the ice crown

No More Dreaming of the Dead

Ichiruki. Not!Angst. Further ruminations on sword spirits and Rukia’s bankai, also for @deathberryprompts weekly drabble theme from a week ago, ‘release’. ~1600 words.  Companion piece to And Silver On Our Tongues

Ichigo wakes up in a cold sweat for weeks afterwards, dreaming about the sharp crack of ice shattering against stone.

The first time Rukia achieves bankai, they nearly lose her. 

Hakka no Togame is beautiful – all white dress and ribbons and a glittering crown of ice – but Ichigo can’t stop thinking about how Rukia’s skin was cold as frozen iron and her gaze turned from vivid violet to the thousand-yard lilac stare of someone looking beyond the veil of life and death. 

He can’t stop thinking about how the air around her froze so quickly and so cleanly that a rain of frost dusted his robes white and left everyone around them gasping against the knifing cold in their lungs. He can’t stop thinking about how, instead of billowing outwards, her reiatsu spiraled in, tighter and tighter, until he could barely feel her, even though he was standing as close as he had been told he safely could. 

The moment of release still knocked everyone backwards. 

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Soft boys in flower crowns, this must be heaven (ᅌᴗᅌ✿) 

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Almost forgot that it was the angsty tigers birthday, luckily a lot of the people I follow live a few time zones ahead of me so I got a nice heads up. Played around a bit with my style for this sketch I’m trying to incorporate some of the neat stuff I learned in my digital painting class into more of my pieces.  Flower crown courtesy of Otabek probably. 


My gift to @iceanimetrash for the @yuri-on-ice-valentine-exchange!

I loved your prompts and at first it was hard to choose one, so I hope it fits in the Fantasy AU because I loved your idea :D my inspiration for this drawing was Swan Lake with Yuri as Odette and Otabek as Prince Siegfried. Plus Yuri with longer hair because I couldn’t resist >w< I hope you’ll like it and happy valentine’s day!!! <33

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