the ice melts when the sun comes out

“You make me happy, whether you know it or not.”- Happy // NSN

“I mean damn, what’s not to adore?”- Trouble // NSN

“The more I think about, the more I want to let you know that everything you do is super duper cute and I can’t stand it.”- Can’t stand it // NSN

“Ever think what if we never met? Everything is just an accident. A happy accident.” - Happy accident // Saint Motel

“Everything you say it sounds like sweet talk to my ears. You could yell ‘piss off! Won’t you stay away?’ It’ll still be sweet talk to my ears.”- Sweet talk // Saint Motel

“You’re the only one worth seeing. The only place worth being.”- Cold Cold Man // Saint Motel

“2 am too tired to sleep, when what you wants not what you need, and when these walls don’t feel like home, remember that you’re not alone.”- Just keep breathing // We the kings

“You’re an angel, grab your halo, let’s fly tonight. Cause I’m never going down, I’m never giving up, I’m never gonna leave so put your hands up.”- Say you like me // We the Kings

“When the world falls into pieces, you’ll be my one voice of reason. When I can’t face all my demons, you’re the one I believe in.”- Queen of hearts // We the Kings

“Run, baby, run. Don’t ever look back. They’ll tear us apart if you give them a chance.”- Check yes, Juliet // We the kings

“I try not to get attached but your so cool and I’m such a fool for you.”- Miss yer kiss // SWMRS

“Tell me where you’re goin’ is there room for me?”- D'you have a car // SWMRS

“My head hurts, but without you it’s worse.”- My head hurts // Waves

“I’d wait here forever just to see you smile… I want you to know, through everything I won’t let this go, these words are my heart and soul.”- With me // Sum 41

“Are you okay? You can talk to me… Hey kid think you got a sec? I can call you. I just want to check in.”- The return of the waterboy // Modern Baseball

“Boy, I want you to be happy. Free to run, get dizzy on caffeine. Funny friends that make you laugh. Maybe you’re just a little bit dappy.”- Youth // Glass Animals

“You are out of my league, all the things I believe. You are just the right kind and you are more than just a dream.” -Out of my league // Fitz and the Tantrums

“You ask me what I’ve been doing with my time, I’ve been searching for you.”- She’s casual // The Hunna

“I guess we’re made from the same weird stuff, being a loser with you doesn’t suck.”- Loser // Julian moon

“Death is at your doorstep and it will steal your innocence but it will not steal your substance. You are not alone in this.”- Timshel // Mumford and sons

“Hey, don’t write yourself off yet. It’s only in your head you feel left out and looked down on. Just try your best. Try everything you can. And don’t you worry what they tell themselves when you’re away.”- The Middle // Jimmy eat world

“This is the first day of my life. Glad I didn’t die before I met you. But now I don’t care I could go anywhere with you, and I would probably be happy.”- First day of my life // Bright eyes

“Send me your location, let’s focus on communicating, cause I just need the time and place to come through.”- Location // Khalid

“I love every little thing about you baby don’t you know? I even love when you’re mad and you’re so frustrated even though you make my simple life complicated, don’t go. Nah don’t go.”- Sunshine //

“I use to read when there’s nothing to do but it’s funny doing nothing is never nothing when it’s something with you.”- Molly // lil dicky &Brendon Urie

“While I’m too afraid to expose myself, turns out you know me better than I know myself, well how bout that?” She’s mine pt 1 // J. Cole

“To die by your side is such a heavenly way to die.”- There is a light that never goes out // The smiths

“Help me if you can I’m feelin down. And I do appreciate you being around.” -Help! // The Beatles

“Little darling, I feel that ice is slowly melting. Little darling, it feels like years since it’s been clear. Here comes the sun, here comes the sun, and I say, it’s alright.”- Here comes the sun // The Beatles

More things for @tgr155 because stuff like this is the least I can do for someone who deserves the world. And he’s got the best music taste in the world.

cross gene as times of the day

seyoung is the sunset surrounded by shades of purple, orange, and red. he is the liberating feeling before nighttime comes to make way for the moon. this moment is satisfying, when you let your stress go as the day ends.

casper is not quite day, not quite night. outside, it still looks light out, but the moon begins to settle in the sky. the air around you begins to chill, and what you see around you is tinted by a dark shade of blue.

shin is the sun after a snowy day. he is the glow that slowly melts the snow and ice around your feet. your face and hands begin to warm as the shadows below you begin to fade away.

takuya is the morning sun you wake up to after the night ends, the first light that hits your eyes. everything at this time springs back to life after being dormant for the last night. he is the start of all of the little, sweet moments in life.

sangmin is the midday glow you long to embrace and feel on your skin. he is the ray of sunshine that glistens ponds and lakes as you pass by them. the day is almost perfectly quiet as a satisfying heat penetrates your skin.

yongseok is the midnight darkness as the day ends. he is the feeling of your thoughts emptying themselves all at once. what you feel in this moment is a mix between relaxation and even a bit of vulnerability.

To Be Honest

1. To be honest I wish I had said something to you that night. The night I saw you dancing. Your sensual moves, they seduced me and now you’re stuck in my head. I cannot get you out. Don’t want to get you out. Tell me, what’s your star sign? And your middle name and your favourite colour? These are the kind of things that I would like to know. Just the little things. And the big things too but we’ll get to that later. Firstly, tell me your name so I can pretend that I know it because you told me and not because I stalked you on Facebook and ‘cos your brother’s kind of famous. Just tell me what your name is. So I can say it. Because I’d really like to say it.

2. To be honest I should have said sorry. For loving you too soon. For loving you too much. It got all fucked up. You got me all fucked up. Felt like I was tripping on a thousand psychedelics. Like your face was a Van Gogh painting framed in an antique shop and all the colours were swimming around and melting together. I had my head in the clouds and my feet very far from the ground. Must’ve fallen upwards when I met you. And in the end I fell face first onto the pavement but to tell you the truth I don’t regret it. Should’ve said it when the words were with me: I love you. And maybe I still do but not in the way that I did. ‘Cos I’ve lost a little innocence. Tends to happen when you start growing up.

3. To be honest I hate the way you look at me sideways when we’re in the movie theatre as if we’re gonna have some sort of interaction, we are not gonna have some sort of interaction, I am watching the movie. To be honest I keep my distance from you because you’ve got a negative energy and I don’t want it to affect me. When you speak to me my anxiety skyrockets. It’s contagious. And I can see that you’re unhappy but when I point it out to you you take it personally and everything gets a thousand times worse. I am not trying to insult you. I am just making a suggestion. So you won’t come home every night and leave your stress in every room.

4. To be honest when I look at you it is as if I am a sculpture made of ice and you are the sun. I melt and drip and sweat and just get generally wet and then I mop myself up because that is my responsibility and not yours. Maybe there will come a time when you will hold me in your arms and we will have our uninterrupted moments of intimacy like those that I have always dreamed of but that time has not yet come. We keep on running in circles. You turn me on like a gas stove and then let the whole house burn down. I sift through my own ashes. Amongst them, I find your name.


Some really cool cold-weather science from our director of institutional giving, Jen:

Over the weekend, my mom stumbled upon some frost flowers on her farm in the Ozarks. I had never even heard of them, but they are fascinating. The “flowers” are actually ice extruded from the stems of certain plant species – but they only last until the sun comes up when they melt.

All photos are by Jen’s mom, Regina. Keep an eye out for frost flowers in your yard tomorrow morning!