the idea's pretty cool tho


“Hey, whatever suits you best- as long as it’s not some kinda insult, hah.” At the next of her words, he lowered his eyebrows just a bit. “I’m…just as loaded as the next guy. Ya know, direct TV here and a little pack of smokes there…enough to get by atleast but–thats not the point afterall.” he shrugged with a chuckle, smiling coyly until the mention of her dead husband. “Oh…well, em…I guess we have more in common than I thought.” he muttered that part, scratching the back of his head and looking off to the side briefly. “That’s a… a real shame.”

more info about my klance ocean/volcano spirit au

i see a lot of people being inspired by my post and creating such detailed worlds for the au and i thought: why not share my own?

  • in this setting, there is no singular ocean spirit no singular volcano spirit. there are multiple spirits for pretty much everything.
  • each volcano has it’s own spirit, different areas of the ocean have their own spirit, a mountain has a spirit as well as many smaller spirits for rocks and the like,a forest has a spirit as well as many smaller spirits for the trees and plants, a river has a spirit, etc etc. the bigger the part of nature is, the bigger and more solid its spirit will be.
  • things like oceans, rocks, trees, the wind, volcanoes, gems etc can manifest their spirits in a sort of personification. nature spirits are not simply guardians or possessors or residents of their nature. they ARE their nature. the ocean does not belong to ocean spirits. they ARE the ocean. the volcanoes do not belong to their volcano spirits. they ARE the volcanoes.
  • nature spirits have two forms. their natural form, in which they are made from their nature of origin and held together by raw energy, and their more…solid form? i’d say their “more human” form but some of them appear as animals even in solid form. you may think “wait why would they assume human/animal form when they’ve been around before those things existed?” welp, here’s why:
  • animals (including humans) are actually all just very very very very very distant descendants of nature spirits. kinda like how greek gods can have demigods as kids and those demigods have kids, and etc etc. anyways, animals (including humans) all have a spirit within them, but they cannot manifest it in the way larger parts of nature can.
  • there is an exception to the above. if a person or animal is completely in tune with the True Spirit, they can separate their spirit from their body.
  • there is only one True Spirit that is the origin of all energy. this is not a sentient being, but rather a force of nature from which everything originates.
  • all spirits can “die” if their physical self is destroyed. if a river ceases to flow or a mountain is worn down, or a forest is completely destroyed, or an animal’s body dies, the spirit leaves and returns to the True Spirit to be healed and rebirthed. so in a way nothing TRULY dies. nothing truly ceases to be. life goes on.
  • also, it is possible for memories to be retained even after being rebirthed, though it is some what rare.