the idea is great!!

choosing a role: martin and benedict

casting director: hey martin there’s this role i think is great for you

martin: but do i get to beat someone up? do i get to be violent? do i get to kill anyone?

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casting director: hey benedict what about you, there’s this role i think is great for you

benedict: but do i get to be beat up? do i get to suffer? dO I GET TO DIE? :>

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Martin: :D

Benedict: :>))

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Bucky’s Plan

Note: the title sucks, but you know. I try. hi thanks for the request! I hope you like it! feedback is welcome! .c

Request: I’d like to request one where you and Bucky are together not necessarily publicly where the team knows but definitely a thing, and Bucky gets it in his head that’d be a great idea to dance with another woman at a party with the intention of making you jealous and leading to angry jealous sex but instead it upsets you making you think he doesn’t consider the two of you to be exclusive and that he doesn’t really care about you? Fluffy ending though after Bucky works for it a little?

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As soon as Tony announced he wanted the team dressed and ready to go to the new nightclub his friend was opening up, you all but bounced in your seat. You were ready for a night out, having been on missions every day for the past few months. It was rare to see 9pm sometimes; your energy was completely gone by the time you got home.

Nights out with the team were always fun and you felt like you’d be able to let loose tonight, enjoy your time with your friends, and maybe even have some alone time with Bucky while everyone was in their own little world or maybe with them around.

You and Bucky have been together secretly for about 3 months and you felt safe to say you love him. But you understand him wanting to keep it hidden from the team. He was still getting through everything, but you were totally okay with taking your time. Or so you thought.

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This was a little Langst drabble made for @spacemcclain and I’m not sure if I should continue. Might freshen it up when I get to a computer.

It had been days or weeks but who can tell, since Lance was some how captured by Haggar and Prince Lotor. Haggar dives into Lance’s mind, finding all of his insecurities and doubts about being a paladin of Voltron. She decides to relay this info to Lotor whom then uses his manipulative nature to ‘talk’ to Lance.

‘Such a shame that true potential is wasted.’ Lotor says. 'I sense great things from you paladin.’

“You have no idea what you’re talking abo–!”

“Oh but I do. I know what it’s like to be shunned away and made a laughing fool out of one’s self. My ideas weren’t even worthy of my–my father’s presence.” Lotor spat in disgust but then quickly regained composure.

“I see the potential because I see myself…in you. Now. Look at me. I have the entire Galra empire at my feet and an idiotic, single minded father on deaths door.”

Lance looked conflicted with what Lotor was saying. Lotor just rose an eyebrow and bought a hand up, snapping then to get attention of one of his guards.

“Take the restraints off him.” The prince said simply.

The guard paused and looked from Lotor to the prisoner. “Si-sire. Haggar’s orders wer-”

Lotor’s eyes glowed an even deeper yellow before in a flash, the guard was on the ground and Lotor was walking towards Lance.

Lance pushed himself against the wall of his cell, fearing for his life, hands gripping his restraints but all Lotor did was undid them.

“Guess if you want something done, you have to do it yourself, am I right?” He said casually.

“What do you want with me?” Lance muttered darkly.

“Me?” Lotor said innocently. “It’s quite dreary being on this massive ship and no one to talk to. I sense that happens alot on your ship with you?”

Lance looks away, thinking of his friends back at the castle. No one had time for him anymore. Not with Shiro still missing, Pidge and Hunk focusing their energies finding Pidge’s family. The princess and Coran searching for Shiro and Keith..ha.

“You’re silence is answer enough. Come along. I’m sure you’re in need of better company, which I’m happy to oblige and a change of clothes perhaps?” Lotor stood at the opened door of his cell.

Lance looked from the body of the Galra soldier back up to the prince. Parts of him were screaming not to move but then other parts of his mind was slowly agreeing with what the Prince spoke.

He stood, dropping the shackles on the floor.

Let’s face it, we bookworms tend to put a lot of pressure on ourselves, when it comes to our reading, because we’re weird like that, but in a good way. And, the truth is that reading should always be fun. Guilt free. ALL THE FUN SO MUCH OF THE FUN BECAUSE WORDS ON PAGES *insert screech* You know what I’m talking about. So I thought that compiling a list of the reasons that bookworms feel guilty and why they should just stop would be a great idea

  1. Not reaching our Goodreads challenge/lowering our goal for the year

In the past few years, the Goodreads challenge has become a staple of measuring achievement when it comes to reading. It has become insanely popular and it’s honestly such a good tool to keep track of everything you’re reading. But it also adds an immense amount of pressure. I’ve been there. When December rolls around and you see that you’re to the Goodreads challenge what Pluto is to being a planet in the Solar System (a.k.a. not even close; also VIVA LA PLUTO because Pluto deserved better smh), the panic sets in. You’re left with two options: lowering your goal or not finishing the challenge. Both make you feel like crap. But honestly, life makes us feel like crap far too many times, thank you very much, so let’s not let reading add to the ever growing pile of crap, am I right?

