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Okay, Hunger games AU headcanons until someone writes a fic about it

- It wasn’t Yuuri’s name that was drawn but Minami’s

- Yuuri volunteers as a tribute because he couldn't let adorable little Minami get himself killed (they are childhood friends) 

- Yuuri isn’t good with weapons because he doesn’t like to wield them but he knows everything about plants because his parents often produce medicine for their village 

- The only weapon he can actually use is an arrow because the children in his village needed to learn how to handle at least one, in case their name would be drawn

- Victor from district one is chosen as a tribute and is the well known son from an important politician

- Victor is popular and gets easily high points and therfore supporters

- For Yuuri’s interviews the stylist changes his image from innocent to someone seductive “Nobody is going to notice a wallflower, Yuuri. You need to shine out.”

- Yuuri’s stylist is Chris

- Yuuri’s trademark is his sultry smile and his outfit looks like his Eros outfit but it’s a two-piece suit

- after the hunger games start and the shot was fired, everyone is running for their backpack

- Yuuri manages to grab a bag and tries to run into the woods but is stopped by Phitchit

- Yuuri manages to escape thanks to his agile body

- The first time Victor and Yuuri meet is when Yuuri finds an unconscious and drenched Victor near a lake

- Yuuri wants to go past him but ends up carrying him to his hideout and treating his stomach wound with his self-made medicine 

These are just some ideas. Add yours too!!

Asexual Awareness Week Day 2: A character you headcanon as asexual | Katniss Everdeen, The Hunger Games 

My best friend predicts I will choose the person who I think I “can’t survive without”. I’ll just conduct an unfeeling assessment of what my potential mates can offer me. It’s a horrible thing for Gale to say, for Peeta not to refute. Especially when every emotion I have has been taken and exploited by the Capitol or the rebels. At the moment, the choice would be simple. I can survive just fine without either of them.

Don’t think about JiCheol in Hunger Games
  • don’t imagine jihoon is a career from district two, the favourite for these games, while seungcheol is the dumb tribute from district seven that everyone forgets
  • whatever you do, don’t think about jihoon being genuinely surprised by how nice seungcheol is
  • seungcheol probably doesn’t engage in trash talk, like he physically can’t
  • probably always asks jihoon if he’s having a nice day every time they engage in conversation, like jihoon isn’t willing to kill him, like seungcheol won’t die
  • don’t think about jihoon being unable to tear his eyes away from seungcheol as they do the interviews before the games, because wow, seungcheol looks pretty damn good when he’s cleaned up
  • don’t think about jihoon off-handedly giving pointers to seungcheol during training and blushing so hard after because “i’m a career, i shouldn’t care about others”
  • don’t think about jihoon looking for seungcheol the moment the horn sounds, only to be swept away by the fighting
  • don’t think about jihoon’s heart almost stopping every time he hears a canon, and the sigh of relief he doesn’t let out when it isn’t seungcheol’s face in the sky
  • don’t think about how happy jihoon was when he stumbled into seungcheol halfway through the games, or how he scolded seungcheol because he nearly chopped his head off
  • don’t think about jihoon trying to keep watch, but falling asleep anyways – against seungcheol. don’t think about seungcheol waking up when he feels this weight against him, only to smile when he realises it’s jihoon, slumbering against him
  • (seungcheol forgets that the cameras see everything and somewhere back home, someone weeps)
  • Just don’t think about jihoon staring at seungcheol with apprehension as the canons sound less frequently, until he’s pretty sure they’re the only ones left
  • And don’t think about how seungcheol can’t help but stare when he and jihoon get the chance to wash up because there are so many scars, but it’s still so beautiful – that jihoon’s still so beautiful
  • Oh, and don’t think about jihoon’s district partner ambushing them just when they think they’re saved. Don’t think about the girl holding a huge ass knife to seungcheol’s throat and jihoon not even hesitating with the arrow
  • (jihoon knows he should feel guilty, but the girl had been threatening seungcheol and there was a quiet kind of satisfaction in seeing the arrow go through her eye socket)
  • Don’t think about seungcheol and jihoon, breathing heavily and staring at each other in wonder because they’re the only two left
  • And seriously, do not think about jihoon staring at the knife in his dead district partner’s hand and wondering if he has the balls to use it on seungcheol (he doesn’t)
  • And pls, I beg you, don’t imagine seungcheol taking jihoon’s favourite knife (his favourite only because seungcheol gave it to him) and holding it to his own chest
  • And pls pls pls don’t think about jihoon’s eyes widening as seungcheol thanks him for everything and softly saying “if we were in another life…”
  • don’t think about jihoon cradling seungcheol close as seungcheol drowns in his own blood
  • don’t think about the smile on seungcheol’s bloodstained lips, hands smearing blood across jihoon’s face as he touches it oh so gently
  • and don’t think about the tears falling onto seungcheol’s face, seungcheol not even making a joke about it because he’s already gone
  • Oh, and especially don’t think about jihoon’s dead eyes, even as the person congratulates him for winning

