the human nature thing is a joke

I’ve seen a lot of ideas about humans being on alien ships, and most are like “because of [whatever reason], it would be good if ships had one human on board” and there are a lot of stories that say that there’s only one human on the alien ship. But I don’t think that’s a good idea?? A lot of people have a hard time being a foreign exchange student a country where they don’t speak the language; I don’t think most humans could handle being the only human on an alien ship???? For various reasons, like loneliness/medical issues/etc. Being on an alien ship sounds awesome, but they wouldn’t have any support.

Maybe aliens don’t understand THAT; “Despite being capable enough on their own, humans have to come in groups of 2+ for some reason.”

“Let the humans choose their own groups; their social systems are much more complex, and despite their famous ability to socialize with just about any other species, if two humans ‘don’t get along’, meaning that they cause each other to have unfavorable emotions and occasionally will not cooperate, the result is negative for both the humans and the crew that they reside in.”

Maybe something like this?

The first time humans and the recently-contacted alien species “X”, the first to form an alliance with humans, attempt to team up, everyone realizes that they need to learn more about each other. They decide that should should be a simple exchange of personnel; these crewmen would work simple jobs on each other’s ships and interact with the crew in order to learn more about each other and how to successfully communicate. Both humans and Xs desperately want this to succeed. But, hearing rumors of the humans’ prowess, the X want to minimize any possible casualties, so they suggest that they exchange just one person each at the start; one X heads to the human command ship, and one human heads to the X’s.

Everything begins successfully.

The X on board the human ship is a model worker. It observes, asks questions, and when it doesn’t understand something, many humans surround and brainstorm ideas on how to explain things to it. Throwing out ideas left and right “It’s a bit like seeing color, but it’s invisible, and through the nose-” “No you idiot, it’s like those feel-auras it was talking about, but the nose is the sensory organ for it-” and eventually the X understands. In turn, when contributing ideas not easily understood by humans, it finds that many take this as a challenge, and will not stop bothering the X until they are sure that they understand. But with or without the aid of its new crewmates, the X never seems distressed that it can’t understand or be understood by others.

The human crew quickly notices that the X has not contacted its main ship, or for that matter, anyone else.

“Have you tried talking to your ship?”

“There was no need to try, I already know it won’t work because of conflicting signals.”

“Well, did you need to? Talk to your friends or family or anything? I’m sure I can rig something up if you need to.”

“I have no need to communicate with anyone as of now. Any information that will eventually need to be communicated will be included in my report to the High Command.”

“No, but did you WANT to talk to anyone? Like your family or something, so they know you’re okay? And I mean, I’m sure you must want to talk about how weird we humans are and stuff, right?”

“My family will be notified of my status when I return to the High Command. And all data I gather on humans will be included in my report.”

The X, despite being so far away from home and surrounded by pushy humans, does not seem homesick or lonely at all.

On the X’s ship, the human is enthusiastic and excited to learn new things at first. After all, they’re learning about and interacting with ALIENS; it’s freaking awesome. But it doesn’t take too long for the novelty to wear off and the human to realize that they are truly alone. No one else speaks a human language, or is physically capable of doing so. While translation technology makes communication possible, linguistic differences make both exact or truly accurate translations impossible, so it’s not the same as being able to have a simple chat with friends. And chatting with friends doesn’t come easily; technology between the ships is not compatible, and any communication signals from the human’s own communication device are cancelled out by signals from the Xs’ ship.

The human becomes isolated from all other humans, on board a ship of 200 Xs.

Any difficulty communicating is eventually pushed aside and ignored but the Xs; if the human can’t communicate an idea, and the Xs don’t get it, what can they do? They do not need to understand the human or have the human understand them in order to do their jobs, so there is no point in trying. They understand that this project is important to the alliance, but do not understand how important communication is to humans.

The human has no help from others; several humans asking the same questions might get the idea that communicating certain ideas are important. But there is also no one who could understand them, no one to brainstorm ideas with:

“Now, how do we explain the concept of smell to a species from a planet where no organism has a nose?”

“Oh! My cousin was born without a sense of smell, and we sort of explained things like…”

Any problems communicating human ideas, or understanding X ideas, they face alone.

On that note, the human finds it difficult to to relate with any of the Xs. Xs can socialize fine between each other, but their standards for camaraderie is much different than that of humans. Humans are famous for their ability to empathize with any species, but it is not a two-way street, leaving the human caring about their new ship-mates with little care for themselves in return. They do not put more effort in helping the human understand, nor do they go out of their way to interact with the human outside of work situations. The human knows that it is not the fault of the Xs, that this is just the way Xs are, but they can’t help but begin to feel unappreciated, unwanted, and depressed.

Having long-since passed simple homesickness and culture shock, the human just wants desperately to talk to another human. It wouldn’t have to be anyone from the same country, or someone from the same field of work, or heck, even someone who spoke the same language. Even humans who can’t understand each other’s words can have get an idea from hand gestures, and historically, people who speak different languages that live in proximity to each other develop new dialects or learn to understand each others spoken language to communicate. Even with an age gap, they’ve lived during some of the same world events; they could find something to relate to each other. Another human would understand how strange X biology is compared to human biology, right? Another human could make jokes, laugh at the new, awesome, and weird things that they encounter. Another human could confirm that their feelings were real, right?

Humans are biologically engineered for socialization after all. Their species survived and evolved over hundreds of thousands of years because of their social nature. Xs understand this, and have heard that humans occasionally might have special needs like extraneous physical contact, but do not understand the implications. That this made humans biologically dependent on socialization for survival. That humans’ mental, emotional, and eventually even physical states can deteriorate without affection from friends and family.

And so the human gets ill.

Not quite used to human physicality in general or variation in physicality between individuals, and after hearing the legendary stories of humans surviving seemingly impossible situations, the Xs work their human crewmate hard. The human, already emotionally exhausted from isolation, easily gets physically exhausted. They contract an illness not unlike the common cold, though it couldn’t be given that their current location does not have any traces of the virus. With proper rest, and maybe more chances to chat with some friends back on the command ship, would help the human immensely. But the human, in their emotional and physical distress, can not communicate the idea that yes, humans can recover from illness like this without 5 different medicines. That talking to loved ones, or someone, anyone, would do more than just make them happy but give them the emotional will to make them physically well. There are no other humans around to explain human medical issues, or to provide a cool cloth for their fever, or to talk to while they’re sick in bed and unable to work, or…

The Xs change course and modify their signals in order to send a message to the human command ship and inform them that the human has fallen ill. Afraid of retaliation and wanting to ensure good faith, they request a strategy, asking what needs to be done in this situation. The human ship responds; the X on their ship has recently fallen ill as well. Xs do not have the hardy immune system that humans do, and while precautions were taken, it still caught a cold. The decision to return the crewmates to their home ships is made. The information that they managed to gather during their exchange this time will be used for a more successful future exchange and other interactions in the future.

