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A thread about millennials and stories (sorry for all the typos I was fueled by too much emotion to type well)

What do you do when your villain is exposing himself, quite literally, to you? How do you react to the humbling of evil? To what ends do you forgive an insatiable entity that had feasted on any and every plane you ever tacked the word home to like a Live Laugh Love sign in meager apartments?

There’s a reason Merle was the one able to parley. Out of everyone on the Starblaster, only one was given this ability, and even more interesting, it was given to the one who feared he had the least to offer.

As John, in his broken stretch of skin, consumed as he once consumed, goaded and guided Merle through the game of chess, he knew his time was limited. It was no accident John mentioned dying; living for a century takes a toll on everyone, especially those who cannot feed, and once you lose a friend after not having one for decades, you start to loathe your loneliness. And Merle was a great conversationalist. Moreso, Merle never really shut up, and that was perfect because prying eyes and prying ears can’t work in sync as well as people think they might. So, while the dwarven man talked, John could show without telling and without being caught. If only Merle could catch.a.fucking.hint.

This however, is how everything still gets righted. Merle always provided the smallest slice of humanity to John, and how fitting is it that John gave back the code to save that exact thing? It takes an agonizing time to give Merle every single clue with a sharp dart of eyes to and from the chess pieces (isn’t it hilarious he gave the Hunger the black pieces, the pieces that go second, that chase?) as they played and by Pan’s Hand this man is just so dense sometimes, but John was good at his job.

Even if it ended up in sacrifices.

It’s funny that Merle is the one taught parley. The useless old dwarf man, who barely fathered his children and had a penchant for goofing off more than being of the cloth was granted this great ability to talk with the very being that wanted to consume him and all of reality.

John, his old friend, probably had the same thought, over and over again, even as he screamed, dragged to the depths of the only room he could imagine, Merle and his arms scratching and holding at this being whose body found itself cracking open a cold one with the bonds of realities, embracing the beast like one does. Merle was granted the ability to parley, not just because he was a godly man, but because he could forgive those who genuinely wanted to be forgiven. And in John’s final moments, and probably for a while before that, as he watched for the light that feeds, as he watched life expand and continue both in spite and because of him, he realized he wanted to be forgiven.

So of course the peacemaker offers that. Of course his old friend can provide. Merle always thought he was replaceable but no one can give them the same sense of peace that Merle can. Even after they killed everything that he ever knew. Even after killing him time and time again, Merle knew John wanted to be forgiven, and so, he forgave.

an anon requested rize and kaneki getting along in an au and i am weak (so weak) for florist/tattoo artist au’s


THE HUNGER / JOHN - [(Kyle Maclachlan Fancast)]

You call us the hunger, that’s not entirely inaccurate, ‘cause we are hungry. But it would be more accurate to simply call us dissatisfaction

…But soon. 

You will call us ascendant.

Priorities (Smut - Jeep sex)


Request: A massive amount of people wanted more car sex, so here we go. 

Word count: 3,021

Priorities (Smut – Jeep sex)

“Are you kidding me?” You whined as Shawn put the last bags of food in the trunk.

“Sorry love”

“You seriously want me to get in the back because your guitar has to be on the front seat?” You stared at him, honestly thinking he was messing with you right now.

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Vampire!BTS Reaction to: Being So Hungry That They Accidentally Bite You

Hey! So I just stumbled upon your blog through a quick Google search of “vampire bts x reader” and I fell in love with your vampire!au about the guys biting reader. I was wondering if you could do one where BTS accidentally bites you because they’ve gone a long while without feeding? They haven’t fed in so long because they feel guilty about feeding on humans while they’re dating one. If it isn’t too much, can you make a reaction from BTS and reader’s point of view? Thank you so much!

Jin: Would be the first to stop feeding on humans. The second he starts to form a crush on you, he transitions over to animals. Which is difficult, for a “foodie” like Seokjin. He was well known for only feeding off the most succulent of humans and in comparison, animals are so … bland and boring. It won’t take long until he looses control of his hunger, especially with you around. Your scent drives him insane, until he can’t hold back anymore. He’ll pounce randomly, when you weren’t expecting it. You hadn’t realized how much he was struggling with an animal diet, until you’re pinned to the wall, his teeth sinking into your neck. He’s too strong to fight off and you genuinely think you would have died that day, if it weren’t for Namjoon who pulled him off.

