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i think it’s important to note that there is a difference between the original intent of “manpain” - which was to refer to situations where the narrative focuses on how an event affects a male character, especially in a situation where a female character was hurt or killed, and the frequent application of “manpain” in fandom to refer to…literally any time a male character has feelings, about anything

like. the one is a useful term to refer to a specific phenomenon, often adjacent to fridging; the other is (unfortunately) often used in ways that reflect the tendency to shut down men’s emotional expression and limit the range of emotion permitted to men

like…just watch how you’re using these things, is all I’m saying

Some fun Black Sails & Zach McGowan tidbits from MagicCon this weekend:

- Zach thinks that Toby Schmitz is the most like his character on the show in real life. He also mentioned Toby Stephens for the same quickly and Clara as the most dissimilar.

- During the scene where he was buried alive he was ACTUALLY buried alive under 4 feet of earth. He wondered for a moment if the crew actually forgot him down there. “So I guess being buried alive is one thing I have in common with Charles Vane”

- He LOVED filming 2x10.

- Zach used to be a chef. Used to be called ‘the chopper’ because he is great at chopping stuff. He loves ‘handling big pieces of meat and seeing what’s inside them’. His words. He also used to narrate nature documentaries, in particular about sharks. He knows shit about sharks.

- Apparently the cast & crew started making out with Ned Low’s cut off head whilst filming that ep.

- During autographs he told me he can’t draw for shit and we agreed that Vane would draw stick people comics of Vane stabbing Flint in the back.


There is something in the air between you and your friend..


My fluorescent rocks under a UV light! 🔦
The dark red (which ended up orangey on camera) are rubies/sapphire, the blues are fluorite, the pale yellow is amber, the ghosty-white ones are chalcedony, and bright pink one is mangano calcite.