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Oh but how about this? Keith as half Galran and Atlean. His mom is Altean and her shape shifting ability was passed down to her son and that's why he's able to retain his human form.

look i was going to draw baby keith again but then i settled for his cute young alien parents flirting  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 



So, I came out to 5 of my friends from church last night

They created the safest space imaginable.

The girls on either side of me held both my hands as I struggled to get the words out, and immediately hugged me when I did.

The guys across from me both got the biggest smiles on their faces when I told them.

The other guy, who thinks being gay is wrong but doesn’t think it’s his place to judge, said that I’m still the awesome girl he knows and nothing is going to change that.

The one guy offered to come with me when and if I want to tell my parents.

The one girl drove my car home for me after because I was shaking so bad.

The other girl told me that if I ever need a place to hang out with my (hypothetical) girl, her apartment is open to me.

I just thought people should know that there ARE people like that in Christian churches, and I’m so happy that I’m lucky enough to call them my friends.

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What would Tywin's plans regarding the Crown be if he had no daughters? Cersei and Jaime are both boys, etc.

Hard to say. Perhaps Tywin would have remarried, in order to sire a daughter. Or perhaps Kevan and Dorna would have tried harder to have a girl earlier on, and this hypothetical girl would have become Tywin’s chess piece. 

It all depends on when Tywin’s political ambitions took shape, and the degree to which he wanted to see them carried out. We know Tywin was promising a match between Cersei and Rhaegar in about 272, but when exactly did the idea take shape in Tywin’s mind, and what inspired it? If girl!Cersei had never been born, would the idea to have a queen in the family still have occurred to him? Was Cersei born, and Tywin, holding her in his arms, looked down at his newborn daughter and said to himself, “You’re going to be queen someday”? 

Or did Tywin’s royal ambitions predate Cersei’s birth? By how many years? When Tywin and Aerys were friends as teenagers, did they sit down together and talk like Ned and Robert, and one of them suggested they would join their Houses one day, Aerys’s future son and Tywin’s future daughter? Or did this discussion come later? Did it happen at all? There’s so much we don’t know that it’s hard to say. 

I tend to think of Tywin as a very pragmatic man, someone who doesn’t do well with hypothetical situations (“What if Robb Stark actually *is* a great commander? Maybe I should plan for that scenario? Naaah”), so I tend to believe Cersei’s birth motivated Tywin’s royal matchmaking, instead of the other way around. Like, ~I was dealt this Ace and I’m going to play it, even if takes murdering every child in the Red Keep~ is much more likely to me than Tywin daydreaming about having a daughter. If he wasn’t dealt the Ace – if he didn’t have a daughter – he couldn’t play it, could he? 

“Hypothetically speaking, if a girl told you to text her and you did but she never responded, do you text her again or just take the L and move on?” Paige knew they should have been better at this after all these years but new town, new women, it was all confusing. “All I’m asking is for a girl to give me some TLC, is that too much to ask?”

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I know that you've said that you dislike the idea of Joker and Harley having a baby, but hypothetically speaking do you think they'd be happier if they had a boy or a girl?


Hypothetically, I think they would both like a boy. But my opinions on the baby still stand. 


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this is maybe sorta random but do you have a valentine? and also do people ever draw you pictures? lets say hypothetically a trans girl really liked you and drew a picture of you? could she then send it to you? hypothetically.

Ummm what!?! YES! That would be amazingly sweet!! Super flattered!

And also no! I don’t have a valentine this year. Oh my gosh this was such a cute lil message to get today :3 Thank you friend!! How cute.

‘Hypothetically speaking, if you were to see a good-looking bloke and a girl walk out of a girls’ lavatory together - like say, hypothetically, the first floor girls’ lavatory, down by the Defense room - what is the immediate thought that would pop into your head?’

‘Oh, Merlin, lily what the buggering hell did you do now?

‘This is hypothetical Gracie, now please, answer the question’



‘Yes, they would definitely be shagging’

‘No they weren’t’

‘I thought this was hypothetical?’

Commentarius: chapter 16 (Author: B.C Daily)

(Photo still taken from ‘A Gathering Storm’ - link)

okay so i know everyone is a fan of the ‘werewolves’ theory 

but imagine for a second that the summer society is actually the legendary hunters of artemis

that would explain the hunt

plus, to be a hunter you have to swear off of men in exchange for immortality

meaning that if a hypothetical summer soc girl were to fall in love with a guy, she’d lose that and begin to age

‘it’s your funeral’

Let’s just say hypothetically that a girl says something to you……..and you had no idea that’s how she felt, like no idea. You thought the door was closed. In fact you thought that door was so closed that you went out to another door. But had I known that the first door was open; that’s the door I wanted to walk through. I would have walked through that door.

Nick about Jess

Just gonna leave this here.


It has come to my attention that many – if not most – Americans are unaware that, back in 2000, Mel C (you know, Sporty Spice) collaborated with Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes on what is, if not the gayest girl pop song ever, then definitely the most bicurious. 

(The B-side is called “I Wonder What It Would Be Like” for FFS.  I mean, having said that, I owned the single and never actually listened to that song, but work with me here.)

The track was a number 1 hit in the UK, number 2 in Australia, and was generally successful throughout Europe.  There was an American release, but it apparently sank without a trace, which is the usual fate of most artists who aren’t from North America because you guys are, like, crazy insular.  

This is from the period when the Spice Girls were hypothetically still together (except for Geri), but were actually releasing competing solo albums, of which Mel C’s was the best.  

