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Alex Kurtzman, director of The Mummy, has just confirmed that Universal will be adding The Hunchback of Notre Dame & Phantom of the Opera to its Dark Universe monster movie universe!
Universal’s Dark Universe franchise consists of monster movies & kicks off with The Mummy, which hits theatres this week; the movie universe will also consist of The Bride of Frankenstein, Dracula, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Invisible Man, Van Helsing, The Wolf Man, Phantom of the Opera, & The Hunchback of Notre Dame! (Hunchback will be the dark version of the story, not the Disney version)

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  • New Disney worlds - Beloved Disney worlds and characters, such as La Cité des Cloches (The Hunchback of Notre Dame), make their series debut
  • Story progression - With updated looks for Sora and Riku, and the impending conflict made clear, this title is a big step forward in the series
Mulan is not a princess,  Mulan is Disney Princess.

I had promised myself to never take part to this never-ending argument but apparently I’m going to break that promise. 

So, frankly Mulan is NOT a princess. 

- She doesn’t marry a prince, Shang is son of a general and he becomes one too

- Her family isn’t royalty, she’s not daughter of the emperor

That’s simple, Mulan does not have title or situation of princess in her society.

BUT the confusing fact for the great amount of people, Mulan IS part of Disney Princess franchise. Try to get it, Mulan is not a princess but she is Disney Princess. 

Now, forget for a moment that there’s the word “princess” and think some of the rules to be in that group. 

- Main character or one of the main characters

- Sings

- Human

- Good role model

- Successful movie

I said some rules because I’m quite sure there was few more which I don’t remember right now. Mulan fits all these but so do Esmeralda from Hunchback of the Notre Dame and Megara from Hercules. Now some could argue that Megara isn’t so good role model and Esmeralda’s movie is too dark for little kids, I don’t agree with those but that’s not the point.

But here’s few reasons why I think Mulan is included in Disney Princess lineup. 

- Hands down she’s amazing role model and inspiration

- The whole lineup exist practically just to make money, and Mulan brings diversity

- One of the historical inaccuracies in the movie but the emperor actually bowed to her. The whole China bowed to her. Any idea how much respect she gets there? The emperor himself bowed. to. her. I think that’s a lot of more respect that any princess would get. She also gets emperor’s crest for the whole saving china business and that respect can easily allow her the title honorary princess.

- Even tough she doesn’t marry a prince she does kinda marry into royalty, Shang and his father seemed to be in quite high position and during Tang dynasty(which is the dynasty Disney’s movie is most closely based on) surname Li was a royal name.

The arguments why Mulan shouldn’t be princess seem to be that either people simply don’t want her in the lineup because she’s not real princess or that they think that it’s insulting to Mulan who saved whole China to be simply called princess. So mainly I however suppose that people do love her and therefore I can’t understand what you think to achieve by removing her from the line up? In my opinion there’s many strong female characters beside Mulan in the lineup and even so her being part of the lineup shouldn’t be something that would make her weak. Mulan has both boyish and girly side, and the last time I checked being girly wasn’t negative trait.

 I adore Mulan, and I love collect all possible stuff about her. But sadly I, like many other people too, live completely back water where Disney stores haven’t been even heard of. And ordering online is expensive. 

So almost everything Mulan related I have is through Disney Princesses, a great deal of all Mulan merchandise is related to Disney Princesses, and even though Disney pretty much ignores Mulan and Pocahontas as princesses they still at least got something, sometimes. That’s more than nothing, that’s more than those sadly underrated Disney heroines get who are practically forgotten. To be honest I can’t see the problem Mulan being Disney Princess other than the confuse of her title being honorary princess. Of course her character gets mistreated sometimes as Disney is determined to bury princesses in glitter but if you pay attention so does other characters in the lineup too. I don’t know about you guys but for some decent merchandise I’m willing to tolerate some pink glitter poofyness, and I have no idea if that’s actually a word :P

I would love to see all those forgotten heroines to get the attention they deserve, see Esmeralda and Jane back to the lineup like they used to be. But I have no power on deciding that subject, like really none of us outside the Disney company does. 

Anyway here’s my point shortly, whenever you like it or not Mulan is and will be part of Disney Princess franchise and there’s nothing you can do about it. Exept continue whining about it and make major posting how Mulan didn’t marry prince or born to royalty blah blah which have been seen million times before and then feel “oh man I’m so smart” which will do nothing but either amuse or annoy me depending on my day.

And in the end a quote from every Disney Princess magazine cover I have: Everyone can be a princess. 


Meet the cast of the upcoming Disney’s live action retelling of Beauty and the Beast!

Following the success of 2014’s Maleficent and 2015’s Cinderella, the animated classic is next in line to get a star-studded reboot, set for a 2017 release. 

Emma Watson:

The Harry Potter breakout will play the heartwarming heroine, Belle in the Bill Condon film. 

Dan Stevens:

The Downton Abbey heartthrob — who also appeared in The Guest, The Fifth Estate, A Walk Among the Tombstones and The Cobbler — will play the spellbound Beast.

Luke Evans:

The HOT actor of The Hobbit franchise, Fast & Furious 6 and Dracula Untold will annoy Belle as Gaston

Sir Ian McKellen:

The iconic actor of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit franchise (Its Gandalf, mates!) will play Cogsworth, the Prince’s butler who is transformed into a clock. While the character doesn’t have any major musical numbers, he is part of the Be Our Guest showstopper.

