the ill sessions

Castiel WIP~

Haha @dragonpressgraphics :D WIP it is then!

I started it directly on the computer (no hand drawn sketch). I wanted to see if I could do this completely digital - so this is my test :)

@weekendartmarathon also working on this during the studio sessions

Hiatus AU: Mark drags Damien back across the country in what amounts to the most karmic reverse kidnapping in history, but stopping to take hipster pics of scenic overlooks will not protect you from the scary stuff lurking in the liminal space behind highway truck-stops. (A03)

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One Kiss (Joker x Reader)

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Requested by @ariyachiii: “I was wondering if you could do a joker x reader where reader is a new psychiatrist in Arkham and became a good friend of Harley. She’s handling diff. patient but one day she had to take care of Joker. Mr. J immediately likes her. And plans to take her with him. You can end it whatever you like. :DDD Hope you don’t mind.”

A/N: I’m sorry for how long it’s been taken me to do this. I’m the worst person alive. Anyway, I hope you guys like this!!

Warnings: Mentions of torture, blood, bloody bat, Joker being Joker.

‘Arkham Asylum, home for the criminally insane.’

You couldn’t have found a better place to apply? A children’s hospital probably would of been better place for you to start off your career but your heart had always pointed to disorders of the mind, the deadly kind. Not to mention that you never really had the temperament or patience to treat children. So here you were, two weeks into your new job in this big old mental instate.

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My mental health is very fragile lately.
I don’t feel good tbh- mostly empty and numb, neither sad nor happy. But it feels like any small incident can affect my short-lives happiness which isn’t very nice.

I’m trying to get out of this funk but it’s really really hard this time.
And thinking about my future just adds anxiety cause I don’t know what I want to do for a living and stuff. I never thought about that- mostly due to my childhood/youth experiences I think. I was in survival mode or something like that. I dunno.

But I’m trying. I go running 5 times a week. I booked a massage for tomorrow to work on my upper back. I got an xray of my spine so I can ger physiotherapy. I’m looking into therapists. But it’s hard, harder than it used to be tbh.

I’d like to thank The Bright Sessions for proving, in Dr Bright, that you don’t have to be a Doug Eiffel style slacker to be deeply self loathing. You can be a high functioning, successful professional and still believe that everyone would hate you if they knew the real you. Still act in ways to make that a self fulfilling prophecy.

Most media doesn’t acknowledge that success has no bearing on your inner life, and it’s such an important message.

Therapy Tomorrow...

I feel really anxious for therapy tomorrow. I had a pretty big breakdown around safety this week, and she knows about it because I emailed her in panic. I didn’t explain what was going on though. I know she’s gonna ask me questions about it tomorrow, and I just don’t want to talk about it. Especially because I’m worried she won’t think I’m safe to go home because of it. Ahhhhhh. It’s so hard to open up about a mistake you’ve made or thing that happened. You become so vulnerable. If there’s one person I can do that with, it’s my psychologist. But I just don’t want her to decide that I need to go to the hospital or something. Nerves are highhhhhhh.

[fic] 23. M. Looking for a challenge PART 2

(i honestly thought i could finish the whole fic this week bUT uh school. so uh, have this super short second part feat. viktor. 27. M. searching for meaning)

Like many things in Viktor’s life, this one could be blamed on Chris.


Not really.

(In Chris’ defense…well, Chris has no defense. Why would he even need one? But if he did, he’d cite Viktor’s preoccupation with small balls—“Subatomic particles, Chris!”—and infatuation, nay, obsession on some cute grad student he’d met at a symposium and who had maybe dry-humped Viktor’s leg and whose number Viktor failed to get.)

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