the idea is mine

1. Writing typically starts out like this:

2. Then, you get stuck:

3. So you turn on music to help your mind, and you get side tracked:

4. So then you turn the music off and sit there staring at your blank document for who knows how long:

5. Then it’s all gone to shit:

6. BUT THEN, you have an idea:

7. Repeat steps 2-6

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anonymous asked:

Who is Maggie? I'm kind of new to the fandom so I have no idea...

Maggie is another OC of mine from Red as the Dawn, Silver as the Sword, and Gold as the Crown. She’s a new blood that Mare and Cal come into contact with. She’s precious, sassy little eight year old that I love more than any OC ever. (((: 

anonymous asked:

I'm so overwhelmed by your knowledge, you know SO much about astrology!!! I'm really into astrology and i feel like every time i think i've learned everything more things pop up and I'm like, crap! how would i try to piece everything together? i get really confused whenever i try getting into aspects because there's so many and i have no idea what mine are and hhhhhHhhH, where should i start, and once I'm started how do i put everything together? thank you!:)

thank you :-) I would start with the sign and planetary archetypes first. there is no point in understanding the sign archetypes if you’re not going to pay attention to the planets that rule them. It’s like the planets are the parents and the signs are their children, a child typically gets much of their traits from their parents..e.g. you learn that dark Venus is superficial, petty and grudge-holding, these traits reveal themselves in the negative expression of Venus’ children, Taurus and Libra. Secondly, learn the meaning of the houses, and how they correlate to each other. Then you can work on planets in the houses. focus on the aspects next, they’re what tie everything together and in my opinion, are the most reliable. I suppose finally, not really a step, but a thought to always keep in mind as you interpret the natal chart: synthesization. As in, everything works together in your chart, even if it seems there are “contradictions” which there aren’t any, it is a myth!

Bullet Journal Spread Ideas

New Year

New Year’s Resolutions
How to actually achieve those resolutions
Highlights of 2016
Things to look forward to in 2017
Reflection of 2016
How you can make 2017 better
Things you did in 2016 that you shouldn’t in 2017
Favorite pictures of 2016
Memorable quotes from 2016
Achievements in 2016
Favorites of 2016 (e.g. music, movies, books, art, food, new activities)
New things to try in 2017 (e.g. hobbies, food, places to travel)
Upcoming releases in 2017 (e.g. music, movies, books)
How you want the world to change in 2017
Important dates in 2016
People you met in 2016


Stress-relieving activities
Curiosity page (questions you want the answers to)
What if? Page
Happiness page
Things to do when sad (or any negative emotion)
Sleep tracker
Mood log
Dream log
Gratitude list
Self care activities
Un-do list (stop doing)
Unexplainable emotions page (e.g. that feeling when…)


Grade tracker
Achievements list
Plan for the school year
Revision schedule and progress
Things to self study


Long term goals
Short term goals (e.g. this week/month)
Travel log
Bucket list
Reflections (daily/monthly/yearly)
Places you wish to visit
Friend lists + about them


Spendings tracker
Savings tracker
Financial goals

Inspirational Stuff

Brain dump
Favorite quotes
Pieces of writing (e.g. news articles, poetry, etc.)
Favorite words
Story ideas
OC ideas


DIY and project ideas
Handwriting experiments
Color swatches/palettes
Bullet journal page ideas
Doodle page
Testing stationery/washi tapes
Six word stories
A sentence a day
Blog post ideas


Playlists (e.g. playlist of the week, song of the day)
To read
To watch
Already read
Hobbies to try
Favorites list (e.g. movies, albums, songs, books)


General observations (e.g. people, places, things)
Overheard conversations
Music/melodies you heard
Things you see
Different textures/things you touched
Things you tasted (could be food, drinks, or inedible things)
Interesting/foreign smells


save him

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Date ideas for the signs

Aries: Star Wars movie marathon, playing board games or Truth or Dare, going to see a hockey/football,… game

Taurus: brunch date, karaoke, ZOO, napping together, going rollerblading, going to thrift shop

Gemini: watching stars, going to some sort of an old shop, crafting, going to a party, watching cartoons in you pyjamas

Cancer: some sort of carneval or festival, baking, going for a walk in the evening (and buying hot chocolate)

Leo: walking dog(s) together, going to a concert, flying kites, going to a beach for walk

Virgo: reading books together, playing horror games or watching horror movies, writing stories together, going to a botanic garden

Libra: coffee date in a small shop, Disney movie marathon, going to a theatre or a cinema

Scorpio: shopping together, cooking, go ice-skating, Netflix 24/7, sleepover, going to a fancy restaurant

Sagittarius: dancing in the rain, listening to really loud music, taking pictures in the photobooth, doing some sort of sport togehter, walking outside at 3am

Capricorn: going hiking and taking pictures, staying home and listening to both’s favourite music, amusement park

Aquarius: going on trip somewhere you’ve never been before, playing video games, museum, laser games

Pisces: watching sunrise/sunset together, going for a walk around the town (and holding hands obviously !), cuddling