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Qrow and Ruby Mini Comic: Dishes

This is not my head canon, nor a part of my story line. This is in a scenario (AU, I guess?) that Summer Rose didn’t die and Hummingbird gets to be a family. As such, Ruby is raised by her parents and there is no secrets between them all. Life is good.

Ruby has her mom’s angry face and dad’s pout. Also learned some climbing moves from cousin and best friend Yang.

In this scenario, I’d like to think that Qrow and Summer start teaching Ruby really early on. They would rather she be well taught and prepared (luck favors the prepared) than to shelter her from the dangers of Remnant. It helps that Ruby wants nothing more than to follow in her parents foot steps and surpass dad. 

By the time she is seven, she has gotten used to the odd weight of a practice scythe and trains daily with Qrow after lunch.

Also, in the Branwen household, it is not ‘piggyback rides’, they’re ‘birds-eye-view’s’.

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…There was no way Dad would ever have been in a tree.“

Qrow chuckled. "He’s always been scared to death of heights. Raven would use his fear to beat him in the arena. She was ruthless on the battlefield. Bit of our background, I think.

"So what else?”

“I saw one of you and mom. And…” Taking a deep breath and she looked down at her empty hands in her lap. They looked awkward and out of place. Everything did at that moment.

“And… I saw the video. The one you were going to send, or did send to mom. A sunset.”

She glanced up at the man she always viewed as her uncle. As he sat with his head down, he was studying his hands as his elbows rested on his folded legs. With the oversized clothes, hanging loosely off his wiry frame, he looked like an awkward teenager being called out for sneaking out of school. In that moment, she could see Qrow at her age, uncomfortable and out of place at Beacon. Willing to be integrated into the people around him, but so different he just never quite did. Kind of like her.

“Okay.” With the one word, he steeled himself, and the unsteady teenager was gone. Her Uncle Qrow met Ruby’s eyes steadily.

“How do you want to do this? Big reveal immediately? Or do you want to know how things ended up the way they are first?”

Excerpt from @rideboldlyride‘s fanfiction, “Petal”.

I have been wanting to draw some of her scene’s for a while, so here is the first one that really peaked my interest. Ruby see’s Qrow at her age, vulnerable and awkward, and for some reason that just makes me feel so warm inside. 

It’s always a special moment when you realize your parent, an adult you’ve known, or an idol you’ve looked up to is no different than you, except they’re so many years ahead of you.

None of this is my head canon (though we do share similarities here and there)! It is not my story! This is fan art for one of my favorite Fan fiction works and a good friend!

inside the antediluvian terra-cotta
inside the bedtime vigils of tequila
inside the mimesis of horizontal waters
inside the empyrean coyotes of Nahuatl
inside the cloak & dagger cartels of piranhas
inside the jigsaw ink of an aztec hummingbird
—  from Daughters of Ciudad Juárez,  Scherezade Siobhan©