The X suggests to their commanders more precautions regarding illnesses, and also advises any future volunteers to talk as much as possible to the other humans; they love interaction, learning, and teaching.

The human suggests that a special channel be created for easy communication, and makes only one demand; it doesn’t matter what the other species demands, don’t you dare let anyone go alone, ever again.

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anonymous asked:

I have no objections with people liking Nesta but I don't understand why people would ever want Cassian to get with a woman like Nesta. He deserves someone better than anyone that is set on demeaning him. He is lighthearted and a good person. He deserves better.

Sigh…you got me in quite a mood dear anon so deep breath and rant ahead.

You have been warned.

So…I never understood the concept of love being a reward for someone’s ‘good’ form, character or behavior. And I am not even going to get into the whole glamorization of love as an emotion and the concept that is something solely good and pure and only ‘good’ people and certain ‘characters’ and ‘snowflakes’ experience it or should experience it.

I will stand on something different though.

People are not objects and trophies and prizes that one should get for being good and for deserving ‘better’ (and BTW, I will get to that too in a while).

Relationships are not about deserving and about perfection and about what works on paper. Relationships can come in many forms and bonds and it is about people that find something in someone else and then they work through their shit (and in this case both Nesta and Cassian have a lot shit to work through) because they care enough to make their relationship work. Because you get to fall in love for many reasons and you get to love the flaws and the imperfections. You get to like a person because you are attracted to them for whatever reason logical or illogical. Because they intrigue you. Because of lust or intense emotion. Because they take you by surprise. Because romance usually is about personal conflict and growth and collision. Because in fiction this brings drama and it is interesting for many people especially when it includes complicated characters with many layers and depth that help each other’s characterization progress and development in many ways.

But hey. I get not liking a character or a ship. It is your prerogative. You might not like the chemistry of two characters. You might not get it. You might be allergic to it. You might not care for it. You might not understand it. You might hate it. You might not be able to tolerate the story or a character or a concept. It is your right. I am not here to dictate to you what to like and what not to like. Something is not your cup or tea and your personal taste is different from that of another person. Different strokes for different folks and all that.

But here you are in my ask box. I get not liking a ship but why would you come to the blog of someone that likes it with such comments? What do you gain? Stick to your lane and ship and let others ship.

Also…seriously…I am in awe.

You are here to tell me that the half a millennia winged Illyrian Fae warrior who is basically a LORD OF FREAKING WAR that is leaving mountains of corpses in the battlefields and has been shedding blood for centuries is not deserving of a 20-22 year old woman with limited experience that she is just start beginning to understand what life is after leading a very restricted and limited one. This is what you are telling me right? That the man that brings horror and is capable and able to bring nations to their knees and is known by the freaking Bone Carver as the Lord of Bloodshed is not deserving of a …young girl while he is the winning prize in the lottery for Nesta. Am I getting this right?

The superficial way people view certain characters astonishes me.

Cassian is not a ray of sunshine and not an innocent lighthearted and most of all balanced person. Cassian is one of my most favorite characters in the acotar series (Top Five easily). But he, as many characters of the book, is a grey character that can often be amoral. You don’t get to become THE General of the Night Court and the commander of the Illyrian forces and part of the Inner Circle by being solely moral and good and …nice.

Cassian is dangerous. Like Alpha Male dangerous. He is an experienced man. An experienced OLD man. The fact that he looks hot and young and is energetic with a six pack does not change his age or his position in life or who he is. And if you put that in contrast with a young girl with Nesta’s history that has not even traveled the world yet -while this was her dream- then who ‘deserves’ who can become a very long argument.

Cassian is indeed a good man but he is carrying a load of crap and baggage on his shoulders. He is over half a millennia old. He is a FREAKING GENERAL from crying out loud. The fact that he cracks jokes and is supportive of his family and friends does not take away all the blood he had shed or the scars that has left on him (and he will bring those scars to whatever relationship he enters). It does not take away that the bone carver called him the Lord of Bloodshed. Cassian is a killer. A professional one at that. No matter how noble he is (and he is) that does not change that it takes a certain kind of bloodthirsty savageness and mindset to rise to where he is now. Cassian views fighting and cutting through people as if it is an art. He walks hand in hand with death. He commands the Illyrian forces of the Night Court.

For centuries he is mixed to a dysfunctional emotional triangle with both of his best friends in a way that hurts one of his two brothers -because this is what Azriel is for him- and he is in a complicated mess with Morrigan. He has codependency issues with Morrigan, Rhysand and Azriel. He has shown to have suicidal tendencies (add homicidal to that too). He is not all sunshine and charm and jokes. He goes to the battlefield to kill and to count the dead and inform their families. It takes a certain kind of heart and soul and violence to wage war. To kill people. To do that for half a millennia. He is feared and terrifies his enemies. He has self esteem issues and even depression signs (as surprise surprise so does Nesta). He is haunted by ghosts of the past. He is afraid of commitment. He is menacing. He has sent monsters into the prison of the Night Court. He is ready to cut through his enemies like butter or condemn them to an eternity of imprisonment.

He has lived lifetimes. He has experience both on the light side of life and the dark side of life.

Say what you like about Nesta and her behavior but in the end she is just a..girl. She is not experienced with life or men for that matter. She has been sexually assaulted and sheltered. She wanted to travel but did not got a chance. She is very young and thrown in a life and nature she had not wanted. How old is she really? 20-22? And for you a 22 year old -tops- girl with limited life experience does not deserve a 500+ years old man because that man is somehow an optimist and an extrovert and so good? You are seriously going with that right now?

Because Cassian needs to be coddled and a bitch like Nesta is not a good fit for …him? Because a man needs …deserves…as sweet woman as a reward right? Because a woman has to apologize for everything in her character and become less so to fit the needs of a man because of what he deserves and if not then…she does not deserve him. (My mind’s wires are short cutting right now I kid you not).

If anything it would be more healthy for Nesta to not get involved with a man like Cassian until she has some decades at least on her back and a lot more experience.

Many people say that Nesta is mean with Cassian. And she has bitter outbursts with him that is for sure true up to an extent but no one ever pointed out how Cassian when he first met Nesta had already formed an opinion over her as if he had the right to do so only because his new friend (which he barely really knew) told him (mostly alluded) some things that did not involve him in any way. From the very start Cassian had judged Nesta and played judge and jury with her and had condemned her without even exchanging a word with her. Not even Rhysand that was Feyre’s mate did that.

Nesta was right to tell him that “You know nothing about who I am, and what I’ve done and what I want.

Why wouldn’t Nesta be hostile with him? The guy has boundaries issues. And was quick to judge her. He is a centuries years old persistent (borderline obsessed) Fae male that …can’t stay away. Romance aside let us not start glamorizing certain people and acting as if Cassian is perfect. He is not. He has flaws. There are no saints and sinners in this equation. Nesta has not treated Cassian right all the time but Cassian has not always treated Nesta right either. And if we take their character traits into account this was bound to happen.