There’s no reason to feel guilty. If you read one book that year, you’re still a bookworm and it’s still a HUGE achievement. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t reach your challenge. It’s just a stupid tracking tool on the internet, it’s not something to measure your worth as a reader or as a person. You’re still awesome, even if you read just a page. Even one page counts. We’re busy, school and work get in the way 99% of the times. Unexpected life events occur. Shit happens. It’s normal and it’s expected, because life is fun and all that jazz.

Also, may I suggest a great idea: set your goal to one book for the year. Boom! Pressure off. You’ll still be able to see what books you read, how many pages and all that jazz, with the bonus that you don’t feel like hyperventilating every time you open your Goodreads account

  2. Not finishing books (the dreaded DNF)

Let me tell you something right off the bat: life is too short to waste on books that you’re not enjoying. Yes, I know, if you’re like me, you die a little on the inside every time you are at that point where you want to scream at the book you’re reading: BUT WHY ARE YOU NOT GOOD WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME WHO DID I OFFEND IN A PREVIOUS LIFE FML FML. It’s a reality. But let’s face it: you’re not going to enjoy every single book you pick up. It’s just not written in the stars. Which is why it’s perfectly acceptable to just…stop reading it. Put it down. Hug a kitten. Contemplate the universe. Leave it be. Maybe pick it up at a later time, maybe not. But don’t feel guilty. You didn’t disappoint the book, yourself, the book gods or literature as a whole. It just wasn’t meant to be and you should never force yourself to read a book you’re not enjoying. In my case, every time I force myself to keep going with a book I’m not enjoying, I tent to end up in The-Thing-That-Should-Not-Be-Named a.k.a. the Book Slump™. Just…no.

  3. Not reading classics

80% of the classics I’ve read have bored me to tears. I mean. I want me some dragons, magic and lost princesses. There are no such things in most classics (a huge oversight on the part of the writers, but I’m not pointing fingers). I’ve stumbled upon some that I really enjoyed, but too few to really make me actively pursue reading classics. The trouble is that a lot of people cringe so badly when you tell them that you don’t read classics.

“So yeah, I don’t really read or like classics”
“Um, I just..don’t really enjoy them/relate to the stories/want to live while I’m reading them”

Whenever people react like this, it puts me off reading classics even more, because I hate judgy people. But I digress. My point is, the amount of classics that you read or don’t read doesn’t indicate how “good” of a reader you are (fyi, there are no good or bad readers imo). It’s just indicative of the genres you enjoy reading. That is all. People who read classics aren’t THE BEST BOOKWORMS™. They’re just people. Like you.

  4. Rereading books

I will shout this from the rooftops: I LOVE REREADING BOOKS. It’s something so refreshing and comfortable to go back to a book universe you fell in love with. To revisit favourite characters and go on adventures with them again. I reread at least a few books every year. Last year, I actively tried to reread at least one book each month. It was so much fun!

Rereading books can get you out of The Slump™. Rereading books is an excellent alternative for when you can’t afford to buy new books because stupid life costs money booooo. Rereading can be so insightful, because you notice so many things you missed on your first (or second, or third or…you get my drift) read. Rereading can be a whole new experience years after reading that book for the first time. Rereading a certain book can be the best for you at a certain time, because everything is familiar and safe. Rereading is absolutely no reason to feel guilty – people usually say they’re wasting time when they’re rereading (um, no), missing out on new releases (they’ll still be there a week later when you finish rereading your favourite book thank you very much), they fear not liking it as much the second time around (fine, I’ll give you this, it’s a possibility, BUT I ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE). Long story short: reread more books 2k17.

  5. Neglecting books because life

We’re bookworms, yes. But we’re also People Who Need To Live and Function in Society. What does this mean? That we sometimes don’t have that much time to read (I know, it’s just so rude). Days may pass when we don’t read at all. Weeks. Sometimes months. Years? (all my college years were spent reading almost academic books exclusively; it was a dark time in my life). But that’s okay. There’s no reason to feel guilty for doing our best to live out lives. Doing that sometimes implies giving up certain things, because we simply don’t have the time or energy to do them. That doesn’t make us bad people or bad readers. Your books will still be waiting for you when you have the time to devote them your full attention. Books don’t judge.

