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Robb looking down at Jon

This is how the beginning of season 8 will start

Reasons why As You Like It would work really well for Gendrya:

1. The main heroine, Rosalind, disguises as a man
     Arya disguises as a boy

2.  The hero, Orlando, is petty strong
     Gendry was a blacksmith’s apprentice and is built like a bull

3. Rosalind’s father liked Orlando and Orlando’s father
    Ned Stark offers Gendry an out if he wants it and was besties with Gendrys 

4. An old man risks his life for Orlando 
    Yoren dies protecting Arya (and possibly Gendry)

5. Rosalind likes to give Orlando a hard time 
    Arya and Gendry are forever bickering 

6. There is a band of outlaws they come across in the forest lead by Roslind’s 
     Arya, Gendry, and Hot Pie end up with the Brotherhood Without Banners
     Harwin, one of Ned Stark’s men, rides with them 

7. “I found him under a tree, like a dropped acorn” (3.2)
     The Brotherhood take Arya and Gendry to Acorn Hall where Arya is dressed 
     in a dress with acorns embroidered on it

8.  Orlando’s father is dead
     Robert is dead

9. Rosalind’s father was exiled is a political coup 
    Ned was killed in a political coup (kind of)

10. Almost the entire play takes place in a forest
      A large amount of Arya’s story takes place in the forest 

11. Orlando (possibly…)figures out that Ganymede is Rosalind
      Gendry (definitely) figures out that Arry is actually a girl 

12. Touchstone, a the fool who goes into the forest with Rosalind and Celia, is 
       trying to get a woman to sleep with him without committing
       Tom Sevenstreams, a singer with the BWB, tries to seduce women 

13“…and there they live like the old Robin Hood of England” (1.1)
       Arya considers riding off and being like Wenda the White Fawn

14. Hymen, the god of marriage, shows up to marry couple
      The gods talk to Arya at Harrenhal 

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Headcanon: Robb has a whole list of cheesy cute romantic things (like kissing in the rain) to do with Theon on his phone

Every time Robb and Sansa watch cheesy rom-coms, Robb writes down a whole new set onto the list and whenever he and Theon do something from the list he is able to cross it off. 

Theon finds the list one day and he thinks it is super dorky and super cute and picks one of the more cheesy things from the list and sets it up for Robb, never telling Robb he found the list. Occasionally, Theon will do something on the list to make Robb’s day. 

“You could have picked anyone!”

So of course everyone knows the part of ASOIAF when Jaqen tells Arya she can name three people, and he’ll kill them for her. This has been moderately discussed in fandom, often about how Arya could have picked anyone, and her first two picks were not people that could have changed the tide in the war.

In short, people say she wasted them. Idk, but I just thought that there’s no other way the story could have gone, and it wasn’t all that wrong to pick smaller targets than the ones playing the game.

Arya’s whole plot was for her, and us, to see the truth of war. That’s something GRRM cares a lot about, btw. Arya shows us how it is for the smallfolk, the forgotten people. They are the ones that constantly suffer, almost seemingly no matter what the lords do. While everyone else is caught up in the game and the war, Arya just cares about survival; if she’s going to be safe, if she’ll get home, if she’s going to starve or not. She becomes part of the lowborn, and suffers as they do, tries to help them because she cares about them. It leads to us learning a lot, and sets Arya on the path for even more of a defender of the smallfolk than she was before. It also destroys her own brand of idealism, of people doing the right thing.

Would it really make sense to disregard that and have Arya pick Tywin or Cersei or someone else their level? This is war. We saw in the Rebellion that when Tywin commits horrible war crimes, even to very highborn people, there’s no justice. What hope do the smallfolk have for justice? Tywin, or any other character, doesn’t get punished for hurting the smallfolk. People don’t care if they get robbed, raped, or killed.

But Arya cares. She always has and she always will. Yes, she could have picked someone more important in the Game, but there were other people important too. If she had not brought justice to those people, who would have? No one cared, except their victims, who didn’t have the power to do anything. When Arya gets some power (the ghost of Harrenhall) she uses it for the people. She brings some justice where no one else would have, and it’s probably foreshadowing Arya doing something similar, on a larger scale. These people weren’t people who were major players in the world, but they were in Arya’s story and Arya hates to stand by and do nothing.

To end an arc about the injustices for the commoners with a highborn disregarding their problems to play the game and kill the more important people for the more important victims would have undermined the whole point. Arya’s arc in the riverlands is meant to cement her love, her fight for the common people, and her horror and pain at the true ways of war. In a story about how no one cares about the smallfolk, Arya does. She defends them, and brings some justice for the hidden crimes no one else will care about. Of course she picked Chiswyk, a man who helped in the torture of innocent people, a man who brags about gang raping a young girl. Of course she picked Weese, a man who not only abused Arya, but every other servant under his command.

There never really was a choice.

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I feel like in a Modern AU,the Baratheons would either be super internet savvy and love social media (Renly,Myrcella,Joffrey,Bella and Edric) or be completely disinterested in social media and/or have no idea how to use it(Stannis,Tommen,Mya and Gendry). Only Robert and Shireen fall in the middle.

YES. Renly, Myrcella, Joffrey, Bella and Edric are up to date in terms of technology and social media. Renly is always on twitter and Myrcella and Bella have amazing instagrams (When are we going to get a Baratheon Bastards Instagram Photoset???). Joffrey was really into vine but he’s taste in comdedy is extraly questionable and makes everyone highkey uncomfortable and worried about his mental state. Edric has a tumblr blog and it is FANTASTIC.

Meanwhile, Mya uses a flip phone and refuses to upgrade and Gendry only upgraded to a smart phone because Bella insisted (plus it was a discount if they both do it) and Gendry still barley knows how to use it or half it’s functions. Tommen just doesn’t care, although everyone sends Tommen cat photos/videos and he is very content with that. IF Stannis could, he’d still be using a fax machine, a wire phone, and a block computer. Renly is the only one who has managed to get Stannis up to date with technology and Stannis refuses to admit that he actually enjoys the ease of it. 

Shireen has a tumblr and follows Edric but she forgets about it half the time and her instagram is barely active. Robert has a twitter but he only remembers it when he is completely and utterly drunk.


Episode 8 is live and ready to watch! 

In this one, I talk about how to take the earth (which is round) and pretend that it’s flat so you can pin it to a piece of paper. It’s harder than it sounds!

when fire meets ice ep 9 [final]

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