Yes Nesta is an asshole. But guess what? Cassian is an asshole too. He taunts, he mocks, he insults, he provokes, he uses his sexual experience as a weapon of choice, he intimidates, his uses his body as a way to make others step back, he throws tantrums, he hides behind jokes, he is reckless, he is hard. In the first sign of true intimacy he backs down and alienates people. He has been all those things with Nesta. He originally was surprised and even took offense because Nesta ignored his good looks for crying out loud. Cassian even in Wings and Embers tried to intimidate her while he barely knew her. A human 22 year old girl that could crash with his little finger while he could tell that she had no experience in physical combat or men. He used his nature, his body, his words to make Nesta less of who she was. To make her feel uncomfortable. His game was less than honorable back then. And when that did not work his infatuation started to run deeper and they both entered a game of push and pull and love-anger/hate and bickering and…understanding.

That does not make him a bad person. He is a good man. A messed up mortally grey good man with honor. In the same way Nesta is also a good woman.  A messed up angry woman with a moral code that for getting to see you need to watch past the surface. A woman that got inspired by Feyre’s and Cassian’s honor and made Cassian proud. A proud woman that has made mistakes but is learning from them and tries to better herself with actions. Something that Cassian sees and respects and maybe even has also done in his long life because everyone starts from somewhere and faces difficulties and trauma in different ways and learns and grows and moves on.

Nesta grew up with the same superstitions Feyre grew up when it came to Fae people. Do you remember how Feyre herself acted with the Fae at the very beginning before she grew to know them? And yet Nesta allowed Fae men to get into her home. Nesta’s interest when it came to Cassian himself surpassed her prejudices before she was even thrown to the Cauldron and turned to High Fae herself.

Nesta was traumatized after been thrown in the Cauldron. And so was Cassian when he had his wings shredded… but he could not stay away from Nesta despite the boundaries she was trying to put between them. It was his choice to go over to her over and over again despite being rejected. No one from the fandom ever speaks of the trauma Nesta had been subjected too and how Cassian’s needs should not surpass her needs over this. But sure.. Nesta is mean so Cassian’s needs must go first. But just maybe this is not about romance or about what a man deserves. This is not about Cassian getting to feel better. And yet somehow this is what it all ends up too.

Introvert vs Extrovert. Young age vs Old age. Man vs Woman. A man that has lived his life to the fullest vs a woman that has not yet lived. Who deserves who.

Does Cassian deserve Nesta? Does Nesta deserve Cassian?

In my opinion who deserves who is a bullshit argument to make for this sort of subject. I can give you a dissertation of why Cassian does not deserve Nesta too. Or why he does deserve her. And vice versa for the other way around.

Truth is that in my opinion they complete each other. It is not just opposites attract. Cassian found an equal in Nesta despite their differences (that are many). Mentally and intellectually they are equal and similar even.

Blade and fire made flesh. Death made flesh. They fit each other.

Cassian is a killing machine and Nesta now holds death in her fingertips. While Cassian always walked in death. But more so aside those parallels that mirror each other they also click as characters.

Cassian shares the same values with Nesta. The same need to protect others. Nesta kept saying how she wanted to help families and children. Cassian has the same view point with her. It is in his very core the need to protect others and this was in the end what Nesta was ready to sacrifice herself for.

Nesta that is so cold on the outside because she feels everything more intense than any other in the inside. Cassian that is so easy going on the outside because he is broken in the inside. Nesta that uses cruel words as a shield. Cassian that uses jokes as an armor. Nesta that hides her emotions and vulnerabilities. Cassian that does the same in different ways. Nesta that is afraid to let others in. Cassian that observes everything both in the battlefield and outside of it. Nesta that scares people. Cassian that is not and could never be afraid of her. Cassian that intimidates people. Nesta that refuses to be intimidated by him. Nesta that throws insults. Cassian that throws tantrums. Cassian that turns his pain to playfulness and his weakness to anger and battle. Nesta that does not allow anyone to see her as weak and turns her rage to ice and her pain to faux indifference and hostility. Cassian that gets his power from his warrior nature and training. Nesta that wants to be empowered and get agency in different ways. Cassian that leans to order and anarchy. Nesta that leans to order and freedom. Nesta that is now the emissary of the Night court. The bridge of the human world with the Fae world trying to balance an understanding between two worlds. Cassian that is always trying to create an understanding between the Illyrians and the rest of High Fae and the man that becomes a bridge when he has a death count in paper and has to inform all the families of the lost. Nesta that her power is now connected with death. Cassian that has been walking in death. Nesta that is too serious. Cassian that is too aloof. Nesta that is too proud and disdainful and willful. Cassian that is arrogant and cocky and prideful. Nesta that is all about manners and propriety. Cassian that is insolent and all about wrecking buildings. Cassian that is serious when needs to be and Nesta that needs to relax and laugh more. Nesta that prefers a book and solitude and Cassian that in silent moments shows a more grounded version of himself. Cassian that people overlook his intelligence. Nesta that people overlook her humanity. Cassian born in a world that does not value bastards. Nesta born in a world that does not value women. Nesta that does not let others in. Cassian that is not making any serious commitments and relationships. Nesta that is so afraid of what she feels for Cassian that prefers to keep him in arm’s lengths using insults and distance and Cassian that is so terrified of what he feels for Nesta that gets completely out of sync when she shows him tenderness and interest. Cassian, the Prince of Bastards, that wanted to find his place in the world and be a man with value despite his heritage and Nesta, the terrible Queen, that after loss and building emotional walls wanted to go out to the world and see what a woman could so and leave her mark in the world. Nesta and Cassian that both dream of a better more equal world for bastards, children and women. The same coin from different sides.

And really this is not about a competition. You do not fall in love with someone that is perfect for you in theory. You get to fall in love with …people. With imperfect people. You get to love them exactly due to those imperfections that make then unique. I cannot stress enough that this is not a matter of what someone ‘deserves’. It is about what someone feels. It is about what makes a heart tick. It could be the most weird combination. It could be insane. And volatile. And easy going or difficult until it aches. In the end it is all about understanding and Nesta and Cassian can understand each in a deep level that is mostly instinctual at this point. It is lust and attraction and sexual tension (like …seriously!) and struggle (because nothing that is worth it comes easy in life) and it is understanding and feeling and silent communication and attraction in all levels.

