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@mistsonfire asked me about Layla’s tattoo and instead of answering the question like a normal person, I had to go and draw it.

After the incident on Akuze, Layla got a tattoo of an almost-empty hourglass as a reminder of her limited (and, in her mind, likely to be very short) time left on earth. 

When she woke up from the Lazarus project, she was surprised to find that the top half of the hourglass was almost full, and realized that Miranda took a few liberties in her reconstruction… 

When your getting closer to the ending of an anime

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About This Project

This survey is about how language is crossing borders and cultures to build relationships and a better understanding of the world around us. No matter how we build our connections, fandom has helped many build relationships and grow as individuals. I want to share your love of fandom, and mine, with other cultural and linguistic anthropologists. This is for a grad project at my university, Arizona State University.

I am not collecting names or usernames and will only refer to these answers as statistics. None of the answers have been marked as required because I do not want to force anyone to answer something they don’t want to. I hope that you answer all the questions because it will help me to catalog and understand the future ahead for fandom and our ever growing culture.

Please, I ask that you answer every question to the best of your ability. Describe as much as you can. Think of this like a conversation. I want to get to know you. I want to know your struggles and your successes. I want to know how much fandom means to you. It would mean a lot if you could share this with me, and with others.

If you are unable to find a word in English, please use your native language. There is no need to write like you do for school. Write like you normally do. :)

The survey can be found here.

You know I see a lot of posts skeptical of Bitty being captain and his ability to do so and such. Which like, I get, I see where you’re coming from.
At the same time, I have executive dysfunction issues extremely similar to what we see in Bitty. Disorganization, easily distracted, procrastination, focusing on the wrong thing and messing up my prioritization. My school work suffers for it, too.
I also run a suicide hotline and am the leader of my project for my genetic research lab.
Bitty definitely shows the leadership skills, hockey skill, and dedication to the team to be a good captain and I really hope that he gets the opportunity.

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I've always been more of a lurker on tumblr, but I'm seriously glad that the artbook dragged me out of the woodwork (hehe) ~ your art is absolutely gorgeous! It's so lifelike and you really capture each character's personality! Keep on strutting your stuff :D

Omg Nonnie thank youuuu!!! Aghdgdhdkf!!!
I am always so happy to know our project helps people!

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I'm going on vacation!

I’m going to Orlando this week for winter break, just letting you guys know. I am bringing my laptop because I got slammed with projects to do, but if my queue runs out today, it’s because I’m traveling!

Edit: if you want to see my documented adventures, follow me on Snap! JuliaHope17

Day and Night

“when in distress, draw a dude in a dress” is what i always say

and man a lot of you have been mentioning me on this post and the first time i saw it i fell in love but before drawing yuuri in that dress i had to find something for viktor and lo and behold i found this on my dash

i just pledged 10 bucks (which means 34 of my currency) to The Arcana kickstarter. please please  please  pledge to those guys because idk man i have the feeling this could be really awesome. there’s only little more than 5 days to go and they’re only 55% backed. please. for 10 dollars you get the entire pdf of the artbook, and if like only half my followers pledged we’d have nearly 4k donated

perks of backing The Arcana

  • you get to choose your (the main character’s) pronouns
  • the creators say you can have all flavors of romance gender-wise
  • you’ll be supporting lgbt adults to make an inclusive game
  • as in: lgbt people doing lgbt material
  • it’s got choices
  • it’s got beautiful artwork with beautiful colors and beautiful lines
  • you’ll only get charged if they reach their goal, as is kickstater’s regular thing
  • it’ll be in your phone so whenever the artwork is too beautiful you can just screenshot it to gawk at it later (no shame. i do it way too often)

downsides of backing The Arcana

  • literally i don’t know

here’s some official artwork and screencaps of the game to prove my point about the gorgeousness

so please just?? back it??

here’s the link again if you dont wanna scroll back!