the ice man cometh


How Can I Get In Touch With You - Jerry Butler (The Ice Man Cometh, 1968)

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otayuri as... batcat....

Fam, I am so sorry. I wrote 2k of Otayuri dramatic superhero AU before realizing you requested Batman/Catwoman dynamics. If it helps, picture the Hero of Kazakhstan having no idea how to handle Yuri dressed like Chat Noir from Miraculous Ladybug. Maybe I should write that next?

Superhero AU 

In which there is very little skating but the universal constants in Yuri Plisetsky’s life are Victor ruining everything and Otabek Altin’s distracting jaw line.

  • Before Yuuri Katsuki, Yuri Plistsky is happy
  • All he has ever wanted is to be a superhero, and his dream is real after years of injuries, training, and trauma.
  • They have a good thing going, a well-oiled machine of badassery and rage. Yakov has been training superheroes for decades, since the 1970s when having a secret identity was still outlawed in Russia. He and Lilia even lead the revolution and protests for heroes to retain separate personas. 
    • (And like everything Lilia involves herself in, she wins.) 
  • Lilia’s elastic bones enabled a terrifyingly electric career as a ballerina. 
  • Yakov’s power of flight and telekinesis made him a masterful hero and a terrible task master of Russia’s secret hero development program and leader of St. Petersburg’s heroes. 
    • Civilians know him as a businessman. A few assume mob connections but Yuri’s hung out in enough malls, alleyways, and schools to know people pretend ignorance of Yakov’s identity. Because it means something to him. Jesus. 
  • Under Yakov and Lilia, Yuri P (20, abnormal flexibility, spite, and ability to communicate with animals) thrives, protecting St. Petersburg with: 
    • Mila (23, controls fire, and makes jokes about having no chill that Yuri would rather kill himself than hear again).
    • Georgi: (27, an actual fucking witch who can’t keep his shit together depending on his heartbreak or the lunar cycle)
      • The lunar cycle thing is bullshit, just an excuse for his really emotional days.
    • And…the ice-man cometh himself.
  • Victor (28) is a dick. Victor is a dick, thinking with his dick. Only that asshole would go to charity dinner celebrating the Sochi Grand Prix and fall in love with a fucking ice skater named Yuuri Katsuki (24) INSTEAD OF GUARDING THE PLACE.
    • The dude was drunk and likely doesn’t remember who Victor is, but did that stop him from rushing home to Yakov’s training space, squeeing about soulmates? No.

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