the hunger games roleplay group

Roleplay mods needed ASAP

Hi there!

My name is Stephanie and I’m looking for a couple of experienced roleplaying moderators to help me map out and successfully host a Hunger Games roleplay group.

My idea is a fixed time roleplay game based on the Hunger Games. It is set in an alternative universe in which the rebellion is quelled and District 13 also participate. It would also be a Quarter Quell and whilst I have a few ideas, especially to bring out longevity considering that characters will end up dying, I would love some people to bounce ideas off and to build a rp group thing that would maintain a level of activity and actually reach completion. Most of similar groups I’ve seen often disappear after a while and I would love to make it end. 

If you’re interested, just drop me a message with the following:

Your name.
How long you’ve roleplayed.
If you’ve ever hosted anything or been a mod.
And to describe what your character would be like in the Hunger Games.