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Iron Fist:  Real Racism

So I’ve read several reviews of Iron Fist and many, either in the review or prior, made statements about how Danny Rand being white is racist.  I’ve come to an actual conclusion on this.

Netflix’s Iron Fist does have something you could conceive as racist in it.

No, it isn’t about Danny.  And if ANYONE actually cared about racism, rather than tearing down white people, I’d actually take their critiques seriously.  But I have yet to hear this argument.  AT ALL.

So what is this issue in Iron Fist that I’d actually accept as racist, if that argument was made?

The inherent blending of The Hand, The Immortal Weapons, Gao and Kun’lun.

The Hand is Japanese.  They’re ninjas, use Japanese Kanji and their leadership are Japanese.

Kun’lun, and the majority of Iron Fist, deals with CHINESE concepts.  Chinese martial arts, Chinese philosophy, Kun’Lun is located around the Tibet-China region.  Gao’s actress is from Hong Kong.

So why is the inherently Japanese Hand now the mortal enemies of the Chinese area Kun’lun?  Why is The Hand, who are goddamn ninjas, learning Kung Fu and Drunken Boxing style?  

And why is Gao, who in Daredevil Season 1 is portrayed as separate from The Hand and who speaks Mandarin, now a Hand agent?  Why is the Bride of Nine Spiders a member of The Hand?

The Immortal Weapons, Kun’lun, and The Hand are different.  Danny didn’t even really FIGHT The Hand until well into his Heroes for Hire days and, in the comics, post Shadowland.

I have NEVER seen anyone make these arguments that by shoving all of these together, they’re effectively creating a homogeneous “Asian” category that interchanges between Chinese martial arts, Japanese ninjas and Tibetan monks almost on a whim.  

Personally?  I don’t take too much umbrage with this.  But I thought the people so concerned about racism that they’d boycott or penalize the show would’ve actually picked up on it.  So why didn’t they?

Well, for starters, lets get out of the way that these dipshits don’t care about racism.  They care about an easy way to show everyone who progressive they are and bitching about Danny being white is perfect for that.  Low risk.  Danny is white and it poses no problem to shit on a white person, whereas going after depictions of Asian people might actually open somebody, often white themselves, to a barrage of counter attacks.

Or we could also go with option 2.  They’re racist themselves.  After all, when you consider all black people to be the same, all white people to be the same, why should asian people be different?  Putting them all into one group won’t be hard, so why should they care?  

While I personally don’t much care, if these reviewers even deigned to mention that they’re turning The Hand into a “Homogeneous Asian Villain” or that a society of goddamn ninjas turned to Drunken Boxing style, Kung Fu and being at war with a Tibetan Mystical Nation, I MIGHT have bought that they were actually concerned with racism and not just trying to point score. 



Iron Fist: Hi!  I’m Danny Rand!  I survived a plane crash when I was a kid and now I want my company back.

Me: Oh, looks like you’re a hobo now.

Iron Fist: Yep!  But no worries! If I tell my friends Ward and Joyce that I’m Danny, they’ll believe me!

Me: This would be easier if you just told them stuff you personally knew about them that they didn’t tell anyone else.  You’re wasting a full hour of my time here…


Me: Um…

Iron Fist: NOW HE’S DEAD!

Me: What?!

Iron Fist: OH NO!  Joyce drugged me now I’m in an insane asylum!  CONSTANT FLASHBACKS OF MY PARENTS DYING!

Me: You played these like 3 times now.

Iron Fist: Really?  Well it’s time for me to tell the Doctors at this insane asylum here about it.

Me: Can you please talk about Kun Lun…

Iron Fist: Also, my father’s best friend died and came back to life and now leaves in this penthouse he can’t leave or else the Hand gets mad.  He’s also a dick to his son and obsesses over me with cameras.

Me: That’s…kind of cool, but he’s the obvious villain.

Iron Fist: Also, I found this girl name Colleen Wing who owns a dojo and call her from the asylum.  We seriously connected I approached her talking in Chinese and she’s Asian.

Me: That sounds kind of racist…

Iron Fist: Now that I escaped prison, I’m going to approach Hoggarth to sue my company to get back in business!