Ashamed, Jin avoids you for a week until you eventually corner him.

“I’m not disgusted by you, Seokjin. I know the diet must be hard for you. You don’t have to stop feeding from humans. I won’t love you any less for it.”

Now that he’s tasted the finest dish in the world, he can’t go back to basic blood. “Can I have a taste of you instead?” he wonders. A drop of you far outweighs the bland blood of hundreds.

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Suga: Didn’t even want to stop feeding on humans to begin with; food is food. That’s all humans are to vampires. But if it made you feel safer, he’ll stop. And the hunger, coupled with how he never even wanted this diet, make him snap. But not fully. He feeds from you, taking enough to make you dizzy, but not threaten your life. He pulls away, a drop of blood dripping from the corner of his mouth.

“I thought … that you were gonna kill me,” you shudder.

He smirks. “How could I kill my favourite dessert?” You were his favourite meal but since he’d starved himself so long, a taste of dessert simply isn’t enough. “I’m going out to find some dinner. Don’t wait up - I might be having seconds.”

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J-Hope: You didn’t even realize how hungry he was. Hoseok was good at hiding his real feelings, to ensure the happiness of others. So when he snaps, you know he must have been hurting. You don’t fight him as he drinks from you, lovingly stroking his head instead.

“You were hungry, right? I’m sorry that you felt you needed to starve. Make sure you eat properly from now, even if it’s from humans. I don’t want you to suffer like this,” you tell him.

He pulls away, gasping for air. “I was so, so hungry. Every second of your scent was driving me crazy. I’m sorry I snapped.” He pressed a bloody kiss to your lips. “Thank you for still loving me. Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going out to hunt.”

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Rap Monster: You can tell that he’s about to break. He had been snapping at you this past week, even if you do nothing wrong. He makes you wear scarves or turtlenecks. And the darkness of his eyes is turning a bright red.

“Joonie?” you ask, pulling off your scarf. “You’re hungry, aren’t you? There’s no need to hide it from me. You can feed from me if you want.” He had gone on the diet to keep him “clean.” He wanted no one else’s blood inside of him, to sink his teeth into no one, but you. So he refused; “No, I’m fine, baby. I don’t need blood - I’m strong enough to resist.”

But two hours later, he surprises you by pouncing and harshly biting you. The pain makes you gasp but he doesn’t care. All he wants is your blood. He drinks until your heart slows down, making him realize just how much he had taken. Pulling away, he apologizes.

“I think you’re right … I’m not as strong as I thought I was. I’m going to feed from now on. Thank you for being so understanding.”

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Jimin: His personality had been different this past month. He’d been keeping to himself, pouting and staring into space. He swears nothing’s wrong. And you sort of believe him until you’re jumped one morning, pinned down as Jimin bites into your neck.

He doesn’t feed much, just enough to wet his palette. He knows he needs to hunt, but hadn’t wanted to do so while hungry. His mother told him never to shop on an empty stomach. “Sorry about that, I couldn’t help myself.” You understand that the diet must have been hard for him, but shock keeps you from talking. All you can do is nod. He tenderly kisses the bite mark. “I’m going out to feed. Then I’ll be back, to punish you for putting me on this stupid diet to begin with.”

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V: The intensity of his gaze confuses you. He’s not your Taehyung anymore, he’s the monster he always warned you he was, but you never believed in. The cute boy was gone and only a hungry beast was left. He snapped, throwing you down, first biting your shoulder. Then your neck. He couldn’t decide where he wanted to feed from, where he wanted to taste you. Afraid for your life, you started to cry. Your tears brought Taehyung back, your Tae, not this monster. And he sits back with big doe eyes, looking sorrowful.

“I’m so sorry. I - I was so hungry and - “

“It’s okay,” you sniffle. “Vampires need to feed, right? Next time, don’t torture yourself like this. You can feed if you’re hungry, okay?”