Emma Thompson:

Its Nanny McPhee! The acclaimed actress (who also appeared in the Harry Potter franchise with Watson) steps into another Disney role, following 2013’s Saving Mr. Banks, 2012’s Brave and 2002’s Treasure Planet. She’ll play Mrs Potts.

Kelvin Kline:

The noted actor — who memorably voiced Phoebus in Disney’s animated film The Hunchback of Notre Dame — will play Belle’s father.

Audra McDonald:

The six-time Tony-winning theater actress — who also appeared in NBC’s Sound of Music Live! — will play Garderobe.

Josh Gad:

Sandwiched between two Frozen installments, the theater-comedy breakout will bring laughs as Gaston’s sidekick, Le Fou.

What do you guys this of the casts so far?

Watch on


It was a long time in coming for me to talk about this. We’re all familiar with The Emperor’s New Groove right? The surprise-hit Disney movie that  wowed audiences with its witty humor, memorable characters with hilarious characterizations, and loads of well timed visual jokes.

It was so well received by fans that it got a straight-to-dvd sequel and a 52 episode spin-off series on The Disney Channel.

As for my personal experience I really enjoyed the movie. My favorite gag was Kronk’s shoulder angel and devil.

But to the point; did you know that it was originally going to be an entirely different movie? Yeah, it was originally going to be another one of Disney’s Dramatic-Comedy Musicals.

Set in ancient Peru, the movie was going to be about Pacha, who in this iteration was a teenage llama herder, who comes into contact with Manco, who would later be named Kuzco, an arrogant, self-centered prince who cares for no one but himself. The two switch places and Manco learns a lesson in humility, particularly after being turned into a llama by the megalomaniacal court mage, Yzma.

Think The Prince And The Pauper meets The King And I with that big budget Disney flare and music by Sting.

What happened? This movie seemed like a great idea!

The answer to that is a long story, a long story I could sit here and explain or sum up because it’s all been chronicled in a jealously guarded infamous documentary called The Sweatbox

The documentary details the numerous headaches involved with the creation of the film. The filmmakers had a basic idea of what they wanted the movie to be but it suffered through years of development hell. Executives were constantly forcing changes because  they felt the movie was either too dramatic, or was too comedic, or it had trouble with pacing, or they didn’t care for a particular scene. It didn’t help that the directors were at odds with each other and couldn’t find the right balance of comedy and drama. They would not be satisfied with anything the movie had going.

The production staff had to constantly go back and make changes to the script, record dialogue, and make animators redo or even outright throw away scenes.

If I remember correctly, they got about 20% of the animation done before the executive bureaucracy just said “fuck it” and they were about to pull the plug on the movie unless they could come up with something completely different.

They eventually started to cobble together what would eventually be The Emperor’s New Groove, making it almost wholly comedic, aging Pacha and giving him a wife and kids, and giving Yzma a big, block headed companion.

Even then the movie was met with numerous instances of executive meddling and tons of people ended up dropping out of the production including some animators, composers, and even Sting.

The Sweatbox  captured just about every minute of this horrible production and Disney has made double sure to cover their asses and make sure no other people see it. Quite frankly I don’t blame them, it’s basically a big fat warning to any animator or cartoonist saying–

“come work at the Walt Disney Corporation, you’ll work like a slave in slave conditions and it’ll all mean diddly shit if the higher-ups don’t like it.”

After so many years, so many reworks, and so much hassle the movie was finally completed and released in 2000. As I said, The Emperor’s New Groove was a hit and a relatively decent franchise but the question remains. How would the original movie have fared?

It probably wouldn’t have been the mega hit like every film in The Disney Renaissance was but it probably would’ve done about as well as Hunchback of Notre Dame, Mulan, Hercules, and Tarzan. They had a lot of ideas in mind for this movie that sort of made it into the final product. There were ideas for a lot of grand, sweeping landscapes, major pieces inspired by Incan architecture, and some big musical numbers.

If I can say one thing, given the concept art and other pre-production art it looked like a movie that was definitely going to be a sight to behold. It looked like a really interesting tale based on a culture we see almost never in media. In the end, we’ll never know, we’ll never see what that movie could’ve been.

Do you know what the real shitty thing about it is though?  The final product doesn’t feature Yzma’s song. The movie is completely devoid of musical numbers but still, you have Eartha Kitt, one of the most prolific African-American singers in the world and you don’t feature a song by her in your movie? I don’t care if it doesn’t fit or how out of place it is, it’s Eartha Kitt we’re talking about.

Not only that we’re talking about the villain of the movie, and in Disney movies villains usually have the best songs. Except Jafar, fuck Jafar.

 Thankfully her song made it into the soundtrack for the film (and it’s one of the best songs on the whole album) and Kitt won the academy award for “Individual Achievement For Female Voice Acting”.

With that, we come to end of our tour of the Lost Graveyard in Lost Animation Week. As we leave, the Lost Graveyard fades away into the darkness of obscurity. The short light of the Winter Solstice can’t reach this far over the Cartoon Badlands so it’s impossible to find for now

Next week we return to our regularly scheduled programming, I hope you enjoyed and were entertained