the idea was someone elses but

and honestly i hate the idea that you have to be great at video games to play them…who cares if youre only “okay” at it. who cares if youre not doing things perfectly or youre not The Best. are you having fun? are you enjoying yourself? who gives a shit about anything else

be competitive if you want to be and its fun for you but never feel guilty about your skill level, or let someone else make you feel bad

No one gets more offended than religious people.

Since they don’t have logical arguments or facts on their side, all they have left to defend themselves with is emotional manipulation. All they have is being offended, and demanding you don’t offend them.

I’ve never heard a single argument that doesn’t boil down to “My personal, irrational and disproven ideas are inherently entitled to respect above all else.” They’re not, they’re nothing short of ridiculous, you only believe in them because someone told you to and your gullibility and lack of critical thought are embarrassing and unintelligent. Get offended over that.

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Hi! First off, I love your blog! Also, could I see a headcannon of MC with an identical twin? Thanks, have an amazing day!

Thank you so much love! You have an amazing day too! since you didn’t say who, I did a lot of them, since I really like this idea!


  • He’d be terrified
  • Especially because the first time he ever met them was at the party and little did he know, they’d brought their own sibling with them, so yeah, he saw someone who looked like MC’s profile picture
  • The problem came when he saw someone else who also matched MC’s profile picture
  • They were clearly a different person unless MC had, for some reason, changed their clothes during the party for no reason, but he couldn’t understand what was going on. 
  • His mind wasn’t making the simple connection of twins and he felt like he was going insane
  • Only when MC introduced themself to him and introduced their sibling did he finally understand what exactly was going on. 
  • This really wouldn’t be easy for him, he’s naive 
  • 90% of the time when he’s talking to one of them he’s just praying that he is in fact talking to MC 


  • She caught on quickly and, to her credit, didn’t have the reaction of complete shock whenever someone mentions twins 
  • She took it in stride, introducing herself to MC’s twin with a warm smile 
  • She was immediately trying to figure out ways to tell which twin was which because even as well as she knew MC she wanted to know who she was talking to for certain
  • She quickly finds out hints
    • MC smiles wider than their twin, but their sibling smiles more often
    • MC’s sibling has a scar under their left eye from a bike crash when they were nine 
    • MC likes coffee with cream and they like theirs black 
  • She actually gets pretty close with their twin as well 


  • There were, for whatever reason, talking about family
  • Jumin was an only child
  • MC had one sibling 
  • There was no problem there. Jumin had always thought it might have been nice to have a sibling and he kept their conversation going, asking who was the older sibling 
  • It was MC and he asked how much older they were and 13 minutes is definitely not a normal time and it took him just a few moments too long before he came to the realization that they were twins, making MC laugh as they confirmed it
  • He’d love to meet their sibling 
  • It would irritate him if he had trouble distinguishing which twin was MC 


  • He’s irritated. 
  • He can’t help it
  • First the RFA had to deal with Seven having a twin and now this? 
  • And less than a week after? 
  • It wasn’t that he had anything against MC’s sibling. It was mostly the problem that people he thought he was close to weren’t telling him that they had siblings and it was upsetting, not to mention the fact that the Choi twins always messed with him, or more like Seven always messed with him and Saeran was always dragged into it
  • He’s glad to find MC and their sibling aren’t like Saeyoung, but is honestly unsure when he’s talking to MC and that’s unsettling 


  • He’s delighted
  • Seriously, the only time anyone’s seen him so happy was when he rescued Saeran, or maybe the first time Saeran hugged him back or the first time in over 5 years that Saeran admitted to loving him still 
  • He’d overjoyed, thinking about all the pranks the four of them can play and he’s even happier that MC agrees with him
  • Unfortunately, MC’s twin is a bit more like Saeran and a bit more of the quiet type so it’s difficult to get either of them to play along, but occasionally they’re successful in dragging their siblings into pranking the rest of their friends 


  • He knew Saeyoung and Saeran when they were little 
  • Translation: He knew Saeyoung and Saeran when they looked really identical
  • He somehow knew all about them before they said a word (probably heard information from Mint Eye) 
  • Won’t say anything, but feels guilty every time he sees them smiling or talking together because he knows he took that away from the Choi twins, even if it was partially Saeyoung’s decision 
  • So much guilt. 


