip. “Hello daddy.” You replied, giggling softly as you buried your face in his neck. He was sweaty, radiating with heat. “You didn’t come, did you?”

With another giggle, you shook your head. “No, sorry. Maybe another time we can just do this with just you and me, and we can make sure I do.” You smile against his neck, leaving feathery kisses along it. He chuckled and nodded, staring at you. “Don’t think I’m gross anymore, huh?” You asked, giggling lightly.

Taehyung couldn’t respond before NamJoon walked back in, a new lollipop in his hands. “The other one was too small to work with. Thought I’d get a new one.” He chuckles, making you lift your head to look at him. “You know, I’ve already calmed down from my high. You’re like the only one still hard.” You laughed at him, only followed by Taehyung’s eyebrows lacing together. Taehyung’s long digits drifted to your core, rubbing you right where it was perfect. You gasped deeply, digging your head into his shoulder. “Liar.” Taehyung laughed, continuing to rub you.

Your moans filled the room again. NamJoon’s long digits slipped inside you while Taehyung’s fingers swirled against your clit, making you moan out louder. “Fuck!” You yelled. Not thinking, you pulled Taehyung’s face to yours, locking your lips with his. He quickly mended into yours, his tongue traveling every inch of your mouth. Softly, a grumble of pleasure left both of the boys, before you were ripped from Taehyung’s lips, being held to NamJoon, but of your eyes on the younger.

“What makes you think I’ll let you kiss him? You really deserve to be punished with that small stunt you pulled. "Taehyung-abeoji…” You whined out, still wanting to tease NamJoon to his worst. “Yes kitten?” He purred, sitting up from the headboard. “Was I pulling a stunt?” You giggled, slowly reaching back and running your fingers gently across NamJoon’s length. “I’m sure you were. He should punish you for it.” Taehyung replied, chuckling. You sent him a look of annoyance, before he lifted himself, his lips finding your neck as he sucked large bruises into it.

“I wonder why we haven’t given any proof of our fun tonight, brother.” Taehyung wondered out loud, and NamJoon chuckled. “Right. I guess we were just so caught up in her teasing that we forgot.” NamJoon said, rubbing himself against your entrance, his chest pressed harshly against your back. You gasped softly, now clawing at NamJoon’s sides while Taehyung innocently left hickeys anywhere he wanted. There were ones on your chest, your collarbone, your hips, your thighs, your neck, your jaw, everywhere. This would take a lot of makeup to cover.

NamJoon started leaving hickeys along your shoulder and back, slowly sliding himself into you. He was much thicker than Taehyung, stretching your walls past what Taehyung had. “Gah, Y/N… How are you so tight?” NamJoon moaned out, breathing into your ear gently. You smiled softly, pulling your bottom lip into your mouth as you moaned, feeling him fill every inch of your walls.

His thrusts started slow, letting you get adjusted to him, before quickly picking up speed. Your moans hitched each time he launched himself deep into you. NamJoon’s pants were rigged each time he thrusted into you, his eyes leading up to Taehyung, who was just smirking with a single eyebrow quirked at the two of you.

Slowly, with much trouble, you took Taehyung’s hand, swiftly putting his ring finger and middle finger in your mouth, sucking of them with as much strength as you could muster. Taehyung gasps, trailing his thumb along your bottom lip. “Pretty baby, if you do that, you’re only going to get me turned on again.” He growled, sliding his fingers from your mouth before standing up.

“You know, she has only called me her daddy, Joon-ah.” Taehyung called, making NamJoon’s thrusts slow, looking over to his brother with a smirk. “Oh, that’s right. You’re a great little brother.” The two of them chuckle, before you felt NamJoon’s teeth graze your earlobe.

His thrusts started to slow, only to slam back into you each time. Your moans quickly were replaced with screams. “What’s our names?” He growled into your ear. “F-Fuck!” You yelled out. “Say it, kitten. Or else it’s just going to be more slow, agonizing torturous pleasure for the both of you.” Taehyung growled out, sitting in front of you. Taehyung’s tongue quickly found your breast, sucking on it while his hand kneaded the other, his free hand slowly rubbing circles to your clit. “Oh my fuck, daddy!” You yelled out, and NamJoon’s thrusts were immediately replaced with fast, deep, hard ones. Your left hand reached out and grabbed Taehyung’s shoulder, while the other gripped onto NamJoon’s hip.