Me: Wasn’t she a horrible person in Jessica Jones?

Iron Fist: Never mind that!  Now the case has been dropped cause villain wants me in the company and forced his son to let me be 51% shareholder!

Me: So the legal stuff didn’t matter?

Iron Fist: Matters as much as the fucks I give about this company!  I’m pretty much telling them to do things for the people, close down plants, and I never show up at meetings!

Me: Why did you want to be the head of the company so badly if you don’t give a rats ass about it?!

Iron Fist: Oh!  We need to stop the drugs!  Colleen is helping!  Also Claire is here!

Me: WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?!  And why does Claire feel so out of place?!

Iron Fist: Oh, Colleen is also in illegal fight clubs.

Me: That’s kind of cool

Iron Fist: GREAT! Cause it’s only a plot element for 2 episodes!


Iron Fist: Now we’re fighting the Hand lead by Madame Gao!

Me: Wait, wasn’t she a competing group against the Hand in Daredevil? Why is she part of the Hand now?  And why isn’t she speaking Chinese? 

Iron Fist: Now we have this Russian chemist who we need to rescue his daughter by going through fighting challenges

Me: That’s actually kind of cool.

Iron Fist: In fact, I beat Bride of Nine Spiders in a 5 minute cameo!

Me: WHAT?!  Bride of Nine Spiders is another Immortal Weapon!  She’s pretty much another defender of Kun Lun and is equal to the Iron Fist!

Iron Fist: VIIIIIIILLLAAAANNNNN!  Anyways, we got Russian guy’s daughter back!

Me: Great.

Iron Fist: But then Russian guy dies.

Me: We don’t see the daughter again.

Iron Fist: You don’t see the daughter again.

Me: Figures.

Iron Fist: OH! I have sex with Colleen!

Me: Didn’t you swear to celibacy an episode ago?

Iron Fist: Now we’re going to China to bust Gao! 

Me: This looks nothing like China.  This looks like a Warehouse in NYC with Chinese signs slapped all over them.

Iron Fist: WOAAAAAH!  Now Claire, Colleen and I are fighting off Hand Ninjas!

Me: How the hell is Claire beating fully trained Hand Ninjas?!

Iron Fist: Now we captured Gao!  But Colleen is poisoned!

Me: I feel like the hero being injured in a Netflix show for an episode is par for the course…

Iron Fist: But have no fear!  Now her sensei appears and tells me to use the Iron Fist to heal her and now we’re going to his compound.

Me: This sensei guy feels like he came out of nowhere.


Me: There’s only 5 episodes left!

Iron Fist:  BTW, Ward is now going insane cause I bail from his business meetings and his dad is forcing him to hide bodies!

Me: Christ, what an asshole-

Iron Fist: And now Ward killed his father

Me: Oh, sort of saw that comi-

Iron Fist: But now his dad is alive again and is wondering the street terrorizing children and sticking his hand in boiling hot dog water.

Me: …okay, I’m laughing my ass off at this stuff and I don’t know if it’s meant to be funny.

Iron Fist: 


Iron Fist: So yeah, he’s gone off the deepend, and now Ward is CRAAAAZY!

Me: That’s kind of interesting.

Iron Fist: Back to me!  Now I’m in a college campus and Gao is captured!

Me: Hurray!

Iron Fist: But it turns out that this campus is really ran by the Hand!

Me: What?

Iron Fist: And Colleen Wing is part of the Hand too!

Me: WHAT?!

Iron Fist: See, there are separate factions of the Hand, both named the Hand, and the Gao side and Colleen side hate each other.

Me: I need to lie down.

Iron Fist: As I escape, Colleen’s pupil got injured!

Me: Why do I get the feeling he’s going to disappear from the story…

Iron Fist: Now Colleen and I are on bad terms.

Me: Ugh, this is boring.  How is Faramir doing?

Iron Fist: Oh, he just shot the old black guy who was the head of Rand because he booted Joyce, Ward and Danny from the company.


Iron Fist: Also, this guy hijacks a Burrito car and makes shurikens

Me: Seems like an asshole.

Iron Fist: Well that asshole is my best friend and now he’s helping me fight the Hand!


