the image is not colored by me just so you know

🔥❤️ Happy Birthday, Portgas D. Ace ❤️🔥


That’s right, I’m doing commissions! The prices are listed in the images above, but let me explain some more:

Things I do draw:
-Fan art (for anime, cartoons, dramas, TV shows, etc.)
-OCs (if a reference is provided, or at least some description)
-Portraits (if provided a reference picture)

Things I do not draw:
-Furries (you know, unless it’s like a pet cat or dog or something, you know what I mean by furry)
-NSFW (I’m a minor who really doesn’t want to get into drawing that stuff for people???)

Also, I have some other choices when it comes to coloring. I can use color schemes 

I can also color with just base colors

I only take Paypal! If you’re interested, please please pleASE message me regarding what you’d like. Also, keep in mind that I still attend school, so when you put in the commission it may be two-three weeks before your commission is finished (if it is in color w/ or w/o lighting effects). If I finish it earlier, then YAY!

Any reblogs would be appreciated!!

For the anon who asked for a brush/coloring tutorial ! First off, let me just be clear with the fact that I have no idea what the hell i’m doing ever, my life is a constant phase of “Winging it”. So this is just literally what I do and how I do it, in terms of coloring. 

I really hope this makes at least some kind of sense, and when it comes to the brushes I use, there are similar equivalents in Sai/Photoshop/GIMP ! 

I’m putting this under the cut since it is very LENGTHY !

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always periodically remembering im not making Any cooking content at all, bcoz the technical aspects of it are nothing im good at, so here’s finally something anyways cuz god knows im not around to make “good” content. it might not even be culinary. could be witchcraft

skull--master  asked:

You are one of the most inspirational artists I've ever come across! Your use of color and conceptualization is amazing! That said, do you have any tips about how to effectively boil down ideas to one image? Whenever I try, I'm always underwhelmed by the results as they seem very obvious to me. I know it's kind of a hard question, so can you maybe share your thought process behind your work? Thank you and keep on rocking! :)

I hope you keep on rocking as well : )

Betta tail types breakdown

Let me just start with saying I don’t breed betta and am not super knowledgeable on the genetics of them at a bio level, so most information in that regard will be researched from other sources and condensed based on my understanding. I do however know many of the types and have seen common correlations associated with certain traits. This will be a guide on the different tail types and future ones will be made on coloring and patterns. If you ave any points to add based on your own personal experinces send them my way and I’ll add them.

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michulsph replied to your photoset “GUYS, I FINALLY FINISHED THE COMIC!!! XD PART 1PART 2PART 3 This is…”


I’ve talked about it before, but for any newer followers, here it is again:

Unfortunately, unless someone pays me to do more, this is the closest thing to a Part 5 that I’m ever going to do.  If you want to know what happens next, just read the fanfic.  ^^ 

Comics can take from several hours to several days to paint, so I won’t be committing to that amount of work.  Parts 1-4 were comprised of a total of 33 fully colored images, some of them with backgrounds.  If anyone else wants to draw a continuation, please be my guest.


Y'all, check it out. I’m really proud of this, tbh!

(It’s $5 on Amazon with free Prime shipping if anybody likes coloring books and wants to help me earn some cash!) Plus the last image in this set is the high-res PNG of the page inside that I used for the cover - if anyone wants to try coloring a page without buying the whole book. (Print it out, or go digital; just have fun!)

I’m really looking forward to making more of a living on art in the future, so this is kind of just a small first step for me. Wish me luck (and/or let me know what you think)!


Kara here bringing you a guide that has taken me ages. Its basically a beginners guide to pretty much everything I know how to do coding wise. Because coding is so diverse, obviously there are thousands of different ways to do things, but this is just how I do them.


What’s a Base Code? How do I know which one to pick?
How do I change the credit? How do I make it cute?
What does Margin mean? How is that important?
Fonts, how do they work? How do I change them? Can I put effects on them?
Pagination? What’s that? Why is it doing that?
Adding images, removing them, and renaming them.
Hover 101.
The magic of colors.

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I, Roo, have finally decided it’s time to make the big travel to go and see some one very important in my life, @boof! They’ve been one of the closest friends i’ve had in the last couple of years and I thank the universe everyday for bringing the Pyg to me!

That being said, I’m not well off money wise, and im scraping all the savings i can muster, but life happens and I want to have back up funds, so I’m opening up some pretty chill and basic commisions.  I’m offering Portraits/Busts at pretty cheap prices! Whatever pocket change you have, think about helping out a Roo!