He had agreed to stop feeding from humans because he thought he could. The thought of hurting one of your kind had been awful. But now his opinion had changed. Lions need to feed, no matter how cute the lamb is.

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Jungkook: Hadn’t bought into the “vegetarian diet” at all. Vampires fed off humans, that was that. Although he loved you, as long as you were safe, he didn’t care for other humans. But if it made you happy, he would try. Out of stubbornness, he lasts the longest. He refuses to admit defeat until loosing control one day, accidentally biting and nearly killing you.

“I think … I should stop this diet.”

He’ll go clear his head and feed. When he returns, he’ll apologize for his behaviour. And seeing the fear in your eyes, fear of him, breaks his heart. Jungkook listens to everything you have to say. And you compromise on his diet. That way, you’re safe and he’s not starved.

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To Peeta, with love

I can’t remember the last time I wrote anything, let alone posted it, and I’m sorry for that. So I tried something different. Hope you enjoy.

(I don’t own the Hunger Games, I’m just having fun)

Imagine that Modern AU, where Katniss and Peeta are still in school and they are friends. But Katniss starts to long for a little more than a platonic friendship with him and, to get that stuff out of her chest, she decides to write him a poem. It’s easy to say that that doesn’t go very well, it turns out to be way harder than what she thought it would be. Just trying to make words rhyme is impossible, and lets not even start with writing down her feelings, it just, ughh. No, thank you. The paper ends scrunched up on the floor of her bedroom.

Enter Prim. Sneaky little Prim, snooping around her older sister’s bedroom, looking for that white stuffed goat of her sister so that it can have tea with her stuffed cat, Buttercup. But Prim ends up finding something else. Something much, much better than the old goat. A ball of paper lying inconspicuously on the floor near the end of the bed. A paper that, after straightening and taking her time reading it, happens to contain the best secret in the world ever. Ever. In the entire history of secrets.

But Prim can’t deliver it like that, oh no, so creased and stained, and look! It’s not even signed! She has to pretty it up. It is a declaration of love, after all.

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Go to a website called freerice

You can choose a subject to be quizzed on, and each answer you get correct donates 10 grains of rice to people in hunger around the world.

Tell your teachers so they can spread it around. You don’t even have to sign in. But if you do, you can join groups like in Kahoot, except you’re donating rice at the same time. Cool, isn’t it?

or: the one where nobody loses any of their memories. 

magnus comes in fifteen minutes earlier, holding an adorable wooden duck. magnus sees lucretia perched over the edge of fischer’s tank, asks what she’s doing. she drops the journal on the floor, it flips open. magnus, with no sense of propriety, picks it up, looks through it. dawning horror in his eyes as he sees their lives detailed on the pages, as he realizes what he could have forgotten. 

its. well, he loves her, but he brings her and the journal out to the others for an emergency team meeting. he explains the situation, and then it’s a no-holds barred screaming family argument, where everyone loves everyone else and still things suck. but at least everyone remembers.

‘you dont get to take that choice from us, luce,” barry says. 

‘i just wanted to fix things,” lucretia says, and well, they can’t fault her that. they’ve done terrible things to this world. “i wanted you all to be happy. it would only be for a little while.” and well. that’s understandable too. it’s easy to forgive, before a crime has been committed. 

living on a spaceship while the world crumbles can make you a little crazy. the five of them understand where lucretia is coming from. 

maybe lup was wrong. they decide that they’ll return the relics, and then they’ll try lucretia’s plan. lucretia is no longer allowed to be alone with fischer. that’s fair. magnus is happy to spend more time with his invertebrate alien child. 

they go as a group to pick up the different relics. it’s hard, but they’ve done harder things before. they’ve got teamwork and a century of tactics on their side, and the relics remember them, are drawn to them. it’s not easy. but it is doable. the chalice, the philosophers stone, the gaia sash, and the oculus are all easily contained. lucretia never let go of her staff. 

