the hyungs ofc

I feel so much for Jungkook, I mean being on a live broadcast with 5 older men, 2 of whom who were blatantly using you for attention and speaking to you rudely, even though you went out of your way to bring them food…..just sucks so bad. I mean, we know Jungkook (sort of, as much as a fan can) and he’s always been with his hyungs for variety, and ofc they’ve always watched out for him and tried to keep him from being ignored or uncomfortable - but in this case, he’s on his own…..I’m trying to look at this objectively - I hope this variety experience will give Kook a chance to grow, because we know variety isn’t always fun - sometimes the hosts can get rude, weird and/or uncomfortable situations can spawn and awkwardness ensues - but hopefully, after this first stream, someone will tell Seho and Janghoon to shape up and stop acting so immature. Kfans were commenting and tweeting about it so clearly it’s not just us dramaticizing this

Right now, the only way we can make it easier for him is to NOT vote (don’t tap hearts) for him on his V Live stream, because he said himself he did not want to become the leader of the group, because it’d put him in an even more awkward situation.