The coil in your core quickly tightened with each thrust, your moans hitching as the two of them together pleased every inch of you. The coil soon snapped, your high washing over you. Your walls tightened over NamJoon, making him reach his high as well. The two of them made sure you rode out your orgasm well, their paces slowing.

The boys slowly laid you down, watching you immediately sink into the bed, raising your arms over your head. Both boys laid on either side of you, Taehyung laying his head on your back. “Fuck, guys…” You giggled softly. The boys smiled, and Taehyung shifted so his head was next to yours. He stared at you, smiling softly at your fucked out expression.

“Well, that was fun, but I really have to get home.” You giggled, and sat up, your breathing now regulated. “Do you guys have shirts you don’t mind me keeping?” You asked them, and they tilted their heads, confused. “We have dress-down for 2 weeks starting Monday.” The boys gasped, looking at each other. “Yes!” They cheered slightly, before getting up, NamJoon pulling back on his underwear.

“Get me a shirt that’ll relatively fit me, both of you.” You smiled, and they nodded, running out the room.

By the time Monday rolled around, word had gotten around that you had slept with the Kim brothers. People gave you ultimate respect, as no one could sleep with them, no less the both of them at the same time. There were the girls who had crushes on them calling you a whore, but other than that, people pretty much praised you. Your steps into the school were somewhat of a red-carpet, being greeted by pretty much anyone who recognized you from the crowd.

That day, you wore NamJoon’s shirt, a grey shirt with black designs on it that you had cut, making the ends string to around your belly button. The portion of the shirt that you left ended under your breasts. Your stomach was covered by the white tanktop that you had on underneath, covering the belt of your jeans, your feet covered in black combat boots. A backwards snapback covered your head, the rest of your hair curled to make the whole look just slightly more feminine.

“Ah, there’s the sexy man I’m used to.” You said, wrapping your arms around Taehyung from behind, making him jump slightly, before turning and facing you. “Ah, kitten. There you are.” He smirks, wrapping his arm around you, laying a kiss to your lips gently. “Wait, you two are together?” One of his friends asked, making the two of you look at the girl. “In the sense, yes. You could say that.” He said, smiling. “Aw, shit! Tae has a girlfriend!” She squealed.

You laughed at her, Tae gently hitting his arm. “Hey, Tae. Where’s NamJoon?” You asked, his brown eyes trailing to you. He thought for a second. “Oh, over there.” He pointed down the hall. You looked around, spotting him. “Thanks! See you in first babe!” You leaned up, kissing him lightly before running off.

His eyes turned to you, watching as your hips swayed over to him. His friends all looked over as well, curious to see what he was looking at. They all stared at you as you ran over, NamJoon’s toothy, white grin. “Hey sexy. When you asked for my shirt, I didn’t know you were going to do this!” NamJoon laughs, making all of his friends look at him with surprise. You shrugged and hugged his side. “Wait, isn’t that the nerd from our 1st period?” One of his friends asked. NamJoon laughed for a second. “Dude, I thought that too. Turns out she is the last thing you’d expect. I mean, look at her.” NamJoon said, and you smirked at his friend, cocking your hip into NamJoon’s.

“What? Is she a freak? Cuz all I ever see is her being a loser. A sudden costume change isn’t going to change anything.” He said, and your smile faded slightly. NamJoon stepped foreword to tell him off, but you quickly put your hand on him, stopping him. “Hold up.” You said, making his eyes flick to you. You slowly stepped to him. “I don’t know you personally, but I do see you around school quite a lot. And it’s been more than one occasion that I’ve seen you staring at my ass.” You said, him scoffing in response.

“I’m so sorry to ruin your ego love, but you can call me a nerd all you want. It’s not going to change the fact that you can’t even get a girl to look at you the way I get both Joon-a AND his brother to look at me.” You said, and he raised an eyebrow, NamJoon just laughing at you going off on him. “Oh really? Prove it.” He said, leaning down to your eye. “Which one? The fact that no girl will look at you? Or that I can turn on both of the boys with he same action?” You hissed, and he shrugged. “Both.” He said, and you shrugged. The rest of NamJoon’s friends watched you in anticipation, loving the fact that their friend was getting burned by the ‘nerd’ of the school.