near the site of a particularly monumental glassing, in a weird cave, they find lup, who looks alarmed and very happy despite her own wishes to see them. barry is overjoyed, crashes into her in a crushing embrace. she’s maybe crying a little. taako punches her, he’s so angry and so relieved, and they get in a slap fight that ends with their arms around one another. he’s so relieved. lup’s fine. she’s great. with their help she gets the gauntlet back, without anymore casualities. her and lucretia have a long conversation, too. 

then comes wonderland. everyone yells at barry about creating something that allowed these people to create….this. barry shrugs, says that necromancers are all kinda wack. no way are they playing this stupid game. barry and lup jump out of their bodies and its a lich-off, baby. and there aint no better liches than barry and lup, so they return triumphant with the animus bell. 

and the light of creation is restored, and just as lucretia is about to create a wall lup is like, wait a second. what if we created a wall around the hunger. 

and everyone is like. huh. risky, but. huh. ok, lets try it. worst that comes is that we’ll jump again, i guess. 

so now they’ve got a year to kill before the hunger comes and well. hm. maybe its time to go questing, just for funsies. maybe they should start rebuilding the world they broke. maybe they oughtta set up an organization, bring some balance to the world? 

Spiderman One Shot: I’m Always Here For You.

Prompt: You’re struggling to study for a major test when Peter surprises you with a visit.

You stare down at the booklet lying in front of you, the pages neatly spread apart over your bedroom desk. Pens, pencils, scrunched up pieces of paper and textbooks litter the now not so empty spaces of your room. You take in a breath and realise the air is quite stale, how long has it been since you started?

You get up from your desk chair, still eyeing the booklet as you make your way over to the window, and then slide the window upwards to let in some fresh air. You feel like a mess. A total, crying, blubbering mess. Your eyes are still red from the almost breakdown you had earlier, and every time you make eye contact with your homework you feel it bubbling up inside you again; a sense of helplessness.

You stretch for a moment before sighing and plodding yourself back into the squeaky desk chair. You spin around, tempted to just turn on your laptop instead and watch Netflix… but you know you have to try again otherwise you’ll just panic in the middle of the test – that’s the absolute last thing you want to happen.

You slide closer to the desk and open up a textbook while looking through the topic that you’re stuck on. You don’t understand why you just don’t get it, everyone else in your class seems to be doing okay with it. And you’re not usually one to struggle with something for this long, usually you figure it out before any real damage can be done. But it’s the last night before the test and you haven’t gotten anywhere all weekend.

Your phone buzzes, and while you usually have it on silent, you notice the lit up screen tells you that you’ve received a message from Peter, one of your close friends from school.

Parker: You at home?

You look away from the text and get back into reading the chapter you started, it’s probably somewhat rude of you to ignore a text from Peter but you’re pretty sure he would understand. Especially since he does the same thing most of the time.

Parker: Hello?

You look at your mobile once again and frown, honestly, he should know better. You pick up the phone, turn it on silent, and then shove it deep into one of your desk drawers. You shake your head as you try to find your place when a sudden voice from behind you makes you jump.

“Don’t put me in a drawer!”

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something that i think is important to think about: adam & ronan, not plagued by demonic possessions or night horrors or eye horror, spending the rest of their school year & their summer behaving like shitty teenagers who are head over heels for each other, alright. because that’s what they are, on top of all the other things that they are, they’re kids who can’t stop looking at each other

adam wearing ronan’s jackets. ronan loitering looking sketchy as hell waiting for adam to be out of class, off work, done with an essay.

adam & ronan making out in the bmw, in adam’s shitty car, in the obnoxious flatbed truck ronan dreams for himself because he’s a farmer now & farmers need obnoxious flatbed trucks, in the parking lot of monmouth, of the church, of aglionby, of fox way when everyone else thinks they’re just running late. because when you’re eighteen & into each other every second you spend not making out feels like a bit of a waste of time, really. 

they steal street signs that say things like ‘high street’ & ‘gaylord lane’ & run red lights & joyride when the cops aren’t looking, run off from the grocery store parking lot with a shopping cart which ends up busting a wheel anyway but it’s still fun

adam & ronan sneaking into movies together but not actually watching them, into the national park when the moon’s big & bright, to go skinny dipping. to stay up all night & watch the sunrise. climbing up on roofs of buildings. on bridges and bypasses. up trees. on the eaves of the church. 