  • Horror. 
  • First he had to deal with Seven and that was a mess
  • And then Seven’s obsession with making sure MC was safe which led to him falling in life with MC
  • and then with Seven having a twin brother 
  • And now with MC having a twin of their own? 
  • It was ridiculous 
  • He half expected for someone to come up to him and tell them that they were his long lost twin 


  • He knew.
  • it was part of the reason that he chose MC in the first place 
  • He found it delightfully ironic that an identical twin was going to be the one to ruin his own twin brother’s perfect little world 
  • Once away from Mint Eye, he mostly feels guilty, if not for what happened between him and Saeyoung, then for what he’d dragged them and their sibling into
  • He wants to talk to MC long before he wants to talk to Saeyoung 
  • He’s good at being able to tell which twin MC 
  • He’s good at noticing small details and differences in people considering how hard he worked to find every possible different between him and Saeyoung 

i rly live by the idea that if u don’t treat me right someone else will like
i am the most forgiving and unconditionally loving person, especially to the ppl i rly care about. like to the point where i let ppl treat me f*cking awfully and walk over me and use me and i’ll still sit there loving and caring for them but, everyone has their breaking point like it happened with my ex and me and i never looked back to him after i finally did it lol 

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Can I maybe have some cute jealous headcannons of Johnny (and maybe Diego if you want to) and his s/o? (Sorry if this isn't what you ment about requests. Ignore this if it doesn't count >~<;)

Oooo bless you anon, I love jealousy headcanons a l o t


  • Diego always insists that he never gets jealous, scoffing at the mere idea of him ever feeling threatened by the thought of someone else taking you from him. He knows he’s the best, so why would you ever want to downgrade for someone else? Though despite what he says, it’s very obvious that he still manages to get riled up whenever you divert your attention towards another man.
  • Even if you’d only been talking to the other person for a few minutes, you can tell whenever Diego finally notices, the force of his harsh gaze on your back nearly tangible. If you try and look at him, he’ll flip his head back around so it looks like he was never glaring at you in the first place, but from his posture alone you can tell how tense and irritated he is, one of his gloved hands still held at his side in a tight fist. 
  • If you choose to ignore Diego and just keep talking to the other man, Diego will become a lot less subtle with his discomfort, abandoning any conversation he might have been in the middle of in order to stroll over to you two.As he approaches, he tries to shift his expression into one of pure confidence and indifference towards the other person, bringing out an arm to wrap around your waist, pulling you in close to his side before he even fully addresses who you were chatting with.  
  • Usually due to Diego’s own reputation, the other person will know now to leave you be, but if that doesn’t seem to be the case, Diego isn’t afraid to move onto more extreme measures. You’ll never forget the look of pure horror on one man’s face seconds before he darted off when Diego had used Scary Monsters to make him appear a bit more threatening, his pupils elongating into reptilian slits as his mouth cracked open, revealing long, razor sharp teeth.
  • Of course even when the other man is gone, Diego won’t leave you alone again. He’ll be constantly at your side, arm still wrapped around you possessively and introducing you both as a couple to every other person you both meet. It takes him a while to fully calm himself down from the whole ordeal, his grip on you staying possessively tight until he manages to finally relax.
  • Though he might have gotten over it, that doesn’t mean you’re entirely off the hook for getting him as jealous as he did. That night you’ll have him all over you, leaving dark hickies and bite marks along every inch of your exposed skin to ensure no one ever thinks you belong to anyone else but him


