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Our notions about happiness entrap us. We forget that they are just ideas. Our idea of happiness can prevent us from actually being happy. We fail to see the opportunity for joy that is right in front of us when we are caught in a belief that happiness should take a particular form.
—  Thich Nhat Hanh
Lucky Us Ch. 16: Juleka's Story II
  • Adrien: *wanders into the cafe*
  • Juleka: ((This guy looks lost.))
  • Adrien: *approaches her*
  • Juleka: Welcome to Cafe Reflekta. ((And kind of familiar.))
  • Adrien: Hi. I'd like the Ladybug special.
  • Juleka: *looks him up and down* ((DAMN Marinette, good job.)) Awesome. ((But where have I seen him before?))
  • Juleka: *prepares drink* ((Wait a minute, he's Adrien Agreste.))
  • Juleka: ((OMG OMG OMG Marinette is dating Adrien Agreste. Or trying to assassinate him. Or both??)) *hands Adrien the drink* Enjoy.
  • Juleka: *discreetly watches him react to the letter* ((ok so she's definitely dating him w o w look at his face he's so in love?? Congratulations, Mari.))

Why do these fitness commercials aimed at women keep using “being sexy” as the goal to use their product???? Fools,,,, I am not going to build muscle to “be sexy” I am, Cleary, going to become Shredded just so my enemies fear the idea of Meeting Me In Hand To Hand Combat,

The idea of the US leaving the UN is scary in that it’s like the first thing they’re doing but it’s also incredibly dumb, like the US’ veto is the only thing that’s stopped numerous American allies from getting constantly sanctioned by the UN.  

FanFic: Focused on Friar

A/N: Focused on Friar (The Friar Files) will be a peek inside the mind of Lucas Friar. Who he is, his family, his background, who he believes in and what he thinks about when all else is quiet.

Special thanks to @softlucasfriar for the header pic

Many thanks to @zombeeegurl  @gmwpluto @imaginarybird @drizzyyjayy @shebe67 @winterliley @dream–try–do-good   for always being willing to listen to my crazy ideas

Extra thanks to @frankchurchillsaysrelax not only for being a sounding board but for letting me use your idea about a convo between Auggie & Lucas 

I have not yet watched the full episode and I may never watch it (I bought it so who knows what the future holds)  I’ve seen enough posts to know that I am not going to be happy with how it ends so rather than torture myself, I will live off of the posts/videos and Gifsets I’ve seen. 

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Hey guys! I had an idea because you get so many fan theories; why not dedicate a day to post them? Maybe you could have something like Fan Theory Friday?

it’s difficult meeting our comic page deadlines every monday and thursday as it is. while it is a cool idea, committing to another deadline is not realistic for us! we’ll just post them up whenever we can get to them. thanks for the suggestion!

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Is Michael Chu in charge of the voice lines? Because like the McHanzo interactions are pretty telling. Also, glad you interact with him on Twitter a lot, which fosters familiarity and dispels the idea that us shippers are crazy or strange in a bad way

Michael Chu is in charge of the lore/storyline of Overwatch, so he’s the one writing everything that happens in animated shorts, comics, etc. And he’s a pretty cool dude! It’s fun to talk to him, but if he does get a positive idea of McHanzo shippers being chill and mellow folks, then that’s a bonus!

Dear Phil Lester

Phil, I am very sorry. Im not usually in the phandoms drama, but I was told by a good friend what had been happening and if it is true I’m sorry. As I’m not one of those big phan accounts I thought that people wouldn’t see the attempted fan art I made of you or the jokes I thought of just because I thought you’d enjoy it and maybe this is just rambling but Phil Lester you are one brave, beautiful and intelligent man.

And here are my reasons why;

1. The thought of you just using a shitty camera to record yourself cause you wanted to share your day is mental. Like I know YouTube is a big thing now but you were one of the big pioneers on YouTube and that’s amazing.

2. After people using your creative ideas as their own you never say anything, it’s like if you were used to it. I have been taken stuff (stories,ideas and drawings) from and it feels awful but you don’t seem to mind as long as the person taking it get a benefit. Don’t let others step on you because you think they deserve it more.

3. You manage to keep your family happy and connected, I know some people are going to argue this with me about the family not being your choice and it’s in part true. My family has been together as long as I can remember but we are not connected that much, you see whenever I try to make my family laugh it’s mostly a fail, I don’t know what makes them laugh, when I show them things I’m passionate about sometimes they just see it as common. Now don’t get me wrong my family is the most loving and caring family a person could have, it’s insane how much positivity and support these people have  but everyone is living their separate lives. Back to Phil, it’s like you never had that problem you just are so connected to them and loving  its great like it takes a lot of courage, time and love to get to that perfect relationship point.

4. You are unexpected, like many jokes on the phandom are oh that’s just Phil things or that’s just Phil being Phil but actually it’s not that common. I was looking at tabinof the other day reading your stories and damn your head is so full of ideas and concepts that are always quirky and pacific.

5. Talking about heads you most be a fricking genius! Like is not easy putting ideas into a piece of paper. For me it’s a struggle as I’m never completely sure what to write, it’s a thing of practice of getting a great idea and showing it to the world with some words and getting a degree on it?! Some people might not appreciate it but honestly most of us don’t know how to even start to explain our visions in a way everyone understands (I know we like to joke about it but dude! Talent right there! 

Sorry for my intervention, please don’t ever let Phil feel unwanted or underrated he deserves the world. I have so many more! But I won’t stop you from scrolling.

whitepassing as a term & concept should have a very limited use in contemporary discussions imo. the idea that if ur ancestry is from anywhere besides white & western european christendom you are a confirmed poc™ has no basis in fact & only allows more an more people to opt out of their privilege instead of recognising it.

Thanks to the encouragement of @tammybobammy, she and I will be doing a temperature scarf this year. I dreaded the idea of a blanket and thought the scarf was a genius idea! I decided to go with 10 colours and plan on using a moss stitch which, should make the scarf just over 8 feet long. If I used this chevron stitch, the scarf would be closer to 12 feet long. As well, I’m using yarn that I already had in my stash instead of following a true colour wheel as this is the closest I had to one. Progress pics to follow throughout the year.

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I think the shrine to the domesticated animals is an amazing idea! I might make one myself if you don't mind me using the idea too!

Go right ahead!

Domesticated animals have played such a pivotal role in our species’ development and evolution over time, and not just by providing us with good, reliable nutrition! Oxen plowed the fields and trampled out the grain, which helped feed our growing settled civilizations. Sheep provided us with fibers to make warm clothing, and allowed us to withstand colder temperatures. And man, don’t even get me started on dogs

Their species deserve all the respect we can give them! Without them, we would not be as we are today. <3

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Lmao so now white women get hate for being feminists and also not being feminists? I'm not a feminist because i think i'll get "rewarded" i'm a feminist because i believe in equal rights???

that’s exactly the victimizing attitude that isnt needed at a time like this. feminism is feminism which means equal rights for ALL women…..not just women who’s situation it would be convenient for. the feminist movement is tainted by women (usually white women) who think feminism is any able bodied woman of privilege with a vagina who has faced a minor injustice because of men. feminism should stand for ALL women, trans, disabled, women of color, lgbt, etc. when you have white cis women marching and using the small minded idea of womanhood being seen as just the possession of a vagina, it’s exclusionary and really just plain disrespectful. white women arent getting hate for being feminist. white women are getting hate for being white feminist, and ONLY white feminist.