& staying up all night– with their friends, pitching a tent out on the lynch’s property & all of them crammed in there together, ronan’s fingers looped around adam’s ankle. & with each other, because all of a sudden they both have a thousand things they want to know about each other & they have to know them right now. 

Klaus Mikaelson - His Witch 4

Words count: 1489

Warning: None


@cococola-cocaine said 

More of his witch please! Need a part 4 😍😍😍😍😍 love your work btw!!

@dark-night-sky-99 said

Hello, I was wondering if your were planing on writing a 4th part for the one shot his witch. And if you are could you add me to the tag list? Thank you!

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

When you finally woke up, you found your daughter by your side, her hands clutching one of yours, and Klaus standing by the door but you paid him no attention.

“Oh, (Y/D/N) are you okay? Did Dahlia hurt you?” You asked (Y/D/N) sitting up, your eyes doing a quick check on her. (Y/D/N) threw her arms around you and pulled you in for a bone crushing hug. She buried her face into your neck and her body started to shake. You rocked her softly. “Baby please don’t cry.” You whispered softly in her ear and ran your hand through her hair, starting to tear up yourself.

“I though you’ve died when they brought you in.” She said with a cracking and shaking violently voice.

“But I’m not, and I too thought you were dead when I didn’t find you at home.” You said and you looked at Klaus from over your daughter’s shoulder and gave him a simple but meaningful nod. Klaus returned the gesture and left the two of you to give you some privacy, even though almost every living creature in the house could hear you anyway.

“How long have I been out for?” You leaned back onto the headboard with (Y/D/N) joining you on bed so she was resting her head on your chest, and her arms around your waist.

“Three days.” She said, and you hummed running your hand through her hair. “You know… Klaus was really worried about you.”

“Was he?” You asked surprised, halting your hand movement for a few seconds.

“Yeah if I wasn’t by your side, he was and he even stayed with me a lot too, and we would talk.” You were really surprised to hear that, but it made you feel slightly giddy inside. No male has cared about you like that in a very, very long time. You two just sat there talking for a while, before (Y/D/N) fell asleep. You were trying to move onto the bed her slowly so she wouldn’t wake up. When two hands moved her gently of you and so she was fully on the bed and resting her head on a pillow. Klaus nodded his head to the door, and you got up as silently as you could and followed him out of the room. You gently closed the door, before turning to Klaus.

“You must be hungry.” Klaus said and only then did you realize how hungry you actually are.

“I feel like I haven’t ate in ages.” You said and again followed Klaus, this time to the kitchen.

“Well, you have been asleep for three days and I’m sure you haven’t eaten anything before that either, with all the worrying and planning.”

“I guess you’re right.” You sat on the stool in front of the island and watched as Klaus moved around the kitchen getting the ingredients that he needed. “So, chef Mikaelson, what is it that you are making this fine evening?”

“Pasta with white sauce and steak.” Klaus said with a wink. You raised an eyebrow and smiled.

“So that’s what you and (Y/D/N) have been talking about? My favorite food.”

“That and other things, like where you’ve been before New Orleans… her father.”

“Her father? What did she say about him?” You asked him quietly.

“Nothing much, just that she never met him.” Klaus said.

“Yeah well he was a screw up and an asshole.” You mumbled, and sighed. Before Klaus could say anything a voice called for Klaus, you turned to see Hayley making her way into the kitchen, with Hope in her arms.

“Klaus, it’s your turn.” Hayley said and you smiled at the cute baby. “Oh, (Y/N) it’s nice to see you up, I would’ve stayed but I have to go to a meeting with the wolves.”

“That’s okay, I understand.” You told her with a smile. “Here let me hold her, until Klaus finish cooking.”

“Thank you, it’s good to have someone with experience.” Hayley gave Hope to you, kissed her daughters cheek and left. You played with Hope while Klaus cooked, Klaus was steeling glances at you and his daughter every time leaving a smile at his face. You had such a way with Hope. She fell in love with you fast.