Things I can do:



-Original Character

I just need a basic description or image, I’ll sketch something out and pass it back to you and if you approve I’ll go ahead with the piece! Note: I do have problems with my color vision, so I will also confirm a palette choice with you, so I don’t have your character looking off in anyway. 


Payment will be sent through paypal!

email:, please put commission request in the title.

tumblr: @awwbeanz message or ask

Help fund one gay meet his other gay in a union of love and friendship!


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Brother’s Best Friend (Part 6) - A.I

I HOPE YOU APPRECIATE ME @sweetvengeancee

“So he still hasn’t talked to you?” Crystal asked as her hair was thrown up in a high pony. Her outfit for the night completely contrasted how she was when at school: a band tee cut into a crop top, high waisted skinny jeans and a pair of combat boots, almost identical to her friend’s outfit, the only contrasting things were the colors of the clothes, as well as the way their hair was done.

“Nope, and it’s kind of pissing me off because he totally blew me off on Wednesday and Thursday,” she said back as they headed down the stairs to sit in the living room and wait for Lily to pick them up for the drive to Calum’s.

“I bet it was just awkward for him, you know? He hasn’t dated anyone since his ex, let alone been with anyone physically. You just saw him in a vulnerable state and he’s probably embarrassed, you know?” The car outside honked as the two girls left the house, Lily’s eyes widened in shock seeing Crystal.

“Damn, girl, who knew you had tits under those sweaters you wore…or the fact you’re sexy as hell. Damn, I wish you were gay,” she said out the window causing her to blush as y/n just laughed, hopping into the passenger seat of the car. “Alright, so what’s been up with you and Irwin, y/n? He’s been avoiding you like the plague.”

“I walked in on him jerking off and he hasn’t talked to me since,” she said as if it was nothing, Lily slamming on her brakes as Crystal started giggling like crazy.

“I’m sorry? Was that before or after you stripped for the boy?” Lily teased as she rolled her eyes. “I heard from Calum who heard from Michael that he fancies you. He’s also an honest drunk.”

“What does that have to do with me?” she questioned.

“Get him drunk if he’s not already wasted by time we get there.”

By time they did get there, the party seemed to already be in full swing, Lily parking in the driveway like she owned the place, hopping out of the car with the other two girls behind her as she pushed open the front door to Calum’s house, a drunk Cal with a tie around his head as he held two cups of booze, a girl under each arm. “There’s my girls!” he slurred before giggling. “There’s drinks in the kitchen, but stay away from the punch. Michael made it.” He disappeared seconds later with both girls as Lily rolled her eyes leading y/n and Crystal to the kitchen, catching a glimpse of Luke and Sylvia arguing in the corner while Michael sat on the counter, Ashton leaned against it next to him as they sipped at their drinks.

“Hello, boys,” she said swinging her hips to the beat of the song playing in the background. Michael and Ashton looking towards the females that walked in, Ashton’s eyes finding y/n’s as a blush crept up onto his face, quickly chugging the rest of his drink before pouring some more. Michael hopped off the counter leaving his drink behind as he made his way to Crystal, grabbing her by the hand and pulling her back into the living room. Sylvia walked out of the room minutes later as Luke headed out of the back door to the porch not wanting to deal with anyone at the time.

“And then there were three,” Lily said pouring some of the juice Calum specifically told her not to pour. “Well, soon to be two. Danica was looking mighty fine out there so I’m going to try to get at that. You two have fun!” y/n watched Ashton sip his drink avoiding her gaze as she sighed going to pour herself some of the juice, not really caring at this point how drunk she’d get.

“Are you going to keep ignoring me, or…?” she started, turning to see Ashton watching her, nothing coming from his lips as he looked back to her. “If it’s any consolation, it’s not small.” He choked at her words, some of his drink spilling from his lips as she laughed.

“I’m not drunk enough for this,” he finally said responding to her as she leaned into his side, his arm coming up to rest over her shoulders.

“So, why were you jerking off anyways?” she asked, Ashton tensing beside her as she sipped at her drink. Any other time, Ashton would’ve shied away from the conversation, but being already three cups deep of Michael’s “special juice”, he was losing his filter, and quickly.

“You kept biting your lip and it was turning me on,” he whispered in her ear, biting at her earlobe causing her body to shake. “You look great, by the way.” She pulled back slightly, only to stand in front of him properly, placing her cup on the counter as well as taking his from his hand doing the same. She looked up at him, lip between her teeth as she ran her hands up his clothed chest, taking his face in between her hands forcing him to look at her if he already wasn’t.

“So why didn’t you just say that on Monday?” she questioned, one of his hands gripping the counter as the other slipped to her waist.