Meanwhile, TLC had fallen apart post-Fanmail, with Left Eye not really wanting to be a part of the group, but also resenting that she was sidelined for much of the album.  (Her 2001 solo album Supernova bombed in America, and that is TRAGIC and WRONG and you all should seek it out, it’s amazing.  A bunch of tracks and demos were remastered with sleek production and big name guest artists for the Eye Legacy EP a few years ago, and that’s good – sometimes even great, eg “Let’s Just Do It”, which is basically TLC feat. Missy Elliott – but it doesn’t have the raw energy of Supernova.)

What happens when the two biggest girl groups of the ‘90s collide?  This.  The song itself takes the bubblegum pop stylings of UK pop and runs them through a sleek American hip hop/pop filter, while Mel C sings and Left Eye raps about experiencing unexpected and forbidden feelings for a friend, and facing the world’s judgement, and also it’s relevant that this came out back when people still cared about Mel C’s sexuality, and a lot of people believed she was secretly gay.  (Maybe she is, who knows.  I was going to say that the question was eventually resolved, but really, we just moved on.)

The video is directed by Francis Lawrence, who went on to direct videos for Gwen Stefani (”What You Waiting For?”), Britney (”Circus”), Lady Gaga (”Bad Romance”) and Beyonce (”Run the World (Girls)”).  Oh, and a couple of movies in a little series called The Hunger Games.  (Catching Fire and Mockingjay, for the record.)

This video mixes visual tropes beloved of the era, like Being In A Futuristic House!  With A Weirdly Prominent Fancy CD Player!  (See also: Billie Piper’s video for “Something Deep Inside”, released later that year) and mixes them with not-very-subtle nods to Mel C’s identity as A Sporty Chick, ie, she’s on a treadmill in slow-mo, she’s doing tai chi with Left Eye.  

It’s great.  And it’s a tragedy that Americans have been robbed of this slice of pop perfection.  I hope this post has gone a small way towards remedying that.


lotsa doodles because pfff I guess I’m experiencing a moderate art block again

also it’s 100% ladies because if One Piece has 99 hypothetical problems, then girls are affected by 70 on average and they all could be fixed in one fell swoop tbh; one is the chronic hourglass syndrome- I can get behind that, it’s anime, this is the last of lesser evils although it gets weird on the long run when all you have is perfect babes; then the unicolor for everyone… I have no idea why Oda doesn’t experiment on the colorspreads seeing as this is a journey around the whole goddamn planet if not more, but hey, I live in the middle of fucking Europe and apart from the number of people I can probably literally count on my 10 (!!!) white-ass fingers, all the folks I have seen in person are basically heavily mixed people with various levels of tan and I only actually know one Vietnamese gurl (sup if you are reading this yo <3) outta the bunch- they were all strangers I’ve never even talked to, sooo….. whatever man, I’m sure Japan ain’t the most ethnic place on the planet either, do that if you don’t wanna leave your comfort zone. I’ve only lately started expanding my color palette for people, too, so who the fuck am I to judge anyway.

Unlike with the case of hourglasses and mayonnaise skin I’ll personally fucking fight Oda for the sameface. Not because it’s a common thing in LOTS of anime, but because the guys get to be super diversive and whatnot so it just doesn’t cut it for me that all I see when looking at Rebecca is Nami with fancy braided hair. I was actually confused for a moment when her introduction panel happened since even their body types are the same, and this should not be an issue. Nowadays not even the porn star lips help since they got used one too many times as well. You can do better, Oda, work that shit. Give me an important young lady with a hawk nose, some gals with scars or someone with an eyebrow game as strong as Lucci’s and Sanji’s, even combined, man. Just do it.

ps never drew Caimie before but tried to do it from memory anyway and I failed; Nojiko looks weird as hell too, I know… also, have you ever considered dimples for Vivi??? like… just consider

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remember that time you drew Ash and Ez's hypothetical daughter that was good times

The one that they’re never going to adopt because Ashroad is convinced both him and Ez will be dead within 5-10 years? Yeah I love her

Now if you were a random hypothetical girl dating Val would you be okay with all the Z attention: Walking to her set, attending her wrap party, going to her small on-set graduation ceremony, her waiting backstage to hug him, texting him videos saying he looks good, getting mad at other girls wanting to have his babies or waiting for him at your set along with trillions of other examples? Honestly, who would be alright with these things? So just for arguments sake, even if they aren’t exclusively dating each other yet, they sure aren’t seriously dating anyone else! NO ONE would be dumb enough to be third wheeling like that. 

Z stated in an interview that she knows she won’t get her heart broken. So she’s obviously not planning on falling for any younger men. God knows 18,19,20 year old guys have total control over their emotions and hormones and would never break a girl’s heart! She’s no dummy. She knows the difference between what teen boys want and what an adult man looks for in a relationship. IMO, it sounds as if she’s saying she’s already got someone in her present or at the very least lined up for her future. And who ever it is, he’s putting his time and attention towards Z and not on other women. So people can call it whatever they’d like but the bond they have with each other appears to be their primary interpersonal relationship.

—  mmmusicfan

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how do you know if your bisexual? i know you just ask the question "are you attracted to more than one gender?" but i'm still not sure.

Okay so I know that for most bi people who are questioning their sexuality, they know that they’re attracted to a different gender and it’s usually the same gender attraction they get stuck on.

I dunno, to kind of simply it further - say if you’re not sure you’re attracted to girls hypothetically - you might like ask yourself if you want to kiss girls or if you like the idea of having sex with girls or if you could see yourself dating a girl, or if there’s ever been a girl you’ve had a crush on. That sort of thing could serve as an indicator. But if you’re not sure my best advice is just to try and experience attraction freely and just let yourself be attracted to whomever you feel attracted to, and let labels come later.

Also here is a good post with definitions that explain what sexual attraction, arousal, romantic attraction and all of that feel like.