the hundreds stickers

A bunch of things that have happened at my school.
  • The graphics teacher here is seen and worshipped as a legend. Some of the graphics kids made hundreds of stickers of just his face and stuck them on stop signs all over the world.
  • Some girl got caught piercing another girl’s bellybutton during lunch. Like ya do.
  • Our TV class (they film the school news, aka “the buzz” every week) went to California, but some of them got arrested for underage drinking while there.
  • Last year, my US history teacher kicked open his door while wearing a jedi robe, proclaiming “IT IS TIME TO PLAY DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS!” (after which he made students play dnd with him)
  • My friend went up to our creative writing teacher and yelled “I’M GAY!” to which the teacher responded “WE KNOW!”
  • We have a huge rivalry with another school. Multiple times, both schools have been told to tone it down with the hatred. Football games are insane.
  • My marine science teacher made a student hold a spider while using “it doesn’t have many mitochondria” as reassurance.
  • This kid on instagram threatened to shoot up the school on a saturday. No one really caught onto the saturday part, so everyone freaked out.
  • We take spirit week VERY seriously - during the most recent one, people were running around the school in those inflatable dinosaur costumes. Also, we have “jazzercise thursday” aka seniors dress up in neon clothing and sprint around the school with whistles, consequently making all the teachers crave death.
  • The graphics teacher found ink buckets in the ceiling of his lab. No one really knows how they got there??
  • Because this is the south, if you go to the student parking lot, I guarantee you can find at least three jeeps lined up next to each other.
  • In french class sophomore year, we were being taught how to count in french. The french word for eighty (quatre-vingts) literally transltes to four twenties. My best friend stood up and screamed, at the top of his lungs, “FOUR TWENTY!” and got kicked out of the classroom ten minutes before the bell.

That’s all I have for now; I’m sure I’ll be back with more.

  • minimalist: get rid of possessions that don't give you joy! get rid of things you don't use every day!
  • me, thinking of the hundreds of stickers I have yet to stick on things: impossible

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Do you think dex or nursey would have a tiny obsession with dinosaurs? Like which one would know 100% right away which Dino was their fav?

Oh my god YES. When Dex was little he had hundreds and hundreds of dinosaur stickers on his school folders and binders and has those glow in the dark stickers for his ceiling that are shaped like dinosaurs. He had dino sheets and comforters, a stuffed t-rex and stegosaurus and for his six birthday his mom made him a cake shaped like a triceratops! And one day Chowder is like ‘whats ur favorite animal’ and Dex is like “stegosaurus” and when Nursey is like thats not an animal Dex fights him for ten days straight over it. Nursey on the other hand, finds the idea of dinosaurs inexplicably creepy and scary and off putting (not the cute cartoon ones, like the scientific drawing of dinosaurs) but he concedes when they go on a date to the science museum in Boston and Dex drags him to the dino exhibit and just beams and bounces because DINOSAURS

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Firstly, thank you so much for putting all of this time and effort into this amazing resource! I really admire and appreciate it as do many others :) I was wondering if you have any experience with redbubble? I am just starting out and I'm hoping to really utilise it, I thought it could be a good way to see if a particular product is popular before considering producing it myself. Obviously the return is comparatively much lower. Thoughts? Again thank you! ;w;

Kiriska: We’re glad this blog has been helpful to so many people. :)

I’ve been using RedBubble for a few years now and it’s probably my favourite of the various POD (print on demand) sites I’ve tried. One thing to keep in mind for any POD site though, is that you really have to promote it. While customers browsing the site might eventually find your work via the site’s search, it’s really important that you link to and talk about the products available on your POD sites often.

Some Redbubble specific notes:

  • RB tends to have sales pretty frequently, at least once every week and a half or two weeks, in my experience. This is FAR more often than similar sites like Society6, and each sale is a good opportunity to promote. It definitely gets a bit tiresome sometimes, and I don’t promote every single time RB has a sale (especially since RB doesn’t warn you; you just have to check and notice), but I think promoting your store at least once a monthish is good.