“What am I supposed to do? ‘Hey, babe, stop biting your lip. It’s making me horny’,” he teased resting his forehead against hers. He ran his thumb against the exposed skin on her stomach as her breath caught in her throat. “Do I have permission to kiss you?”

“You’re a bit drunk. You going to regret that in the morning, Ash?” she muttered, a smirk tugging at his lips.

“No, I’ve wanted to do this.” He pressed his lips to hers, her arms quickly moving from his face to his neck, one hand tangling in his hair as he bit on her lower lip, tugging at it with a smirk on his face. He pressed his lips to hers once again, his tongue slipping in her mouth letting her taste the fruity drink on him as he pulled her closer by her waist letting her feel him against her, a groan rumbling in his throat. The hand in his hair slipped down his body until it rested between the two, palming him through his jeans as he pulled back from her squeezing his eyes together. “Stop.”

“Why?” she whined with a pout as he grabbed her hand pulling her towards a door, opening it quickly making sure no one caught them as he pulled her down the stairs to the basement, flicking on the lights before shutting the door behind them. She looked around the room catching glimpses of the different instruments, as well as a few couches and chairs spread around the room, a small tv held its place in the corner as Ashton pulled y/n towards the couch, sitting himself down before pulling her onto his lap, their lips connecting once again as she started rotating her hips on his a moan escaping his lips as she kissed along his jaw to his neck, his breath hitching as she bit down on the side of his neck hard enough to break the skin, lapping at his neck with her tongue as she sucked a nasty bruise onto him. “Mine,” she muttered in his ear, biting on his lobe, a hard smack coming to her backside from Ashton before he trailed his hands up her sides under her shirt, tugging it off quickly along with her bra.

“All yours baby girl,” he said back as he stood with her legs still wrapped around him, turning around to lay her on the couch before tugging his shirt off and crawling between her legs. His lips skipping her neck moving straight to her chest leaving hickeys along her skin, kissing down her stomach to the top of her jeans, quickly popping the button and tugging the zipper down. He tugged the jeans off harshly, moving back in to tug her lace panties off with his teeth, the sight making her heat throb. “Open your mouth.” She did as she was told, Ashton slipping two fingers into her mouth letting her tongue swirl along the digits, nipping at them a bit before letting him drag them out of her mouth, a trail of saliva leaving her mouth dripping down her body as Ashton stuck those two fingers into her dripping heat, his head making its way down sucking at her clit causing her to arch her back at the feeling, a smirk tugging at Ashton’s lips as he started to slide his fingers in and out of her, his fingers curling up to hit her g-spot perfectly, her legs shaking at the feeling.

“Ash,” she breathed, her breath hitching as his teeth grazed her clit, the pain adding more pleasure to what she was already feeling, her edge making it’s way as her breath started to falter, Ashton removing his fingers from inside her only to replace them with his tongue, lifting his hand towards her mouth letting her get a taste of herself as he tasted her, moaning instantly. Her fingers got lost in his hair as he lapped up her juices, his tongue moving at a quick pace as her moans flooded the downstairs. Her grip tightened as she let out a pornographic moan, her legs shaking violently as she released over his tongue, Ashton taking as much as he possibly could, cleaning her up completely before pulling away from her, his chin glistening from the juices that didn’t make it into his mouth as she sat up pulling his face towards her to slip her tongue in his mouth for only a moment before pushing him over so he was seated, removing herself from the couch. She stood in front of him unbuttoning his pants, pulling them down quickly with his black boxers letting his cock spring free, precum dripping from the slit. She licked her lips looking up at him with a devilish smirk on her face as she was ready to get down on her knees for him, only to be stopped. “What now?”

“I’m gonna cum if you even attempt to put your mouth on me,” he said reaching down to his pants, pulling out a condom, quickly ripping it open and sliding it on his shaft. “Come ride me, babe.” She crawled onto his lap, straddling his legs as his hands came to rest on her hips while she lined him up with her opening, lowering herself onto his thick shaft, him filling her up completely as she moaned out. Her hips circled against his as she got used to the feeling of him inside of her before starting to ride him at a painfully slow pace. “I’m going to need you to move a tad faster, babe,” he muttered through his teeth trying to move her hips faster as she draped her arms around his neck resting her forehead against his letting him control her. “God you’re so fucking tight.”

Neither of them heard the basement door open, but Calum did hear the two of them as moans filled his basement as well as the sound of skin slapping against skin. He quietly made his way down the stairs completely forgetting that the pain reason for going down was to grab more booze.