And guess what… Cassian deserves this. He deserves a person that won’t use him as a sexual object so to get out of predicament and then use him as a shield against his best friend and create conflict in him and in the relationships that define him. Cassian deserves a person that won’t be afraid to stand up against him and with him. That won’t be charmed by his superficial sexiness and distractions. That will be an equal to him. That will shout to him miles away to get him out of danger and he will hear that voice calling him to safety. Cassian deserves a touch. Deserves to fall in love. To have a person that can see when he is hurt. Cassian deserves to get a chance with the woman he is choosing to fight with him and die with him and the woman that he is ready to search to the other life just so to have a chance with her and not regret not spending time with her. The woman that when he in bleeding and unconscious he will try to defend till his last breath. The woman that has a name that he keeps hearing in the wind. Cassian deserves a person that can see beyond his facade. Nesta that understands how dangerous and how noble Cassian is because he sees what others don’t. Because he sees beyond the surface. Because he sees who truly Nesta is. And who Nesta is is someone that Cassian not only wants but would be damn lucky to have. A woman that will stand up next to him and won’t allow anyone to offend him and she won’t judge him for his past. A woman that will surprise him. A woman that will shield him with her body against death itself. A woman that will try to carry him away from danger. And if she can’t help him she will stay with him till the end. She won’t run. She won’t lie. She won’t be dishonest. She won’t see him as a charity case. She will stay for the good and the bad and for hell itself. Cassian has been a bastard that had found family to the inner circle of the Night Court and friends and family but something has always been missing. A sense of true belonging. To have someone stay with him as the world burns and protect him as he protects others. To have someone truly understand him and use honest actions instead of words. Yes Nesta and Cassian are in a clash of wills but also in a clash of hearts.

But sure thing. Cassian surely does not deserve this and I do not get why people like Nesta and Cassian as a ship either.

The Moon signs.
  • Go check your natal chart and find out what your moon sign is.
  • Aries Moon
  • People who have an Aries moon tend to be impatient, they want results quickly and don't want to wait for things to 'just happen'. They like to go out and do it, instead of waiting for what they want. The Aries moon is a very fiery sign, therefore people with an Aries moon also possess fiery personalities and intense passion. They are not afraid to let people know how they feel and are often very direct and upfront and dont like to play games. They also are very independent and like to put themselves out in the world, even through they have good confidence they will go through ups and downs that may cause them to let their emotions run wild.
  • Moon in Taurus
  • People with a Taurus moon are very strong willed people. They like structure and safety, they would rather focus on making a nice comfortable life for themselves then taking major risks. They may seem detached to other peoples feelings because they try and avoid situations that may cause drama or emotional outburst. However when a Taurus moon is committed to do something they will do it!. They are very romantic warm, and particle. They won't make a move unless they know its safe to do so.
  • Moon I'm Gemini
  • People who have a Gemini moon can be a good company witty, and a social butterfly around people. However they may be a little moody around family and other close companions. People with this moon sign are very interesting people, and love to be well informed of information as they are very curious. However they often get nervous and are more restless then other signs, therefore they read a lot, talk a lot, and think a lot. This lunar sign may find it hard to deal with the emotinals needs as they usually like to keep themselves happy, with others however are good at helping people with their intellectual needs.
  • Lunar Geminis have brilliant at using their words and are very social creatures enabling them to befriend people quickly.
  • Moon in cancer
  • People with a cancer moon are very in touch with their emotions and the emotions of other people. They cling to others and are often lost in their own thoughts. They hold precious memories close to them as it brings them comfort. However because they attach to people and things quickly it can cause them to be a little scared of change. They are a very loving sign and if you love them they will give you back more. However they do dwell on the past a lot which leaves them feeling like they are taken for granted which may turn them a little bitter. However they have a very good sense of humour and good understanding which is one of their most admirable traits.
  • Moon in Leo.
  • Lunar leos can be very comical people they are not very outgoing, however they are not afraid to be the centre of attention in their homes with family and friends. They often like to control their family and friends and people close to them as they like to fix and make sure everything is done correctly. They are very creative beings they like to create and entertain and keep people happy however they can be lazy and a little bossy at times. They require lots of love and attention from others in order to cope with problems in the outside world. When hurt they can be a little dramatic but only in front of people close to them, they tend to hide their feelings in unknown territories.
  • Moon in Virgo
  • People with a virgo moon like to be useful and tend to run errands and sort out the daily Chores of life. They like to keep busy and help people as they feel like their best when they are helping people however as long as you let them know you are thankful to them. However it is said that lunar Virgos may be underachievers as they are happy with a simple life, and lack the self confidence too 'reach for the stars' because they do not like overwhelming stress and they know their limits because they are very realistic people. They become doomed and gloomed when they have nothing to do therefore it is always useful that they get a job or keep themselves busy with a hobbie. But without doubt virgo moons are trust worthy and reliable.
  • Moon in Libra
  • Lunar libras reach out for companionship, as they want to share their life with others and tend to get involved in relationships from a very young age. They are peaceful and like to socialise with others they can show good sympathy towards other people. Lunar Aries works better in twos they want constant companionship and work better from feedback form others around them. They can be very charming and flirtatious beings and win the hearts of others easily as they are rarely aggressive. However their constant need of the 'perfect life' can cause much discontent within them when they can't achieve it.
  • Moon in Scorpio
  • People with Scorpio moons are very emotionally intense. They can see through peoples core emotions, and things that may not be obvious to others. To others this may be either intimidating or very very attractive.
  • Lunar Scorpio's life is filled with intensity they often experience a lot of ups and downs and drama, its like an unconscious need to test their strength. They love the idea or rebirth and transformation so this may mean like to better themselves in anyway they can to change constantly to keep things going. However they have a big fear of betrayal and may put loved ones through tests to see if they will love up to their standards. However when committed they are one most loyal and protective people around.
  • Moon in Sagittarius
  • People have a sag moon have a need for personal freedom and independent space. They are often happy and easy going when they are free and do not like to be cooped up in a cage as they are very adventurous. They love to meet new people and travel and love big open spaces. They love to help people, however they can be Irresponsible because they are often forgetting things but its hard to stay mad at them because of their upbeat and cheerful persona. When things get tough they have to escape as they don't like being caught in routines.
  • Moon in Capricorn
  • Luncar capricorns are very competent and productive people and they like being useful. They tend to keep cool headed even if they are feeling a little 'blue' inside. They have a desire to have clear boundaries and set realistic goals for themselves. Lunar capircorns like to create a safe heaven for themselves. Through they are cool calm most of the time they can have bad mood swings and may fall into dark thoughts sometimes. They have a tendency to be too hard on themselves don't let people in they hide their emotions behind jokes and sarcasm. They hardly ever show their emotions as they like to keep their emotions under control.
  • However out of all the 12 lunar signs they are the most responsible.
  • Moon in Aquarius
  • They are very observent people. Lunar Aquarians love to take an interest in human nature and are curious to know why people do what they do. They can come across as shy and detached as they sometimes feel different from others. They may even often push away deep inner feelings like 'jealously, the, fear' because they have a need be above those things because they are very idealistic. This can cause them to emotionally blocked. They find messy emotions unappealing and take pride in being ditached cool headed and in control.
  • Moon in Pisces.
  • Lunar Pisces are daydreamers and may not always have a good grip on reality however they have very good intuition. They are very good at empathising with others, and try their best to see what its like to be in their shoes. This is both good and bad as this makes them very compassionate and loving, however they can find themselves being overwhelmed by other peoples problems. They hold a weird and silly sense of humour and it doesn't take much to get them laughing. Lunar Pisces need to get away from life sometimes by daydreaming this is why they may seem a little absent minded but they need some alone time to take time out from reality. General Pisces have a soft heart and are very compassionate and have a soft heart for people who are in need.
Word. - Johnny Depp -

I am tired of seeing how our fandom is once again being smashed to the ground. Johnny Depp made a joke, get over it! Johnny Depp is a human being. And like every other human being you make mistakes. And people are always trying to bring you down, even if you are down or if you are happy, just so they can feel better about themselves. What is the point to even make it a big deal? We have other things to concern about, like the carbon dioxide emissions, natural disasters, injustice and other things.

