the impact of aids

I’ve seen a lot of people lately implying or outright stating that our activism should focus only on ourselves, and that any issue that also impacts straight people isn’t our business. I disagree. There are a number of issues that aren’t directly related to our identities but nevertheless have an outsize impact on our community.

Strict gender roles. Youth homelessness. AIDS. Stigma against non-standard relationship structures. Incomplete sex education. Social pressure to enter into an m/f marriage. Invalidation of bodily autonomy for minors and the disabled.

Sometimes straight people do work on these issues, but their results are often only useful for the privileged. Expensive HIV medication doesn’t do much for trans women in poverty, and homeless shelters run by straight people are often unsafe for our youth.

I believe that focusing on community-specific efforts to the point where broader problems go unaddressed is counterproductive, and we should instead be looking for common ground with other groups in order to create solutions that work for everyone.

But how dark are we gonna get on “The Get down” becasue given the time period we could really dark?

Will Mylenes lfe be thrown into chaos when Disco falls..

Will we time jump to the start of the AIDs epidemic that greatly impacted the LGBT community? are we gonna see it through the eyes of Dizze or Thors eyes?.

Will we see how conservative America had a major hand if destroying disco?

Will anyone fall becasue of the crack epidemic? will we see how it basically destroyed entire communities and how govt had a hand in it. 

Will we see how traditional hip-hop was impacted by the emergence of gangster rap in the 80s?

So many places the show could go if it wanted to really go there..

The “truths” of AIDS are often posed as objective, detached assessments, the “truths” about AIDS carry with them the marks of their own allegiance and empire. The “spread of AIDS”, the “protection of public health”, the “foreign threat of AIDS”, the “social impact of AIDS” all bear moral imprints that interpret the epidemic even as they “describe” it. Any analysis of AIDS must therefore consider not only the official “truths” but also the moral and cultural predications that make those “truths” possible.
—  Ethics in an Epidemic, Timothy F. Murphy

the idea that progressive advancements in the public conscience are just going to Happen because of the Glorious Liberal Advanced West is just so empathetic and good is such idealist bullshit. like you know why 99% of these sub-saharan African countries are so harsh on LGBT people? let me tell you, it’s not because they’re Savages who need Western Enlightenment. quite the opposite in fact. it’s because the western church-state complex that continues to strangle much of Africa over a century later forced western ideas of morality on the places it colonized. the catholic church and various other christian churches continue to materially support the slaughter of non-cishet people in the African continent.

the Institute for the Science of Sexuality in Berlin was a center for the advancement of LGBT rights in the German Republic for 14 years until the Nazis destroyed it and burned its archives. LGBT people were mobilizing en masse in the 60′s and 70′s and began to make an impact on society, only for the community to be shattered by the AIDS crisis. the governments of the west, especially the reagan administration in the united states, did nothing as drug SGA men and trans women, especially ones who were PoC, were dying fast and horribly. all the while, LGBT people were being treated like pariahs because of the lack of a formal information campaign on how HIV/AIDS works.

this rant has been kind of bitter and rambling and incoherent, but just remember, especially considering the rising neofascist movements around the world, that history doesn’t move in a straight line. progress is not waited for. it is fought for.

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is there anything I can do to support HIV+ people after budget cuts?

HIV/AIDS funding did NOT get cut in trump’s funding plan, despite a slash of almost 18% of total budget for Dept of Health and Human Services. This means that programs like Ryan White Care and PEPFAR will likely remain their core funding. Trump’s budget promises to “provide sufficient resources to maintain current commitments and all current patient levels on HIV/AIDS treatment.”

This is, of course, not a “success” in context of all the other harmful policies the budget proposal puts forth. If American HIV+ people - who due to demographic trends in HIV, mostly Black & Brown, often LGBT &/or living in poverty - can’t receive SNAPS/food assistance, education support, housing benefits, protection from LGBT discrimination, community grants, or other vital social services the impact of the officially designated HIV/AIDS funding will be limited.

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i'm fucking crying watching when we rise. we have gone through and still go through so much. we have never ever caught a break we have never been given anything ever we have to absolutely fight tooth and nail just to survive and be permitted to exist and it just never ends, particularly for more vulnerable members of this community. fuck every single cishet trying to take our resources and use our limited political power that we fucking DIED for. we deserve so much more than this

sorry for the late reply but i completely understand. when we rise has just made me so fucking angry and sad and it’s so much more insulting that people minimize the actual impact that the AIDS crisis had on our community.

if you think lgbt people only ever talk about aids as some kind of gotcha against asexuals, you literally… you have no idea how much ignorance you’re displaying just by saying that. you can’t possibly have a halfway solid understanding of the impact of aids without having listened to lgbt people about it. i’m just. i’m spitting. i hate this website.


When was the last time your lip balm helped save lives?

We’ve always known there’s power in feeling beautiful, and now Fresh is taking that force to the next level. At the dawn of its 25th anniversary, Fresh is the first beauty brand to partner with (RED), one of the world’s leading charities that provides medical relief to those affected with AIDS in Africa.

To really make an impact, the nurturing skincare brand we love is releasing a new limited-edition version of its bestselling Sugar Lip Treatment. For this collaboration, it’s been aptly renamed SUGA(RED) and wrapped in a standout crimson tube. When you purchase the balm, not only are you making a bold statement to the world, but you’re also contributing 25% of your purchase toward two weeks’ worth of life-saving medication to those diagnosed with the disease. And here’s hoping that one day we can kiss the disease goodbye for good.