“God, your daughter is so cute.” You told Klaus smiling at the small girl on your lap.

“She is.” Klaus smiled down at Hope with so much love. “I’ll be done in a bit.”



Not long after that Klaus finished and you ate while Klaus held Hope. You smiled as you watched Klaus interact with Hope. He was really gentle and loving. It make your heart race ever so slightly. Klaus looked up at you and his eyes met yours, making you blush a deep shade of red. But you didn’t look away you only smiled. Klaus returned your smile, and you went back to finishing your food.

After you finished your food, you both moved to Hope’s room. She was tired and it was time for her nap.

“Here let me put her to sleep.” You said as you took Hope from Klaus. You missed the time (Y/D/N) was a baby. She grew up to fast in your opinion. You held Hope and started to hum softly a lullaby that you used to sing for (Y/D/N) while she was a toddler. You moved around the room, while Klaus leaned back on the wall and watched you with interest. In no time Hope fell asleep. You put her in her crib, after making sure she was indeed asleep you left her room, following Klaus out. You closed the bedroom door and turned, just to be met with blue eyes staring at you. You and Klaus were so close, you could feel his breath on your face. Your heart started beating faster. As you two looked at each other in silence.

Slowly your eyes ran down the curves in Klaus’s face until your eyes found his plump and full lips. You couldn’t help but bite your own lips, you heard Klaus’ breathe hitch. Your eyes then snapped up to his eyes, that was on your own lips before they met yours once again.

“I have never met a woman like you in all of my existence.” Klaus said softly as his right hand wrapped around your back and pulled you close, while his left one moved your hair out of your face and behind your ear. “You interest me in such away no one has ever done… and you made me care about you.”

“Klaus.” You whisper in a light voice, feeling as if you were in paradise. “I care about you too, and you made me feel like no one has ever done before.”

Klaus then leaned forward and pulled you closer, making your lips meet. Klaus’ lips moved against yours in hunger. Your hands were around his neck leaving no space between the two of you. You moaned as Klaus bite your bottom lip asking for entrance that you aloud.

“Mom?” You instantly pulled back and looked at (Y/D/N) with wide eyes. You didn’t know what to do or say.

“(Y/D/N) look-“ “It’s okay, mom. I’m not mad or anything, just surprised, look if you and Klaus are a thing does that mean we can stay in New Orleans?” She asked with hopeful eyes. You were surprised with how well she was taking this, you looked at Klaus who gave you a nod.

“Yeah, we can stay.”

“Oh thank god, I was getting tired of moving so much.” She said smiling. “Okay go back to what you were doing.”

And with that she was gone, you stared at where (Y/D/N) was standing with confusion. “What just happened?”

“I believe your lovely daughter just approved of us.” Klaus whispered in your ear, sending shivers down your spine. “Now why don’t we go back to what we were doing?”

“Not so fast mister.” You said and turned to face him. “First you have to ask me out on a date, I’m an old fashioned woman.”

“Well then my lady, would you like going on a date with me tomorrow night at 7 PM?” Klaus said his accent thick and rich.

“I don’t know, I’ll have to think about it.” Klaus then glared at you. You laughed before quickly quieted down remembering that you were standing beside Hope’s door. “Okay, okay I’ll go out with you.”

“Well that’s good.” Klaus said and kissed your lips quickly before walking away smirking, before you could even realize what was going on.

“Hey!” You exclaimed, and started to follow him.

And that was the start of the most powerful couple to ever exist. The Hybrids that ruled New Orleans. The vampire-werewolf hybrid and the vampire-witch hybrid. You lived years upon years in love, power and compassion. Coming to New Orleans indeed is the best thing that has ever happened to you.

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48 with Marliza high school AU? I know you already did a Marliza but your Marliza stuff is my favorite ever

(REMINDER I AM NOT TAKING ANYMORE PROMPTS; JUST FINISHING THE LAST BATCH K? also shout out to @skootchboo for their painter Maria hcs and Maria and John being friends. I’m so down) 

“Are you taking that boy to homecoming, Maria?” 

