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hiii! could you write something about sirius being a blushing, giggling mess around the reader? thank you lovely❤️

Sirius Black was one of those people that acted cool no matter what was going on around him. Somehow he always emanated an arrogant air which suited his aristocratic features, and the popularity which seemed to follow him. Yet that wasn’t the image you got of him.

‘I’m serious!’ said Lily, elbowing you gently in the ribs, a wide smile spreading across her face.

You rolled your eyes. This was the sixth time you’d had this conversation in the past three hours, and it was beginning to get a little grating.

‘He does not change when I’m around,’ you protested, shaking your head.

Lily pouted at you. ‘He does,’ she insisted. ‘How was it you described him the other day?’

You sighed. ‘Adorable,’ you said simply.

‘And how is it that others tend to describe him?’ she urged.

You didn’t respond, your attention distracted by the subject of the conversation. Sirius was walking between Remus and Peter, James hanging back to have a conversation with some of the Quidditch team. The smooth arrogance seemed to radiate from Sirius when he was amongst friends, making them laugh easily, his eyes gleaming when Remus cracked a smile – because everyone knew that Peter laughed at pretty much anything.

Sirius’s eyes, however, quickly found you amongst the crowd. He fell silent, a weak blush rising up his cheeks under your gaze. You were pretty certain that Remus and Peter shared a slight look, amusement shining behind their eyes.

‘Hey,’ you said as they approached the table, your gaze remaining on Sirius though. If Lily thought there was something going on you were determined to find it out.

‘How’re you?’ asked Sirius, his attention darting away from you, fixing itself firmly to the knot in the table by your elbow.

Lily gave a noncommittal scoff, her attention shifting towards the food as James wandered over.

‘Oh, you know,’ you said simply, smirking at your best friend’s reaction, ‘same old same old. Wondering how interesting the table is now, though.’

Sirius giggled. He actually giggled! as his attention shifted up towards you. ‘Not very,’ he said, and you were certain that the blush had deepened slightly. ‘I just wondered how many pranks I could pull with it.’

You chuckled, nodding. ‘Oh, of course you were. What’d you come up with?’

He grinned at you. ‘A lot, but they’re all on a need to know basis,’ he said, shooting you a quick wink and giggling again. Maybe there was something there, maybe Lily had been right. There was something about you which turned Sirius Black into a blushing, giggling mess, and for some reason that made your heart swell.