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(eddiesrichie) hehe congratulations !! So proud of you :) hmm I pick 🤡 + reddie at the fair headcanons

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- you know richie is SO excited about the fair (mainly ready to gorge himself on greasy food) so he practically forces the losers club to come along with him

- the losers ride a few rides together (with eddie squeezed against richie’s side during the spinning apple ride) but eddie gets queasy pretty quickly, so richie takes him aside from the other losers to play some dart games at the booths

- eddie is a little embarrassed that he couldn’t hold his own on the rides but he soon forgets about it with how many games richie challenges him to, and soon they’re laughing with each other, out of breath from trying to beat each other at the basketball booth

- when richie puts all of his tickets together to get eddie an oversized stuffed turtle eddie is breathless for a very different reason

- they meet up with the rest of the losers and get the gross fair food that richie’s been begging for - but eddie doesn’t complain about it too much when richie brings them both vanilla cones to share (its a tradition)

- once the sun is almost set, ben begs to go on the ferris wheel and all the other losers agree - except for stan who was never too big on heights so he hangs back (this means eddie makes him hold the giant turtle and mike feels bad so he keeps stan company) 

- eddie of course tries to time it so ben, bill, and bev sit in their own passenger car and he and richie can sit in their own - it works and he nearly chokes when richie grasps his hand to help him into the car

- on the second circle around, their car gets stuck near the top. their knees are knocking together where they sit across from each other, and eddie’s hands are tightly gripping his knees. 

- richie goes in for the kill and lays his hand on top of eddie’s white knuckles

- eddie slowly turns his hand over to hold richie’s hand back, staring at the sunset and hoping (in vain) richie thinks his blush is just the sunlight

- ben bill and bev are all watching them since they’re in the cart above theirs

- they all get off and head towards the exit, but eddie hesitates long enough to leave a quick kiss on the corner of richie’s lips without anyone seeing

- it tastes like powdered sugar and richie cant move until someone shouts his name

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Game of Thrones AU: Sansa does not escape from King’s Landing after the king dies. She is imprisoned and accused of Joffrey’s murder. She follows Tyrion’s lead and asks for a trial by combat, knowing that she will not get a fair trial anyway. Oberyn Martell, remembering a different young woman who long ago suffered in the Red Keep because of the Lannisters, volunteers to fight for her.


【羽・WINGS・Park Jimin】



How to Bullet Journal 101:

hey guys!!! alot of you guys have been asking about my bujo & tips on starting one, so here are some tips for anyone who wants to start a bullet journal!!! i have included several spread & layout ideas for you guys; i hope that you find them useful!!! also!! do remember that every bujo is unique!! you don’t have to copy my spreads, but you can use them as references, if you’d like!! anyways, wishing you guys all the best!! have fun & enjoy the process!! (ㆁᴗㆁ✿)