Iron Fist: Yep!  And he’s saying I’m doing a shit job leaving Kun Lun!


Iron Fist: Anyways, we now must stop the Colleen side of the Hand leader!

Me: Who I don’t care about.

Iron Fist: Colleen Won, but we won’t kill him.

Me: Why fight with a sword if you don’t kill?!

Iron Fist: Oh, but my best friend killed him.

Me: I feel like that’s his only purpose in this story.

Iron Fist: Now me and my friend are fighting!

Me: Please stop.

Iron Fist: Now I hate my best friend!  Oh, the dead body is gone too.

Me: Of course

Iron Fist: OH NO!  Now Faramir has taken control of the company again!

Me: Is nobody going to question how a dead man took over a company?


Me: How are you losing to Faramir?!  He’s fighting with a pole and has no Kung Fu skills!  How are you losing so badly to him?!

Iron Fist:  LOOK!  The dragon!

Me: Those are just red eyes…

Iron Fist: Ward shot his father!  Now the day is saved!  Better burn his body.

Me: I feel like Ward is the only character with a solid character arc.

Iron Fist: Which is why Joyce is now conspiring with my best friend and Gao as a future villain!

Me: Why though?

Iron Fist: Now Colleen and I are going to Kun Lun and…OH NO!  Kun Lun was invaded because I was not guarding it as the Iron Fist!


Iron Fist: Still, bet you were disappointed to not see Kun Lun.

Me: Honestly, with how much talking you did about it, I was doubting it even appearing.

Iron Fist: So what do you think.

Me: I felt you were leading me somewhere but it turned out to be shit.

Iron Fist: Oh, you don’t like me cause I’m not Asian.

Me: Your whole show could be a multiracial trans rainbow of diversity, and it would still suck.  Give me back my 13 hours.

Iron Fist Countdown: 1 Day

Danny Rand: Accidental Superhero

Alan: “Why’d you get involved…? You some sort’a flippin’ super-hero?

Danny: “No. I mean… I… I mean, he… that is, Scimitar, he… Wow. I never thought about it before. A superhero… I guess I am.” 

[Iron Fist vol. 1 #5 by Chris Claremont, John Byrne, and Phil Rache] 

    So far, the Marvel Netflix shows have given us three variations on a particular type of superhero: someone who gains powers against their will, and then decides, for whatever reason, to go out and use those powers to help others. With Danny, we’re getting something a bit different… 

Keep reading


    We’re going to do a full analysis of the new Iron Fist trailer from NYCC, but this is so exciting that we had to do a separate post. We have almost definite confirmation of a second Immortal Weapon! For those unfamiliar with the comics, this is Bride of Nine Spiders, and she’s the champion of one of the capital cities of Heaven (just as the Iron Fist is for K’un-Lun). We’re unbelievably psyched to see her (and hopefully the rest of the Weapons!) in live action.

a family can be a time-displaced samurai thrust into the future by the evil that is Aku who finds himself effectively immortal and a child weapon breed to kill him only to see her teachings wrong after coming across people he helped in his travels as she searched to aid him  

anonymous asked:

Would it be possible for a mortal to kill her? If so, how?

why would you want to kill this sweet bby tho? To answer your question, yes it is possible for a mortal to kill her. The easiest way would be if she was in her human form and if the said mortal was in possession of an immortal weapon, but lets be honest those aren’t just laying around everywhere conveniently. One’s best bet to “kill” her would be to decapitate and remove her limbs then to keep the body parts far away, separated from each other. However, note this wouldn’t kill her just render her incapacitated. 



Acnologia is headed to slay some slayers.

We are in the middle of war and haven’t fully engaged all the Spriggans. So it does seem a bit too early for him to meet up with our time-travelling faves.

Acnologia is still headed in their direction regardless.

But get this:

Someone steps in between him and our slaybaes.

Someone who’s already gone head-on with him and who lost parts of his physical being to him.

Somone who has previously missed an entire attack of demons that nearly destroyed his guild and magic as he knew it while he was away before.

Someone who has someone he loves and guides like a son being a target of this badass dragon and slayer.

I.e., someone with far too many bones to pick with Acnologia.

