the idea is mine

A cute idea because Bitty is a YouTuber

  • At one point his followers keep asking for a “my boyfriend does my makeup” video
  • Bitty’s like “well neither of us know anything about makeup but I guess we could try???”
  • Because makeup is ridiculously expensive and he doesn’t foresee wearing it after the video, they only buy the things you absolutely shouldn’t share and Bitty just borrows the other stuff from friends (ie Lardo, Farmer, Ford, Nursey, maybe some of the other Falcs SOAPs)
  • This results in him having a bunch of stuff that does not match his skin tone; it’s hilarious
  • How much you can see of Jack depends on whether or not he’s out; if he is he might consent to have his face seen, and if he isn’t it’s only his hands from offscreen
  • Maybe it’s a disaster and they laugh it off because hey at least it was fun
  • Maybe Jack subconsciously picked up some stuff from Alicia and Bitty looks pretty cute/hot and they’re both “oh shit”
  • Maybe Bitty decides he actually likes makeup and makes it part of his routine
  • Maybe he decides to only wear it for special occasions
  • Maybe he decides ”never again”
Samifer - Lawyers!au

Everybody in the firm has to host a night for charity. This year, Gabriel organizes the event.

Who put Gabriel on command, seriously? Now they have to serve patrons as waiters dressed in playboy bunnies. And like they all agreed before, they can’t say no now.

What people didn’t expect was for the shy Sam to be that fit under all those clothes and for the big boss Lucifer to be covered in tattoos.

As they are doing it, Lucifer agreed for his women coworkers to put some make up on his eyes.

Jungkook walking into the living room: Hyung! I have a PHD!

Namjoon: Really? I knew you could do it

Seokjin, wiping a tear away: I knew you could do it, i’m so proud of you. I knew from the day i held you in my arms that you’d graduate. You’re my everything. What did you get a PHD in, genius baby bunny?

Jungkook: I got a Pretty Huge Dick!

(Jungkook runs out of the room)

Seokjin in a monotone voice: He’s dead to me

I want to love till I have no more,
Take away the air inside your lungs.
Want to kiss someone so bad,
You cannot see nothing but the sparks.

I want someone in my mind,
Non stop, day and night.

I want to feel I’m drowning
Do not knowing if it is in desire.
Want your complete surrounding
To warm me as if it was fire.

I want someone’s company to be so bright,
That I would beg they made me blind.
For it to be so bright
I would not mind about the stars.

—  Eleen G. Rangel, “Complete me” (27/05/2017, 00:42 a.m.)

My joints as I stand up after having been sitting for awhile:

Someone in my near vicinity: *looks in my general direction*
My paranoid ass: oh great, they’re reading my mind

Height difference

Where the smol always protects the tol

- trying to stand in front of the tol
- threatening to hurt tol if tol does anything to themselves
- making toll sit down so they can give them Proper Bear Hugs
- complaining about tols height but also taking advantage of it and sneaking up on tol because they can’t seem them coming
- leaning and resting on tol even though they complain about it

**bonus points that smol is actually pretty strong and still has the physical advantage