the hunger games theme song


Inspirational and genius. :) No matter how many times you listen to it. 

the union of multi-fandoms

do you hear the fandoms sing? // tumblr

i am the doctor // doctor who 

carry on my wayward sons // supernatural

the hunger games - theatrical song // the hunger games

hedwig’s theme // harry potter

sherlock’s theme // sherlock

i dreamed a dream // les miserables

other father song // coraline

la la la melody // american horror story

rue’s whistle song // hunger games

fight as one // avengers

clara oswin oswald // doctor who

highway to hell // supernatural

empty chair at empty tables // les miserables

jack’s obsession // the nightmare before christmas

my heart will go on // titanic

a combinations of a various numbers of fandoms that scatter throughout tumblr and my dashboard, and all brought together for one playing! enjoy xx