I Like Johnny Depp for the human being he is, he is a wonderful person with a philosophical mind like my own, he can put down words for things I haven´t been able to describe. I Love him and I am so thankful for seeing him in real life where I cried like a baby but I was so, so happy. He is so cool and amazing in every angle you turn. This is my opinion and will forever be it.

You people who want to change it or wants to hurt our fandom in any other way. Don´t. Lay your energy to save our beautiful planet. There is so much other things you can do, then destroy other peoples´ feelings, or humans in fact.

Please listen to this, and stop hurting other people if it is me, Johnny or other people around the world. Spread love not hate! 
Thank you. 

aaaaa I just saw wonder woman it’s so good!!!!!! in no particular order:

  • its the first time DC has had fight choreography that didnt suck
  • its the first time DC hasn’t had awkward heavy handed faux biblical symbolism
  • It’s the first time DC has had a score that didn’t suck
    • for real it’s one of the best scores for a superhero film in recent history get on board and write some dang character themes everyone else
  • They hinted at the Born Sexy Yesterday trope only to immediately shut it down with the funniest line in the film
  • The Amazons are completely non-sexualized???? there’s women with wrinkles and crows feet and their fighting is all practical and GOOD.
  • there’s??? a fat woman??? who’s a major character??? and no one makes any jokes or derogatory comments about her?? AND there’s no slapstick or shots of her cramming food in her mouth??????????? AND SHE’S ACTUALLY GOOD AT HER JOB?????????????????????????
  • it’s the first blockbuster movie romance i’ve had more than negative interest in. I almost cried
    • maybe its because both partners actually have separate character arcs that are given equal importance from the narrative
  • Diana isn’t dark or edgy like at all and the movie actually explores important themes about the nature of good vs evil and humanity instead of just shouting LOOK HEROES SUCK AND DO BAD THINGS EVERYTHINGS TERRIBLE over and over again
  • the color scheme still sucks tho. there’s a few scenes where they definitely made Diana brighter, but just like. someone ban hollywood from using blue and grey in more than 20% of any given shot.

In summary this is the Woman Superhero icon we deserved and needed like 50 years ago and patty jenkins should be given full creative control over all movies from now on

Pointing at things that people do under capitalist economic conditions and saying ‘this is an example of eternal and unchanging human nature’ is a joke.

That’s like saying ‘we want to understand what exactly is feline nature’, putting a ton of cats into a room, chasing them around with a hoover, and then going ‘right, we have discovered the eternal and unchanging nature of cats - they run around the room at high speeds whilst yelling’.

“There were no public health laws in Ankh-Morpork.  It would be like installing smoke detectors in Hell.”

So, when I read ‘Guards! Guards!’ my expectations were quite high.  It had constantly been recommended to me by fans of Discworld and, most notably, I had never seen it left off any kind of ‘best of’ lists - if someone liked Discworld, they loved ‘Guards! Guards!.’  I’d never seen an exception.

And it was worth it - seriously, ‘Guards! Guards’ is one of the first times I’ve read a novel that was constantly recommended to me that turned out to be as good as people were saying it was.

But I just finished ‘Feet of Clay’ and I have to say, not only did it immediately become my favorite Discworld book, it may actually be one of the best - if not the best - books I’ve ever read.  The commentary (mostly fixated on social classes and their effects on human nature, as is the case with all the Night Watch novels thus far) and the humor is genuinely some of the best I’ve ever seen.  The plot is smart as heck and tight as anything and really the only bad thing I could say about it is that if you didn’t read the preceding two novels (namely ’Guards! Guards!’ and ‘Men at Arms’) the intricacies of the characters wouldn’t be quite as impact as they do having seen this bunch through two adventures already.

I’d actually be comfortable calling ‘Feet of Clay’ a work of genius.  I’m not even joking.  It does everything a good detective story should - it lays clues, it misdirects, it stealthily and cunningly foreshadows everything.  It does everything a good fantasy novel should - it puts you in a wild, imaginative place and makes it feel familiar and real, it sticks to its own worldbuilding in fair and coherent fashion and uses its fictional people and plot to hold up a mirror to our own world.  It makes you feel for the characters, their frustrations, their trials, and their triumphs.  And it’s funny as shit

While I’ve certainly enjoyed all of the Discworld novels thus far (or I wouldn’t keep reading them), ‘Feet of Clay’ is the first time I’ve put down one of its novels and genuinely felt a better person for the read.   It’s truly a magical experience.

Here’s a basic rule: if you’re reading or watching a Shakespeare play, and you’re not imagining the actors standing in front of a mosh pit of jeering Londoners waiting to throw vegetables at the stage, you’re doing it wrong.

Shakespeare might have written the best works in the English language, or given us profound insight into the nature of humanity, or whatever — but his works wouldn’t have survived to our day if he hadn’t been popular when he was alive, and he wouldn’t have been popular when he was alive if he hadn’t been able to please the crowd. And that includes a lot of dirty jokes. A lot.

Sometimes in incredibly inappropriate places. We’re here to rescue a few of those for you, and retroactively embarrass the heck out of your fourteen-year-old self, who had to stand up in English class and read things that, in retrospect, are absolutely filthy.

This isn’t about the stuff that always does crack fourteen-year-olds up in English class, but is totally innocent: the “bring me my long sword, ho!” sort of thing.

But the kids who lose it every time the word ‘ho’ is uttered are closer to the spirit of Shakespeare than the teacher who demands they treat the words like museum pieces.

Sure, it would be awkward for teachers to explain the Elizabethan double entendres to their students — but pretending they don’t exist makes Shakespeare seem unnecessarily stuffy and difficult.

So we’re going to start with the most obvious innuendoes, and move on to some seriously advanced sex punnery that is probably going to blow your mind.

BTS Reaction To Their S/O Farting

Anon asked: Bts react to their s/o farting in front of them lol I’m so curious

I was wondering when I’d get a request on the funny side lol, hope you enjoy! -Spice

Rap Monster:

His reaction would probably depend on how you reacted yourself. If you seemed embarrassed by it, he probably wouldn’t even draw attention to the matter; however, if you burst out into a fit of giggles, Namjoon would likely chuckle and shake his head saying, “Ah, Jagiya, why are you like this.” Either way, he wouldn’t be too grossed out about it.

