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Character aesthetic ➤ Princess Anna of Arendelle.

“Snow, it had to be snow. She couldn’t have had tropical magic that covered the fjords in white sand and warm.”


i cannot fucking believe

Santino Fontana and Jonathan Groff (aka Hans and Kristoff) sing “Do You Want To Build A Snowman?”

(stick around for the surprise ending)

For the Kristanna Artist Challenge, I received this lovely line art from @karis-the-fangirl! Colouring in isn’t my strongest skill but I did try my best!  

I really hope you like it, Karis!

Shards Of Ice (16/20)

Summary: When princess Anna finds herself gifted a personal slave for her twentieth birthday, her life changes, as she becomes fascinated with the broken girl she’s been given as a servant. Discovering her present’s supernatural abilities and how she was forced to conceal them, Anna just might be able to help Elsa heal, offering her the one thing she’d always been denied, love. [Elsanna]

AN: It’s really been a looooong while since I’ve given this story a bit of love and for that I truly am sorry. Here’s to hoping that 2017 might see this through to the end though, because there really isn’t much left to this ‘fic! :)

Rated: T

Word Count: ~ 5.300 words (~ 73.400 total) - Archive Of Our Own

Plotting Against The Crown?

Elsa was over the moon.

Well, not exactly –if someone had taken the time to ask her whether her life was indeed perfect and to be completely and utterly honest when answering, she probably would have pointed out a thing or two she might not have been entirely satisfied with, but right that moment, as she hurried down the royal corridors with one large and expensive dress awkwardly placed in her hands (and, more importantly, desperately trying to not have it trail on the floor and gather up any dirt), this was quite possibly one of the first highlights she’d had in many a week.

As the preparations ran smoothly, the time seemed to fly by, and before she’d even noticed it, the big day was upon them already, the event itself only hours away from them now. The slightly uncomfortable feeling of having butterflies in her stomach had determinately clung to her throughout the day even though Elsa was pretty certain she had nothing to worry about and she was pretty certain her heartbeat kept picking up speed as she approached the door –which was rather odd, given that this wasn’t even about her in the first place, if there was anyone who ought to be having a hard time of things right now, she would guess that it was probably Anna. What with all this princess duty and all, Elsa gathered that that couldn’t possibly easy to manage.

When Gerda had handed her over the dress, all gentle hands and kind smile and enthusiastic “I hope it’ll be okay for Anna!” she’d given her an awkward grin from behind the garment (for it may not look it, but the elaborate gown did in fact weigh a considerable amount, especially after three flights of stairs) before scurrying off, the old woman’s radiant mood making her think for a while as she weaved her way through the many servants and guests slowly piling up in the castle.

This was going to be a big day for Anna, and the old maid’s words had made it dawn on Elsa that perhaps Anna might need the same enthusiasm and support from her this morning –just a few words of encouragement, they couldn’t hurt, right?. Truth be told, Elsa had no real idea what being a princess truly entailed –after all, being born in poverty and sold off for a few gold coins after her mother’s passing didn’t really call for any glimpses into a life of luxury and royal customs (and she was pretty adamant that it was due to a kind twist of fate that she had ended up in Arendelle castle at all), but she gathered that it was probably a whole lot of burdens and responsibilities that Anna was about to take on, and that a smile, hug and reminder that Anna could certainly do this (because Elsa was pretty certain that Anna could do anything) would probably be the kind thing to do.

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Elsa Headcanons

Because I haven’t done these in a while and want to do them again. Tagging searlait, counterpunches, blue-pixiedust, makingtodayaperfectday, and wintermoonqueen.

-She is farsighted. Since she spent thirteen years cooped up in her room, this became obvious fairly quickly. She thinks she looks like an old lady when she wears her reading glasses, but she actually looks hella cute.

-She is big into art as well as geometry. Sketching always helped calm her down and control her panic attacks, so there are dozens of filled sketchbooks lining the bookshelves of her room. Some of them are of building designs, some are of fictional characters’ faces (ahem), and some are portraits of her loved ones.

-Her favorite book is Frankenstein.

-She loves Gothic lit and horror in general.

-She has terrible anxiety and still has occasional fits of depression long after the events of the movie.

-She is deeply suspicious of all Americans.

-She is fascinated by Norse lore and has long conversations about it with Kristoff.

-She and Kristoff also have long conversations about the science and practicality of her magic (”So would you ever consider doing experiments with your powers? Would I be able to watch?” “If I do, Kristoff, you’ll be the first to know.”)

-She has no tolerance for the heat whatsoever and complains constantly about it during the summer.

