the idea popped in my head for this gifset!

Quick shoutout to the dear, sweet person who elected to stay anonymous when they sent me a prompt for a McDanno fic this afternoon in response to a query I posted the other day asking what fic would you like to see me write. I wanted to let you know I got your message and I just wanted to add two things :-

1) I’ve never written a McDanno fic before (other than a rushed little comment fic on a gifset about a year or so ago), but I’ve always wanted to. I just never seemed to find either the right idea or the right time.

2) l loved your prompt! Loved, loved, loved it. After reading it my mind immediately started buzzing with ideas and I spent the last two hours of my shift at work coming up with ideas and dialogue, etc, etc, and I really want to write it! I was planning on starting tonight, but a little Marvey plot bunny that raised its head the other day popped up again and I found myself chasing it down the rabbit hole. That wascally wabbit! But I’m really going to try to have a go at filling your prompt. I hope I do it justice for you and thank you so much for thinking of me to write this lovely idea. Stay tuned! 😘

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anonymous asked:

my buddy my pal if u don't want people shipping supergirl and that brunette chick maybe u shouldn't parallel them with literally the most heartbreaking otp of all otps in the mcu like wow. just a thought there kiddo but saying 'don't ship a parallel with steggy!' is yikes. maybe pay more attention to the point of the scenes ur giffing?

Oh boy I don’t even know where to start with this one… listen.. sweetie… clearly you don’t even go here so welcome to my blog, let me and my aro ass explain to you a few things.

First off, I do not ship Supergirl and “that brunette chick” because “that brunette chick” is her sister. And I am not going to be okay with people shipping siblings together romantically/sexually, that is a Hard No for me. Like I’m not going to go out and tell other people they aren’t allowed to ship them, but it is perfectly within my rights to express in the tags of my own damn gifset that I would prefer not to see tags about the two of them as a romantic ship in the reblogs. And I mentioned it in my own tags knowing full well that that is going to have absolutely no effect on anyone else’s behavior and interactions with my post and that’s fine, 90% of the time my tags are just me talking to myself

(plus literally the only things I said to that effect were “#but please… i am begging you all… please No Romo in the tags pLEASE it’s all i ask” and “#i would like to thank not only rao but also kara ‘alien jesus’ zor-el for the minimal romo in the tags of this post” which is not even referring to the specific ship at all??? it could be interpreted as just a general repulsion to romance, which, what do you know, is basically the foundation of my blog and therefore should not be surprising to most of the people who would even see those tags??)

And speaking of my general distaste for romance… here is a RADICAL #Concept:


How many times to I have to fucking yell this into the void??? Being in capital L, Romantic Love™ is not The Closest two human beings can ever possibly get. There isn’t some scale of interpersonal relationships where familial love trumps friendship or something and romantic love trumps everything else.

This is a huge problem in society in general. Romantic relationships are valued more highly over almost any other type of connection, and if you lack that romantic connection, then you and your life are viewed as incomplete. The idea that two people are “just friends” vs “something ~more~” is fucking terrible, like there should be nothing “just” about being friends, being “just friends” should not be viewed as a consolation prize or a stepping stone to something ~more meaningful~ (i.e. romantic). Your familial/parent-child/sibling relationships shouldn’t be viewed as training wheels for the eventual Real (Romantic) Relationships / “”“’'True Love”“”“’. “True (Romantic) Love” is NOT inherently more meaningful than the love between two friends or between sisters or between me and my fucking pet cat.

So the implications of you saying “maybe u shouldn’t parallel them with literally the most heartbreaking otp of all otps in the mcu” are fucking TERRIBLE like wow, just a thought there kiddo, but essentially saying “this highly emotional and heartbreaking scene MUST be indicative of romantic love and there is no way anything but a romantic ship could possibly have a goodbye as heartbreaking as my otp because the only interpersonal connection that is strong enough to cause that much heartbreak is a romantic one” is yikes. It’s one of the things I hate most in the world (and specifically in fiction/media and fandom — this happens a lot when two siblings have a strong bond, somehow people always start shipping them together romantically because society has trained us to automatically read strong emotional bonds like that as being romantic).

(Okay shit this is getting long so the rest is going to be under the cut because I am not even CLOSE to being finished, my guy)

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Caroline Appreciation Week |Day 3: Favorite Quote

“I don’t abandon the people that I care about.”

This quote is everything Caroline stands for. Throughout the series she showed that no matter what she will always be there for the people she loves. Even when she’s put in danger, or they’re mean to her, or she doesn’t agree with them. She will always still be there for them no matter what.

Hi guys, I was thinking of fun things to do this Christmas and this idea popped into my head. 

why not make a Christmas wishlist? 
what is a Christmas wishlist you might ask? well it’s basically you write a wishlist of things you would like for Christmas this year, it can range from anything from edits of your favourite shows to PSD’s, textures, fonts, music videos, well you get the picture. 

but just in case here’s an example

My Christmas Wishes:

  1. To meet new people on tumblr.
  2. A PSD pack for old TV shows e.g Roswell, charmed, Dawson’s Creek etc
  3. some icons of *insert couples, actors, otps, friendships here*
  4. GIFSETS/EDITS of my favourite otps and characters or friendships can find list of all my favourites here *insert link*
  5. for everyone to have a wonderful Christmas and get lots of lovely presents.

You will also need to write a list out like THIS for people to see what OTPS/Characters etc you like so they know what to make. Unless you have specific ones you would like an edit of then you put those ones bold so they know which are the major ones. 

You can have up to 10 wishes, once you have written your wishlist, post it to your blog for people to see and then hopefully your followers and maybe even someone who doesn’t follow you (you never know) can decide if they would like to grant your wish if this is the case then you message said person telling them you would like to fulfil one of their Christmas wishes and which one.

Once you receive a message granting said wish you then proceed back to your wishlist and score it off letting people know someone has granted it already. But if it’s an edit for one of your OTPS/ characters or whatever which has a list of more than one they can grant you another edit but of a different OTP/characters and in this case your don’t score it off you will underline it indicating one of them has been done and they should recheck your list of OTPS/Characters etc to see which one has been scored off.


I thought this would be a fun and nice way to spread cheer for everyone around the world on tumblr this year since I know a lot of people this time of year feel left out cause they find it hard to make friends on here or they have a lot going on so people might want to cheer them up or just plain old what the heck will I make this person for Christmas this year they have so many shows/otps to choose from which would they prefer?!

also if you want others to see/find your wishlist please tag it #wishlist15

please feel free to message me if you have any questions :)