Originally posted by bangtan-hobi


When he heard you fart he probably wouldn’t be able to stop himself from giggling a little bit. Once he regained his composure, he might scold you on having manners, but it would be half-hearted. He didn’t mind it every now and then, but he definitely didn’t want you making a habit out of it.

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Even if Yoongi was amused, he likely wouldn’t show it. He would put on an act that he was utterly repulsed by you, unless you seemed really embarrassed and guilty. In all honestly, Suga would care the least about this sort of thing out of all the boys. It was completely natural for humans to fart, so he really didn’t care much if you did.

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Hoseok probably wouldn’t be able to stop laughing for a few minutes after he heard you fart. Embarrassed or not, you can definitely expect him to make a few jokes about the situation. Like Yoongi, he would act dramatic from then on anytime he heard you fart.

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The sound might startle him a little bit, and he would look at you questioningly, “Was that you Jagiya?” He would ask. When you tell him that yes, you did indeed fart, he would probably smile and laugh it off. He’d find it funny, but would downplay it so you wouldn’t be embarrassed.

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Jimin would probably be embarrassed on your behalf, shyly giggling as he hid his face. Sure, he knew farting was natural, but it was still a little weird to him that you just farted right in front of him. Regardless, he wouldn’t think any differently of you.

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Jungkook is one of those guys that deep down, he knows that everyone farts, but it still really surprises him when he sees/hears other people do it. He would likely stare at you blankly for a few minutes before going back to his business, not even addressing what just happened.

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Changeling Memes

I just finished Trollhunters, and I have something important to share with you.

As far as I can tell, nobody really cares about the changelings.  The only people they can talk openly to are usually each other.  And they are by nature exposed to human culture.  These are the perfect conditions for a never-ending stream of inside jokes and references.  It’s just the sort of thing that would make other trolls hate them even more but make isolation more comfortable.

What I am trying to say is this: changelings are filthy memers.

I present for your consideration some quality Janus Order memes, both old and new, both adapted from humans and invented by changelings:

  • “New familiar who dis”
  • (dramatically putting on shades)  “The sun… hurts my eyes”
  • humming The Blue Danube whenever someone does something clumsy
  • “Excuse me while I slip into something more comfortable
  • (when reluctant about a mission) “Let me ask my mom”
  • alternately, “I can’t… it’s daylight out there”
  • using a fictional language instead of troll to surreptitiously greet each other—Klingon, elvish, etc.
  • starting any talk with changelings still posing as kids with “When I was your age,”
  • quoting Gunmar’s most famous, bloodthirsty war speech when something even vaguely inconvenient happens
  • “Oll korrect”
  • (sees someone eating a sock) “My gods, you didn’t even saute it.” 
For once [Xiumin]

I kind of think this might be a little triggering so be warned!
Even though it’s a little bit cliche. I loved this request. I hope you love it too! Ara~ 

I can feel all their stares, I can hear all their whispers. I see them falling to my feet, I see them opening their mouths, rejecting their old thoughts forgetting they once made fun of me.

I didn’t do much, just changed my glasses to a pair more fashionable. Chanyeol suggested some while Sehun bought me new clothes, less nerdy-like. I did my hair too, no big change, just different haircut, more idol-like. I’m probably not like one of those k-pop idols girls like, but I’m definitely not the old nerd boy people liked making fun of.

“Xiumin…” I hear some next to me whisper, I hear her whisper. I want to look, see the look on her face as I pass by, but Baekhyun told me to hold my head high and ignore her, just like she did. 
I don’t know how I did it, but I managed to walk to my classroom without giving her a glance, without running away with tears in my eyes. I wasn’t sure if this was the right thing to do, but for once I want to walk with confidence, without girls making fun of me. For once I want to be desired, I want people to know I’m not just all books and that.

You seem so interesting… let’s go out” 
I know I’m always hanging out with the ‘cool’ guys… but the truth is that I always had a crush on you”
“Why are you blushing? Am I blushing too?”
“Is this your first kiss? Did I do good?”
“This is the first time a boy has been this nice to me”
“My chest hurts when I’m with you, you turned out to be so nice”
“I’m sorry I have to go”
“All this… this was…”
“A bet”

I’m not going to lie and say it didn’t hurt when she left, when she told me all that happened between us was a lie. I saw it coming, but I didn’t want to believe she could be capable of doing such things. No matter how much my friends warned me, I didn’t want to hear. I wanted to give her a chance, I wanted to be loved once.
We made beautiful memories, even if they were fake. When I look back, I could bet that sometimes she truly meant it. It sounds lame but I can’t lie to myself and say it didn’t mean anything. Because it did, I fell in love with the most popular girl at school. Even when she was out of my league, even if I was one of her victims. 

Revenge is definitely not the best way to deal with those kind of feelings. But I wanted her to regret what she did, to see that even if I’m just the nerdy boy of the class, I do have feelings too. When I asked the boys to help me change, look more fashionable, I told them I wanted to become the one boy she would never have, even if I was madly in love with her. She had me once, but she didn’t want me. 

“Xiu? Hey…. look at you… is this what they call a… break up change?” She was sitting in front of me, ignoring the bell had rang and the class was going to start in a few minutes. 
“Maybe. But who cares? You definitely don’t…” I tried to sound as calm as possible, but my selfish being wanted her to feel some sort of guilt. I couldn’t help it, even I have a human nature. 
“I told you I was sorry Minnie… it was a bad taste joke I know but… I had fun with you”
“The thing is that it wasn’t about fun, it was something serious. But it doesn’t matter anymore, it’s all in the past” Maybe I was trying too hard to sound like I didn’t care, maybe I sounded a bit rude or indifferent. Maybe I was starting to look like those popular people that I didn’t like. But it was so hard to not break in front of her and tell her that I loved her. It was so hard being in love with the girl that enjoyed hurting others.
“Was this because of me Xiu?” She sounded sorry, she sounded like she meant it. Yet I couldn’t believe her. She hadn’t spoken to me after that, it took a big change on my style for her to talk to me.
“No. I just don’t want people to make fun of me anymore. I’m not a toy to play with. Now, class is about to start and-”
“-Let’s go out. This time for real, no jokes, no bets”

Kris, had warned me that this was going to happen. I thought he was being delusional but now that I see her here, begging for me to come back, I think back and remember what Kris said. Do not say yes, don’t even think of it. You might love her, you might want her, you probably will live with it. But man… if she didn’t want you then why will she want you now?

“Say… if I were to look just the same I did before, would you be asking me this?”
“Of course! Minnie! I told you before, no one had ever been that nice to me” I smiled and stroked her cheek just like I did before when we were ‘dating’. No matter how much harm she had made me, I couldn’t be rude or bad to her. But I also couldn’t be like that with me, for once I had walked with confidence and I wasn’t going back.
“You know, it was nice even if it was a lie. It was nice getting to know you because even if you were pretending to like me you were also showing me your true self. It was nice knowing that I didn’t have feelings for a robot-like-girl. You aren’t like they say you are and I’m glad.

