the hunger games prg

Want to be part of a Hunger Games rp?

Don’t want to have to create a separate blog? 

Want more fighting and less writing?

Then the time has come for you to honor your district in the 14th annual Capital Hunger Games! To apply please submit the following information in the link below:

  • Name (not any characters used in the books)
  • Age (12-18, not necessarily your real age)
  • Desired district (you may not get it, depending on the time you submit)
  • Photo of yourself of an actor to represent your tribute (not anyone in the cast)



Available districts: 

D1, D3, D3, D4,D4,D5,D5,D6,D6, D8,D8,D9,D9,D10,D11,D11,D12,D12