the hurr~

look I love whales but baleen plates are the worst thing ever. Like I know they’re functional but I hate looking at them.

hurr hurr I’m a baleen whale I’m gonna evolve a fucking hairbrush in my mouth instead of having teeth like a normal person so I can eat a bunch of the smallest animals in the fucking world at once despite being the largest thing alive

Miss me with that fake concern about Stephen Colbert’s joke being “homophobic”.

He referred to Donald Trump’s mouth as “Vladimir Putin’s cock holster” - which is obscene, yes, and the term is part of our culture’s negative views of sex and submission in general, but it’s a fucking stretch to say this joke is homophobic. “Cock holster” isn’t a homophobic slur. It’s obscene slang mostly used against women. The joke is: Donald Trump is subservient to Vladimir Putin, so he sucks his cock, hurr hurr. It’s not: Donald Trump is gay, so he sucks cock, hurr hurr.

If gay men who didn’t vote for Trump think I’m wrong, then I’ll stand corrected. But so far the only people I’ve seen complaining that the joke was homophobic are Trump supporters who were offended and looking to get non-Trumpets on their side. These people do not care about homophobia. There are legitimate criticisms to be made of Colbert, but this one is just reaching from right wingers.