You turned around, walking out into the hall before stopping a really good looking girl. “Excuse me? Can I talk to you for a second?” You asked the girl, and she looked at you confused, but nodded anyway. “You’re a very pretty girl, and my friend and I were putting something to a test. Answer honestly, please.” You smiled, and she nodded, walking into the circle, her friends behind her. “Would you make out with him?” You asked, pointing to the boy. She laughed for a second. “Um… No. Maybe if I were drunk.” She laughed, walking away. The rest of the boys cheered, laughing their asses off.

The boy rolled his eyes, looking back at you. “Hey, do the second one! I wanna see NamJoon’s reaction!” Another one of the guys said happily, laughing. You giggled and looked up at NamJoon, Taehyung walking over. “Perfect timing, little bro! Y/N’s busy roasting Marc.” NamJoon laughed. Taehyung’s jaw dropped, laughing. “Ooh!” Taehyung clapped, the other friend staring at you to see what you had planned.

Like usual, both boys had a lollipop sticking between their lips. “Are you two willing to skip again?” You asked the two of them, and they looked at you, Taehyung looking curious, but NamJoon nodded quickly. Slowly, you tapped your chin, the others watching in anticipation. “How about that lollipop thing you did to Tae?” NamJoon said, chuckling. Your eyes lit up quickly. “Thank you!”

“Wait, what?” The rest of the boys asked, looking at you confused. “Boys, choose for me. Mango or strawberry?”

The boys looked at each other for a second, before one spoke up. “Mango!” He said happily. Simply, you turned to the rest of the group. “Hold my wrists, will you?” You asked the boy who was waiting so excitedly. He obliged, his hands gripping yours. “Now, JungKook, don’t you dare let go. You’re going to be pleasantly surprised.” NamJoon said to the boy. He nodded excitedly, watching as you pressed your lips to NamJoon’s, effectively doing as you had to Tae. Within seconds, the lollipop was now in your mouth rather than his.

You took away your hands, now looking back at the boys. All of their eyes were widened, their mouths agape. After a couple of moments of silence, they all looked up at the the brothers. “You lucky dickheads!” They yelled, making Taehyung and NamJoon laugh. “Aye, she’s really good at video games, too! She’s hard to beat at Black Ops 2!” Tae said, making you laugh. “Only because you fucking suck!” You said, nudging his arm with your elbow.

“Well, I don’t know about you, but I didn’t see either of them getting turned on by that.” The boy, whom earlier you learned was Marc, muttered out. “Awe, is Myspace mad?” You pouted fakely. “Myspace?” NamJoon asked.

“Yeah, because he’s no longer relevant. Now, can we go? I really just wanna spend all day in bed.” You whined softly up to the boys, the rest of them cheering. “No, we actually need todays class. It’s the only way I’m going to graduate.” NamJoon said, and you pouted. “Fine.”

The three of you left off to class, the rest of the boys cheering behind them.

It was around lunch, and you were alone, waiting for the boys to come and save you from your boredom.

The girl from earlier, Tae’s friend, walked up to you, a nervous smile on her face. “Hey Y/N. Do you mind if we talk for a moment?” She asked, making your eyes jump to hers. “Yeah! Of course!” You smiled, making room beside you. “So, I was watching you three earlier… Taehyung is okay with you making out with his brother?” You giggled at her question. “As long as I pay attention to him as well, and I give them both the separate attention they need, they’re both fine with it.” You explained, smiling. “How does that work?” She asked.

“Well, they’re each dangerous on their own, but when they’re together, they make a completely different person. Like, NamJoon is a very dominant person on his own. Tae is a very shy boy on his own. But together, they balance each other out. Tae brings out the softer side of Joon-a, and Joon-a brings out the harder side in Tae. So, when I get them alone, they open up a little more. Now, I’ve really only been talking to them for like 6 days excluding the weekend, but they’re pretty interesting.” You said, smiling at her.

“Wow, Tae was right. You are really cool. Usually when a girl sleeps with someone, they don’t pay attention to their personalities.” She said. “I’ve known them for 3 years.” You laughed, suddenly feeling lips on your cheek, along with legs pressed against yours. “Gloating about us, are you?” Taehyung’s voice caught you attention, making you laugh. “Maybe.”

