the humungus


unhealthy obsession with Mad Max and all the problematic characters of the Wasteland.

What if Lord Humungus’ pre-apocalyptic name was Gus and afterwards he was like “whatever let’s just throw a humun- in front of that”


I’m proud to announce my first sketchbook has been sent to print and shall arrive just in time for the event that inspired it: Wasteland Weekend. Faces of the Wastes is a collection of portrait sketches I did over the course of this year with the attendees of the Mad max, post apocalyptic 4 day party in the desert as it’s subjects- collected in a 32 page Ashcan sketchbook- Standard comic size. If you’re attending the event this year I will have the book available on site for $15.00 – Any left will be listed online thereafter (I return to pre-apocalyptic society on the 28th of September). Thank you to all the Wastelanders, watchers, followers and friends of mine who have supported this project and I hope it to be the first of many- if you’re a wastelander interested in being in the 2016 sketchbook; hold your horses because commission slots will open after the event- follow me on facebook for quicker updates here:…

Thank you everyone- see you at the end of the world.


In a completely obscure vintage figurine shop in Osaka I discovered by accident a whole collection of old Mad Max stuff. Look at it all!!!

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Wez and Golden Youth for the "If they had a kid" meme

Name: Crimson. It’s Youth’s favorite color. His nickname is Sonny.

Gender: Male.

General Appearance:

Personality: He’s charismatic, sharp, inquisitive and too curious for his own good. He makes friends as easily as he loses them, he loves his parents and the Humungus.

Special Talents:

  • Yelling.
  • Bartering.
  • Fighting.
  • Hair styling.

Who they like better: He loves both of his parents and likes them too. But Wez was always in charge of disciplining him. He has a healthy respect for Wez but he and Youth (who he calls “mama”) are more like bros.

Who they take after more: Wez.

Personal Headcanon: They adopt Sonny after they find him in a crashed car when he’s about a year old. Youth feels like leaving him would be murdering a kid and he just can’t do it. 

Face Claim: Dante Basco.

I like how Lord Humungus’ head was totally disfigured in some kind of accident that left his body completely pristine and if anything toasted it to a flawless copper tone while searing away his ability to grow body hair.


If you’re a Jason Vorhees fan you just might want to thank director George Miller- he’s the guy who has directed all of the Mad Max films, including “Mad Max: Fury Road” which will be released in May. Top and bottom pics are of “The Humungus” from “Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior”, this was released in 1981. The middle pic is of “Jason Vorhees” in “Friday The 13th III” which was released in 1982 and was the first time Jason donned the hockey mask. Take a wild guess where they got the idea for that?