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Human Sardonyx(es?)
as lawyers ready to go on their lunch date

I really don’t feel like coloring this, but at the same time, I don’t believe it needs colors? It has been a long time since I did a black and white pic. Also, Leticia Curi is my real name! I’m figuring out how to sign it in a cool way. 

Also thanks everyone who send me helpful messages, I’m ok, I’m just on a “meh” state! Sorry to worry you guys!

I’m jumping on the shark prince bandwagon! I’ve wanted to do a Zelda theme terrarium/aquarium piece for the longest time now, and the initial idea used the OoT design for the zora. Well, since I don’t seem to be the only one who’s currently in love with Sidon, I thought it would be cool to adapt the design. ;)

I’m submitting this as a design in TheYetee, but it could take up to two weeks for it to be approved! Wish me luck in the meantime~!

Those Four Words

Summary: “You absolute fucking prick.”

Word count: 1.6k

Rating: Teen+

Warnings: Swearing (guess it’s a little late for that though whoops I’ll just put that in the tags), food mention

A/N: Inspired by a debate between @botanistlester@insanityplaysfics, and some anons on Phanfiction Catalogue about whether Dan or Phil would propose. I, um, might have been one of those anons btw (*cough* #TeamEliza *cough*). I hope this serves as an acceptable compromise.

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Dan doesn’t bother to look away from the episode of Steven Universe they’re watching, acknowledging his boyfriend only with a noncommittal sound somewhere between a hum and a grunt. Phil’s using his ‘idea’ voice, and as it’s barely past ten in the morning and Dan was up pacing the lounge until nearly five, he has neither the energy nor the mental capacity to pay attention to anything more complicated than cartoons right now. He pops another spoonful of cereal into his mouth and hopes whatever Phil has to say is brief.

(He gets his wish).

“Marry me?” Phil says in the exact same tone he used last week when he suggested that they go miniature golfing in the middle of a typical London downpour.

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So I tweeted this out during the charity stream, and for some unholy reason, I feel the need to show MORE people my terrible art. 

I also posted it on my RedBubble, because I post everything on RedBubble, because I’m silly. 

Basically, I know I’m bad, but I’m trying to be brave and accept that failure just means growth. So I’m trying to share things, even things I think I did poorly on, so I can grow and learn. That’s why I’ve been posting more art in general lately.

Anyway, rambling aside, I really appreciate Darkiplier.

@markiplier you said that you are excited to fail, because it means you learn. I’m doing my best to have that attitude. So take this.

The Signs as Italian Words

*I don’t speak Italian, this is just for fun. If you plan on criticizing, please do it kindly. Xoxo, Admin S ☼ ☼.*


“Fantastic, incredible, nail biting. A spirit of daring adventure.”


“An “I couldn’t care less” attitude.”

Gemini: Chiacchierone

“A chatterbox.”

Cancer: Struggimento

“A combination of painful misery and yearning.”

Leo: Mozzafiato

“Breathtaking, literally to chop off one’s breath.”

Virgo: Scintilla

“A tiny spark, a barely visible trace.”


“The reflection of light on water.”

Scorpio: Furbo

“Somebody devious, or tricky.”

Sagittarius: Magari

“An expression often used to express the idea of hope, longing and wishful thinking, ‘If only it were true.’”

Capricorn: Autodidact

“Somebody who is self-taught.”


“A night wanderer.”

 Pisces: Dietrologia

“The belief that hidden dimensions underlie surface reality.”

need some ideas for good habits? of course you don’t have to do them all these are just a few ideas (you could use them for your tracker in ur bujo and stuff like that)

  • drinking enough water
  • eating healthy
  • sozializing (texting w/ friends, going out, calling sb etc.)
  • watering your plants
  • studying a language
  • cleaning/tidying up (dishes, your room, …)
  • reading
  • watching tv shows
  • making compliments
  • writing 3 things down your thankful for
  • doing sports
  • skin care routine
  • meditating
  • drawing / painting
  • writing
  • blogging
  • journaling
  • taking your vitamins

 i’m love him,, these aren’t his actual colours but they’re cute. Kinda hate myself for the batim refs I slipped in-

name ideas so far have been Snacko, Inkblot and Bunson


((Here, have the Magic Trio.
You have no idea how much I struggled with Arthur’s armor srly
I used the Awakening desings for the first two, and for Vlad I used the Fates one ‘cause I… I honestly don’t like the other one tbh.
And I didn’t even like the Fates one more, but I thought I could make it work out so here ya go :3c))

The Doctor waved a hand dismissively at the young man. ‘Oh, this child here doesn’t believe in fairy stories.’