The boys chuckled, then Taehyung spoke again. “We can go now, if you’d like.” You gasped, smiling widely. “Sweet! Oh my god, I’ve been turned on since like 3rd period thanks to you, Tae.”

Tae laughed as you stood them up, dragging them away by their belts.

Now, you could get used to this life.

Here we are! Part Three of Body Swap.. Just for you. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I hope your day is filled with warmth and love from friends in family. I’m definitely thankful for all of you guys! If you haven’t read the first two parts, you can find them here

            Dean wandered down the hall towards the kitchen. What was that all about? Sam and (Y/N) were acting so weird this morning. He knew something was up. There is no way in hell that (Y/N) was afraid of a spider. He had seen her kill one with her bare hand. They were keeping something from him for sure. Once in the kitchen he started on making a pot of coffee. He grabbed a mug and sat down at the table. Normally he would read or watch TV in the mornings if they didn’t have a case, but today he couldn’t shake this uneasy feeling settling in the back of his mind. Since when did (Y/N) go to Sam for anything? When did they become close enough to keep secrets from him? Didn’t they know how he would feel about them keeping secrets? Dean sighed and ran his hands over his face, trying to shake off this morning’s events. He wondered if you were still mad at him. Sure he yelled at you, but he only did it because he cared. He would have done the same thing if it had been Sam to mess up. Then again it was different with you, he didn’t know why, but ever since you came crashing into their lives he had felt that keeping you safe was the most important thing he would ever do in his life. He stayed hunched over in deep thought until he finally straightened up when Sam walked in. Sam had changed into his normal clothes and had brushed his hair. There was something different with him but Dean couldn’t quite put a finger on it.

“That spider find it’s way down the pipes?” Dean asked, giving Sam one of his signature smirks.

“Yep. Sure did.” Dean watched as Sam poured himself a mug of coffee and out two sugars and cream in. huh. That’s funny. That’s how (Y/N) takes her coffee in the morning…. He raised his eyebrow at his brother as he sat across the table from him. Sam, hands around his mug, was avoiding eye contact. Well that wasn’t suspicious.

“Alright cut the crap. I know there is something you’re not telling me, so spit it out.” Sam’s head jerked up to look at him, his mouth gaping open.


“I don’t know what you’re talking about Dean,” your responded as you ran your hands through Sam’s hair and fiddled with the collar on your shirt. “I tell you everything.”  You could feel sweat pooling on your brow. He was on to you.

“That’s bullshit and you know it. Why were you really in (Y/N)’s room this morning?”

“To kill that spider. Remember?” you gulped.

“Yeah. Okay. I’ll believe that the day that Cas understands a pop culture reference.” You couldn’t look at him. If you looked up now he would be able to see it in your eyes. You just kept your head down and focused on the coffee cooling in front of you. You heard him sigh and put down his mug. “Look Sammy, if there is something going on between you two..”

“No!” you brought your gaze up to meet raised eyebrows, “I mean she’s pretty cool and everything but she’s like my sister.” You watched as Dean’s shoulders relaxed and he picked up his mug to take another sip. You didn’t see the smile behind his coffee.

“Well then, what is it?”

“Well…” you had to think quickly. How were you going to swing this? “I was just kinda checking on her I guess.” You straightened yourself out, gaining more confidence, and took a sip of coffee. “I mean you were kinda hard on her last night.” You had expected him to get defensive and yell like he normally does, but he surprised you by simply nodding his head.

“I know I need to apologize to her.” You watched as he brought his hand up to scratch the back of his neck. “I stand by what I said though. I want her to be more careful.

“Yeah, yeah because all of our lives depend on it…” you mocked.

“That’s not it Sammy and you know it.” He took a deep breath. “I know you can take care of yourself. You’re a grown man. Well an overgrown man actually,” you smiled. “I worry about her Sammy.”

“She’s a strong girl Dean. She can take care of herself.” You immediately came to your own defense.

“She shouldn’t have to Sam. It’s weird you know, like from the moment we met her I… I just want to keep her safe. I know she’s strong, and that’s what makes her so awesome.” He ran his face through his hair and tried to hide the blush that was creeping across his face. His face became more serious and he shook his head, “But if anything ever happened to her. I…. don’t know what I would do.” You sat there quietly for a moment taking in everything Dean had just said. He cared about you. Really cared. You suddenly wanted to know more.