Ever felt like if a smile wasn’t plastered on a face someone would know something was wrong? Currently, Maria’s big mood. She sat there at the breakfast table as her parents asked her about her ‘social’ life. Eighteen, a senior and high school and she had lived through years of constantly being told the following: Boys are going to be crazy about you in high school? Oh, you’re shyness will wear down when you meet a boy you like? No boyfriends until your eighteen unless he’s a good on. 

Boys, Boys, Boys. Ugh…

Maria almost felt sick of hearing about them. Nothing against boys but she didn’t see the big deal. She didn’t see the movie theater moment where he set sights on a man and her whole life flipped. She kept to herself, she was often painting on her own and she wasn’t painting about her prince charming to come rescue her from …what? Being Single? That was hardly a trouble when people were dying of hunger and oppression all around the world. 

Even so, she smiled, nodded in agreement so her parents didn’t have to worry about the obvious. Something was ‘up’ with Maria. Most of her classmates had a partner, some had few already. Maria had a few boys ask her out, last week alone she had some chase her down to ask her to homecoming. Her replies went from polite declines to flat out, deadpan ‘no’s’. 

So imagine her annoyance when she opened her locker door and found a note in it. She opened it up and sighed as the cursive handwriting read, ‘Meet me @ Music room 2 after lunch′ with no name. No doubt another boy, off to find her affections. She jammed the paper between two of her textbooks and went off on her merry way to her first class. 

The only guy she felt would come close to understanding her in a soft, platonic way was John Laurens. Though today he was not on her side. “I’m telling you, you should at least go to the music room.” 

“Why? I don’t feel like saying no then having some guy demand why I said no. I just…” why couldn’t no simply mean no? Why did she have to explain why she didn’t want to? She didn’t want to that was all. It was nothing against homecoming, nothing against men, it was…her…

“So you’re just gonna let some kid hang around the music room for 45 minutes?” 

“At least he’d get the memo” Maria tried to smile but was met with a freckled frown. “…fine, I’ll say no to his face because I’m the bigger person here…but if he gives me a hard time–” 

John punched his fist into his open palm. “I’ll take care of it, M~” 

“Wow, I always wanted a violent big brother.” She flicked a curl out of his face. “I’m positive Alex would not appreciate you getting suspended for fighting, you’ll miss homecoming too.” 

Maria and John parted ways after class. The rest of the day she practiced what she was going to say and how she was going to say it. Listed excuses she had used before so when she walked into Music Room 2 after lunch she looked right at Eliza and … “Wait…Eliza?” 

“You…came…” she breathed then smiled. Maria felt her face heat up with embarrassment and shock. She had one class with Eliza last year. They were partners in science together, they spoke, she was sweet. Pretty and oh-so talented. She had a group of friends in chorus, her older sister was a cheerleader and her other sister was a social butterfly. Eliza…she was softer, sweeter, like the human embodiment of powdered sugar. 

“You…left the note in my locker, why?” 

“Well…I’ve liked you for awhile now.” She spoke rubbing the back of her head. “I…uh…I wanted to know if, I mean I don’t even know if you really remember me but, would you like to go to homecoming with me?” 

Then it made sense. That rush when people talked about looking at someone and all the pieces just seemed to glue into place. The way hearts were suppose to race and minds melted. She swallowed hard, taking a long pause before nodding slowly. Nothing against boys, but boys didn’t make her feel the same way as Eliza did. 

I’m just imagining this entire battle screeching to a halt as Garfield the Deals Warlock rummages through his bag of holding.

Demi-John is staring down and trying to peek inside and Garfield just glares at him and moves the edge of the bag so he can’t see. Merle is grinning because he just had the best idea, Magnus is trying not to think of the spare Magnus body in they found in the back of the shop, and Garfield is straight up ignoring Taako because Taako might be trying to save the world but that doesn’t change the fact that he conned Garfield out of that sword twice

Even the tendrils of the Hunger around the ship are sort of just… waiting to see what he pulls out of the bag.