the hunt gives me lots of feelings okay

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((Okay thanks that message made me feel a bit better I just have a lot of anxiety issues... I'd love to interact publicly I just am not the most confident of people. Anyways I guess to quickly explain he's currently a child because of a magic anon but he's also still a hunter and yeah. Sorry about the long explanation/asks)) *probably hunting something in the forest I don't know I'm bad with starters* *ends up falling out of a tree near your muses as the branch gives out with a large crack*

((It’s all good, I understand :) I’m glad I helped you feel a bit better ))

Lud: *Jumps out of the way of the branch before kneeling by the child with a hand out to help him up*  Are you hurt? 

Training Days

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Request: Could you do a Dean x reader one where the Winchesters save an inexperienced hunter? They become attached to her (she’s younger than Sam by a year) and after awhile she asks for help on being a better hunter. She doesn’t have any endurance when it comes to fighting and Dean thinks the best way to teach her is to train her hard, cause that’s what John did. Dean trains her all the time and stays attached to Sam because she gets tired of it but it somehow ends fluffy?

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,085

Warnings: none really

A/N: Somehow got this fluffier than expected…

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You Asshole, Dean Winchester

Pairing: Dean x reader, Dean x OFC

Word count: about 3220

Warnings: Dean being an asshole, clueless!dean, smut, slight angst (maybe), kind of angry sex, cursing, unprotected sex (in my head the reader is on the pill, but play safe, kids)

A/N: It’s been a while since I’ve posted fics. Sorry about that, but I’ve been really busy. Hope this makes up for it.

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Dean Winchester had done a lot stupid, thoughtless and inconsiderate things in the time you had known him. So far you had forgiven him every single one of them. All it took was one of those heart melting smiles of his, and a wink sent your way, and you would crumble. Since you had fallen in love with him, not even that had been necessary. You forgave him right away. Not once had he had to apologise for whatever he had done. Dean was your weak spot and he took advantage of that, whether he knew it or not.

This was the very first time in all the years you had known him that you weren’t sure if you could forgive him, if you could put it all behind you.

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This happened last week, my graduation ceremony and of course THE BIG GRAD PARTY!!!!!!!!!

i can’t believe it was 5 YEARS ago when i first started the paperwork to get into the biggest Art, Architecture and Design University in my city, after all the pressure and the entrance exams i finally made it there!!!! to the Graphic Design course. And i can’t believe i’m saying goodbye now; it was a big journey, I met a lot of amazing people, I learnt soooo much and most of all, I grew to be a better person.

Things got tough sometimes but i was able to go through all kind of experiences (except love lol) but i feel REALLY PROUD of making it all the way here. But I’m also scared, I’ll soon be going through the “WHAT THE HELL AM I GOING TO DO NOW” stage; job hunting also seems scary and implies a lot of more responsibilities; but I KNOW I’LL BE OKAY!!! I NEED TO TRUST IN MY SKILLS AND OF COURSE TRUST IN EVERYTHING I’VE LEARNT BACK THERE, I want to become someone to be proud of, and i want you guys to feel proud of me too!!!!!!!!!

That’s why I’m sharing this special moment, and also i’m here to encourage you!!!!! I know sometimes we all feel like quitting everything and just feel like we’re not good enough at something, but trust me guys you can always make it!!!! Never give up on your dreams and on what you love to do, no matter how cracked the path may seem, there’s always a way to get it through. If I was able make it, then i’m hellaaa sure you can too. 

BUT this is isn’t everything you’ll see from me!!! I plan on saving some money to pay an animation course and becoming a pro on it, I want to keep learning and do soooo much more, it just feels right. But heyyy my body (and wallet) needs to be ready so it probably will take a little time.

Thank you to everyone for supporting me the whole time; family, friends aND MY FICTIONAL BOYFRIENDS OF COURSE i would have never made it without you♥♥♥ o(;△;)o

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Okay I have a question but I feel like nobody's gonna want to answer it so I'm gonna ask every spnl fan I know anyways can you give me a 'sparknotes' or whatever about supernatural like I know that's a lot to ask and most people are just really gonna say no but I'll mail you 5$ or something pls

To quote my sister, multiplealienabductee:

“Sam and Dean are brothers who reallllly love each other (perhaps erotically???) and they hunt demons and monsters and ghosts and save many lives. and they have a friend. His name is Castiel. He’s a roguish angel with a great looking vessel who loves them dearly but mostly Dean (perhaps erotically???). Sometimes Sam and dean fight and other times they save the world with their love. But now heaven is closed and the angels are falling and no one knows what to do because god is gone.”

And no need to send any money. This one’s for free.