  • It’s important to note that 20% off on RB does mean 20% out of your margin too, but for any POD site, the trick is to push for volume. I get between 12-20 cents per sticker sold on RB, but I’ve sold hundreds of stickers, and those 12-20 cents add up, especially when you consider I don’t have to deal with printing or shipping those stickers or handling any potential customer service. 

  • RB’s uploading system allows you to easily reformat your work for a huge variety of products, which, along with frequent sales, is one of the big reasons I prefer it over Society6, which makes you format and upload a whole bunch of different specifically sized files for different products, and it’s a huge timesink. RB also adds new products more frequently.

  • Different RB products are different quality. You can choose which products your art is available on, so if it looks terrible as a clock, just don’t make it available as a clock. I don’t have a lot of experience ordering anything but stickers (which run a bit dark, so I usually upload a separate, slightly lighter file for stickers) and shirts (which are pretty decent quality, in my opinion), but I’ve had a few customers send me pictures of other products they’ve gotten through my RB store, like notebooks and totes, and they seem pretty good quality overall. There are a few product reviews in our #redbubble tag.

  • Redbubble does payout monthly. In the beginning, I didn’t always make even one sale a month, but even though it wasn’t a lot of money, it was money I didn’t have to do much for. After you upload and format your work, you’re done, and anything you make is passive income. After using RB for a few years, I make enough monthly to pay at least one utility bill, lol. Still not a ton, but hey, it’s not nothing!

  • Be careful using trademarks (series names, character names, etc) in titles, descriptions, or tags on Redbubble (or any other POD site, really). Often license-holders will DMCA products that have trademarked terms in those places, even if the art itself is merely “inspired by” the property and doesn’t depict any characters or anything. 

  • I wouldn’t necessarily use your sales on RB as a gauge for what you should produce on your own, or what might do well for you at conventions. They’re different markets. Though you should certainly promote your RB store among your regular audience, it’s possible that eventually, a good chunk of traffic and sales will come from people just searching around on RB. For me, at least, the things that do well for me on RB are not the things that do well for me at cons, especially since I do mostly avoid uploading fanart to RB.

Hope that helps!

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Imagine General Hux merchandise, like wow, what a wild concept

hey i’ve got a story about route 66 that i think you’d appreciate
so, I was staying at the blue swallow in tucumcari (i love it there hence my username), and i met these two guys named fred and joe who were drivin the whole route, from chicago to santa monica. as we started talkin,
it turned out fred was a recently self-taught guitarist and he had with him this acoustic guitar that he bought at a pawn shop when they started in chicago.
they had like a hundred stickers on it cause they got one at every single place they stopped, even an apple store if i remember right. they named it layla but with all the stickers it could have been named lighting mcqueen easily. ;)
he played me a few songs – including take it easy by the eagles, a personal favorite – and talked about his ‘68 chevelle.
after his buddy left to go get some drinks, fred told me that the reason they were doing this trip was because his friend had cancer and he wasnt sure when he would start showing symptoms and how bad it would be, so they wanted to have one last hurrah together while he was still healthy.
pretty powerful lesson in how all that matters in life is love, friendship, and adventure…. and i learned it from the mother road.

it’s such a special place, i try to go to tucumcari at least once a year just cause i feel like the people there are so real even when they’re from some place i’ve never even heard of. 


The day after tomorrow! The day after tomorrow I’ll be selling at SummerFreak!

Anyway. Those are two of the prints I’ll be selling there~! There’s going to be a Splatoon live match AND there’s a Pokemon Gym at the building, so I’d say they’re appropiate, right? For the Pokemon one there will also be version with each of the starters availible. And of course over one hundred different stickers availible at my table!

I just wanted to repost this with a story. 

After the car accident that made me lose my leg, Taking Back Sunday was contacted by one of my close friends, who informed them of how much I loved them. 

Taking Back Sunday has been my favorite band for almost a decade. They are hands down, the most consistent thing I have had in my life. I could always turn to them whenever I needed comfort, something to relate too, something to jam and dance around my room too, something to soothe nightmares, something to jam too on long drives, etc. 

With that information, let me formally tell the story for the first time on Tumblr.

Also, before I do, a BIG thank you to Michaela for bringing this to my attention. (I got to meet her and Shuffle at this Warped Tour too, and that also meant a lot to me)

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Sweet Tooth and A Sweet Heart

Summary: Alfred makes Arthur a surprise to help the omega be less stressed. Arthur is swooned.

