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MONSTA X Goes Worldwide For Upcoming Photobook

MONSTA X is ready to take fans on an international vacation!

On February 15, Starship Entertainment released the teaser trailer for MONSTA X’s upcoming “TEMPERATURE” photobook.

The seven-member group traveled to both Hong Kong and Los Angeles for the 260-page book, setting the scene for two very different concepts. In the behind-the-scenes footage from Los Angeles, the boys keep it carefree and casual, splashing around at the beach. Whereas in Hong Kong, they evoked a more sophisticated, sexier charm against the city’s iconic backdrop.

Copies of the book will be sold along with a special behind-the-scenes DVD and two photo bookmarks.

“TEMPERATURE” officially drops on February 28.


The great home/ studio of French fashion photographer Fred Meylan, in Paris

In rue Saint-Honoré, a former upholsterer atelier became the apartment of the fashion photographer Fred Meylan. Both home and workplace, this intimate and meeting space meets old and new, with its original battered walls and worn floors, vintage pieces and design icons, becoming the perfect backdrop for some of his best photos.


Oh this thing must look even more gorgeous with more light than during the live shows. It´s amazing that they put so much effort into details. They could just have printed the whole thing.

If anyone got more pictures, interviews anything about how this was made and why they did choose this artwork pleaase send me a link.