But I can’t date you. You gave me confidence but now it’s my time to choose. You chose me as your game but nothing else. I’ll choose too, but when I do I’ll mean it. Because my looks might be a thing to make fun of but not my love”


The First Sphere, the Second Sphere, and the Third Sphere.

The First Sphere is an infinite cosmos, stars and nebulas line the halls, doors to glorious rooms are nebulas guarded by the cherubim, and the gargantuan rings make paths that the hypernova ophanim spin down wherever they please. The seraphim, serpents flaming with starlight, with black hole faces concealed by nebula wings and bodies composed of constellations, sing praises to God here, spinning and dancing for eternity. Bonus:

Aziraphale, in his True Form. Armor is a contained, eternal solar flare, with a sun at his core. I like imagining that he used to guard a burning star that a high ranking Seraph prized. He and the Ophanim that was assigned to him (since cherubim and ophanim are paired) never got along.

The Second Sphere houses angels that seem mysteriously absent from the bizarre geometric maze of mirrors. This isn’t the case; since the Second Sphere is responsible for the management of physical law and miracles on Earth, every angel is spread out as thinly as possible, their consciousness refracted in every surface; from the tiniest spinning electrons to notifying Gabriel that 40 policeman have gone to sleep, the Second Spheres need to know what’s happening, and make sure that everything is going in working order. If someone goes into the Second Sphere and sees no angels, be warned: all of them see you.

The Third Sphere is an ocean; the cradle of life, as it were. The holy water, the Flood water, when it comes to Earthen affairs, it will always come back to the water, where life first came. The angels of the Third Sphere are under the jurisdiction of the Archangels. The principalities, the archangels, and the angels are all mostly aquatic in nature, their appearance ranging from the beautiful comb jelly to a strange yet graceful basket star, to a many eyed kronosaurus. If fossils were jokes that scientists haven’t picked up on, these are what’s being referenced. The result of the first “organic” life. As well as angels, there are things resembling thermal vents, which burn with holiness, and third spheres cluster around them to share company in between giving humans divine visions. Thankfully (or not), most of these third sphere angels are well equipped for human interaction! Like angler fish, these angels have a bioluminescent attachment that doesn’t look unlike the Sea Butterfly, hanging on the end of an appendage. Its mouth moves, and it delivers messages to humans through a softly glowing image of what appears to be a winged humanoid. Nothing to fear!

(Sometimes, when a human’s sight is too keen, they see… something else. Behind that beautiful vision.)



Finally. Creating her took me like 2 hours and at one point I had to change all her outfits because my game decided to change everything when saving her to the bin. But here she is and I have to say she’s my favourite sim I’ve ever created so far.

I’m currently working on a post where you guys can see all the future generation’s colours and the order of the EPs. The first EP in this Rainbowcy will be Supernatural which is why Cosmic is a fairy.

She cares a lot about the nature due to her fairy heritage which makes her also very Eco-Friendly. She also never really got into touch with technic because she grew up pretty far away from human civilisation. Technic isn’t really her thing and she prefers to avoid it - a lot of people would probably describe her as Technophobe. Cosmic has a Good Sense of Humor but her jokes often can be very Childish. Her behaviour can also sometimes be Inappropriate because she just hasn’t really learned how humans work yet.

Her Lifetime Wish is the Magic Makeover one where she has to grant 12 different Sims Inner Beauty and has to reach level 10 of the Charisma skill.

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I want more post-proposal Stoki porn ;)

you could see planets and stars, steve/loki, 4.1k, remember this cold shamelessly sappy fluff porn look they deserve it

We could build a castle right here
With a couple blankets and chairs
This place could be magic 

Honey if you look really hard
You could see planets and stars
Through the gaps in the fabric 

Sinclair, “Heaven on Earth” 

“Sam tells me,” Loki said a little too casually, “that you had…elaborate plans for your proposal.”

Steve felt his face warm and stared intently at the pages of the book he was reading. “Did he?” God, he was going to kill Sam.

“Mmm. A carriage ride. A fancy dinner. A vacation.”

His face got even warmer, but a little bit of guilt started to creep in as well, and he made himself look up. “I’m sorry. We can…I’d be happy to put something together now, I know it would’ve been nice.”

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what if clarke's most famous painting was just like... one of alex playing in a nature scene being cute, but kind of abstract. its called "alex" and its a really amazing and emotional painting. but it was meant to be a bday gift for lexa so its just hanging in their hallway. clarke occasionally will let a gallery show it and its worth millions and millions. clarke likes to joke that (human) alex is the most valuable thing shes done. but then she gestures to the painting and says, "literally :)"

Awww this is adorable

My thoughts on the “I Love You Scene” and Afterwards

This entire post is basically going to be an in-depth analysis of the scene, and why I believe that not only is it finally a verbal confirmation of how Molly feels for Sherlock, but also a confirmation of how Sherlock feels for Molly. I believe that he truly does love her. And I will explain why. I will warn you in advance that this is going to be a very, very long post, but I want to thoroughly explain why I believe this. So if you can hang on until the end, I promise I’ll try to make it worth your while.

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Yeo One - You Care too Much

“Can I please request a Yeo one scenario when he gets overprotective of his gf?!”

You picked up your pace as you came near the sliding doors of the mall and checked your phone. Today you had a date with Changgu, and you knew he wasn’t particularly keen on being kept waiting.
It wasn’t your fault that traffic was horrendously slow and the bus seemed to never move, but there probably wasn’t any point in explaining it.

You weaved between the crowd to make your way to the food court where the two of you had planned to meet. You could see him looking down at his phone anxiously.

“Changgu! I’m here!” you called as you approached him.
“Yah, you were starting to worry me!” he said, meeting you with a tight hug.
“I was fine, the traffic was just unbelievable.”
“Well you could have at least texted me…”
“You know how fast phone batteries die, I was saving it for if anything happened.”

He rolled his eyes half-seriously and hugged you again, just happy to see that you had finally arrived.

“Well, have you eaten? I can buy you some lunch while we’re here,” he offered.
“I’m okay, I’m not hungry. I’ll be happy to wait while you get something, though!” you said back.

Changgu’s face dimmed a little, but his smile still blinded you. He nodded and took your hand, leading you over to one of the restaurants. He ordered his food, and proceeded to give you a look as if to ask ‘are you sure you’re not hungry?’
You subtly shook your head and he continued with his order.

In a matter of minutes, you were settled at a table as he began tearing into his food. First, he made a point of sliding a small salad over to you.

“If you’re so worried about being healthy, you can’t stop eating,” he said sternly yet positively.
“I’m not hungry, Changgu,” you insisted. Salads weren’t exactly your favorite, but you were getting pretty hungry. You weren’t about to admit it and make him spend money on you, though, so you silently reached for silverware and began tearing away at the salad.

