the hunger games joke

relentless: a hunger games/voltron au

summary: Five years before Lance’s Games, Shiro’s name is drawn in the Reaping.
A fill for @blackpaladinweek​, day 7: free day/AU. Pre-Shiro/Keith.
Please note that graphic violence, character death, and other warnings may be present within this fic.

“You have to come back,” Keith urges, when they’ve pulled away. At fifteen Shiro’s gained at least some semblance of height; at thirteen, Keith hasn’t. Keith’s gaze up at him is earnest, sincere and so worried. “Promise me, Takashi. You have to come back.”
“I’ll try,” Shiro says. The use of his first name is jarring; he and Keith aren’t like this, usually. The task ahead is too daunting. Shiro’s not going to cry. “But Keith-”
“Do better than try,” Keith insists. He’s too thin, not yet hit his growth spurt, and all Shiro can think about is who’s going to take care of Keith now that Shiro isn’t there. Keith’s eyes flash, hard and focused. “Win.”

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Reid Duke: Letter To Prospects Attending The NHL Combine
The latest news, analysis and stories from, the official site of the National Hockey League

And then: “we’ve seen your game. When you do this, you’re absolutely terrible. What do you think?”

At the time, I didn’t know what to say. I had been preparing to tell a joke!

I tried to think on the fly, and started giving my answer and telling them what I thought they wanted to hear from me.

Right away, one of the guys was right on me.

He said: “look, cut the ********. We want to hear the real answers." 

this is.. wild. i’m not even a hockey dude going to the combine and i’m stressed about it.

What happened on the drive to the port of national city
  • Lena: So mother, why 'Cadmus' ?
  • Lillian: My goal is to end Alien-
  • Lena: No, I mean why'd you name it Project 'Cadmus'... It rhymes with so many things
  • Lillian: what are you-
  • Lena: Like 'Can't Miss' or 'Katniss'
  • Lillian: ???
  • Lena:
  • Lillian:
  • Lena: Cadmiss Everdeen
  • Lillian:
  • Lena:
  • Lillian: *Face palm*

Friend: I hate bears.

Me: So you could say

Friend: Don’t you dare.

Me: They are,

Friend: No.

Me: UnBEARable.



Friend: Leave.

Totally blown away thoughts about 410


First up, my husband and I got a LOT of mileage out of the Hunger Games jokes available to us so thanks for that, show.  However, Jaha had a fucking point: if everyone’s gonna die in THREE DAYS having a death match with NO TIME LIMIT is a terrible fucking plan, guys.

Bellamy and Octavia’s relationship was soooooo good this episode, from his fear of facing her at all to her snapping at him because she was afraid he didn’t love her anymore, to his complete and utter faith in her delivered monologue-style to Echo while Octavia listened in.  A++++ face acting all around by Bob and Marie, because they sold Bellamy and Octavia’s hesitancy, fear, love, and loyalty very well.

I also liked that Octavia used actual strategy to win and wasn’t just like, naturally the best fighter.  Her first encounter with Luna was good character work for both of them and really tensely plotted.

Echo being a shady motherfucker was easy to see coming, but Roan being like YOU WERE CHEATING ON MY BEHALF? GASP! BEGONE WITH YOU, FOUL BEAST was hilarious and Roan for Gryffindor Head Boy and Quidditch Captain, y’all.  (He plays Beater but makes a fair goalie.  Don’t @ me I just report the facts.)  Also I’m forever laughing at Bellamy’s attempts to sneak SUBTERFUGE IS NOT YOUR THING, BOO BEAR.

INDRA FOR MVP OF THE SEASON (she can share with Monty.)  She really knocked it out of the park, mothering her two girls and loving her people and being both strong and soft and wow, Adina, I hope you got a raise for this episode.

Gonna put the rest under the cut just so no one gets accidentally spoiled:

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i was messing with adobe lightroom and i kinda enjoyed the results.

I told my Dad that Mockingjay Part 2 had zombies in it. So we sat down to watch it and he sees Peeta tied to the chair and he goes “oh man he’s turning”.
When Prim walked in to visit him, he was so excited “They’re feeding her to him! This is brutal.”
This commentary continued on until I finally told him that sadly, there are no zombies.
He was so upset, he looked up at the ceiling for a few minutes, got up and left