Surprisingly or not, this is just part one. I have many feelings about this particular topic, because I really really want people to read books guilt free. And live the bookworm life to the fullest

I’d love to hear your thoughts on these points. And if there was ever a time you felt guilty for something book related

Happy reading, bookish people <3


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I hope they go with "Louis and Eleanor tried to get together again and thought going to Jamaica will be a great idea to relax them and make things right again but nope it didnt work out they're not meant to be together again so they broke it off" PLEASE

and end babygate in the process for the love of god

[Book review] 그녀의 비행기 타는 법 (Cabin Crew)

When I posted my photos of my new books yesterday, @ohchickstudy commented that I should review the books. I thought that was a great idea, but of course, I haven’t read them yet. However, I do have a few other books that I have read, so I’ll start reviewing books that I’ve finished and get to those when I get to them. Thanks for the idea, @ohchickstudy !

My first review will be 그녀의 비행기 타는 법 by 전미애, 김소운, and 최보윤. My boyfriend actually let me borrow this copy of it, saying that he used to read it on his way to classes :) In this book, the three authors tell about their lives as flight attendants, including how they got their jobs, why they wanted to do it, places they have gone, people they have met, maintaining relationships while constantly on the go, crazy passenger stories, and just the little things that the cabin crew do before, during, and after the flight that those of us who only see it from the passenger side might not know about. Scattered throughout are cute drawings and photos of the places the ladies talk about and such.

I found this a pretty enjoyable read, getting insight into the lives of flight attendants while also learning a thing or two about the industry. Each chapter is an individual recollection from one of the authors, so you can sort of read it as a collection of short stories. You don’t even really have to keep up with which author is telling each chapter (I usually didn’t check, honestly; it was never really important); you can just read bit by bit and enjoy it that way.

As for difficulty, I didn’t find this to be a very burdensome read at all. If you’ve ever read a Korean novel (or a novel in any language, really) you’ll know that a lot of descriptors and other vocab that aren’t normally used when people talk naturally with each other tend to pepper the writing. However, this book’s format is a collection of stories told in first-person, so the writing style, including the vocabulary, is a bit less flowery. Sometimes industry-specific vocab will pop up, but in general, this is a fairly uncomplicated read. If you’ve got any interest in the life of flight attendants or travel or things of that nature, give this book a try :)

8PM - “It would be a great idea to draw one of those Atlantis stained glass windows for the background of this drawing!”

10:30PM - “No…this has not been a good idea…”


Nobody is Born Hating

by Saṃsāran

Love and hate are opposites.  They are two parts of a duality. Hate is the desire to harm another, to exercise wrongful dominion over them.  As such it is an evil thing.  All evil flows from ego, from the desire to control others and bend them to our will. Think of any evil act: murder, assault, theft of property, spreading false rumors or raising an army to conquer a neighbor. Whether great or small all evil stems from this idea of control and this control of the essence of ego.  Hate is useful in this.  You see we cannot attack, injure or conquer those who we love or who are like us.  We must first make them “other”.  We must first make them alien to us.  Then we can harm them.  So, we hate. Hate is the first step toward violence. Hate, blame, anger … violence.  

Scene: Birmingham, Alabama 1963.  

White citizens, not monsters, not demons regular church going people.  People who love their families, go to work and school, and who believe in democracy.  Except, for a group of people who they have labeled “other” as the legacy of an ancient evil called slavery. These otherwise normal good people feel hate.  They blame these “others” for changes in their society which threaten their “way of life” their “security”.  So, they act to exercise wrongful dominion over them.  To keep them from attending school or registering to vote.  To prevent them from free access to public facilities which were meant for all citizens.  When these “other” refuse to bend to this wrongful dominion, the react with violence against their fellow human beings.

This is the chain of violence.  This is the chain of evil and it is repeated throughout time and all over the world. Germany 1938 Kristallnacht. It has happened in France, Britain, Norway, Bosnia, Russia, China, Iran, Egypt, Iraq, Turkey, Armenia in just about every nation in the world.  

Evil is a real thing. A tangible thing. It spreads with contact like a contagion. It is a learned behavior. Nobody is born hating. It nothing like love. It is love’s opposite and only love can dispel it.

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Casual friday look 💁
Had an 8:30 meeting with the exec, left work after the meeting and went to the bank, did some shopping for tomorrow. Working from home now and then have to go drop off the cat with Ben’s mum and then have dinner with some friends.

Oh and I need to pack because Paris tomorrow! ✈✈

No idea how this day got so busy! I hope you have great weekends everyone!

I don’t think people realize whenever I’m like “we should do this thing!” Whether it be make costumes, start a band, plot out a film, travel somewhere cool I’m always being 100% serious and completely will do it if the other person is also enthusiastic about it I’m always ready to just… do things even if they’re not great ideas at least we’ll have cool stories