“I know what you mean. I’d be pretty sad too. She’s a good friend.” You chose your words carefully, testing the waters. He looked at you, face stern. 

“You know that its more to me than that Sammy.. I love her.” He said it. He finally said it. You knew there was something between the two of you, but you had never brought it up. What if you were wrong and it ruined your friendship? You would never risk having that with Dean. As much as you fought you knew that he would be there for you if you needed him. You had gotten so close over the last few months and to hear him say that he loved you filled you heart up until it burst. You lost control of your body and threw yourself over the table and wrapped your arms around him, knocking over your coffee in the process.

“Um… Sam?” you became very still…. You forgot you weren’t in your body. “What are you doing?” pulling back you picked up your mug, and put it back in its place.

“You know…. just hugging my big brother. It’s not everyday you reveal that you love someone.” You laughed and slapped him on the shoulder, hoping that your manly act will offset the awkwardness of the unexpected hug. He was looking at you like you had three heads.

“What are you talking about?” he asked incredulously “I told you all this like three months ago.” What!?!?!?! Three months! And Sam knew this whole time! Anger suddenly got the best of you. Three months wasted that you could have spent with Dean. Sam was so going to get it.

As if you cue, a cough behind you alerted you to another presence. You turned to face Sam, who had finally gotten himself together. Maybe now he wouldn’t make fun of how long it took you to get ready. He looked like he was miserable. He crossed the room and poured himself a coffee, and took a seat at the table, never losing the scowl on his face. Dean looked at Sam in your body and smiled.

“Glad to see you could join us this morning ”he teased.

“Oh shut it Dean.” Sam snapped. Wow. Talk about grumpy. You couldn’t blame him though. Poor guy kinda got the short stick on this deal. He was probably bloated and all crampy, like you always were this time of month.

“Dang, I know you’re mad at me but you don’t have to be rude.” He turned back to his own coffee, keeping his head down and his gaze away from either of you. You felt bad for Dean. He didn’t really deserve Sam’s fury. Maybe you could help.

“Yeah (Y/N). I know it’s your time of month but you shouldn’t take that out on us.” Deans head shot up.

“Oh crap. Is that this week?” He stood up, and emptied his mug of its’ contents. “I’ll go make a supply run. Is there anything else you want besides the usual?” You tried not to laugh at Sam’s reaction. It showed pure confusion.

“No. I don’t want anything.” Dean’s shoulders sunk a bit, but he kept a smile on his face.

“Oh. Okay then. I will be back later.” He grabbed the keys for the Impala and walked out. You waited until you heard the bunker door close to slap Sam.

“What was that for!”

“Stop being such a dick!”

“What!?! I thought you were mad at him anyway!”

“That was before I knew he loved me you idiot!” Sam’s eyes got wide and he gulped.

“How did you find out?” he asked, his voice low.

“Well…” you almost felt guilty about the whole thing. Dean thought he had been telling all of this to his little brother in confidence. Little did he know he was revealing his love for you. “He kinda said it when we were talking about last night.”

“Oh my God. If Dean finds out you know he is going to be so pissed. He wasn’t ready to tell you yet.”

“Speaking of finding out things…” you moved closer to him. You punched him in the arm. “WHY. DIDN’T. YOU. TELL. ME!!” you grumbled, hitting him between each word. He stood up and punched you back in the shoulder.

“Because! Dean made me promise not to say anything!” Sam said, defending himself. “It’s not my fault if you were too dumb to see if before. Both of you are idiots.” You put your hands on your hips out of habit and stared him down. You knew that you couldn’t blame him for anything. He was just being a good brother.  You tried to change the subject, your goal of being in your own body now tripled in importance,

“So what have you found? Anything?” you asked hopefully.

“No. I really haven’t had enough time. It’s a pretty big library.”

“Okay. Lets hit the books and try to figure this out before Dean gets back from his supply run. Maybe we’ll get lucky.” The two of you freshened your coffee and made your way to the library. You sighed as you pulled multiple books from various shelves and found a spot next to Sam at one of the long tables. Time to go work.

You let yourself be pulled into the lore. Reading was one of the few things that brought you peace, took you to a different world. The two of you worked through several books each before you heard the door to the bunker open, announcing Dean’s arrival.

