the image of perfection tbh

Forever ago someone asked me if I was thinking of coloring Haruka and Juuri together…I’m so sorry it took me so long. We were finally given the perfect image for it though! Tbh, after seeing the last VKM issue,I don’t even regret waiting for something like chapter 11 and all its amazing Harujuuri panels. Who cannot love this couple?!


- Roxy1294

honestly i made the mistake of listening grief (devil’s carnival soundtrack) while writing my wolf 359 fic and now its stuck in my head with the image of cutter and eiffel (ft anne)

There’s a bed for the boy
And rope for the father
Both orphaned by Heaven
Where no child is spared

like I KNOW its not the same, believe me, but gosh

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So... Edgeworth? We tattled. Your sister's coming.

“What exactly did you tell her?”

Unfortunately the Anon does not get to respond as there’s a rapping at his office door before a ‘guest’ lets herself in.

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제 생일에 앨범을 발매하게 되어 참 의미있는 생일이 될 것 같아요.
앨범을 선물로 받은 것 같아 감사한 마음입니다. 큰 선물 받은 만큼 더 좋은 모습 보여드릴게요.

Our album was released on my birthday, so I think that this birthday will be very meaningful. This album is like a present, and my heart is thankful for it. I will show you an even better image (of myself) that is as great as this present that I recieved.


고마운 스탈라잇, 우리 빅스멤버들. 그리고 세상에서 누구보다 사랑하는 부모님 감사합니다.

Starlights who I am thankful for, our VIXX members. Also, my parents whom I love more than anybody else in the world, thank you.

Trans. cr: Taek-My-Soul

Hanzo finally makes Jesse retire one of his old plaid shirts. It’s an ongoing disagreement of sorts that they’ve been having for months now. The shirt in question is heavily faded with a few tears and missing a few buttons and “You have so many others in much better condition. This one cannot be worn as clothing anymore,” Hanzo argues. Jesse finally relents.

And then when Jesse’s away on a mission and the weather at the watchpoint changes, Hanzo procures himself new pjs: the plaid shirt. It’s down to his knees almost, already a larger size plus being stretched from years of wear. The elbows have random patches of slightly brighter colour from where Jesse continuously had the sleeves rolled up.  But its super soft from being well worn, as well as smelling of his boyfriend, so it makes the shirt perfect for sleeping in.

When Jesse comes back, he also thinks the sight of Hanzo wearing it is pretty damn perfect.

queseraawesome said: Carolina as a Red. Grif drives. Sarge riding shotgun w/ a shotgun. Simmons at the turrent. Carolina running circles around the jeep, smacktalking like a pro before outrunning them. The Warthog theme is now twice the harbinger of doom and calamity.

holy mother of invention– carolina just calling back “FIGHT ME RACE ME COME ON" 

i can’t touch this image tbh it’s too perfect 

though i have to say i’m reminded of this gif;