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Husband Material- Sehun

Originally posted by laygion

What will it be like married to Oh Sehun?

  • Having to teach him everything.
  • Never having him cook for you.
  • Lots of whining.
  • You are literally the most patient person in the world.
  • He is going to dote on you.
  • Texts of him checking on you throughout the day.
  • He hogs the blankets, but he also hogs you
  • He’s a cuddler.
  • Laying on his lap and watching a movie.
  • Warning Chanyeol to take care of him when they run off together.
  • Making him blush.
  • “Stop being such a brat!”
  • You’re the brat!”
  • “Great comeback!”
  • There’s a 90% chance that you’re older than him.
  • There’s a 100% chance that he’s going to love you with everything he has.