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Late Night Needs

Juice imagine based off the request:

“I love your blog and your writing!!! Its soooo good 😀Id love you to write an imagine when Juice’s Old Lady calls him to check whether he behaves on a run and it turns into a phone sex 😄 Hope thats  ok with you 😊”

Wrapped up in your duvet, fresh from the shower, you decide to call Juice.

He’s been on a run for a couple of days, and he’s not due home for a few more. Whenever he goes away it’s hard on you. All you seem to feel is worried and alone, no matter how many times he reassures you he’s fine or tells you to go over to the clubhouse and hang with some of the girls.

Picking up your phone, you dial his number. It’s around eleven at night, so he might be asleep, but you call anyway, selfishly wanting to hear his voice for your own comfort and reassurance.

“Hey babe.” He answers on the second ring, your heart fluttering. There is tiredness laced in his tone, the run probably being a long and tough one.

“Hey. Sorry if I woke you, I just wanted to make sure you were OK.” You say sheepishly, picking a loose threat on your pillow case.

“No you didn’t, don’t worry, I’m just lying in bed at some motel. We’ve not long got in. The others have gone out to some bar but I wasn’t feeling it.” You smile sadly to yourself, knowing how down he gets when he hasn’t seen you in a couple days. To him, you’re his home. His anchor, the one who keeps him sane when he has every reason to go the other side.

“Cheer up, babe, you’ll be back with me before you know it.” You reassure him, trying to lift his spirits even though yours are damp and rotten.

You hear him sigh deeply over the phone, and you can just imagine him closing his eyes and pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration. Frustration at the fact that he misses you so much he can barely focus, frustration at the fact that these runs are always going to be a part of his life, and he needs to get used to having to be away from you. From not being able to protect you and love you twenty four hours of the day.

“I know, it’s just,” another deep sigh escapes him, “I miss you. I don’t like not being able to be with you, sleep next to you, make love to you.”

Your cheeks redden at the last part of his sentence, your body already responding as your core begins to tingle.

Yours and Juice’s sex life was one for the record books. He knew your body so well, from head to toe, and knew just how to make you squeal and scream. He was completely electrifying, your body feeling so alive anytime he was even near.

He felt exactly the same about you, the flick of your tongue and the rhythm of your hips imprinted on his soul, no other girl could ever compare.

“I miss you too, baby. In more ways than one.” Your voice is just above a whisper, the words feeling naughty and dirty coming off your lips. “I hope you’re behaving yourself, Juicey.”

“I’m always well behaved unless it comes to you. You’re just so distracting, I can’t help myself.” You hear him moving around as he talks, probably getting himself situated for the conversation that’s inevitably going to happen.

You do the same, moving your hair back to flow across the pillow, crossing your legs as you lie on your back, your one hand resting on your stomach as the other holds the phone.

“Hey, it’s not my fault you can’t control yourself.” You tease him playfully, a smile on your face as you talk. “If I can resist my urges, you have to learn to resist yours.”

He laughs into the phone, your heart warming at the sound.“This is me resisting my urges. If I wasn’t resisting, I would’ve bailed on this run and I’d already be in between your legs by now.”

Your eyebrow raises, your hand fiddling with the hem of your underwear. You’d never had phone sex before, but you were so comfortable with Juice that you would try most things.

“Is that a fact?” you purr. Juice feels his cock stir, his mind already full of things he’s done to you, things he’d be doing to you if he were there right now.

“Are you questioning me, kitten? Cause last time I checked, I made you come three times the other night, just using my tongue.” His tone is proud and cocky, and you’d roll your eyes right now if you weren’t so turned on.

“Did you? Must’ve slipped my mind.“ you tease, knowing full well it hasn’t slipped your mind at all. You can still remember the feeling of being absolutely spent, but Juice continued, encouraging you and bringing you to your third explosive orgasm.

You bite your lip, your hand slipping into your panties as you run your fingers up your folds. A small gasp leaves your lips at the contact, Juice knowing your body well enough to recognise the sound.

“Holy shit. Are you touching yourself right now? Fuck…” His voice trails off as you squeeze your thighs together in anticipation, him having full control over you even when he’s miles away.

And miles away he is, with his hand wrapped around his shaft and he starts to pump slowly, his thumb circling the head of his cock.

“How is it, that we don’t even need to be in the same state, and you can still make me rock hard?” You almost come right then, knowing the effect you have on him. It always drives you insane, knowing that you are the one who makes him hard, makes him come.

You moan quietly into the phone, your fingers creating circles on your clit as you hear his breaths speed up, the thought of him getting himself off making your body ache with hunger. Hunger for him.

“Fuck, Juice, I wish you were here.” you pant, your body tingling with pleasure as you tease yourself, running your finger up your slit and dipping slightly into your opening.

He tightens his hand around his member, squeezing slightly as you talk. You sound so desperate, so needy, a deep moan leaving his mouth as he knows that you’re needy for him, for his fingers, for his cock.

“I wish I was there too, baby girl. I wish I could feel your lips around my cock, you always look and feel so good when you’re on your knees.” You whine down the phone, the submissive side of you moaning in pleasure. There was nothing more you loved than being on your knees, Juices hands gripping your hair as he fucks your face, his moans filling the air.

You move your hand faster, circling your clit as you writhe in pleasure. Your body is on fire, so sensitive and alert, craving for its release.

“Fuck, Juice.“ you moan, putting the phone on speaker and placing it on the pillow next to you. You slip a finger into your entrance, releasing a long moan as you curl your digit, hitting your sensitive spot perfectly. You rub your clit with the other hand, the combination bringing you closer and closers to the edge.

Your moans drive him, his hand moving faster and faster on his pulsing cock as he squeezes his eyes shut in pleasure. You sink another finger into yourself, thrusting your fingers and circling your most sensitive spot.

“Baby…I’m close.” you pant, biting your lip to try and keep your moans of pleasure at bay. Even as you work your own body to the edge of pleasure, you wish it was Juice, him holding you as you ride out your orgasm.

“That’s it baby, make yourself come for me, all over your fingers. I can’t wait to make you come around me when I’m back home.” His words are your trigger, your body falling over the edge, your fingers riding you through the ecstacy.

The sounds of your heavy breaths and squeals bring Juice to his own release, his body tensing as spurts of come shoot out the end of his cock, his hand continuing to milk his shaft as he comes down from his high.

You’re both silent for a minute, panting and coming down from your intense phone call.

“I love you, Juicey.” you tell him, your eyes heavy with sleep. He smiles lovingly to himself, knowing you’re falling asleep.

“I love you too, Princess. Sweet dreams, I’ll see you soon.”

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