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misha-berry  asked:

The whole concept of Tim and Jason switching costumes is hilarious because just imagine 5"5/125lb tinyTim trying to pass off as 6"0/225lb Jason. They're literally 100lbs apart in weight. Those two would convince no one, ever, at all. They wouldn't even FIT each other's costumes.

Jason: Tim stop you look like a five year old who got into his dad’s closet. Also I’m literally going to cry what the FUCK is up with feathers?

The problem with Sakura’s cooking is not that it’s intentionally gross.

She can cook…. but then she adds all these extra “healthy” and “nutritious” stuff to the mix. In some way, she has to to offset Naruto gorging on ramen inbetween meals. Something has to balance out all that sodium.

Adding onto @aaliyah-draws‘s comic and the fear her children have for her foodddddd. It only makes sense. Hurr hurr hurr

Nearly every strawman anti-centrist comic on Hellsite:

The Right: Hurr durr burn gays and black people at the stake women should be enslaved

The Left: I just want equal rights and not to die!

Centrist: It’s like I’m seeing double

How it almost always actually is:

Right-wing extremist: I’m not racist. I’m just saying that black people are genetically inferior and that maybe a peaceful cleansing would be the best for the human race.

Left-wing extremist: White people have inferior genes, they should stop breeding altogether. What do you mean racist? You can’t be racist against white people lol

Guy who probably isn’t even actually a centrist but is not a fucking nutjob: What the actual fuck you both