please don’t think about it

*katniss everdeen voice* from now on, we’ll be using codenames; you may all address me as, “eagle one.” peeta is, “been there, done that.” johanna is, “currently doing that.” annie is, “it happened once in a dream.” finnick, “if i had to pick a dude.” madge, “i’d be lying if i said i hadn’t thought about it.” gale, “been there, done that, AND got the t-shirt.” and haymitch……… haymitch is, “eagle two.”

*haymitch abernathy voice* oh thank god

anonymous asked:

rfa + v in a hunger games au where they are from the same district as mc? like would they form an alliance with mc, try to kill them like everyone else, etc?

okay but i really love this request even though i haven’t read the books is years oops hopefully this is fine


  • So he’s definitely the most athletic of the RFA, so he’s got that going for him
  • He would team up with you without hesitation considering he fell in love with MC on the first day in all the routes z e n keep yourself together
  • Anyway you should consider yourself hella lucky because he is willing to do anything to keep the two of you safe, even killing the other tributes
  • He would probably be one of the most likely to kill to keep you safe
  • I could even see him killing other tributes not out of self defense so you could get out of it quicker
  • If it were down to the two of you at the end, I think that he would sacrifice himself so you could live
  • He might be a little hesitant about it, but in the end he would do it 


  • Honestly he’s probably one of the first one’s to get killed even though that makes me so sad to say/think
  • But if he does make it past the cornucopia he is constantly worried
  • His tactic is to hide from everyone else and hope they all end up killing each other
  • I doubt he would form an alliance with you though, he doesn’t trust anyone, and if he didn’t know you at all before this he would probably think that you’re just tying to trick him and kill him later
  • Considering the environment that you’re in, you can’t really blame him
  • Even if he makes it past the cornucopia, I doubt he would last that long
  • Hiding will only get him so far, and he doesn’t have any survival skills


  • She’d definitely get farther that Yoosung, but she wouldn’t be in the last three
  • Imo she’d probably lose 6-4?
  • She’s non confrontational so as soon as it starts, she runs as far away as she can
  • She has pretty good self defense skills though so she could last a little while off of that alone isn’t it canon that she knows like karate or something else? but if it isn’t it should be
  • So if you ask her to team up with you, she’d definitely be hesitant, but after a little bit of thinking she decides to trust you
  • Especially if you did something to win her trust, like saving her from someone else


  • Honestly? Like Yoosung, I could see him being one of the first one’s to die
  • But if he does make it past the cornucopia, he would last two days at most
  • He has no survival skills and I doubt he’s that athletic
  • I don’t think he’d form an alliance with anyone, because he doesn’t trust anyone lmao
  • He really has no strategy to how he would survive
  • Like he mostly tries to stay away from people but he’s not really good at hiding and that can only work for so long
  • Probably would get a lot of donations (?) just from how beautiful he is
  • I know I would
  • I mean what?