  • Johnny tends to be a bit less openly angry with his jealousy and a bit more on the subtle side. When he catches you talking with another man, his feelings lean more towards being hurt than anything else.
  • He’ll want to approach you two and set the other man straight that you’re already taken, but no matter how irritated he feels, he just can’t bring himself to. Before the accident he knows he would’ve been over there in a heartbeat, glaring the other man down as he came to hold you close, but now with his wheelchair and his idea that he’s been cursed, his confidence is at an all time low. 
  • He’ll just sort of stay there watching you two, growing more and more bitter and hurt the longer you go without ending the conversation. Every time you smile or laugh at the other person’s comments or jokes, Johnny can feel his grip on his own wheelchair tightening ever so slightly. By time you two finally break away, his knuckles are white from the force of him holding so firmly onto it. 
  • Once you return back to Johnny, you’ll find him acting a lot more aloof towards you than normal. While you had been busy having fun talking to the other man, his own feelings had been left to simmer. He knows his curse wouldn’t let him keep you forever, so he can’t help but feel it’s only a matter of time before you won’t actually return to him after talking with someone else like that. To him, it only seems inevitable that you’d find someone you love more, but even with knowing that he still can’t help but get angry at you for, in his mind, dropping him for another man. 
  • While it might take a while for him to admit why he’s actually so mad at you, once he finally snaps and asks if “you don’t have some other man to go bother,” it becomes more clear that he’s been feeling jealous this whole time. It might take you a while to fully reassure him that you won’t be leaving him for anyone anytime soon, and that he’s the only man for you, but once you do his irritation easily evaporates. While he still has that little bit of insecurity at the back of his mind, the fact that you care so much for him helps set him at ease. 
  • Though once you two have been together for a while and he’s finally fully confident that he’s the only man you’ll ever love, he’ll be a lot more openly possessive towards you. Whenever he feels you haven’t been showing him enough attention, or perhaps you’ve been showing someone else a bit too much attention, he’ll just pull you down into his lap, wrapping his arms tightly around your torso and resting his chin on your shoulder. Every time he does it, he can’t keep the grin off his face once he sees how openly flustered you get at his sudden affection. 
Jon/Daenerys fanfiction: Brave enough to yield

Summary: Jon Snow comes to visit Daenerys at Dragonstone after the events of Season 6, and learns of his true parentage. He and Daenerys are both stubborn, and find it difficult to trust each other. A shared tragedy brings them closer together. Told from Daenerys’s point of view.


Jon had refused to kneel, when he first came to Dragonstone. He’d stood before her, in well-tailored furs clearly made by someone else’s hand, and simply declined. Dany had been insulted. She was also intrigued. How many men would refuse the Mother of Dragons, the most beautiful woman in the world?

Stubbornness ran deep in Jon, she soon learned. She’d had the idea to form an alliance with him, and seduce him, as soon as she heard of his visit. She’d plotted as he traveled from Winterfell, with Tyrion’s help.

“He’ll be as intractable as a mule. Slightly more handsome, though,” Tyrion had told her, and winked.

Tyrion had been right. Jon promised his army with some reluctance, but he was cold to her advances. It stung more than she expected. She wasn’t immune to loneliness herself. She’d felt a childish swelling of hope when she’d learned that she might not be the last of her line, that another dragon might walk the earth. But Jon kept her mostly at a distance, though she saw him staring at her once or twice. Perhaps there was some truth to the saying that Northern men had ice in their veins.

Jon took to Rhaegal, at least. Dany envied how quickly he’d developed a bond with the beast. It had taken her months to feel the presence of Drogon’s mind, once he was fully grown. Jon had managed to connect with the green dragon in a matter of days. It had made her job of convincing him of his true heritage easier. That, and Varys’s scroll from Howland Reed had left Jon with no room for doubt.

Jon himself might not say much, but the news he brought of the terror north of the Wall had turned Dany’s mission on its head. She’d sailed across the Narrow Sea prepared to do battle in Westeros. She’d arrived on shore ready to take what was hers, as was her right, and reclaim the Iron Throne at King’s Landing. Then Jon confirmed Varys’s whispers of the White Walkers, and the wights, and priorities had shifted to protecting the realm. They needed weapons, and weapons, according to Jon, meant fire, and dragonglass.


Fire, and powerful fire at that, they had in abundance, thanks to Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion. But the dragonglass was more elusive. Dozens of Unsullied had scoured the castle and come back empty-handed. Dany was not a patient woman by nature, and was ready to move on. Yet Tyrion insisted they search the caverns beneath Dragonstone once more.

“I’ll hear no more about dragonglass, Lord Tyrion.” Dany tucked into their meager breakfast. The stores of food were depleting fast. But she’d traveled enough under rough conditions to eat whatever was before her.As she saw Jon scrape his plate clean, she thought the same might be true of him.