Rating: G! So fluffy you’ll get cavities.

Red’s comments: standard
fanfic-so-usuk fluff™ for ya friends!!

Alfred hummed as he mixed up the batter, every so often taking a little taste of the stuff to see if it was sweet enough. He looked cute in his white apron and pink dress shirt underneath. Arthur had the matching apron for when they cooked together or on the rare occasions the omega would cook unsupervised. Both said Mr. Kirkland-Jones on the front of it in fancy black font and hearts decorated the front. They had each been a wedding gift from Francis, the couple’s beta friend. Arthur had complained they wouldn’t use them but Alfred still treasured them and Arthur couldn’t help but do that too. Alfred smiled at the memory of their wedding day and looked at his ring fondly.

“Okay,” He said snapping out of it, “Now to pop these things in the oven and make the frosting.”

The alpha filled the cupcake tray with the batter and put them in the oven. He started throwing more ingredients in the mixer and hoped the frosting would turn out. Arthur LOVED sweets and Alfred had noticed his omega had been stressed because of work lately so he decided to take a half day and clean up the house. He hated doing it but the thought of his husband’s smiling face made him clean harder and when he was done he set to work in the kitchen.

After the frosting was done and the cupcakes had cooled Alfred assembled them. Putting little candy hearts on top of them he had found at the store. He couldn’t wait to give Arthur them and cleaned up the kitchen with childlike excitement.

An hour later Arthur walked through the door. Oblivious his alpha was in the house he put down his things and sighed. He was exhausted. Just before he plopped down onto the couch the omega heard a noise and paused.


No answer.

Arthur looked around when another plop resounded through the room. He looked down to see a small white card at his feet. Confused, he opened it up to be bombarded with a hundred heart stickers and familiar sloppy handwriting.

Your loving alpha awaits in the kitchen for you! Hurry up and greet him!!!”

Arthur immediately felt himself smile like a dork and smelled the sweet scent of vanilla in the air. With a curious mind and fluttering heart he made his was towards the kitchen only to be stopped by another note. He picked it up.

“Is it just me or is the house sparkling today?! Hmm! Very interesting… But still, hurry!”

Arthur looked around and noticed the house was in fact sparkling clean. His jaw dropped. There was no way Alfred could’ve done such a thing! Eagerly he walked down the hall only to be stopped by one last note.

Enter at your own risk! A very huggy and menacing husband awaits! Turn away now or be smothered in kisses!”

Arthur giggled and walked into the kitchen smiling.


The alpha popped up from behind the counter holding a very delicious-looking tray of vanilla cupcakes he set on the kitchen island. Arthur couldn’t believe his eyes. He couldn’t stop smiling at his lover and didn’t hesitate to run over and glomp Alfred in a hug.

“Welcome home, sweetheart!” Alfred said cheerfully.

“Oh, darling, you’re the sweet one. Thank you so so much!”

“Well, I know you’ve stressed lately, Hun, so I made you you’re favorite dessert. I know it’s not much but—”

“It’s perfect, love… You’re perfect and I am so very lucky.”

The omega pulled Alfred into a kiss.

Happily, the rest of the day was spent in bed, watching old movies and eating cupcakes. And of course, sweet kisses and appreciative cuddles!

ok so my favorite headcanon for shitty’s name is bernard. his dad’s also bernard. his mom calls him bernie, & he’s gotten p good at strategically screaming whenever she’s about to say this around his friends

but jack knows this & knows the nickname & also made a solemn promise his freshman year to never tell anyone under pain of death. so he doesn’t.

until bernie sanders runs for president because how can you resist buying your friend bernard a hundred bumper stickers that say FEEL THE BERN on them?? you cant. so he does.

he probably hides then all over shitty’s room. shits throws a fit & spends days throwing them out & he’s so angry but he CAN’T TELL ANYONE WHY BECAUSE IT WOULD GIVE IT AWAY

jack manages to sneak one onto the fender of shitty’s stupid blue prius & he doesn’t find it til after they graduate. he shakes his fist at the sky & yells ZIMMERMANNNNNN