  • He could probably make it about half way through
  • He has some idea of how to survive, and he like basically the rest of the rfa lmao tries to stay away from everyone else
  • He’d def team up with you if you asked him
  • Strength in numbers, right?
  • Also if you know literally any survival skills he’ll be happy
  • He would especially team up if he knew you before, because not only could he trust you he’s basically been in love with you since you first met


  • Ohhhh oh no
  • Can I just make it so that he’s not blind in this?? cause that wouldn’t be fun to write rip
  • Okay so again, like the rest of the rfa, he’s not going to attack anyone directly
  • He would fight if he had to for self defense, but he wouldn’t kill them
  • I could see him being averagely strong? and has pretty good survival skills so he could probably last a while
  • He probably could win if he was willing to kill the other tributes
  • He would definitely team up with you
  • Or really anyone, he doesn’t really want to be in it by himself, if you’re the first person to ask him then yeah

building a pillow fort together

48# haymitch had always thought he’d die an alcoholic ,depressed, raging man but while he was on his death bed with all the people he had grown to love over the years he felt like he was the happiest man on earth, in has last breath he said 3 words no one had heard him say for a long time he said, to no one in particular, I love you


Okay, I would like to start this by saying I have so much respect for you guys. I mean honestly, you guys fuel fandoms. If it wasn’t for you, when a show or game or comic etc ends, it ends. Like finished, finite, done, most likely never coming back, but then YOU come along and we get headcanons, backstories, AUs, and so many other glorious things that we forget the actual thing is over! Like, there are times when I’m reading a fanfiction, and I forget it’s a fanfiction. I’ll be reading this work, and it feels like a book. I forget that it’s most likely a teenager writing a story on a sharing forum for the enjoyment of others and when I finally remember it I’m shocked! Can we also talk about how YOUNG most of you are!? Like wowie, you guys are so incredibly talented and a fair amount of you are teens. And, for the other side, I’m amazed at the adults writing fanfics! You guys have lives, children, jobs, and yet you still find time to write and be passionate and give joy to your audiences. Did I mention you have AUDIENCES?! People follow you for your fics, they message you, become friends with you, and genuinely enjoy you as a person because you wrote something on a whim and they liked it. That’s amazing! Not only that, but some of you make playlists to go with your writing, you take the time to make sure the readers are comfortable, and then when we praise you, you’re bashful. People love you guys and you’re so sweet when replying to us. You get fanbases over your writings, AUs on top of your AU, and so much more. You guys are actually fantastic. Just the fact that you can continue working on something for 20+ chapters astounds me, I can barely make it past 5 when I’m writing! 

I just wanted to make this post to praise the fanfiction writers that grace our fandoms with their talent, for it is truly a talent indeed. Give yourself a pat on the back, because y’all are amazing and you deserve every bit of praise you get. 

57# in katniss and peeta’s house katniss had a secret draw that was always locked and katniss kept the key, peeta had never been curious about the draw because he knew he couldn’t get into it, but one day when katniss was in the shower she’d accidently left the draw unlocked, curiosity overcome him and he opened the draw to see what was in it, there was nothing he hadn’t seen before, his pearl, the mockingjay pin, and the locket, he hadn’t seen the locket in a while, so he opened it, and when he did a tear trickled down his face in the part that used to hold a photograph of gale was a picture of him, he knew then any doubts he ever had about katniss loving gale were not true, and had never been true.

The 2Ps in the hunger games
  • 2p!america: joins a group and once they've taken everyone out he turns on them
  • 2p!china: steals everyone's supplies so they starve to death
  • 2p!england: sets traps, feeds poison to unsuspecting allies, acts harmless when he's really a maniac
  • 2p!france: avoids everyone and kills if necessary
  • 2p!russia: uses camouflage
  • 2p!italy: literally just kills everyone
  • 2p!germany: slowly takes down large groups till he's left with the lone wolves who are easy to go after
  • 2p!japan: outsmarts everyone
  • 2p!canada: able to navigate his way around the whole arena and figure out where the best hiding spots are, uses them for surprise kills
  • 2p!romano: gets someone to protect him the whole way through and kills them once everyone's out of the way
  • 2p!austria: charms his way into an alliance and then leaves them for dead if they get attacked by anyone/ anything
  • 2p!prussia: waits it out, hides, makes the best of his environment, doesn't speak to anyone, gets the best of luck

playing a game of strip poker