“You know, you do need to eat more than just a salad,” he said with a lighthearted smile, “I’ll really buy you something, okay? Don’t be skipping meals on me.”
“I said I’m okay, I’m just not hungry. I appreciate it though,” you said back, “But thank you for the salad, it was… nutritious…”
“You were hungry, I know you were~”
“You don’t need to worry about me so much.”

He pouted playfully for a moment before returning to his own meal. He really cared too much.. though you always reminded yourself that you’d prefer to have someone care too much than not at all.

Before long he finished his meal and swiftly disposed of the trash. You both gathered your things and quickly linked hands, making your way out of the food court and into the rest of the mall.

After walking by a few stores, you noticed a red sign pointing to a new store.

“Let’s see what’s in here, I can already tell it’s your style,” you said, pointing out the mannequins sporting DadJeans™ with ripped knees.
He burst out laughing after seeing what you mean as the two of you walked in.

As a new addition to the mall, the store was full of customers and as cramped and small as any other non-department store. Changgu’s grip tightened on your hand as if to ensure that he wouldn’t lose you.

You spent a large portion of time browsing the DadJeans™ and a selection of cute, oversized winter sweaters, picking out a few to buy as you went. You had been around the section a few times before you noticed someone following you, and it was not just Changgu.

Paying no mind to it, feeling safe with just your boyfriend’s presence, you made your way to check out after a while. The someone that was following you continued to do so, and Changgu noticed too. He wasn’t about to have any of it.

“Hey,” Changgu said to the man in a never-before-heard rough tone of voice, “Don’t stare at her.”
“I wasn’t–” he started defensively.
“Yes you were, and you need to stop. Apologize to her.”

Before he could continue, you grabbed Changgu’s hand and pulled him into a dressing room, closing the door behind you.
“What’s gotten into you?” you snapped at him. Your tone of voice shocked him, and he was ready to pay full attention to the situation.

He stood motionless for a moment, subsequently running his fingers back through his hair.
“That man was looking at you, how can I not stress about that?” he retorted
“You don’t need to tell someone off every time they look at me!” you huffed.
“What else am I supposed to do?”
“I don’t know, something to fix the problem like standing in front of me and blocking the view? Words can only do so much. You’ve been way too overprotective today!”

Changgu sighed and avoided eye contact. You could tell he wanted to say something, but he was holding back for your sake.

“Say what you want to say, Changgu,” you said softly.
“I act the way I do because you’re important to me. I can’t stand others messing with people I love,” he replied, “I didn’t think that I was being too much…what if he hurt you?”

He turned and looked at you with true worry in his eyes. The amount of respect from Yeo Changgu was beyond human, and it was one of your favorite things about him.

“He wouldn’t hurt me because you’re with me. Just having you with me to protect me is enough,” you said, bringing your hand to rest on his face, “Just be a little less intense. And trust me when I say I’m not hungry or that I feel okay.”
“I’ll try. You’re too special to me for me to take your wellbeing lightly though,” he laughed, half-joking.
“Well, for the record, I’ve always appreciated your protective nature. I’m glad I have you.”

(A/N: I really didn’t have any energy to proofread this ㅠㅠ It’s a bit long but I hope you enjoy it regardless 💛)

But That's Just Human Nature

Sometimes I’ll be talking to someone and the topic will come around to personal ideals, or where we see technology or humanity in the future, or different political views or something. And I’ll say something about how our infrastructure is moving toward autonomization, or how I want to be one of the first Mars settlers, or how if we used money to further our work, rather than using work to make money (money as a means, not an end), then we could accomplish so much more as individuals and in turn work as a global community to advance society (that’s just how I see it).

The retort to my ideals and values is always “that’s just human nature.” People are greedy, but that’s just human nature. People want power, but that’s just human nature. People will take advantage of other people, but that’s just human nature. People will always believe the politicians or media rather than doing their own research, but that’s just human nature. People will always get angry over stupid things instead of controlling their temper, but that’s just human nature.

To that I say, why can’t we change human nature? Why does it have to be this to be this way? Why do we, as a society, generally accept that this is the way it’s always been done and therefore there is no other way to live? Why must we keep to outdated traditions? Why, when we all joke about money being the ultimate evil, do we not try to change systems that so clearly take advantage of us?

“People wouldn’t work if they didn’t make money.” I would still work. I would still go to school. I would still try to learn and become knowledgeable and advance my life so that I felt fulfilled and happy. I would still try to actively make a difference in the world, still try to inspire and teach others, still try to give the world something I hope is good.

“You might, but most people wouldn’t.” Then the problem isn’t me. The problem is them. The problem is that we willingly perpetuate the disgusting lie that people need to be rewarded with material goods in exchange for their work. That nature does not abide by the laws of our society, that the universe will not wait for us to figure things out.

They say that if the world economy crashed tomorrow, human society would collapse. Anarchy would reign. Where is the sense in that? Why have we let this false notion of material gain determine the stability of our civilization?

There are people out there who work every day to push humanity a little bit farther. People who study diseases and find cures. People who study plants and animals and figure how they live, and how they affect our world, and how we affect theirs. People who build rockets, hoping to send us to Mars so that humanity may realize the dream of becoming immortalized, forever searching the cosmos for other species who may be searching for the same answers as us.

When you say “But that’s just human nature,” what you’re really saying is “People are lazy and violent and greedy.” You give the best of our species no credit for what they have proven to be true: that we are explorers, that we are intelligent, that we are capable of creating great things and inspiring others to do the same. We should be ashamed of the people who refuse to work, be ashamed of the people who use others to their advantage, be ashamed of those who try to hold us back from achieving greater things. We should not ask “Does it benefit me?” but rather, “Does it benefit humanity?”

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m crazy for holding people to high standards and praising the successes of the best of us, of those who work in the interest of our species, of our world. Maybe I should stop trying to inspire people. Maybe I should drop everything I’m doing because I’m not getting paid a lot of money for what I love to do. Maybe I should give up on my goals because they are too grandeur for the reality of the world that others try to make me believe is impossible to change.

But you know what? I’m not going to stop. I’m not going to give up. I’m going to fight this fight every day because I have been what I now hate most and I know that I am human, and I changed. If I could, why can’t I try to change others, too, to encourage unity and education and humble pride in our work, knowing we gave the world a little more good than we ever thought we could bring to it. I want to help foster a world where instead of condemning these ideals, we celebrate them. Where civilization does not hinge on fictional numbers, where resources are used to the benefit of all our species, where genuine knowledge and personal fulfillment are the pinnacles of success, and the entire world celebrates each new step our species takes on its way to discovering this universe.

Because that is human nature.

Ok guys, jokes aside...

The thing that Nikishi gave to Touka maybe are RC supresants. I mean, she can´t have a half human baby ´cause I think that she wouldn´t even notice that she was pregnant becuase her body will absorb the nutrients quickly.

But if the body not consume the baby soon enough, ghoul mothers maybe notice they are pregnant, and Touka knowing the nature of her baby would do anything to make that happen

but I not know you, but I can smell the tragedy all over here