“I hope to god you aren’t getting jizz on my couch,” he said, a smug smirk tugging at his lips as y/n screamed digging her face into Ashton’s neck as he glared at his friend who only chuckled shaking his head. “Whatever you two mess up, you can clean.” He retreated back up the stairs without the booze as Ashton groaned, y/n laughing removing her face from his neck to place a kiss on his cheek.

“Well, you’re going to have to thank Calum for cock blocking,” she teased rolling off of Ash, the mood being killed completely as he tugged at his hair. “We can try again next time.” she stood up from the couch only to be pulled back to him, Ashton pressing a kiss to her lips, tucking a stray piece of hair behind her ear.

“I wanna do more than just fuck with you, y/n…” She straddled his lap once again, in a less sexual way waiting for him to continue. “I like you, a lot.”

“Okay…,” she said waiting for him to continue as he continued to play with her hair.

“I want you to be my girlfriend.”

anonymous asked:

you're so incredibly stupid if you believe angels and jesus were not white. it's not just an "idea" it's fact.

ok i don’t want to get into this with someone like you but just know that jesus was not white. he had brown skin, brown eyes, thick brown curly hair. i went to catholic school my whole life son, i probably know more about religion than you and your whole family do.

as for the post you’re referring to, i meant i hate that when angels or holy images are always depicted (whether that is in art, movies, music, etc.) as having fair skin, blue/green eyes, and blonde/light brown hair. tell me to my face that’s not flat out colorism? tell me that’s not some bullshit made up by the racist ass europeans??? pls enlighten me, dude.

i’m outtie 5000 bc i’m so done with you. 


I want to say a lot of things about this episode, but I don’t know if I can! haha my mind is still really full of emotions so it’s hard… 

I just wanted to cry when I watched it, the animation was so good (I loved the scene when the background turned pink and Greg and Pearl started crying and steven was singing “you both love me and I love both of you”) the colors and images were so beautiful! AND THE SONGS!! ALL THE SONGS WERE SO AMAZING everyone in the crew is so talented! There are so many emotions in this… I can’t even explain…

So beautiful…

THANK YOU @stevencrewniverse @rebeccasugar @jeffliujeffliu @ben-levin @ianjq

(Feel free to repost but don’t forget to give credit please)

Everythings Okay (Ant-Man x Reader)

Originally posted by lowerycruthers

Character: Scott Lang (Ant-Man)

Word Count: 464

Warnings: Swearing, harrasment, a fight

A/N: Okay so I watched Ant-Man today and I absolutely loved it!. Anyways this is a short but semi sweet one! I hope you enjoy.

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hi, do you know a good way to explain agender? my friends know im agender and the way they try to understand is comparing me to a tree or rock... it gets me upset and i just laugh and agree with them. they also expect me to educatr them all the time?

Okay, let’s say this is what the gender spectrum looks like:

Depending on what gender someone is and to what intensity they experience it, they’re a different color and shade.

But agender people don’t have a gender, so we’re not anywhere on the sphere at all.

So if we place, for example, a maverique person, a demiboy and an agender person onto this image, it might look something like this:

Does that make sense?


I love veranka-s4cc‘s “Doggy Dreams” conversion but I needed more colors. So here are 8 recolors of that mesh :) 

The “You are my favorite” one is dedicated to my loves melbrewer367 and deelitefulsims :) 

Enjoy and let me know if there are any issues!

TOU: Don’t reupload don’t claim as your own.

I don’t claim the art I used as my own, it was found on google. If you want to know where I got a certain image just screenshot it and upload it for a google image search :)

Download at my 

google drive

Now back to playing GTW! :)

Exo Reaction to you drawing anime


*watching over you while you draw, with this face*


*impressed by your hidden talent*
“Whoa!!? YOu draw so well?”


*admiring your drawings*
“can you draw me a panda?!!”


*would watch you from a distance seeing you work so hard on something you enjoy doing, he might blush up at the sight*


*wants to help, but you tell him no cause you don’t him to ruin anything, so he sits and watches*


*you weren’t paying any attention to him, because your so focused, so he just hugs you tightly and refuses to let go until you agree to play with him*
(puppy needs his attention)


*doesn’t know what’s happening when he comes home with colored pencils/markers and papers scattered everywhere*


*probably just fell asleep*


*buys you a load of art supplies, cuz why not*


*ego up*
“I can draw too…. look at my amazing masterpiece”


*has his own anime collection, so he’s very excited himself*


*You explain to him all the things your drawing so he has a better understanding and one day could help you*

//gifs belong to rightful owners

//Feel free to request a reaction anytime