the immortal weapons


    We’re going to do a full analysis of the new Iron Fist trailer from NYCC, but this is so exciting that we had to do a separate post. We have almost definite confirmation of a second Immortal Weapon! For those unfamiliar with the comics, this is Bride of Nine Spiders, and she’s the champion of one of the capital cities of Heaven (just as the Iron Fist is for K’un-Lun). We’re unbelievably psyched to see her (and hopefully the rest of the Weapons!) in live action.



Acnologia is headed to slay some slayers.

We are in the middle of war and haven’t fully engaged all the Spriggans. So it does seem a bit too early for him to meet up with our time-travelling faves.

Acnologia is still headed in their direction regardless.

But get this:

Someone steps in between him and our slaybaes.

Someone who’s already gone head-on with him and who lost parts of his physical being to him.

Somone who has previously missed an entire attack of demons that nearly destroyed his guild and magic as he knew it while he was away before.

Someone who has someone he loves and guides like a son being a target of this badass dragon and slayer.

I.e., someone with far too many bones to pick with Acnologia.

And how likely do you think that S-Class Gildarts, with all his experience, raw energy and caliber, will last against a mage even Zeref-the-immortal needs an immortal bio-weapon to defeat?

“From out of the most secret corners of its bad instincts, Christianity has waged a deadly war on every feeling of respect and distance between people. It has used the ressentiment of the masses as its main weapon against us and everything on earth that is noble, joyful, and magnanimous. Granting ‘immortality’ to every Tom, Dick, and Harry has been the biggest and most vicious attempt to assassinate noble humanity.”

—F. Nietzsche, The Anti-Christ, §43 (edited excerpt).

gems: built-in weapons, functionally immortal, hard exterior masking a soft inside

lobsters: built-in weapons, functionally immortal, hard exterior masking a soft inside

gems are an advanced race of alien lobsters its canon