And how likely do you think that S-Class Gildarts, with all his experience, raw energy and caliber, will last against a mage even Zeref-the-immortal needs an immortal bio-weapon to defeat?

anonymous asked:

Maybe a Klaus imagine where you were friends back then and Kol actually likes you and you were sort of the bridge between Kol and Klaus and you visit them now and get them to work together that sort of thing. Just pure friendly and brotherly love. Because I love watching the interaction between those two. Thank you ao much and I love you guys! I visit your blog on a daily basis! :)

Request – Kol and Klaus Mikaelson “You’ve got me”

You hadn’t been in New Orleans before, even when Klaus had written you the moment he had grasped control of the city. It just had taken you a year or two to manage to get there. Not that that was a lot of time, seen against eternity, but the moment you entered the compound, you weren’t entirely sure if it had been such a good idea to wait that long with your arrival. There was no one there, but the atmosphere was uncomfortable, as if everything was about to explode.
“Hello? Anyone here?”, you called out, carefully.

A door was thrown open, and Klaus entered the courtyard, an annoyed look at his face, his curls more outspoken than you remembered.
“And what the bloody hell do you want?”, he barked, before even looking at you.

You couldn’t help but laugh. You knew him like this. You had known him like this for quite some time, and you weren’t easily scared by his behaviour.
“Come on Nik… is that a way to greet an old family friend? When I remembered it correctly you were the one inviting me here. ”

And suddenly a smile appeared. “Y/N? You’ll have to excuse me… we have some… family drama to take care of. As always, to be honest. I hadn’t recognized you.”

You chuckled. “That much was clear, yes…” And suddenly you turned around, hearing another voice behind you. One you hadn’t expected to hear anymore, not after the messages you had gotten a few years ago. “Kol?”

“The one and only, darling.”, He answered with his signature grin while he walked into the room.

“But you were…”, you started the sentence.

“Dead.” He finished it. “I know. Someone wasn’t completely happy with that, so she brought me back. Second chance and all. Nik was delighted to see me, weren’t you, brother?” He smirked, looking at Klaus before directing his gaze back to you. “Good to see you, Y/N…”, and he even beat Klaus to give you a hug.

“Kol is exaggerating, as always…”, Klaus answered. “But it’s good to have the family complete again.” Finn had never counted. Not for them, and honestly, not for you either. “You’ll be back in refereeing us in no time, sweetheart.”

Kol smirked.
“Are you planning to piss me off that fast to need her interference again, Nik? As in old times… And here I thought we had made up. I’m even helping you out of this last mess you have managed to get yourself in…“ He grabbed your suitcase.
“I’ll put that away for you, darling. I guess you’re staying more than just one night. He can use all the support he can get at the moment, and I hardly think you’re not here to finish him off, so that does include you.”

You looked after him, knowing he’d be back in no time before you turned back to Klaus.
“Finish you off? I thought that was kind of out of the question…”

He shrugged.
“Elijah was the one siring you, wasn’t he? So you wouldn’t have felt it. That bloody society he once founded, the Strix, managed to break the link between me and all those I have sired over the centuries. Which means there’ll be no one left who wants to protect me, and those who want to finish me will be lining up before this compound in no time. You’ve picked the wrong time for a visit, love.”

You shook your head.
“It seems I picked the perfect time for it. I don’t get the whole story yet, so you’ll have to explain that to me later. I mean, I thought you were immortal? That all weapons that could kill you were destroyed?”

Kol chuckled, returned from wherever it was he had deposited your luggage.
“You counted out a jealous ex, darling… Nik got himself in quite the predicament lately. Luckily he has his family to help him get out of it again.”

“Not just his family…” You grabbed both their hands. “You’ve got me as well.”

“From out of the most secret corners of its bad instincts, Christianity has waged a deadly war on every feeling of respect and distance between people. It has used the ressentiment of the masses as its main weapon against us and everything on earth that is noble, joyful, and magnanimous. Granting ‘immortality’ to every Tom, Dick, and Harry has been the biggest and most vicious attempt to assassinate noble humanity.”

—F. Nietzsche, The Anti-Christ, §43 (edited excerpt).