the humble empire

These gems are scientists sent to other planets in order to study the terrain. They aren’t valued by Homeworld’s society even though they contribute to the gem civilization’s expansion. Most Dravite gems are humble and value empirical data more than assumptions. This particular Dravite used to work on Mars but was withdrawn after the war against Earth. She is very quiet and does not understand sarcasm.
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Odd Duck Part ll

For @izadorablog…a sequel to the soulmate imagine here, enjoy!

You were laughing loudly as you and Luke strolled through the Ewok camp. The two of you had decided to get to know one another after finding out the two of you were soulmates. That way, you could both ease into the relationship that would occur. He had just told you about his first encounter with your neighbors.

“Teebo tried to sacrifice you guys?” you asked between chuckles.
Luke smirked. “Yeah. Thankfully, they seemed to really like C3PO.”
You nodded. “Considering they don’t have droids…” you trailed off with a smile.
Luke chuckled. “Yeah, I suppose that makes sense.”

Your laughter quieted as you continued to walk in the quiet of the night. Off in the distance, fireworks were set off in celebration. You slipped your hand into Luke’s, making him smile.

“It’s a little strange, isn’t it?” you asked him.
“What’s that?”
“We met but a few hours ago, but it feels like I’ve known you my whole life.”
He raised his gaze to meet yours. “You know, I used to wonder if the soulmate thing was real. Then Han and Leia met. Of course, no one told me until after Cloud City.”
You smirked. “I’d take that over what I had.”
“And what was that?”
“Well,” you drawled, “my people have a gathering every year to find their soulmate. My family is notorious for finding their soulmate on the first one they go to. Even my cousin, who skipped the first one he was able to go to, met his soulmate the first time he did go. And I was the only one who hadn’t.”
He cocked his head to the side. “Was it that important?”
“To my family, yeah,” you explained, “Me? Not so much. For awhile anyway. After a few years of being looked at differently, it starts to get a little under your skin.”

Luke frowned for a moment. The two of you stopped in front of a vacant hut at the end of a rope bridge. He smiled and lifted your gaze to his. You genuinely returned his smile.

“I’m glad you’re not like your family,” he told you.
You chuckled. “Yeah. I’m glad too. Besides,” you continued with a teasing tone, “my soulmate’s the Jedi who took down the Empire.”
Luke humbly lowered his head. “It wasn’t all me.”
You grinned. “Oh, and he’s modest.”

The two of you laughed. Luke grabbed your free hand as well, intertwining your fingers. The two of you stared into each other’s eyes, the spark still surrounding you. Luke rubbed his thumbs over your knuckles soothingly. A small blush tinted his cheeks.

“So…did we want to try this?” he quietly queried.
You lowered your gaze with a smile. “Yeah. I think we could.”

Luke beamed with joy. You gave him a sweet peck on his cheek before he pulled you into his chest. You rested your head against his chest and closed your eyes.  

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