the huntress:

Trick or Treating with a young Helena would include…

•When Helena was 4 years old Selina and Bruce took her out for the first time and by no surprise Bruce was freaked out about razor blades in the chocolate and metal detected the hell out of her candy

•When Helena got a bit older she decided that she was too old (she was six) for her parents to take her so she demanded that her older brothers would take her

•She would start out either holding Damian’s hand to much of his fake annoyance

•Tim would be in charge of strategising in order to achieve maximum candy

•Helena running up to houses that had their lights of and practically terrorising the house

•pressing her face up against the windows

•of course Jason is definitely encouraging it

•”Give em’ hell Helena, how dare they ignore the kids of Gotham and their need for a sugar hit”

•”Dick, let me go I can see them at the window, look they’re phoning someone”

•”Probably the police, now lets go”

•After they’ve exhausted every street of the house, Helena smiles satisfyingly at her pillowcase of candy

•sometimes she sees some kids crying because a bully has taken their candy

•and she gives them a handful of hers

•and then tells Jason to go after the bully

•because obviously Jason is her personal hitman

•on the way home, Helena is passed out on Dick’s shoulders and Damian has been appointed the role guarding her candy from Jay

•overall it’s a good night

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Helena’s TREAT YO SELF routine would include

•Boi, you might aswell drive to somewhere else because that would be faster than waiting for Helena to finish up in the bathroom

•Every batfamily member dreads the moment that they realise that Helena has snagged the bathroom first

•like even though there’s tonnes of bathrooms in the manor

•Helena always gets the best one first

•the one that’s worth waiting hours for

•Helena will wake up early to get that bathroom and honey she is spending all morning in there

•She’s a firm believer a nice luxurious morning routine

•Because damn, treat yo self

•If she wants to sleep in a little and still get the bathroom she will boobytrao her siblings room

•She literally is applying face masks and scrolling through her feed whilst dipping her feet in the jacuzzi tub listening to music whilst there is a long queue outside full of grumpy post-patrol I’m might actually kill someone siblings

•Her siblings have gone as far as threatening to throw her stuff out of the window

•One time Tim boobytrapped her room and left knowing that she was stuck in there and by the time he got to the nice bathroom he was just able to see her smirk before shutting the bathroom door

•nobody thought about the vents

•Once Helena is finally out of the bathroom most of her siblings have given up by now and have used different bathrooms

•the funniest thing is that Helena doesn’t know what their problem is


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