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so i hit 1k followers the other day which is so awesome and i really never thought i’d ever get to this point; i never thought i’d get 5, much less 1000 followers so thank you guys so much fkdfrkd

i’ve met some super nice people on here in the time ive been around and everyone is so lovely that it makes me happy to be part of this community a majority of the time

i wanna give a big shoutout to @singaporeditl before i start tho because she’s been such a lovely friend and is all around so wonderful :( the things we’ve talked about and ranted about the the moodboards we made together make me so happy so thanks for being my friend and i’m so glad we clicked immediately

without further ado, here we go

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You need to be more self aware. I’m surprised you think you can choose your own image. From the audience’s perspective, you’re just a piglet and a kitten.

volcaronadaily  asked:

Even thought you are a ghost you look fierce! I've read tales of a legendary gost but never expected it to be this cute yet strong.

O…Oh my… T…Thanks… f…. for the… compliment…. S… Sir…

This may sound… weird… but …

W… would y….you mind if I … p…p…pet you?

hi everyone!! so i recently hit 1.1k which is honestly ridiculous, thank you guys for following this mess of a blog and putting up with me lmao <3 in celebration i thought i’d do a lil follow forever! again, thank y’all for following me, i love you all and i hope i didn’t forget anyone!!

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yo yo yo!! so as a thank you for 2k a few peeps thought it would be fun for me to do blog rates!! i can’t thank you enough for 2k that’s insane i genuinely didn’t think i’d get a following anywhere near this size bc i’m just lil me :’(( bless your hearts. a follow forever is on the way too!

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i do not at all want to offend anyone this is just personal opinion and what some introvert says about your blog doesn’t define it! if you follow me i’m really appreciative of you, truly! <33

in all honesty, im super excited for season 3, especially sharing the experience with the fandom and my friends. when s2 came out the vibe and atmosphere was really nice, everyone hype-screaming & bonding over the show. it felt real nice to see the fandom happy and joking and im super pumped to go through it again during this season and more to come

i’m extremely humbled that each & every one of you that follows or has interacted with jinx or myself still hang around despite my perpetually non-existent activity. you’ve made this a lovely and positive journey for me to not only give jinx a platform to flourish ; but to quell my writers block. pretty soon i’ll be archiving this blog & giving the makeup artist a much needed makeover but when i’m all finished on that front, i’ll make a post to let you all know!

under the cut will be an insanely sappy message because - in reality - i’m a closet emo.

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  • Friend: are you hearing that satanic music again?
  • Me: yeah...
  • Friend: why?
  • Me: Well, I think I'm gonna burn in hell!
  • Friend: what?
  • Me: Mama, we're all gonna die.
  • Friend: why I am even your friend?
  • Me: Because the drugs never work.
  • Friend: i'm gonna go.
  • Me: WAIT!
  • Friend: what now!
  • Me: i just wanted you know...
  • Friend: yeah...
  • Me: that the world is ugly...
  • Friend: ok...ay?
  • Me: but you are beatiful to me.
  • Friend: ....
  • Me: ...
  • Friend: I'll thorw all your mcr's disks.
  • Me: I don’t love you...
  • Me: Like I did yesterday.