Tyrion had a more discerning palate, and picked at the stale bread and hard cheese with distaste. “We need all the weapons we can find, my queen.”

Dany rolled her eyes. Would Tyrion not let this go? “Has it slipped your mind, Lord Tyrion, the days we’ve spent searching arrived?”

“Hardly, Your Grace. But I did receive an interesting raven just this morning. Apparently we haven’t been looking in the right place.” Tyrion, naturally, made a show of revealing his secret. He brought the scroll out from under his green tunic with a flourish.

Dany didn’t recognize the seal. “Who sent it?”

Read more below, or continue on AO3

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I feel like the toons require a human body to maintain a physical form and the stronger the bond between the human and toon the better the form will be. Going off of the sheep songs poster, I can guess that Boris in general is a musical character. He can play instruments and maybe even singing songs, so Sammy probably did the most work with the character. 

Bendy decided that the bond was strong enough so he combined them together and now Boris is able to keep a good form. Bendy himself probably doesn’t have a good host yet, hence why he looks like he got hit by a bus. I have a few ideas why he’s like this:

1) He hasn’t absorbed Joey because he needs him for something else.

2) He has absorbed him but since Henry and Joey both had a major hand in making him he needs both of them to become stable.

3) Joey had little to do with making the character so he needs someone else (probably Henry)

Hey guys, so I had an idea. I use my sideblog @wherethelightispink mainly as a more organized pinterest, but I’ve been using it as well to post my own etsy listings. A while ago, someone else submitted their own listing to that page, which gave me the idea to start a blog specifically for crafters. You can submit your own listings, or post them and tag the page, and I’ll share them. Would anyone be interested in something like that?

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I separate fanon personalities from canon. For example; I like the idea of Keith always having a poker face whose rare smile could light up the stars in fanfics and such but in canon he's more like a socially awkward fella that does smile pretty often when he's having a good convo with someone. That's why I keep my ships fanon cause I like how people depict them but I know it's not like that at all in canon and more of a bromance than anything else.

That’s literally what I’m like I have fanon interpretations of characters that are nowhere near close to canon but literally fanon =/= canon and idk why some people find this so hard to grasp it literally isn’t difficult to separate fanon and canon and enjoy them as separate mediums

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For the character headcanons - Bernie Wolfe, number 10, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 20, 21, 22. Thank you!


10. Fears/phobias?

Bernie Wolfe is terrified of Serena leaving her. She’s spent so long fighting herself and being used to herself being the one who runs that the idea of someone else leaving scares her. The sabbatical proves this to her.

13. What gets them flustered?

When Serena makes really obviously suggestive comments in public. When the receptionist asked if they had anything planned for their stay, did Serena really have to reply with ‘eating out’ alongside a super suggestive wink?

14. Ingrained habits/forces of habit?

Getting up at 5am everyday. Feeling the need to go running or do weights. She also makes sure Serena is furthest from harm, and always has to sit facing an exit.

16. Dark secrets/'skeletons in the closet’?

The biggest one was always her attraction to women. Now that’s out, there’s less in the closet, so to speak. However, she’s sketchy about her military past, scared people will run when they discover she once killed someone in defence.

17. Regrets?

Not being true to herself sooner, though in a way she’s glad as that led her to Serena. Kiev. Always Kiev. No matter how many times Serena tells her it is in the past, she can’t quite forgive her cowardice.

20. What-ifs/Alternate Timelines?

My main one has been what if she was Sexy Firefighter Bernie? However, if Bernie had been truer to herself sooner and arrived at Holby, I wonder how long it would have taken for she and Serena to become a couple.

21. Turning points in their life?

Joining the RAMC. Every military promotion. Giving birth to Cameron and Charlotte. Alex. The divorce. Meeting Serena and arriving at Holby. Kiev. Her first time with Serena.

22. People who’ve influenced them greatly?

Her parents were the ones who inspired her to join the military. Marcus gave her Cameron and Charlotte. That one scary major when she was a new recruit gave her ambition. Alex made her be a bit less scared. Serena showed her the world.

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I am lowkey attracted to you as a person, but am too shy to say anything. I adore the way you love music and the way you analyze the things you love. I just want you to realize that you're amazing and that you have the right to love yourself without feeling bad about it.