‘What?’ Steven was incredulous. ‘You never dreamed of being Sleeping Beauty, Vicks? Or Cinderella, carried off by a handsome prince?’

Vicki shrieked as he picked her up and swung her around the console room. 

‘Put me down, Steven! You’re not a prince!’ 

He grinned at her. ‘But you do agree I’m handsome then?’

‘I didn’t say that!’ She yelled again as he tossed her in the air and caught her. ‘Alright, alright! You’re handsome! Now put me down.’

Short Trip and Side Steps- Planet of the Bunnoids.

Do you guys think this is okay?

I’ve been thinking about how my campus trains RAs, a process I went through last year, and I don’t feel comfortable how the LGBT community is incorporated into it.

So as an RA, we have to do like a bunch of training. And we’ve done a bunch of stuff like working with people of different races, or different religions, and even different political views. The idea is to make us able to help residents who might need someone to talk to, so we could understand them better.

But the one LGBT session was made optional. It’s the only one that was made optional too. And 50% of the people didn’t go to it. Is it me, or does that not sit right? Like I get the message from it that “no, you don’t have to support LGBT people, but we want you to learn about these other things.”

I want to possible pursue talking with my bosses about this, but I want to know if I’m overreacting or not.


For some time I didn’t feel satisfied with Ichi’s design (especially with the wings in “scarf mode”), I liked the basic idea but I felt something was missing. I started thinking about a small design change this weekend, starting with this doodle, which led to the idea of Ichi also being able to shift them into large claws. I think I could use this idea for some interesting stuff (for fighting and everyday life)


So like … I’ve had these guys for about two years, but they’ve only grown maybe an inch! I’ve tried giving them a little water VS a lot water, gritty soil VS humusy soil, direct light VS indirect light, etc., etc… .
They went a bit yellow/dry for a bit, then starting growing verrrry slowly a few months ago, and developed some scalloped edges on the leaves. I have them under a grow light now and started giving them more water. Here’s hoping they’ll finally do something interesting!
Oh, I also have no idea what they are. I THINK they’re from the US Botanic Garden, but I can’t remember. Are they … cotyledon tomentosa? kalanchoe millotii? plectranthus tomentosa?

anonymous asked:

Your ' 4x07 was the best ever' post was beautiful and totally on point. But what they're doing with Clarke (NEEDING her mother) and Kane and Abby NEEDING to talk to each other, is a classic tv set up for someone dying. And I'm scared it's gonna be Abby:(

I’m really really not scared of Abby dying.  First of all, we have Paige tweeting wink emojis and hearts and flowers at panicked Kabby shippers who were freaking out in her mentions after that episode aired, and Paige does not have a troll-y bone in her body. She’s just a nice mom with a big squishy heart who hates the idea of all these kids freaking out and wants to reassure us as much as she can.  (And it’s not impossible that the reason she’s been absent from Twitter since then, along with Ian who has already spoiled Kane’s survival like THRICE via accidental tweets, is because someone from the show or the network was like “YOU NEED TO COOL IT WITH THE FAN TWITTER WE’RE TRYING TO STIR UP SUSPENSE ABOUT YOUR BRAIN THING AND YOU’RE RUINING IT”).  Also, Jess Harmon told some fans in Paris who asked about whether she ever got to do anything with Paige and she said “fingers crossed!”  Which basically has to mean both Abby and Niylah survive and the finale ends with a setup making it clear they’re both returning. 

I think another way to look at the “need” element you mentioned isn’t so much that it’s setting up a death as it is deeply embedding Abby even further into the story as an integral part of many different characters’ arcs.  They’ve very carefully tied her this season to Raven, for example, more than ever before, even more than Season 1.  They’ve built up a relationship between her and Murphy.  Jackson’s more present than ever.  And they’ve recentered the Griffin women and their relationship at the heart of the story, circling back to the way they were the centers of the whole plot from the pilot on.  To me that’s a GOOD sign.  As far as her relationship with Kane, one of the things I love about the beautiful little line repetition of “first we survive, then we find our humanity again” is that it’s a reminder that from the pilot onwards, these two were and have always been set up as a narrative unit, exactly the same way Bellamy and Clarke were on the ground.  Even before they were a romantic pairing, they were a unit who was linked narratively.  So I think they’ve always been intended to continue that way.  I just truly don’t see them writing one of them off.  Especially not with one more whole season, maybe more to go.  It’s always possible that the adults dying in the very last season of the show to leave the kids to like inherit the earth as the new generation is possible, but we’re a ways away from that yet.  DON’T PANIC.