-She is a Jewish convert. I have a little bit of history behind that: In 1814, a law was passed in Norway expelling all Jews from the country, and that law wasn’t abolished until 1854 (I like to think that Elsa herself abolished it). That might have fed into her feelings of outsider-ness. But I believe that the emphasis on learning in Judaism would greatly appeal to her.

-Because of the energy that her powers consume, she can eat a ridiculous amount of food. And she’s not picky either. She loves basically all food, from bland to spicy to salty to bitter to sweet. But her favorite foods are pickled herring and chocolate cake (though not at the same time).

-She’s a cat person. There’s a stables cat named Snofnugg that she’s very attached to, and who adores her in return.

-She and Anna have sleepovers all the time. The two of them don’t do anything world-changing, just enjoy each others’ company; gossiping and trying on Elsa’s clothing and catching up on all the time together that they missed.

-Her favorite flowers are snowdrops. 

-She happens to love Scottish people personally. The royal family of Dun’Broch came over to visit once…that was a wild time. 

-She is full of ambition and desire to be the best queen, the best sister, the best friend, the best person. Although sometimes she needs reminding that she doesn’t need to do anything…she already is.

  • [Elsa is talking to Kristoff about asking out Anna]
  • Elsa: Just look at her. She’s a beautiful woman. Well, there’s your challenge, your Mount Everest.
  • Kristoff: Yeah, I know.
  • Elsa: Well, what are you waiting for, Kristoff? Mount Anna!
  • Kristoff: *gapes at Elsa*
  • Elsa: That--that wasn’t actually meant to sound like an instruction...
Long, long list of Frozen headcanons

-All the castle guards had a betting pool going on how long it’ll take Kristoff to propose.

-Anna teaches herself how to sew and recreates the sisters dolls she and Elsa had when they were little.

-Both sisters can speak several languages: Elsa because it was part of being groomed to be queen, Anna because she was bored and lonely.

-Both of them hate English with all their hearts. 

-Kristoff learns how to read out of Anna’s collection of romance novels (“So that’s how you spell orgasm”).

-Since he’s a snowman, it’s impossible for Olaf to sleep. Everyone has now gotten used to him wandering the castle at night, pretending to be a phantom or trying to play music with kitchen implements.

-The entire kitchen staff are hardcore Elsanna shippers.

-But the guards and maids root for Kristanna.

-Snow-statue contests, all year round. Elsa always wins.

-There are multiple souvenir shops around Arendelle that sell little dolls and figurines of the royal family (for the 19th-century predecessors of the Frozen fandom).

-Elsa’s ice-clothing melts when she gets aroused. Luckily or unluckily, that only happened once in public.

-Anna goes to visit the little kids all the time at the local schools and orphanage. She often brings Kristoff or Elsa with her; the first because he (for some reason) gets all adorably awkward and blushy when he sees her with kids, the second because she loves kids but probably won’t have any of her own.

-Speaking of kids, Anna and Kristoff eventually have two: a boy and a girl. The girl becomes a boss-ass ice harvester when she gets older.

-Since she’s no longer scared she’ll kill everything she touches, Elsa gets a crapton of pets.

-Sven lives unusually long for a reindeer: long enough to see his best friend marry Anna and her have both of his babies.

-Elsa has her snowgies play pranks on everyone when she wants revenge; and they happily oblige. They have stolen clothing, put salt in cakes, dive-bombed sleds, and hidden Marshmallow’s tiara in people’s bedrooms.

-Because of the tiara incident, Marshmallow nearly went on a rampage just to get it back.

-Anna makes all her family dance with her at least once at all the royal balls.

-Whenever they have family sleepovers, it’s always in Anna’s room, where they eat ice cream and talk smack about other royalty.

-After balls, Elsa and Anna arguing about which prince was ogling who, and Kristoff pouting enviously.

-Olaf is the. Worst. Babysitter. EVER. He lets the kids get away with EVERYTHING. Elsa’s always the disciplinarian. 

-Kristoff’s wedding ring is engraved with “May we?” in runes, and Anna’s is engraved with “We may.”

-The trolls spoil the kids rotten, and always keep giving advice for all the adults. The most recurring one is that Elsa needs to get out and socialize more.

-Elsa and Kristoff have a mutual agreement: if they need to, they’ll work together to protect Anna, even if they both know she can protect herself.

-Elsa and Kristoff spend the royal balls and parties discreetly trying to hide from everyone else, at least until Anna finds them.

-Flagendorfer-eating contests. Anna always wins.

-Their family portraits are their most precious possessions.

-When they’re all really old, Elsa and Anna and Kristoff all write down the story of the freeze and thaw to always remind their family of the power of true love. Over a hundred years later, a woman accidentally finds it while traveling to Norway to do research for a possible movie. Her name is Jennifer Lee.