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@ bioware fandom: why are gay men only acceptable when they aren’t “threatening” your straight ships?

i’ve seen so many people spitting hate for men who want to romance jaal, and i’ve seen so much distaste, dislike, and disgust aimed at popular m/m ships that take the focus off of your m/f ones. i’ve seen people who ship male lavellan and solas and male inquisitors and cullen get dragged through the dirt. i’ve seen those few who ship alistair with zevran or their male wardens get anon hate or even hate off anon, death threats, condescending promises that their ships will never get much attention from the characters’ massive fanbases. i’ve seen the few who ship garrus and thane with men (or with each other) be received with open hostility.

the only place in fandom where gay men can have their peace is with dorian, though at the same time, trans men who ship him with trans men get hate from women who say that they’re perverting dorian’s character. at the same time, content created by men is drowned out by masses of women with their cute lil lavellans and trevelyans. at the same time, there are mods created to alter his sexuality from gay to bisexual, or in some cases, to straight.

to everyone who feels threatened by the possibility of jaal being made bi: why? what will jaal falling in love with a man change about your female ryder’s relationship with him? because from where i’m standing, i can see that the answer to that question is nothing. jaal being bisexual changes nothing because he is still attracted to women. that fact does not disappear the moment he’s in a relationship with a man. that isn’t how bisexuality works.

stop. stop fighting men who want to romance jaal as men. there is nothing for you to gain from it, just as there is nothing for you to lose from it. the only thing you are showing by acting this way is the fact that you’re threatened by men falling in love with men. it’s homophobic. it’s biphobic. it’s disgusting.


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“A monster that refused, sometimes, to behave like a monster. When a monster stopped behaving like a monster, did it stop being a monster? Did it become something else?”  
 ― Kristin Cashore, Graceling

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The Bodyguard ch. 7

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“Where are we going?” Mulder asks, sounding like a petulant child as he sits with his arms crossed in the backseat.

The smoking man takes another drag from his cigarette, not even bothering to blow the smoke out the open window.

“We’re going to the office, Fox. Your father’s found you a permanent bodyguard.”

“Great. A new babysitter,” Mulder snorts.

Turning to look out the window, he’s running down a list of ways in his head to ditch his new guard. The truck that’s heading straight towards them takes a second to register in his brain.

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Okay seriously, there’s a JoJo reference in the X-files


Continuing my little walk down Memory Lane….this is what a phile’s episode collection looked like back in the ‘90s. Of course, when I first started watching the show (after being abroad for five years), I had no idea what the episode names were. My older tapes are labelled with classics such as “Anazi,” “The Lone Guman,” “Milargo,” “Cave,” “Cliffhanger,” and “Photo.” 

(Translation: Anasazi, Three of a Kind, Milagro, Field Trip, a yet-to-be-identified season finale, and Unruhe.)

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My parents were pretty old when they got married, and they waited several years to plan to have me at a good stable time. So I’m still only 21 (about to hit 22 v soon) but my dad has just hit the age where parents go into Give Me Grandkids™ mode. He keeps asking when my bf and I are gonna get married and when I’m gonna get pregnant. Like bruh, slow down and at least let me graduate with my BAs first.