“(Y/N)? Sam? Where are you guys?” you heard Dean call.

“We are in the library!” you called out. Sam began throwing books different places, trying to hide the evidence. You managed to shove the last book under your chair before Dean walked in the room.

“Hey! What are you guys up to?” He asked. He stood in the doorway, grocery bags in hand. You could help but smile at his return, and you had to remind yourself that to Dean, you were Sam and you wouldn’t want a repeat of this morning.

“Oh just looking into a possible case.” You replied.

“Wow. We just got back. You really ready to head back out there?”

“Yeah. I mean evil doesn’t take a break right?” you joked. You were rewarded with his easy laugh.

“Yeah, I guess it doesn’t. But I think we can afford to give them a few days head start.” He turned to look at Sam. “I got everything. Are you ready?” Sam turned to you silently asking you for help. You nodded your head up and down.

“uh.. Yeah. Sure.”

“Cool. I’m going to get the movie set up and pop some popcorn. Meet you in your room?” you nodded again.

“Okay…” Dean raised his eyebrow, obviously catching onto the weird vibe in the room, but after a few moments he shrugged and left the library. As soon as he was gone you whispered to Sam.

“You need to be nicer to Dean and be prepared for what’s about to happen.” You grinned. Sam looked like a deer in headlights, pure terror flashing across his face.

“What…what’s.. about to happen?” Sam asked nervously. You couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

“Well Dean and I had kinda made a little tradition. Whenever I have my little friend Dean goes out and buys all my favorite candy and we lay in my bed and watch movies all day. He just keeps me comfy and gets me anything I need.” You could feel your face getting hot. You hadn’t thought twice about it before, but now that you knew Dean loved you it took on a new meaning. Sam continued to look at you, hopeless.

“And you didn’t figure out he had feelings for you until now… wow. Like I said, idiots.” You rolled your eyes. “I don’t know about this (Y/N)..”

“It’ll be fine Sam. You don’t have to do anything weird. Just tell him that you aren’t feeling well so you just want your own space. He’ll understand.”

“Fine. But if I do this I get to ride shotgun for the next two hunts.” It was a pain in the ass, but it was worth it.

 “Deal.” The two of you shook on it. Sam was almost out the door when you called out to him, “Have fun!” you laughed that he didn’t even turn around. He simply lifted his hand and gave you the finger as he walked out the door. You continued to smile as you rounded up all of your stashed books. Welp…… time to get back to it.

O' Queen

Title: O’ Queen

Pairing: Reader x Charlie

Word Count: 2,318

Theme song: Red cover by Tyler Ward

Request: I don’t know if you’d ever be open to doing this (I might have requested this before but I forgot so if so just ignore me), but could you possibly write a one shot where the reader is the Winchesters’ sister who falls in love with Charlie? I would probably squeal with joy if you did but I totally understand if you don’t want to or if you have too many requests. Either way you’re still my favorite blog so keep up your awesomeness :3

A/N: Thank you so much, anon! Definitely open to writing this–it was actually further down on the list but my Sam/Dean/Cas brain was mush and it felt good to write something on someone I hadn’t yet! Hope you like this!


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Out of everyone who would eventually come to find out that you were in love with Charlie Bradbury, you were probably the most surprised. You were the job, all about hunting. You were a loaded shotgun and a sharp knife, all stealth and predatory movements. The last thing you expected was to be taken down by a nerdy redhead with a penchant for Harry Potter references.

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Grease Lightning

Prompt from anon: I really want dean in a high school musical


“Suspension?” Bobby felt anger start to boil inside of him as he glanced over at Dean with a glare that would make the devil shiver.

“Dean was the lead student who pulled a ‘senior prank’ by painting my car bright orange with paint that doesn’t wash off. I had to scrub it off. For hours.” Principal Harvelle gave Dean a heated glance before clasping her hands over the desk and giving Bobby a straight face. “Suspension is kind. Dean has never been trouble to me before, but there has to be consequences.”

“I understand perfectly.” Bobby let out a sigh and ran his hand through his hair in frustration. “But you have to understand, Dean isn’t my son. I am watching over him-“

“Bobby.” Dean gritted out as he kept his stare down toward the ground but still didn’t want his sob story to be known by his principal.

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