the ideal film to make tbh

I just had a thought about that deleted scene in CACW, at the wake? Where Sam and Steve discuss being civilians? How Steve is actually…reconciling himself with the thought?

It is such an injustice that this scene was cut, for two reasons:

1) It gives weight to Steve’s stance; he’s not blindly demanding the UN suck it and listen to him, he’s just not blindly listening to the UN. And he’s prepared to abide by the conditions placed on those not signing the Accords. You could say that he probably wouldn’t have stayed compliant, but then, neither did Tony. So with this scene, we get to see STEVE and his desperate attempt to be able to live his own ideals under his own terms for once. This is the most human and hopeful and young I saw him all film TBH.

2) It IMMEDIATELY makes Bucky more of an emotional catalyst for Steve’s action. Without the idea that Steve was okay becoming a civilian, we are left to wonder what Steve is really even giving up, going after Bucky. He doesn’t seem to mourn the loss of the Avengers, he certainly doesn’t mind being a fugitive, and honestly, it’s easy to believe that Steve’s excuse to bring Bucky in himself is just that–an excuse to get back into the action and exert his will. But with that deleted scene? With the knowledge that Sam and Steve were ready to retire, that they had a chance at a NORMAL life? Seeing Steve make the decision to go against the Accords, to engage in a fight even though he must be SO tired, to enter the fray even when he decided he wasn’t going to–you understand that it’s for Bucky. You feel the heaviness of his decision, the idea that he can’t stick around and wait for diplomacy here because he’s so close to finding his friend and losing him at the same time. HERE is where Steve’s “only I can make the right decision here” responsibility complex makes more sense as a burden rather than a smug superiority. And HERE is where we see what Steve had to give up to go after Bucky, and why he kept at it, five other super soldiers or not.

Anyway I’m also mad because the Sharon/Steve stuff was 100000 percent sweeter and less awkward in that scene than by the elevator banks.