I think I know who’s typing this but at the same time, I have no idea who’s typing this. *thinking*

Well, brother/sister/cupcake, I am but a little bean who has nothing to give and nothing to take in this tiny little world I’ve constructed for myself. When do I ever analyze anything??? It’s a miracle I’ve gotten this far in school considering…some things.

Maybe this is why I have a connection with JJ. We’re both seemingly arrogant people who want people to remember us but in doing so, we push people away from our circle and we put ourselves down because we have too high of a expectation for what we do. And in our downfall, we find that one person, that one friend, that one small group of people who accept us and love us because of who we are, not what we’ve done.

Is that analyzing?

Send some anonymous opinions about Joey from that one thing I reblogged but am too lazy to link back to because yes

What I’ve learned about my Pisces mars is interesting because for a long time I thought I was just a dominant person, but in actuality I am a “people pleaser” in bed; I just want anyone else to feel good and I act the way I think they want me to. I tend to come into contact with masochistic men who want me to be aggressive, so I act this way. But once I’m with someone who is just desiring kindness? I’m immediately that. It’s actually kind of annoying because it’s like I have no idea how I”ll react to others sexuality-wise


I normally dream about highly realistic scenarios - which means that lately my dreams have been driving me crazy. I dream about getting back together with him and marrying him, or dream about him being with someone else or me meeting someone else. Whether the dreams are positive or negative, they always seem to make me wake up grumpy when I remember them.

Last night I woke up at around 1 am with a start and had apparently dreamed the above, which seems to be the plot of some sort of caper-like rom com? I was shook by the reveal of the murder and thought it was such an amazing novel idea that I managed to open the Notes app on my phone and type the “plot,” which I’m showing you unedited in all of its confusion. 

There have been a few times in the processing of those other dreams that I’ve woken up and felt the need to type out what happened in the morning, but I’ve never been startled awake and felt the need to type things out right then. But apparently a senator who lives with Ted Cruz and is implicated in a murder was important enough for me to document right then and there.

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Hello there! Um, I dunno if you'll care to answer this question, but I have a character who has a small (not-small-it's-actually-big) problem with treating people like possessions, mostly because that's how she was treated her whole life, and sort of figures that's how the world works. Do you have any ideas on how she could grow out of this (if that's the right word)? Thanks, btw! :) Have a good day!


Possibly she could hurt someone she really cares about, and seeing that hurt, she could be jarred out of her behavior. That person could also have a hard time forgiving her, which would further enforce that treating people as possessions is wrong.

I hope this helps! If you need anything else, please feel free to ask. - @authors-haven

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Hi! I've been in the "fictionkin" community for a while now just to get an idea of the beliefs and I no longer think we should be so quick to judge them. To preface, I am not myself fictionkin, but I compiled a list of kins so that I could befriend people who were, and I've come to the startling realization that every person I've met who is "kin" has some form of self-loathing. It's entirely possible they feel they HAVE to be someone else to cope with these emotions. Just my two cents! <3

Maybe. I don’t doubt that it’s a coping mechanism for some people, but I’m sure there are a lot who just genuinely believe what they’re saying and I don’t think that’s very healthy.

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But those posts are relatable because they show us that we aren't alone in feeling like that. Some people will think that we are alone with no idea how to work through these behaviors.

“they show us that we aren’t alone in feeling like that”

Y'all say fucked up shit like “tfw u wanna hurt your FP for talking to someone else” and using splitting as a threat so no offense but I would stay far far away from someone who talks like that

Late last night, at like 11pm, Dogface was keeping me awake doing that quiet “boof” thing that dogs do when they’re upset. Everyone who has a dog knows that sound, right? I have to get up for work early in the morning and it was just loud enough to be annoying.

Anyway, I sit up and see that he’s sitting on the bed by my feet, looking at the window, going “boof…” every ~30 seconds. I get up and stick my head out the window, and can faintly hear one of my neighbors up the street screaming for help, just wailing over and over.

We go outside, find which unit the sound is coming from, and get the police in there. Soon, an ambulance came through and hauled someone away. No idea what happened, but nobody else in the neighborhood seemed to be taking any notice…

TL;DR: Dogface is a very good boy and might have saved someone’s life last night.